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Council scrutiny bodies abolished on Pickles’s watch

No-one likes taxpayers’ money being wasted – except for the Tories of course as we’ve previously demonstrated.

You can thank Tory Eric Pickles for abolishing scrutiny bodies which monitored council spending of your money.

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Council scrutiny bodies abolished on Pickes's watch.png


DWP wasted over £12 million of your money in 2017 on advertising

Last month we uncovered the shocking truth of DWP’s misuse of your money – they spent £1,436,272.08 advertising themselves on Facebook.

That was just the tip of the iceberg.  When it came to advertising themselves outside of Facebook in 2017 they were quite willing to squander much more of your money as you can see below…

DWP advertising in 2017 excluding Facebook

Sub total £10,768,963.77

Now let’s remind ourselves what they spent on Facebook..

DWP figures

DWP spent £12,205,235.85 taxpayers’ money advertising themselves during 2017.  Forget about the NHS.  This is how the Tories prefer to spend your money.

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Tories wasted over £1M taxpayers money in 2017 just to advertise DWP.png

MPs get fourth payrise in two years

MPs will soon enjoy a 1.8 percent pay rise, bringing their incomes to over £77,000.  It’s their fourth pay rise in two years. Meanwhile, pay for public-sector workers – nurses, teachers and firemen – remains capped at 1 percent. 

Politicians will see their pay increase by almost £1,400 in April 2018 to £77,379.  MPs’ pay will have effectively risen by around £11,000 since 2014, while public servants face a real-terms pay cut amid stagnating wages and rising living costs.

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Jeremy Hunt “doesn’t know” who will use his £44k taxpayer-funded loo in latest round of Tory splashouts

In the latest round of Tory splashouts comes a £44,000 bathroom suite inside Jeremy Hunt’s office.  Despite the location, Hunt claims it’s not for him and he’s not exactly sure who it’s for.

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Jeremy Hunt's new £44k taxpayer funded loo.png

Cameron blew almost £9K taxpayers’ cash for a party

A vile misuse of taxpayers’ cash

They’re literally partying at your expense

David Cameron blew nearly £9,000 of taxpayers’ cash on a showbiz party snubbed by top Hollywood names

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Poll: Are you happy with Theresa May using taxpayers money to stay in power?

“There’s no money tree”

Theresa May refuses blame for NURSES having to use foodbanks

Theresa May claims there’s no connection between the Tories being in power since 2010 and NURSES having to use foodbanks!


Nurses using foodbanks.png