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NHS privatisation soars as private companies win 70% of clinical contracts in England

NHS spending on care provided by private companies has jumped by £700m to £3.1bn with non-NHS firms winning almost 70 per cent of tendered contracts in England last year.

The figures, revealed in a report by campaign group the NHS Support Federation, undermine repeated government claims that private companies play a small role in NHS care provision.

NHS private tenders

Source: NHS Support Federation 2017 contract report, page 16

contract report dec 2017 28_12_17 _Page_17

Source: NHS Support Federation 2017 contract report, page 17

contract report dec 2017 28_12_17 _Page_18

Source: NHS Support Federation 2017 contract report, page 18

Figure 3 clearly shows a rise to NHS tenders going to private companies and a fall in NHS tenders from 60% to just 36%.

Read the NHS Support Federation 2017 contract report

Richard Branson’s Virgin Care scooped a record £1bn worth of contracts last year, meaning the company now has over 400 separate NHS contracts, making it the dominant private provider in the NHS market.

The extent of Virgin Care’s portfolio has angered campaigners, as the company pays no tax in the UK, and its parent company is registered in the British Virgin Islands – a tax haven.

Speaking of tax – UK tax fraud has risen to £16 billion per year according to the 2017 Annual Fraud Indicator – page 22.  This makes Tory claims of doing something about it rather empty.

Jeremy Hunt accepted £32,920 from Andrew Law a major private healthcare investor.  He isn’t the only MP with such dealings – take a look here for details.

The very same Andrew Law also donated £2,034,785.34 to the Tories (expecting nothing in return of course).  Have a look here for details.

Here is the book Jeremy Hunt co-authored calling for the NHS to be replaced with private insurance.

Here is the price list for your confidential medical files as the Tories sell them off.

No doubt Jeremy Hunt is looking forward to his fourth payrise in two years in return for all the ‘good’ he is doing with the NHS.  Meanwhile those in the NHS who save lives have to ‘make do’.

Jeremy Hunt.png

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Fury as council awards £104m NHS contract to Virgin

“It is exactly what we have been warning people about. These contracts are now being given to the private sector and it is clearly the Government’s agenda.”

A County Hall decision to award a £104m healthcare contract to the private sector instead of the NHS has sparked a storm of protest in Lancashire.

The service is currently carried out by the Lancashire Care Trust, but the contract runs out at the end of March.

Read more

Read the book Jeremy Hunt co-wrote calling for NHS to be replaced with private insurance


NHS privatisation

Department of Health deny ‘formal involvement’ with Kaiser Permanente despite inconvenient proof

Department of Health have denied ‘formal involvement’  with US Healthcare firm Kaiser Permanente.  This is a little inconvenient because we know he’s visited them at least TWICE and we have the photos to prove it.

department of health deny formal involvement with kaiser permanente

Here’s the first cosy photo with health secretary Jeremy Hunt pictured with Kaiser Permanente Executive Vice President Philip Fasano.

Jeremy Hunt.png

He enjoyed the visit so much he returned on June 2nd 2014.


Here he is again apparently listening to a lecture.  Pictured with Philip Fasano, executive vice president and CIO of Kaiser Permanente.


Kaiser Permanente proudly show a list of United Kingdom ‘participants’.  Do you recognise any of these?

UK Participants – Kaiser Permanente International.png

Perhaps someone doesn’t like being listed because when we checked Kaiser’s website today they had removed Jeremy Hunt’s photo and the entire list of participants.

What exactly does the UK Government want to hide?

Since the publication of this article we received a statement from NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (listed as a Kaiser participant under ‘NHS Cumbria’).

[A spokesman for NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) said: ” Neither NHS North Cumbria Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) nor its predecessor NHS Cumbria CCG have worked with Kaiser Permanente.
We have contacted the organisation and requested they take our name off the list of participants on their website.”]

We have asked Kaiser Permanente for comment on this and to explain the subsequent disappearance of their participants (shown above) from their website. 

We make no suggestion of wrongdoing by Kaiser Permanente.

