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Another key disability debate – so where were all the Tory ministers hiding?

On 24th February 2020 Debbie Abrahams tried to fight back tears as she read out the names of those who died in DWP-related circumstances.  It was the people who paid the ultimate price for the Tories being voted in since 2010.

Unsurprisingly key Tories were missing from the debate, so we thought it would be a good idea to find out what they were doing instead that was so important.

Since 25th February we had been trying to find out what Prime Minister Boris Johnson was up to at the time.  After nearly ten months of ducking and diving from his office they came clean following intervention by the Information Commissioner.  Johnson was having a meeting at 19:17 with a member of his political staff before apparently knocking off for the day.

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As this was also a health and social care issue you would have thought the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care would bother to turn up for it, right?  Wrong.

We therefore asked for relevant portions of Matt Hancock’s diary for this period and there were none.  In order to account for where he may have been prior to the debate taking place, we asked for the diary entry nearest to the debate – there wasn’t one!

We can only think of one reason why there were no entries in for that day.  He was having the day off (perhaps more than a day).

Hancock's day off

‘Hancock’s day off ‘ ?

It may be that you can forgive him for being off on one occasion, but wait!  This isn’t actually the first time he’s avoided such a debate.

If we wind the clock back to Wednesday 19th December 2018 we see he missed a key disability debate then too!

For a long time his department sought to avoid giving us his works diary for the period in question.  A few other departments did resist providing this information but relented after the Information Commissioner became involved.

On 11th September 2020 the ICO issued a decision notice ordering the Dept of Health and Social Care to release the information or risk being held in Contempt of Court.  They had until 31st October 2020 to comply or appeal the decision.

Three months later they appealed the decision but they withdrew it after reading the ICO’s response.  We found out he was having drinks instead of attending this key disability debate.


Was Hancock having Christmas drinks with his workmates?

During the key disability debate of 2018, we established many senior Tories were actually having ‘Christmas drinks’.  Even then Prime Minister Theresa May was having them! Read more about that here.

Feel free to watch this video and look for your local MP.  If they are not there you may want to ask them what was so important that they couldn’t attend this debate, especially if they voted to cut any allowance for disabled people.

If you are sick or disabled and have written to your MP for help we’d like to hear about your experiences with the individual no matter which political party they represent.  Our contact details may be found here.

‘Rushed’ Tory EU election campaign launched at last minute in near-empty room

Until recently the Tories were the only party not to have launched their EU election campaign.  Then when they finally did, it appeared rushed and ill-prepared.

Tories sloppy EU election launch

Clearly only one person is happy to be pictured below and that’s May.

Rushed Tory EU election campaign in almost empty room

It seems only Theresa May wants to be pictured


As Tories leak ‘secret plan’ to ditch Theresa May who would you choose to lead the UK?

A Tory internal memo that suggests Theresa May will be forced to stand down as leader “soon after March 2019,” and which details a list of pros and cons of possible candidates to replace the PM, has been leaked to the Telegraph.

Who would you choose to lead the UK?


Theresa May in disarray.png

Tories told family not to go public as they wait for May’s ‘speedy decision’ on permission to use epilepsy drug. 3 months later still waiting!

The Tories have been trying to keep a family silent as it waits for Theresa May’s so-called ‘speedy decision’ on whether to grant permission to use a special epilepsy drug.  However, nearly three months later the family is still waiting for ‘dithery May’ to sort the matter out.

Hannah Deacon, whose 6-year-old son Alfie Dingley has epilepsy, was told by the Home Office in March “not to seek publicity” for her license application, after she was given assurances by the Prime Minister of a “speedy decision” which could allow her son access to medical cannabis on compassionate grounds.

However, since those assurances were given almost three months ago, no movement has been made on granting the license to Alfie.

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Tories told family not to go public.png

Theresa May isn’t keeping her promises

James O’Brien lists the ways Theresa May is ‘Morally Corrupt’

From the Go Home-vans to changing the Immigration Act to this week’s Windrush scandal, James believes she looks at two people suffering the same thing, but cares more about the one who’s white than the one who isn’t.

James said: “It’s an astonishing decision to have arrived at and it’s one from which I will happily retreat if she offers up a proper account.

“Why were these records destroyed?

“Why was the advice that this would happen if she pursued this hostile environment course ignored?

“Why were the vans unleashed on to the streets of this country?

“Why was the advice on the clause on the Immigration Act 2014 quietly ignored on her watch?

“And why do we now get her former advisor Nick Timothy taking to social media to offer up his support for the idea that this scheme is wrong? ‘Sensible policies’ which have unfortunately caused these stories of victims of the worst imaginable thing a government can do to you.

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Theresa May is corrupt.png

Tory Police cuts likely contributed to rise in violent crime leaked report reveals

Leaked Home Office documents undermine Amber Rudd’s claim that police cuts were not to blame for increase in violent offending.  As usual for the Tories, they were unable to back up their claims that the cuts were not responsible with any evidence.

Home Office statistics show the number of police officers fell from 143,734 in March 2010 to 123,142 in March 2017.

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Tory Police cuts likely contributed to rise in violent crime leaked report reveals.png

May and Rudd

Fracking Yorkshire is beneficial, claims Theresa May

Theresa May insisted the planned roll-out of fracking across vast swathes of Yorkshire will be both safe and financially beneficial to local communities.

However this video shows what happened when a naked flame was put in contact with a river near a series of fracking sites.


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Fracking Yorkshire is beneficial, claims Theresa May.png

Theresa May refuses to rule out the NHS becoming part of a trade deal

Theresa May has refused to rule out offering up the NHS to American companies as part of a post-Brexit trade deal with the US.

The Prime Minister’s refusal to protect the NHS from American businesses comes days after a Twitter row between US President Donald Trump and UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

Under a private NHS you would have to reach into your pocket much more.  Not everything is covered by insurance (which you’d also need to take out under a private NHS).  Many Tory MPs (and some Labour) have financial interests in private health insurance.  This means selling off the NHS would benefit their own pockets.

For people who require insulin you’d have to pay for it yourself.  According to the Facebook post 30 days supply of insulin costs $807.96 (which at the time of writing this article equates to £579.29).  Check live conversion here.

The cost of NHS privatisation

Tory attitude to NHS:

tory attitude to nhs

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Theresa May refuses to rule out the NHS becoming part of a trade deal

Theresa May slammed by UK statistics watchdog

Theresa May has been caught out by the UK statistics watchdog for misleading the public over the NHS.  Sir David Norgrove said the Prime Minister’s comparisons between A&E waiting times in Wales and England were “not valid”.

It is the second time the Government has been called out over its use of statistics, after senior Tory Health Committee chair Sarah Wollaston attacked Conservative ministers for “disingenuous” use of figures on the scale of the winter crisis.

Theresa May has failed to apologise for misleading the public.

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Theresa May slammed by UK statistics watchdog.png

Theresa May’s concern over plastic only comes after China bans our waste

Let’s not kid ourselves into thinking the Tories actually care about the environment.  A few years ago the Tories had a green logo which they dropped after Cameron failed to deny he referred to Earth-friendly policies as ‘green crap’ and wanted rid of it – maybe because it was too costly to his donors.

Theresa May wants you to believe she’s ‘waging war on waste‘ but look carefully and you’ll see it’s not all waste.  It’s only waste which China no longer wants to import.   She hasn’t turned green.  It’s just about the money with her as usual.

Theresa May's sudden concern over plastic only comes after Chinese import ban.png