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DWP strip benefits because claimant has a degree

Esther McVey once claimed that all DWP processes were quality assured (before we proved she lied).  This article shows what fools she thinks the Work and Pensions committee are.  Can you imagine a DWP procedure to sever benefits on the basis that the claimant has a degree actually being quality assured?

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Esther McVey slammed for telling lies

The Work and Pensions Secretary claimed a quarter of Scots who receive universal credit did not get their payments on time.  She was also rebuked by House of Commons Speaker John Bercow for telling lies about Labour.  He slapped her down and called her an “absolute disgrace”.  It seems she just can’t help herself.

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Salford songwriter creates National Sack Esther McVey campaign track

Salford singer songwriter, Dominic Williams, has written a hard hitting track called No More (Sack Esther Now) which launches today, spearheading a campaign to get rid of Esther McVey, the controversial new Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions.

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Esther McVey resurrected at DWP

It was always going to be just a matter of time before she wormed her way back into the DWP.  Before the people of Wirral West kicked her out as their MP she worked alongside Iain Duncan Smith as DWP Minister for State.  It was there we caught her misleading the Work and Pensions committee when she said DWP processes were quality assured.  We uncovered the truth – DWP brought in no specialist company to quality assure its processes.  This meant they used their own unqualified internal staff to pass them off as quality assured.

In April 2017 she was welcomed over in Tatton.  After the 2017 General Election she held onto her Tatton seat by 14,787 votes.

Even Theresa May didn’t see her as the perfect choice. She was only offered the role because Justine Greening turned it down and resigned from the cabinet.

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Esther McVey returns as Tatton MP

Esther McVey retains her Tatton MP seat after her April 2017 return but it remains to be seen whether she’ll be given back her DWP Minister position.

McVey was previously voted out of her seat in 2015 when the good people of Wirral West woke up to her dodgy antics.

In Tatton 28,764 people were mad enough to vote her in during the June 2017 election with a majority of 14,787.

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Disgraced ex MP Esther McVey hoping for a comeback in Tatton

The good people of Wirral West kicked out the hated Esther McVey as their MP in 2015. She’s now hoping to succeed George Osborne as the new MP for Tatton.

People of Tatton – do you intend to vote her back in?  She could continue where she left off in 2015.

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Is Esther McVey a ‘stain of inhumanity’?

John McDonnell defends calling McVey a ‘stain of inhumanity’ but what do we know about her?  In trying to defend deaths caused by the DWP she said “All our processes are quality assured“.  This implied a specialised company audited DWP procedures in order to meet a recognised standard (maybe a modern version of BS5750 Quality Assurance).  In fact FOIA information revealed DWP’s own staff carry out this ‘quality assurance’ – so no bias there then(!?)