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Esther McVey policy ruled ‘Perverse & unlawful’ by court

There’s been more bad news for the DWP. The high court has ruled that part of one its policies over the two-child limit for benefit claimants is “perverse” and “unlawful”.


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DWP cut disability allowance because assessor failed to turn up

Michelle Moloney, 40, who suffers from bipolar disorder type 2 and severe anxiety, was left unable to buy groceries after it was wrongly claimed she failed to attend an assessment.   In reality it was the assessor who failed to carry out the home-based assessment.

Even though it was the assessor’s fault this didn’t stop the DWP cutting off Michelle’s lifeline.  DWP’s letter stated “..we don’t think you’ve given us a good reason for this“.

Michelle complained directly to Capita who were meant to carry out the assessment on behalf of the DWP.  Capita still failed to put things right until being contacted by The Independent.

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DWP cut disability allowance because assessor failed to turn up

Man with epilepsy sanctioned for having seizures instead of attending DWP appointment

Apparently having a seizure isn’t a good enough reason to miss a DWP appointment.  This is one of the latest reasons they’re testing to see if they can get away with paying what they owe.

We asked the DWP if they hold a database of previously disallowed reasons for sanctioning people (such as having a degree) and they do not.  This means they may try to sanction someone for a reason which has previously been rejected by the courts.  This is a total waste of taxpayers money.

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Tories spend £100million trying to stop disabled getting help they’re entitled to

DWP spent £108.1 million of taxpayers’ money on appeals against disability benefits in just two years, new figures reveal.

Neil Heslop, chief executive of disability charity Leonard Cheshire, said: “To spend this amount on admin fighting to uphold flawed decisions that shouldn’t have been made in the first place is staggering.

Tory peer Baroness Altmann, a former DWP minister, said the money could be spent on benefits for those who need them, rather than on the costs of fighting claims.

The DWP tried to defend its ludicrous spending by saying a small portion of these decisions were overturned. They are clearly living in fantasy land and do not understand the law. The vast majority of their cases are being thrown out in favour of disabled people.

To make matters even worse it has emerged the DWP kept these figures from the Work and Pensions select Committee.

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Tories spend £100million trying to stop disabled getting help they're entitled to

DWP strip benefits because claimant has a degree

Esther McVey once claimed that all DWP processes were quality assured (before we proved she lied).  This article shows what fools she thinks the Work and Pensions committee are.  Can you imagine a DWP procedure to sever benefits on the basis that the claimant has a degree actually being quality assured?

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Universal Credit purposely delayed in top Tory areas to avoid upsetting voters

The Tories quietly announced Universal Credit won’t be rolled out to constituencies of Theresa May, IDS, David Gauke and Damian Green until the problems are fixed.  The rest of the country will have to suffer it.  Read more

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Disabled woman’s benefits stopped after missing interview DWP had cancelled

A disabled lady was on her way to a fit to work assessment when she received a voicemail saying it would have to be rescheduled.  A few days later the DWP demanded to know why she didn’t attend.  She informed them the appointment was cancelled by the assessor.  DWP then cancelled her benefits because she had missed the appointment ‘without good reason’.

Incredibly at the first tier tribunal the judge took the side of the DWP.  At the second tier tribunal however it took the judge just five minutes to rule in her favour.

Read more about the case here   backup to article here

Freedom of Information request reveals DWP’s internal target of 80% to uphold mandatory reconsiderations in their own favour.

FOI 1740 response.pdf

woman sanctioned for missing appointment that DWP cancelled