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Theresa May’s concern over plastic only comes after China bans our waste

Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking the Tories actually care about the environment.  A few years ago the Tories had a green logo which they dropped after Cameron failed to deny he referred to Earth-friendly policies as ‘green crap’ and wanted rid of it – maybe because it was too costly to his donors.

Theresa May wants you to believe she’s ‘waging war on waste‘ but look carefully and you’ll see it’s not all waste.  It’s only waste which China no longer wants to import.   She hasn’t turned green.  It’s just about the money with her as usual.

Theresa May's sudden concern over plastic only comes after Chinese import ban.png


Pensioner found dead in home after waiting four hours for ambulance

Paramedics were “devastated” to find a pensioner dead in her home almost four hours after she called an ambulance. The NHS is now in such a state that the Ambulance Service has to use taxis to take people to hospital.

Meanwhile Jeremy Hunt has apologised for the state of the NHS then gone on to say things are now much better than they were.  Theresa May has also apologised but denied there is a problem.

It seems the public will have to discover the truth for themselves because no Government Minister wants to admit the NHS is in a state of emergency.

A former Tory Health Secretary Stephen Dorrell has admitted there is a problem saying “British public services need major rethink and focus on spending”.  (Article   Backup)

Another former Tory Health Minister Dan Poulter apparently has his priorities elsewhere after being accused of putting ‘hand up skirts’.   Could the Tories be any worse?   (Article   Backup)

Main story in full  Backup

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Universal Credit purposely delayed in top Tory areas to avoid upsetting voters

The Tories quietly announced Universal Credit won’t be rolled out to constituencies of Theresa May, IDS, David Gauke and Damian Green until the problems are fixed.  The rest of the country will have to suffer it.  Read more

Quick, we don't want to upset our Tory constituents.png

May threatens to pull plug on United Nations funding unless they see things her way

Theresa May has had enough of the UN breathing down her neck for violating CRPD laws and has threatened to pull the plug on their funding.

The United Kingdom had signed up to CRPD optional protocols to protect the rights of disabled people.  It’s a checkbox that gives an appearance the Tories respect disabled people.

In reality the Tories show contempt for the sick, disabled and the poor.  They famously blocked a £3 million fund set up by the EU to help UK’s poor people.

Here is what they found..

Extract from page 20..

Page 21..


Page 22..

Page 23..

You can read the full initial UN report here:

TV news has not been completely silent over Tory treatment of disabled people..

Coroners have come out and said the Tories are responsible for deaths

United Nations says Britain is going backwards instead of forwards

The most shocking aspect of the UN report is what it reveals about the UK government’s increasing non-compliance with existing UK legislation. For example, it is obliged by law to carry out impact assessments and gather necessary statistics concerning any policies likely to have a disproportionately negative impact on disabled people. But its replies to UN requests for data repeatedly demonstrated that it is in breach of this public sector equality duty. As a result, the government’s schools green paper, published a year ago, failed to conduct the legally required impact assessment, even though this policy would undoubtedly have affected the life chances of many disabled children.

Tories guilty of systemic violations

Bare-faced cheek as Theresa May discusses ‘humanitarian law’ with Saudi Arabia as she tramples on rights of disabled in UK

Theresa May has the bare-faced cheek to discuss ‘humanitarian law’ with Saudi Arabia while selling weapons to them.   All this is going on while she is knowingly in breach of United Nations articles to protect her own people in the UK.

Backup to article discussing humanitarian law with Saudi Arabia.

Backup to article The UK has made 10 times more in arms sales to Saudi Arabia than it’s given in aid to Yemen

Backup to UK breaching disabled peoples’ rights.

Theresa May has the bare-faced cheek to discuss 'humanitarian law' with Saudi Arabia while selling weapons to them.png

Rebels demand Theresa May honours promised cap on energy bills

Theresa May has been hit by a major protest by Tory MPs after dropping a pledge to cap energy bills, The Telegraph can disclose.

It comes as no surprise that Theresa May wants to ditch her promise because it would affect many of her donors.

Ian Taylor (Oil Executive) £1,827,752*

Ayman Asfari (oil trader) £664,350**

Scottish Power UK Plc donated £40,000

EDF Energy Plc donated £31,000

Kerr Mcgee Oil UK Plc £23,000

Moltex Energy Ltd donated £14,316

Calor Gas Limited donation £5,000

*  Under names Mr Ian Taylor, Mr Ian R Taylor, Ian R Taylor
** Under names Mr Ayman Asfari, Ayman Asfari

Source: Electoral Commission from 12th Feb 2001 to 8th June 2017

Backup to article

Rebels demand Theresa May honours promised cap on energy bills.png

Brexit Bill could remove right to sue Government

‘This is a shameless attempt to take away people’s rights through the backdoor.’

According to reports, the new legislation will ban individuals and companies from launching compensation claims against Whitehall post-Brexit.

Source   Backup

Taking your rights by the back door.png

Taking your rights by the back door?