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Brussels seeks to tie UK to European human rights court after Brexit

Brussels is seeking to bind the UK to the European court of human rights after Brexit in a move likely to infuriate those in the Conservative party championing a break with the Strasbourg court.

A document outlining the European commission’s position on future judicial and police cooperation stipulates there will be a “guillotine clause” on any security deal should the UK leave the remit of the court.

Looking at the DWP deaths and the United Nations report on Tory ‘grave and systemic violations of disabled people’ gives everyone an idea of how Tories value human life.

This video makes a good point the matter.


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Theresa May and Esther McVey

Tories win right to ignore human rights of disabled people

DWP just won a court case literally allowing it to ignore disabled people’s human rights.   Unless the case is appealed the Tories will get their way.

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Tories in court apparently claiming disabled people have no human rights

If you are a disabled Tory voter who thinks you still have human rights you’ll be shocked to learn the Tory Government apparently thinks you have none. In fact, they are in court right now apparently arguing you should have no human rights.

This comes at the end of the landmark ruling by the Supreme Court that the Bedroom Tax in the case of one couple – the Carmichaels – breaches their human rights. The Tory Government ran out of appeal options, which already cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds.

Having lost that case the Tory Government is back in court spending more taxpayers money arguing no other disabled person in the UK has those same human rights.

Should the government win this case, it would severely curtail the powers of the social security tribunal,” said Lucy Cadd of Leigh Day solicitors, who is acting for Charlotte and Jayson Carmichael.

This ruling will ultimately affect every disabled person in the UK – regardless of who you vote for. 

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Bare-faced cheek as Theresa May discusses ‘humanitarian law’ with Saudi Arabia as she tramples on rights of disabled in UK

Theresa May has the bare-faced cheek to discuss ‘humanitarian law’ with Saudi Arabia while selling weapons to them.   All this is going on while she is knowingly in breach of United Nations articles to protect her own people in the UK.

Backup to article discussing humanitarian law with Saudi Arabia.

Backup to article The UK has made 10 times more in arms sales to Saudi Arabia than it’s given in aid to Yemen

Backup to UK breaching disabled peoples’ rights.

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Honouring Human Rights Day as the UK Government continues to flout it

On December 10th in 1948, the United Nations adopted a universal set of human rights that apply to all of us. We should be celebrating this milestone towards creating a more free and equal world. Not many people know however the UK Government is currently in violation of human rights towards its own citizens.

You can read the United Nations Investigation and its conclusions here:
The UK Government does not plan on taking remedial action to correct the violations listed in the report.


Extract from page 20..


Extract from page 21..

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Extract from page 22..


The recommendations seem fair enough yet the UK Government intends to ignore all of them.  So much for human rights.

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UN finds UK in breach of human rights

Following its long inquiry in which we were notified here, the United Nations has found the UK to be in breach of human rights.  It is very interesting timing because here we are on our way out of the EU.  Why is that significant?  On its own it doesn’t raise many red flags.  However as we previously reported in 2014 Theresa May wanted to remain in the EU but she wanted to leave the ECHR.  It remains nigh on impossible to leave the ECHR whilst in the EU – but fast forward to today – we’re on our way out of the EU – as the majority of the UK voted for that.  With that being the case it’s so much easier to leave the ECHR.  Why should we be concerned about that?  The United Nations passes its findings onto the Strasbourg court to consider prosecution of individuals or groups clearly responsible for these breaches.  If we left the ECHR then the guilty party can breathe a sigh of relief as the Strasbourg court can no longer take action against them.  It’s then up to the United Nations to consider other options of punishment which target the UK as a whole such as trade sanctions.

United Nations finds UK in breach of International Human Rights

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

The Hillsborough verdict: “Unlawful killing”  This is the verdict the families and friends of the victims had waited to hear since that fateful day in 1989.  Giving a speech on the verdict the present UK Home Secretary Theresa May congratulated those who fought long and hard for the correct outcome.  Which law made this outcome possible after so many previous cover-ups?  It was the Human Rights Act.  What Theresa May neglected to mention in her Hillsborough speech is that she has been trying for years to abolish the Human Rights Act.

These are the people who were “Unlawfully killed” at Hillsborough.  If you disagree that the Human Rights Act which made this verdict possible should be abolished then tell that to Theresa May and David Cameron.

This inquest would not have been possible without the ECHR and the Human Rights Act. The right to life enshrined in Article 2 of the Convention was the basis on which a jury was able to decide this important case. This inquest prove how crucial such legislation is to righting wrongs and enforcing people’s rights.Mark George QC speaking to David Allen Green (page 2).

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Remember Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

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A British Bill of Rights Will Diminish the Rights of Everyone in the UK – And the Most Vulnerable Will Suffer Most

Three men with one agenda.  Ignore it at your peril!

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Tory plans to scrap Human Rights Act

Tories plans to scrap the Human Rights Act (HRA) and introduce a British Bill of Rights will feature in Prime Minister David Cameron’s Queen’s Speech next week, more than six years since he first announced the controversial legal changes.  The British Bill of Rights will consist of whatever rights the Tories want you to have (if any).

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Human rights and the EU

What would be the effect on human rights if the UK leaves the EU?

Some things won’t change—and some things will.

We would still be signed up to the European Convention on Human Rights (although Theresa May wants to exit this yet remain in the EU – which may not be possible)

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