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There will be an EMERGENCY PROTEST April 9th 2016 – from 11am outside Downing Street – calling for David Cameron to Resign. THOUSANDS EXPECTED TO ATTEND. Here’s what you need to know.

Cameron’s THIRD offshore tax haven discovered (video)!




‘Cameron should go to prison’

Cameron should go to prison says Livingstone


Cameron should resign and go to prison

Panama Papers: David Cameron facing standards inquiry over undeclared stake in offshore trust


Cameron said “It was subject to full UK taxation. So that’s what it was, there are many other unit trusts like it. And I think it is being unfairly described and my father’s name unfairly written about.”

This wasn’t quite true: The profits made were not subject to UK tax. And the fund was not, in 2006, open to everyone. The prospectus states Blairmore would only take minimum investments of $100,000. Blairmore was not a normal unit trust. It was a collective investment scheme which, the prospectus states, could only be marketed to “high net worth companies, high net worth unincorporated associations or partnerships, trustees of high value trusts and persons who qualify as certified sophisticated investors”.

Cameron said “If people want information about my tax return, I can tell you what goes on mine. And I said before the last election, if we want to move to a situation where prime ministers and potential prime ministers publish this information, I am very happy to do that.”

In actual fact: Cameron first said he was prepared to publish his tax return in 2012. He still hasn’t done so.

Annual Fraud Report 2013

Annual Fraud Report 2013 The biggest fraudsters of all

Annual Fraud Report 2013 The biggest fraudsters of all

 Data from page 65 of the AFI