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Fracking Yorkshire is beneficial, claims Theresa May

Theresa May insisted the planned roll-out of fracking across vast swathes of Yorkshire will be both safe and financially beneficial to local communities.

However this video shows what happened when a naked flame was put in contact with a river near a series of fracking sites.


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Kids near fracking sites risk permanent brain damage

Exposure to chemicals used in fracking can lead to permanent brain damage in newborns and children, leading to learning disabilities, neurological disorders and birth defects. Caroline Cox, research director at the Center for Environmental Health, joins “News with Ed” on RT to explain the study and its implications.

As with everything else, the Tories are too keen to put profit before health.

Fracking site approval based on legal errors

The communities secretary, Sajid Javid, made significant legal errors when he overturned a council’s refusal to allow test drilling at a fracking site in Lancashire, a court has been told.  Source  Backup

Probably another error was that he accepted payment from a pro-fracking group before authorising the site to be fracked, overruling the residents.  Source

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GMP officer faces misconduct charge for fracking arrest

Greater Manchester Police officer David Kehoe decided to arrest a lawful observer at Barton Moss fracking site accusing him of drinking.  The case was dropped and now Kehoe is to face a misconduct charge for wrongful arrest.

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How drinking water gets fracked

Toxins found in fracking fluids and wastewater, study shows

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Tory Sajid Javid grants fracking rights after receiving funds from pro-fracking interests

Tory MP Sajid Javid received funds from a pro-fracking company before permitting fracking in Lancashire, overriding their council.


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Tory MP approves fracking 120 MILES from where he lives – overriding their local council’s decision not to frack

Is this democracy? Tory MP Sajid Javid who lives in Worcestershire decided to overrule Lancashire County Council forcing Lancashire residents to have their land fracked.

Story in depth and related articles

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