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Prime Minister begs for cash one day after being fined £70,000

tory begging


Tories fined £70,000 by Electoral Commission for illegal spending (page 4)

page 4 of report

Tory treasurer Mr Simon Day referred to the police (see pages 4 and 5)

page 4 and 5

Tories have been referred to the Crown Prosecution Service

Tories failed to co-operate (page 33)

page 33

Up to 20 Tory MPs are facing allegations of electoral fraud

Tory Election expenses investigation

Tories are the first party in history to be investigated for breach of CRPD

..let alone found guilty by the United Nations!






Tories caught begging for their own party during NHS humanitarian crisis

This email from the Tory party has been re-worded for accuracy


Here are those sources:

The British Medical Association statement     (Backup 1   Backup 2)

The Guardian statement    (Backup)

Government costings   (Backup)

Elderly people dying on trolleys as they wait for treatment in hospital

It’s pretty clear that if you need urgent care these days you may die waiting for it but that’s not the fault of our NHS.  It’s the fault of the Government you elect to run the country. Here is the Health Minister Jeremy Hunt wanting to thank NHS staff as he plans to cut NHS funding by another £22 billion.


How are Tories doing?

reworded for accuracy 2

Homelessness risen 30% since Tories came to power

Hundreds of Brits dying from malnutrition or hunger, official figures reveal

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt fails to talk with junior doctors over dispute

DWP spent £92,249.86 taxpayers’ cash trying to stop public seeing slave labour firms

Two coroners blame DWP for death of their clients (coroners Michael Oakley & Andrew Haigh) 

Prison officer strike action

Junior doctors strike

Tory panic began last year when they realised voters hated them

That’s when they first started paying Facebook to show their meaningless adverts

To be fair it was Lynton Crosby who they paid to lead their election campaign.  Cameron wanted to stick with the “Big Society” (which excludes homeless people as we understand it)

Tory panic sets in

Tory panic sets in 4th June 2014

They are soooooo greedy. They already got millions from their rich friends who are duly thanked by giving them peerages.

4th June 2014

More panic on 4th June 2014

oh yes????”  Clearly the public aren’t buying it.

So it continued with Cameron in various poses and by now rumour had it even the Parliamentary parrot was saying “Long term economic plan” in the same confused tone.   Still at least it gave Cameron a chance to change clothes a few times for the shots.

4th June 2014 again, but what’s this? A bit of truth sneaking out too with the fracking policy?

4th June 2014 fracking you

4th June 2014 fracking you

Newark, the place which was flooded due to Tory cuts in DEFRA must love that free-flowing brown liquid throughout their homes as they voted back in a Tory candidate at this point.

6th June 2014

6th June 2014

Might as well sell their pal’s health insurance too..

8th June 2014

8th June 2014

They give us some peace until 11th August (probably due to health reasons because allegedly people were being taken to hospital in fits of uncontrollable laughter).  Still though at least their adverts are now reworded for accuracy.

11th August 2014

11th August 2014

Now comes the passion and they’ve now apparently forced someone on workfare to write them an app.

15th August 2014

15th August 2014

As Lynton thinks of something else to amuse us, more truth leaks out.

19th August 2014

19th August 2014

Here’s one which became a favourite as we heard people saying “A mug for a mug” as it was uncovered that we’ve all donated to the Tories just by being taxpayers.

21 August 2014

21 August 2014

Not all is well at ‘Tory Towers’ since the United Nations announced the UK Tory party is under investigation for mistreating sick, vulnerable and disabled people.  In fact we think to this day the Tory voters think that’s some kind of Labour trickery.  It is sadly true though and all they have to do is google it to find out.

22nd August 2014

22nd August 2014

More follows but clearly Dave is now hot under the collar.

Perhaps he should have a sleep for now.

Peace at last

Peace at last

Instead of funding the Tories please fund the care they cut

Instead of funding the Tories please fund the care they cut

Instead of funding the Tories please fund the care they cut

Instead of funding the Tories please fund the care they cut

Tories begging for more cash just proves how greedy they really are

To follow the links indicated, see below

Tories begging for more cash just proves how greedy they really are

Tories begging for more cash just proves how greedy they really are

100 ways in which they have failed the NHS (click here)

Visit this link to see our price list for selling your confidential medical files (click here)

People will die through what Tories are doing to the NHS (click here)

..and they have a cheek to ask you for money as if they’re not the highest funded political party in the UK.  Don’t you think that shows their greed? We do.

Tories so desperate for votes they want to share anything

Tories so desperate for votes they want to share anything

Tories so desperate for votes they want to share anything

Tories so desperate for votes they want to share anything

Dodgy Duncan’s turn to beg

Dodgy Duncan's turn to beg

Dodgy Duncan’s turn to beg

Tories: Please sir, I want some more

Tory begging

Tory begging

Return of Tory Begging Bill

Begging Bill Hague

Begging Bill Hague

Begging Bill Hague