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Outlawing of corrupt payments to political parties blocked by Tories

The UK government has refused to change a law to make it illegal for political parties to accept donations from corrupt sources, prompting Labour’s John McDonnell to ask, “why are you soft on tax evaders and money launderers?”

It comes after the Conservative party refused to cooperate with an investigation conducted by French authorities into allegations of money laundering and tax fraud committed by the company Lyca Mobile. The UK government has claimed they could not support such an investigation, citing that Lyca Mobile were the “biggest corporate donor to the Conservative party,”

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The Tories would lose out


Tory who fought slashing maximum gambling bets received thousands of pounds in tickets from bookies

A Tory MP who has fought against slashing the maximum bet on high stakes gambling machines received thousands of pounds of tickets from bookies in the past year.

Philip Davies got tickets to top horse racing meetings, such as the Cheltenham Festival, from the likes of Tory donor Ladbrokes.

Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey, who reportedly led a Cabinet revolt against cutting maximum stakes on the betting machines, got a free ticket for ­Cheltenham with Mr Davies, but had not declared it on her entry on the register of interests.

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Tory police cuts driving violent crime, says Met chief

Cuts to police budgets are driving rising violent crime, Britain’s most senior police officer has said, following another murder in London.

More than 60 people have been murdered in London so far this year but violence has not been confined to the capital.

A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a 16-year-old boy who was stabbed in the street in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, on Thursday.

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Shame of greedy Tory MP Geoffrey Cox

Geoffrey Cox spoke out against moves to expose clients in a bid to curb international money laundering.  This may have something to do with the fact the part-time barrister once represented a politician on a corruption trial and was paid £40,000 by two Cayman law firms – something he failed to mention in parliament.   Source   Backup

The greedy MP was forced to resign from a sleaze watchdog after failing to declare hundreds of thousands of pounds of outside income.   Source  Backup

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Amber Rudd quits but still may face prison over death of Carlington Spencer

Amber Rudd has resigned as home secretary amid anger over her handling of immigration policy.

The cabinet minister finally quit on Sunday after yet another leaked document cast doubt on her claims that she was unaware of the targets her officers were using.

Rudd is not out of the woods yet though. She still could go to prison if found responsible for the death of Carlington Spencer

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High court blocks Amber Rudd attempt to deport witness

More trouble for Amber Rudd as she was caught trying to deport a key witness to a controversial death at a UK immigration centre.

The home secretary is named in the documents as an “interested person” because “she was responsible for Spencer’s wellbeing at the time of his death, having detained him under immigration powers”.

The papers say: “The inquest will consider whether her [Rudd’s] actions may be shown to have caused/contributed to the death.”

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Rudd may have caused or contributed to the death

Tory councils slip into bankruptcy danger zone

Three more Tory-run councils have slipped into danger of bankruptcy.  Somerset, Norfolk and Lancashire County Councils look to be heading the way of Northamptonshire County Council when it declared itself bankrupt in February.

We recently uncovered that Tory-run Surrey County Council spent £7 million on compensating people for the poor condition of its roads instead of fixing the problem.

It’s time to dispel the myth spouted by the Tories of them being good with your money – because this proves otherwise.

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Stop trusting the Tories with your money