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Probe launched after another DWP death

Young grandmother Jodey Whiting took her own life after her benefits were stopped when she missed appointment despite never seeing letter. The conduct of the DWP before and after the suicide of a tragic mum-of-nine is set to be investigated.

She had been plagued with ill health and the DWP were made aware of those issues by the Citizen’s Advice Bureau a week before she took her own life.  Her health issues, which included a brain cyst and curved spine, meant she could barely make it through the front door of her Stockton home.

The Independent Case Examiner (ICE) – who investigate alleged wrongdoing by the Government department has now accepted the complaint and will investigate.  It will look at five key claims as part of the complaint.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau sent a letter to the DWP regarding Jodey’s health issues on February 15, six days before her death, but it failed to act on it until March 23.

• Despite being made aware of her death on February 23 using the ‘tell us once’ system, the DWP issued a claim to Jodey about her Employment Support Allowance claim on February 25.

• The DWP failed to take appropriate action to upgrade their computer systems until March 1.

• The DWP continued to call Jodey’s phone and leave her voicemail messages until May, despite knowing of her death.

• The department failed to respond to Mrs Dove’s letter of April 13, 2017 until June 14, 2017.

Teesside Coroner’s Court heard last year that Jodey had battled with mental and physical health problems during her short life.

A shop assistant, she was forced to retire young due to pain which left her on 23 tablets-a-day, including morphine.

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Fury as UK and Saudi Arabia sign huge arms deal

Should we be surprised?  Saudi Arabia and Britain signed a huge new arms deal on Friday. It comes despite repeated calls for the UK to halt arms sales in light of massive civilian casualties and a humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Someone suggested on our Facebook page this was a good thing as it meant profit for Britain.  We don’t feel profit should come before human life.  Obviously the Tories with their dirty little DWP schemes which have cost people in this country their lives don’t feel the same way.

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Fury as UK and Saudi Arabia sign huge arms deal

Tories: Think of the profit to be made

Dump the Tories before they dump you!

Tories spend £100million trying to stop disabled getting help they’re entitled to

DWP spent £108.1 million of taxpayers’ money on appeals against disability benefits in just two years, new figures reveal.

Neil Heslop, chief executive of disability charity Leonard Cheshire, said: “To spend this amount on admin fighting to uphold flawed decisions that shouldn’t have been made in the first place is staggering.

Tory peer Baroness Altmann, a former DWP minister, said the money could be spent on benefits for those who need them, rather than on the costs of fighting claims.

The DWP tried to defend its ludicrous spending by saying a small portion of these decisions were overturned. They are clearly living in fantasy land and do not understand the law. The vast majority of their cases are being thrown out in favour of disabled people.

To make matters even worse it has emerged the DWP kept these figures from the Work and Pensions select Committee.

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Tories spend £100million trying to stop disabled getting help they're entitled to

Another person with terminal cancer dies after being found fit to work by DWP

A man with terminal cancer died before he was able to appeal a ruling by the Department for Work and Pensions which stated he was “fit to work”.

Phillip Balderson, 46, had been working at a hotel in the Lake District but was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in 2013.

He also had psoriatic arthritis and a number of mental health problems, including anxiety and OCD.


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May threatens to pull plug on United Nations funding unless they see things her way

Theresa May has had enough of the UN breathing down her neck for violating CRPD laws and has threatened to pull the plug on their funding.

The United Kingdom had signed up to CRPD optional protocols to protect the rights of disabled people.  It’s a checkbox that gives an appearance the Tories respect disabled people.

In reality the Tories show contempt for the sick, disabled and the poor.  They famously blocked a £3 million fund set up by the EU to help UK’s poor people.

Here is what they found..

Extract from page 20..

Page 21..


Page 22..

Page 23..

You can read the full initial UN report here:

TV news has not been completely silent over Tory treatment of disabled people..

Coroners have come out and said the Tories are responsible for deaths

United Nations says Britain is going backwards instead of forwards

The most shocking aspect of the UN report is what it reveals about the UK government’s increasing non-compliance with existing UK legislation. For example, it is obliged by law to carry out impact assessments and gather necessary statistics concerning any policies likely to have a disproportionately negative impact on disabled people. But its replies to UN requests for data repeatedly demonstrated that it is in breach of this public sector equality duty. As a result, the government’s schools green paper, published a year ago, failed to conduct the legally required impact assessment, even though this policy would undoubtedly have affected the life chances of many disabled children.

Tories guilty of systemic violations

Stroke victim told to take back-to-work test while still in hospital

MP Iain Wright is demanding an investigation after a stroke victim claimed she was told she must undergo a back-to-work test – while in a hospital stroke unit!

No shame – Maximus admits carrying out ‘under a dozen’ fit to work tests in hospitals each year for the DWP

DWP say “It is extremely rare for a WCA to be carried out in a hospital and this would only occur if not enough evidence was provided..”

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Stroke victim ‘told to take back-to-work test while still in hospital


DWP loses fight to stop claimants appealing

DWP has been unlawfully blocking people from appealing if they miss the one month deadline for asking for a mandatory reconsideration. In truth, the deadline can be extended by a further year where the claimant has good cause for being late. But the DWP had decided that it was up to them to be the judge of whether the claimant had a good reason for missing the deadline and that tribunals shouldn’t be allowed any say in whether they could hear the case.

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