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Downing Street and Hancock lied about ‘working closely with Apple and Google’, FoI response shows

Back in June, the Tories desperately wanted to make the public think they were doing something about Covid-19.

Downing Street said the Government was working closely with Apple and Google.  Health Secretary Hancock claimed “We’ve agreed to join forces with Apple and Google” on this so-called ‘world-beating’ contact-tracing app.

There was just one small problem.  Apple didn’t know what they were talking about.  The company took the unprecedented step of revealing the UK Government hadn’t spoken to them about any of these things.

With that in mind, we asked the Prime Minister’s Office to provide evidence they were working closely with Apple and Google.  They didn’t have any.

So then we asked the Department of Health and Social Care for evidence.  Guess what?  They didn’t have any either. They stated Hancock did not have any meetings with Apple or Google!

The Tories have been rumbled yet again for telling lies.

The Prime Minister’s Office and the Department for Health and Social Care were invited to comment.

More Tory lies exposed

Is it any wonder voters ‘have lost faith’ in Lib Dems with a record like this?

New Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey this week claimed “Voters have lost faith in us”.

It’s easy to see why when we take a look at his voting record.

Ed Davey voting record

Source: TheyWorkForYou

He’s clearly no friend of disabled people and is happy to see them struggle to make ends meet.

He’s no friend of the low-paid – almost always voting for a higher VAT rate.

He’s no friend of freedom-of-speech as he voted to suppress it during elections (gagging law).

He voted to sell off our forests.

He’s clearly a fan of fracking as he voted against regulating it further.

He wants people to pay higher rail fares.

He voted to privatise Royal Mail.

He almost always voted to restrict legal aid making it impossible for poorer people to get justice.

Basically he’s a Tory in yellow.  He’ll have to change his ways before people start trusting him.

Apple comes out to expose Tory lies

Did you hear those Tory claims that they had been “working closely” with Apple and Google to create a contact-tracing app?

Unfortunately for the Tories, Apple took the unprecedented step of exposing them as liars.

Downing Street had claimed the government “worked closely with Apple and Google” (on the contact-tracing app).

We’ve agreed to join forces with Google and Apple, to bring the best bits of both systems together,” Mr Hancock claimed.

The problem is Apple doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

We asked the Prime Minister’s Office and Hancock’s Health and Social Care dept to provide evidence they ‘worked closely with Apple and Google‘.  We suspect they won’t produce any.

On top of that we’ve asked them to provide records of who they paid off for their ditched ‘world-beating’ app.


Tories were advised to begin lockdown TWO WEEKS before they bothered to implement it

Remember when Boris said he was “proud” of the Government response to Covid-19?

The Prime Minister told the nation we were going into lockdown on 23rd March 2020.

However now a leaked document shows they were told to implement that lockdown two weeks beforehandbut didn’t bother!

Government scientific adviser John Edmunds came forward to say the delay cost many UK lives.

Is that REALLY something Johnson should be proud of?

(Sources included with statements)
Voting Tory cost lives

This is how voting the wrong way costs lives

Lords STILL ABLE to scam system as Tories still not changed the law

Remember Tory Lord Hanningfield who was caught turning up for work then leaving moments later – but still trying – and succeeding – in claiming £300 per time for the privilege?

We thought it would be a good time to check what laws the Tories had put into place to prevent another so-called Lord scamming the system again.

Would it surprise you to learn they haven’t done a single thing to stop it happening again?  Not a sausage. 

The warning signs were already there.  Back in 2011 he was sentenced to nine months in prison after being found guilty of nearly £14,000 worth of expenses fraud.  He served a quarter of the sentence in jail.

Lords are free to serve any number of years in prison and still resume their duties afterwards.

In 2013 after being let out of jail he returned to his Lord position and was caught out again after his peerage attendance was monitored by reporters.

July 1st – Arrives: 14:26 Leaves: 14:54 = 28 minutes earning him £300.
July 3rd – Arrives: 15:21 Leaves: 15:59 = 38 minutes for another £300.
July 4th – Arrives: 11:57 Leaves: 12:33 = 36 minutes for another £300.
July 8th – Arrives: 14:35 Leaves: 15:09 = 34 minutes for another £300.

..and he was caught doing the same for the rest of the month.  In fact on July 30th he claimed £5,700 for all that ‘work’.

You may be wondering how he was punished for this.  There was going to be a trial but Parliament intervened and he was let off – although he did have to pay some of the money back.  He was suspended for the current term but no further action was taken.

Today’s FoI response tells us any peer can do the same thing if they want.

Lords still able to scam just like Hanningfield

Has DWP told you to turn off CCTV before your home assessment?

Some years ago I read about a sick or disabled lady who had CCTV installed inside her house, perhaps for insurance reasons.  The article went on to describe how a contractor for the DWP told her to switch it off prior to an upcoming home healthcare assessment.

Of course, we all know some of these people don’t like claimants recording their assessments.  Perhaps they’re afraid of the information being used against them later on?  Perhaps they don’t want court judges or the wider public seeing how they treat sick or disabled people?

In any case we thought it would be interesting to see any Tory policies covering such matters at present.

