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Tories think a bit of green light is a fitting tribute to the Grenfell victims

You’d be forgiven for thinking we’ve made this up but sadly it’s absolutely true.  In their infinite wisdom the Tories think shining a bit of green light onto 10 Downing Street is a fitting tribute to those who lost their lives in Grenfell Tower.

Unsurprisingly, campaigners and survivors have reacted angrily to it, calling it an “empty gesture”.

A BBC report showed 328 tower blocks in England still had similar cladding to that used on Grenfell, and that work has not yet begun to remove it on 221 of them.

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Tory idea of a Grenfell tribute

What on earth were the Tories thinking?


May’s words are meaningless when the content is so at odds with reality, says NHS doctor

We now live in a world where our so called leaders are devoid of principle, immune to responsibility and seem only to prioritise their own interests, power and most importantly private profit above all.

Theresa May is exhibit one. The woman who has supposedly tackled “burning injustices” has consciously implemented measures to ensure inequality has soared, overseen childhood and old-age poverty skyrocket, had life expectancy fall under watch, ordered the Home Office to send out racist, xenophobic anti-immigration “Go Home” vans, and who oversaw a “hostile environment” policy that led to the deportation of many of the Windrush generation.

The fact that this woman can shed tears of pride for her achievements is baffling. Her words are meaningless when the content is so at odds with reality.

Every day I bear witness to real pain and human suffering as a result of austerity in the NHS. Economic choices that, according to leading researchers, have led to the deaths of thousands. Those of us in the NHS know only too well the devastating effects of her party’s political choices to strip back and open up our healthcare system to the market.

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NHS doctor speaks out.png

NHS Doctor speaks out

DWP referred to ASA over fake news adverts

Anti-poverty charity Z2K have referred the DWP to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over its series of fake news adverts published in the Metro.

They say: The DWP are advertising what they call ‘Universal Credit uncovered’, a series of adverts ‘busting myths’ on Universal Credit.  We consider that the aforementioned DWP adverts are deliberately misleading and propagandist.

One advert says it’s a “myth” that “you have to wait 5 weeks to get any money on Universal Credit”, followed by “fact: Jobcentres can “urgently pay you an advance.”   We refer in particular, to your rule 3.4.5 which relates to arrangements for payment being different from what the consumer could reasonably expect.

It has not been made clear that an advance must be paid back, the advert omits that these advances are taken out of future benefits and have to be paid back over several months, leaving people in subsequent months, with less money than they are entitled to, and less money than they will have actually budgeted for.

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DWP referred to ASA over fake news.png

Have you signed the petition to expose DWP deaths?

‘Rushed’ Tory EU election campaign launched at last minute in near-empty room

Until recently the Tories were the only party not to have launched their EU election campaign.  Then when they finally did, it appeared rushed and ill-prepared.

Tories sloppy EU election launch

Clearly only one person is happy to be pictured below and that’s May.

Rushed Tory EU election campaign in almost empty room

It seems only Theresa May wants to be pictured


Ben Baddeley suffers permanent damage as a result of Tories ignoring pleas for help

As the Tories continue to ignore Ben’s condition, his condition hasn’t received treatment since before Christmas!

His Mum, Amy, told us:

“Ben’s appeal is now in its 5th year & we are STILL having to fundraise as his treatment is STILL not provided by the NHS.

Ben is 14 and growing rapidly. Without adequate therapy his muscles & nerves can’t develop correctly as he grows leaving him in pain. On top of fighting his condition Ben has also suffered two serious injuries that the NHS could not treat.

Ben Baddeley.jpg

Ben Baddeley has not received any help from the Tories


Last year was really tough & quite frankly cruel to Ben. Nobody could have foreseen the hurdles, injuries & permanent damage that Ben has suffered & continues to fight through.

He really has taken a serious setback wiping out years of his hard work & dedication. Both his strength, development & confidence have taken a knock due to suffering two serious & painful injuries.

We struggled to keep Ben’s treatment going & because of that he became weak under the strain of both his growth spurts & condition. As a result of this he suffered firstly from a full pelvic tilt forcing his hips to dislocate. This injury caused permanent damage with a swallowing of his right hip. Effectively the ball of the hip is now loose in the socket.

Just as he was getting back on his feet he took a fall & dislocated his right knee cap setting him back even further. He was off his feet for such a considerable amount of time that his muscles wasted away.

Ben’s condition would be very different right now if he had not suffered these injuries.

He would not have deteriorated & he would have been much further on in his development.

He is struggling but as always he is fighting and wants more than anything to gain back his strength & independence.

Two very kind people Jason & Ryan ran in support Ben’s cause ‘Help Ben walk without pain” plight for cerebral palsy treatment in the London marathon on Sunday.”

Amy  #TeamBen


Please help Ben if you can by donating here.

National outcry as seriously ill, emaciated man denied benefits by DWP dies

A man with multiple debilitating illnesses who was denied benefits and deemed fit to work, sparking a national outcry over the government’s welfare system, has died.

Stephen Smith, 64, who had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, osteoarthritis and an enlarged prostate that left him in chronic pain, made headline news earlier this year. Shocking pictures showed him emaciated in hospital with pneumonia as his weight dropped to six stone, leaving him barely able to walk.

He was told to visit the jobcentre once a week and prove that he was looking for work!

This DWP death adds to the increasing number of victims for which those responsible have so far got off scot-free.  Sign here to help bring prosecutions for these deaths.

Another victim of the Tories Stephen Smith

Does he look ‘fit to work’ to you?

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Another DWP death.png

Another DWP death

Tories knowingly exposed our military to cancer-linked paint 15 years after it was banned

It’s almost common knowledge that the Tories show little regard for the welfare of sick and disabled people.

Today however we learn they’re not all that bothered about exposing our military to cancer-linked substances 15 years after they’ve been banned.

How exactly is this in our national interest?

Tory poison paint.png