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DWP reveals 80% target to reject benefit appeals

We already knew there was an 80% target to sanction jobseekers.  Now though it turns out the same figure applies to rejecting benefit appeals.  80% of those who ask for their claim to be looked at again must remain rejected.

DWP try to wriggle out of it by referring to it as an ‘expectation’ but their own staff admit it is a target.

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Dump the Tories before they dump you!

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DWP reveals 80 percent target to reject benefit appeals

Disgraced ex MP Esther McVey hoping for a comeback in Tatton

The good people of Wirral West kicked out the hated Esther McVey as their MP in 2015. She’s now hoping to succeed George Osborne as the new MP for Tatton.

People of Tatton – do you intend to vote her back in?  She could continue where she left off in 2015.

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If everyone who has been victimised by the Tories votes in the general election, Theresa May is sunk

People claiming sickness and disability benefits have been famously victimised by Conservative and Conservative-led governments since 2010. Thousands have died as a result of this mistreatment.

“Scope, the charity for disabled people, tweeted an interesting number when the general election was announced. There are, it said, 13 million disabled people in Britain. Some 89 per cent have said they will vote.

The reason that number is worth paying attention to is that if the 89 per cent are true to their word, and if they use their franchise to hold the Government to account for its brutal treatment of disabled people, it might just spell trouble for Theresa May’s dreams of a three-figure majority.”

Ministers need to be taught that there is a price to be paid for the way they have behaved. A sufficiently high vote against the brutal treatment meted out to people with disabilities by the Government could at the very least deny Theresa May the landslide she is hoping for.

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Here are the people we know have died DWP-related deaths.  Think about their families – especially if you plan on not voting at all because that’s just burying your head in the sand.  What if this was someone you knew?

Here are the coroners who have stated their clients have died because of the DWP and Tory policies.

ITV News investigates the benefits system.  Not a single Tory MP wanted to be interviewed on this…

The Tories now have Maximus carrying out the dodgy fit to work tests.  One Maximus Nurse spoke out about the tricks she was told to play on the patients. Again not a single Tory MP wanted to be interviewed on this..

Coronation Street’s full time disabled actress Cherylee Houston speaks out against the dodgy Tory policies. Yet again not a single Tory MP wanted to be interviewed on this. Doesn’t that tell you something? They know they’re doing wrong and they don’t want to comment on it.


Dodgy DWP: ITV Investigates the Benefits system

Episode 1:
Ken Loach explains in order to gather facts for his film ‘I, Daniel Blake’ they went across the country and it was always the same story.

Episode 2:
A Maximus Nurse talks about how DWP wants to trip claimants up

Episode 3:
Disturbing findings about the dodgy work capability assessments

Episode 4
Coronation Street Actress Cherylee Houston talks about the dodgy work capability assessments


Man who cannot talk, read or write told to prove it by DWP

A SEVERELY disabled young man who is unable to talk, read or write and needs round-the-clock care has been targeted yet again by the Department of Work and Pensions.

The DWP have been asked to provide their procedure for communicating with a person who cannot talk, read or write.  They responded with this.

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DWP harrassing disabled man.png

DWP continue to cause undue stress on disabled people and their families

DWP finds people fit to work despite having proof the decision may kill them

DWP admit in 2016 they still find people fit to work even when holding evidence such a decision may kill the claimant, FoIA request reveals.

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DWP confirms it finds people fit to work when holding evidence the decision may kill them

Prior to this FoIA request being submitted we already held documented evidence of the DWP upholding their own decisions even when being notified those decisions caused suicide attempts by vulnerable claimants.

No evidence welfare sanctions work, says National Audit Office

Government has failed to measure whether sanctions represent value for money, while application varies widely, find auditors.

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