We therefore asked the DWP to provide current policies describing mandatory action for claimants (or those acting on their behalf) to take prior to a home Work Capability Assessment.

They did come back with some information, but nothing relevant to our request.  They failed to provide anything in writing to confirm any of the above policies actually exist.

What does this mean you may ask.  For a start it means no-one from DWP or those acting on their behalf should be telling you to switch off your CCTV before a home healthcare or capability assessment.  We would question the motives of anyone coming into your home telling you to turn off your CCTV.

If you have CCTV inside your house and someone on behalf of the DWP told you to turn it off please get in touch.

DWP foul play on CCTV



Another key disability debate – so where were all the Tory ministers hiding?

On 24th February 2020 Debbie Abrahams tried to fight back tears as she read out the names of those who died in DWP-related circumstances.  It was the people who paid the ultimate price for the Tories being voted in since 2010.

As this was also a health and social care issue you would have thought the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care would bother to turn up for it, right?  Wrong.

We therefore asked for relevant portions of Matt Hancock’s diary for this period and there were none.  In order to account for where he may have been prior to the debate taking place we asked for the diary entry nearest to the debate – there wasn’t one!

We can only think of one reason why there were no entries in for that day.  He was having the day off (perhaps more than a day).

Hancock's day off

‘Hancock’s day off ‘ ?

It may be that you can forgive him for being off on one occasion, but wait!  This isn’t actually the first time he’s avoided such a debate.

If we wind the clock back to Wednesday 19th December 2018 we see he missed a key disability debate then too!

In fact his department is the only one still trying to avoid giving us his works diary content for the period in question.  A few other departments did resist providing this information but relented after the Information Commissioner became involved.

On 11th September 2020 the ICO issued a decision notice ordering the Dept of Health and Social Care to release the information or risk being held in Contempt of Court.


Was Hancock having Christmas drinks with his workmates?

During the key disability debate of 2018, we established many senior Tories were actually having ‘Christmas drinks’.  Even then Prime Minister Theresa May was having them! Read more about that here.

We attempt to find out where key Tories were hiding during the key disability debate on 24th February 2020.  In fact feel free to watch this video and look for your local MP.  If they are not there you may want to ask them what was so important that they couldn’t attend this debate, especially if they voted to cut any allowance for disabled people.

If you are sick or disabled and have written to your MP for help we’d like to hear about your experiences with the individual no matter which political party they represent.  Our contact details may be found here.

Tory DWP just admitted it doesn’t keep track of its legal costs

It is estimated the Tory DWP pays out thousands of pounds each year in public money fighting court cases, telling judges sick and disabled people should get no benefits.

Legal costs aren’t cheap.  Each time the DWP wishes to fight a case, you are forced to pay for it as a taxpayer.

We thought it would be interesting to see precisely how much of your money they paid out in legal costs.  Guess what?  They’ve no idea!  It turns out they don’t keep a specific record of money used up each year in this way. Apparently they have records, but there is no specific set of documents summing up legal costs – and ironically it is deemed too costly for them to find out!

Money we've wasted is irrelevant

Tory DWP caught offering vulnerable people incentives for dropping their court appeals

Benefits and Work have revealed the Tory DWP has a new dodgy scheme.  They are getting their decision makers to phone vulnerable PIP claimants who’ve entered an appeal.

Once contact is made the decision maker will then try to tempt the person with a lower award than what they would get if they won their appeal.

This is another stinking example of the Tories not wanting to give people what court judges say they are entitled to.

We asked the Tory DWP to provide their full policy on this new underhanded scheme and they denied its existence.

If the Tory DWP has tried this on you then let us know or contact Benefits and Work and provide evidence if you can.

Sickening scheme uncovered

Tory DWP ‘has no policy’ to stop assessors lying in their reports

Many people have told the press that assessors contracted by the DWP have blatantly lied in their ‘work capability’ and ‘healthcare’ reports.  In each case the lie has followed a pattern to ‘play down’ physical and mental conditions, effectively advising the DWP to pay out less than the customer is actually entitled to. Indeed some assessors go further and produce fake reports scoring zero points, which they know would lead to no benefit being awarded if agreed by the decision maker.

With this being the case we asked the DWP to provide us with any policies it held to discourage dishonest assessors.  It came as no surprise to us that no such policies exist.

We then asked the DWP for the number of court cases between 2015 and 2019 which it had lost due to flawed or fake assessments.  It didn’t readily know.

This tells us the Tories are perfectly happy with them to continue with the practice and never automatically hold those responsible to account.  Moreover it has ‘no capped limit‘ on the amount of taxpayers’ money it is willing to spend on cases against sick and disabled people to pursue its own agenda.

It therefore stands to reason that the Tories would make it difficult for anyone wanting to record their own assessment.  They permit their contractors to have rules stating ‘no-one can record their own assessment using video and/or audio’.

In fact we’ve witnessed assessors happily spouting out “We can stop the assessment if we catch anyone recording it by telling the DWP the customer didn’t co-operate“.

You are entitled to ask for your assessment to be recorded but this does not guarantee a recording will be made.

No policy to stop lying assessors