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Backdoor Privatisation as NHS workers transferred to private companies

“They are taking away my NHS badge”, says one staff member

10,000 NHS staff to begin with are being transferred out of the NHS into the private sector.

Sara Gorton, Unison’s head of health, said: “Staff affected don’t want to leave the NHS. They joined to be part of the health team that helps care for the ill, the injured and the dying.

“These new companies are being set up because of the government’s funding squeeze, but could just open up the NHS to another wave of privatisation by the back door.

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Backdoor Privatisation NHS workers transferred to private companies .png


Fury as UK and Saudi Arabia sign huge arms deal

Should we be surprised?  Saudi Arabia and Britain signed a huge new arms deal on Friday. It comes despite repeated calls for the UK to halt arms sales in light of massive civilian casualties and a humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Someone suggested on our Facebook page this was a good thing as it meant profit for Britain.  We don’t feel profit should come before human life.  Obviously the Tories with their dirty little DWP schemes which have cost people in this country their lives don’t feel the same way.

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Fury as UK and Saudi Arabia sign huge arms deal

Tories: Think of the profit to be made

Dump the Tories before they dump you!

NHS cuts and privatisation have brought no benefits

Even GPs have taken the unprecedented step of urging patients to write to their MPs about the funding crisis in the NHS.

Private finance initiatives in the NHS will cost us approximately £199bn right through to the 2040s, despite the National Audit Office confirming that in London “the costs of services, like cleaning, are higher under PFI contracts”.  It’s a financial mess – driven by the Tories.

With the exception of Tory Jeremy Hunt and others with vested interests the cuts and privatisation have helped no-one.

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NHS cuts and privatisation have brought no benefits

Tories hinder EU in creating tax-haven blacklist

The British government, it appears, has been trying to block EU attempts to place some of the UK’s off-shore territories on an EU blacklist of tax havens. The creation of a blacklist of tax havens, based on new criteria, followed the Panama Papers’ revelations.

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Tories hinder EU in creating tax-haven blacklist

Tories ‘acted too late’ to prevent winter crisis, says official report

The winter crisis has been made worse by the Government’s failure to reverse dwindling bed numbers in hospitals and invest in community services to help prevent emergency admissions, auditors have shown.

Whatever will award-winning Jeremy Hunt make of that?

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Fracking Yorkshire is beneficial, claims Theresa May

Theresa May insisted the planned roll-out of fracking across vast swathes of Yorkshire will be both safe and financially beneficial to local communities.

However this video shows what happened when a naked flame was put in contact with a river near a series of fracking sites.


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Desperate Tories caught paying people to defend them on social media

It appears times are tough for the party which fines homeless people.  Even their voters aren’t willing to defend their antics on social media.  The Tories have had to resort to paying people to defend them.  If you have no conscience but need cash then maybe it’s an ideal money-earner.

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