Hunt in row with Professor over NHS insurance

Jeremy Hunt is having a row with Professor Stephen Hawking over NHS insurance. He claims one of the most intelligent people on the planet is wrong that the Tories seemed to be steering the UK towards a US-style health insurance system.

This is the same Jeremy Hunt who co-authored a book (read here) calling for the NHS to be replaced with private insurance!

This is the same Jeremy Hunt who accepted a payment of £32,920 from hedge fund baron Andrew Law, a major investor in private healthcare firms.  Law has also donated £2,034,785.34 to the Tories going under various names. Backup to article here which exposes Hunt and other MPs.

This is the same Jeremy Hunt with links to US healthcare system Kaiser Permanente pictured below with them.


Here are other things Jeremy Hunt has done to aid a private NHS.

Click to find out if your MP has links to private healthcare

Jeremy Hunt in row with Prof Stephen Hawking over NHS insurance.png

As a Doctor, I’ve experienced the mayhem Theresa May has caused in our NHS

A year ago, Theresa May’s government took control of our NHS. Figures released by NHS England today show the literal mayhem that has engulfed our health service under May’s premiership, and the harm this is causing patients. As a junior doctor, I experience it every day.

In the first hospital I worked in, I thought the lack of resources, understaffing, and inability to meet patient demand was particular to that hospital trust. But as I moved from one hospital to another, I realised it has become endemic. Overflowing A&E departments, routine cancellation of operations, ambulance delays, and permanent bed shortages are the new norm in Tory Britain.

Today’s figures evidence how much the situation has deteriorated in the last year. Over four million people are currently waiting for surgery, the highest number in a decade and, in the last year, 2.5 million people waited more than four hours for emergency and urgent treatment.

The Conservatives’ lethal cuts to funding, combined with the selling off services for private profit and a social care crisis caused in Downing Street, has pushed our NHS to breaking point. This has drastically reduced the quality of patient care, and shut many out from treatment altogether, often with fatal consequences. It’s clear that cutting services to the bone has become more than just a metaphor.

Patients have also been impacted by the government’s mistreatment of NHS staff. This was the year I and other junior doctors were forced to take the unprecedented step of striking in opposition to an unsafe contract. Jeremy Hunt imposed the contracts anyway, ignoring our warnings about threats to patient care.

And despite widespread pressure to end the public sector pay cap, our wages continue to fall in real-terms. This has hit the lowest paid staff the hardest, with some of my colleagues forced to rely on foodbanks as a result. Low pay, combined with the removal of the nurses’ bursary and rising fees for medical students, has caused a recruitment crisis and severe staffing shortages.

An overstretched and underpaid workforce, without access to sufficient resources and facilities, cannot provide patients with the care they need. Our inability to provide this care causes us severe stress, strain and sleep deprivation, which has driven many of my colleagues from the profession.

Today’s figures should be a wake-up call for us to fight for universal healthcare, properly funded and publicly-owned, with safe staffing levels and fair pay. Not only are NHS services and staff being pushed to breaking point – now patients are too. If we don’t act now, the consequences will be fatal.

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Why people vote Tory

Is this what Tory voters want?


Doctors are preparing to move abroad


Number of patients waiting to start treatment is increasing


GP vacancy rate is increasing as existing doctors leave the NHS


The chances of getting a hospital bed are decreasing


Nurses are leaving the NHS


Have a look for yourself



Tories plan to cut a further £22 BILLION from our NHS

Since our NHS went into a state of Humanitarian Crisis it was forced to call in charity Red Cross.  The Tories deny there is a crisis and they won’t tell you their plan to cut a further £22 BILLION from the NHS.

We have a so-called health secretary who gladly offers his thanks to NHS staff but offers no real solution to the NHS Humanitarian Crisis as people die on hospital trolleys waiting to be seen by staff.

If you need more convincing that the Tories are the wrong people to govern our NHS have a look at how bad the situation is in your area with the NHS tracker.

For the first time you can find out just how bad the NHS humanitarian crisis is in your area simply by providing your postcode.  You’ll be provided with waiting list numbers and financial data for your area.   Find out the truth here with the NHS crisis tracker.