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Tories spend £100million trying to stop disabled getting help they’re entitled to

DWP spent £108.1 million of taxpayers’ money on appeals against disability benefits in just two years, new figures reveal.

Neil Heslop, chief executive of disability charity Leonard Cheshire, said: “To spend this amount on admin fighting to uphold flawed decisions that shouldn’t have been made in the first place is staggering.

Tory peer Baroness Altmann, a former DWP minister, said the money could be spent on benefits for those who need them, rather than on the costs of fighting claims.

The DWP tried to defend its ludicrous spending by saying a small portion of these decisions were overturned. They are clearly living in fantasy land and do not understand the law. The vast majority of their cases are being thrown out in favour of disabled people.

To make matters even worse it has emerged the DWP kept these figures from the Work and Pensions select Committee.

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Tories spend £100million trying to stop disabled getting help they're entitled to


DWP wasted over £12 million of your money in 2017 on advertising

Last month we uncovered the shocking truth of DWP’s misuse of your money – they spent £1,436,272.08 advertising themselves on Facebook.

That was just the tip of the iceberg.  When it came to advertising themselves outside of Facebook in 2017 they were quite willing to squander much more of your money as you can see below…

DWP advertising in 2017 excluding Facebook

Sub total £10,768,963.77

Now let’s remind ourselves what they spent on Facebook..

DWP figures

DWP spent £12,205,235.85 taxpayers’ money advertising themselves during 2017.  Forget about the NHS.  This is how the Tories prefer to spend your money.

Sources  1 and 2.

Tories wasted over £1M taxpayers money in 2017 just to advertise DWP.png

DWP wasted £1+ million public money advertising on Facebook in 2017

You could say (what’s left of) public sector services are in dire need of extra funds.  People are dying waiting for ambulances.  People are dying on trolleys in hospital corridors.   Meanwhile over in the DWP they are spending taxpayers money on useless things such as advertising themselves.  It beggars belief.

Our Freedom of Information request revealed in 2017 the Department of Work and Pensions spent an eye watering £1,436,272.08* advertising themselves in Facebook.

We’re not against advertising on Facebook or anywhere else per se. If public demand for information on DWP services overshadowed the need to save life we would not take issue.  This is money which could have been spent saving lives.  Meanwhile anyone wondering if the DWP can help with something they would google it or contact the DWP.  It’s not rocket science.  What do you think about this?

DWP figures

*On 6th February 2018 DWP informed us of an error in their figures for campaign  “Encouraging people to use the Pension Wise guidance service”. The revised total Facebook spend for this was actually £359,000.33 not £332,653.25 as originally quoted.  We have made the necessary adjustments above.

Tories wasted £1M advertising DWP in 2017.png

Tories wasted over £1 million taxpayers money advertising DWP in 2017


Disabled woman’s benefits stopped after missing interview DWP had cancelled

A disabled lady was on her way to a fit to work assessment when she received a voicemail saying it would have to be rescheduled.  A few days later the DWP demanded to know why she didn’t attend.  She informed them the appointment was cancelled by the assessor.  DWP then cancelled her benefits because she had missed the appointment ‘without good reason’.

Incredibly at the first tier tribunal the judge took the side of the DWP.  At the second tier tribunal however it took the judge just five minutes to rule in her favour.

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Freedom of Information request reveals DWP’s internal target of 80% to uphold mandatory reconsiderations in their own favour.

FOI 1740 response.pdf

woman sanctioned for missing appointment that DWP cancelled

Stroke victim told to take back-to-work test while still in hospital

MP Iain Wright is demanding an investigation after a stroke victim claimed she was told she must undergo a back-to-work test – while in a hospital stroke unit!

No shame – Maximus admits carrying out ‘under a dozen’ fit to work tests in hospitals each year for the DWP

DWP say “It is extremely rare for a WCA to be carried out in a hospital and this would only occur if not enough evidence was provided..”

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Stroke victim ‘told to take back-to-work test while still in hospital


DWP loses fight to stop claimants appealing

DWP has been unlawfully blocking people from appealing if they miss the one month deadline for asking for a mandatory reconsideration. In truth, the deadline can be extended by a further year where the claimant has good cause for being late. But the DWP had decided that it was up to them to be the judge of whether the claimant had a good reason for missing the deadline and that tribunals shouldn’t be allowed any say in whether they could hear the case.

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Britain going backwards on rights of disabled, says United Nations committee producing damning 17-page report

The U.N. Committee on the rights of disabled people said it had more concerns about Britain – due to funding cuts, restricted rights and an uncertain post-Brexit future – than any other country in its 10-year history.

The committee, which reviews states’ compliance with the 2006 Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, published a 17-page report with recommendations about how Britain could do better.

“The UK is at the moment going backwards in accordance to the information that we have received,” committee member Stig Langvad told a news conference in Geneva.

Britain said it was disappointed by the report. It said it did not reflect the evidence it had provided to the committee, nor did it recognise progress that had been made.

The U.N. committee’s chairwoman Theresia Degener has described the situation in Britain as a “human catastrophe”.

“The austerity measures that they have taken – they are affecting half a million people, each disabled person is losing between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds per year, people are pushed into work situations without being recognised as vulnerable, and the evidence that we had in front of us was just overwhelming,” she said.

The most acute concern was the limitations on independent living.

“Persons with disabilities are in our view not able to choose where to live, with whom to live, and how to live,” Langvad said.

Britain was also not fulfilling its commitment to allow inclusive education, and there was a high incidence of bullying at schools. A growing number of disabled people were living in poverty.

Budgets for local authorities had not only been slashed, but they were no longer ear-marked for disabled people, another committee member, Damjan Tatic, said.

Langvad said people with disabilities should be involved in preparations for Britain’s Brexit talks with the European Union, to avoid losing protections that historically came from the EU.

“Persons with disabilities are afraid of the future since they do not know what is happening and since they do not feel that they are involved in the discussions on how to secure the rights of people with disabilities afterwards,” he said.

Britain’s government said it was a recognised world leader in disability rights, and almost 600,000 disabled people had moved into work in the last four years.

“We spend over 50 billion pounds a year to support disabled people and those with health conditions – more than ever before, and the second highest in the G7,” a government spokesperson said.

Debbie Abrahams, the opposition Labour party’s spokeswoman for Work and Pensions, said the “damning” report was a vindication of Labour’s criticism of the government’s policies.

“This confirms what Labour has been saying all along, that the lack of progress on all convention articles, including cruel changes to social security and the punitive sanctions regime, are causing real misery for sick and disabled people.”

A Labour government would incorporate the convention fully into British law, she said in a statement.

The most shocking aspect of the UN report is what it reveals about the UK government’s increasing non-compliance with existing UK legislation. For example, it is obliged by law to carry out impact assessments and gather necessary statistics concerning any policies likely to have a disproportionately negative impact on disabled people. But its replies to UN requests for data repeatedly demonstrated that it is in breach of this public sector equality duty. As a result, the government’s schools green paper, published a year ago, failed to conduct the legally required impact assessment, even though this policy would undoubtedly have affected the life chances of many disabled children.

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Britain going backwards on rights of disabled says United Nations.png

Britain is ignoring its own laws to mistreat disabled people