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Boris Johnson still squatting in mansion at taxpayers’ expense

Boris Johnson has been accused of “taxpayer squatting” as he resigned from his senior cabinet role almost two weeks ago and yet is still living rent-free in the £20 million government mansion in Carlton Gardens.

Stephen Doughty MP said it was “extraordinary” that the “failed foreign secretary” carried on living at the property. He pointed out it takes a mere day for prime ministers to leave government residences.

Although a government spokesperson claimed there is no additional cost to the taxpayer of course there will be.  Unless they’re trying to say this is a property which can be used by the homeless without any costs incurred?

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Met police’s anti-corruption unit faces serious corruption investigation

Scotland Yard’s anti-corruption unit is facing an investigation over claims of “serious corruption and malpractice” within its ranks.

The claims relate to the Metropolitan police’s directorate of professional standards. Among the allegations against the force are interfering in investigations, racism and turning a blind eye to wrongdoing.

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They're all up to no good

Another Tory MP interviewed over expenses fraud

It seems they just can’t help themselves.  Yet another Tory joins the ever-growing club of MPs caught out.  Chris Davies has been questioned by police under caution regarding an allegation of fraudulent expense claims.

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Another Tory MP at it

They just can’t help it

Tory MPs vote to give themselves anonymity while under investigation

UK politicians have voted to give anonymity to all MPs under investigation in a move that critics have warned is a “cover up”.

Sir Kevin Barron, the chairman of the standards committee, has warned the new rules on anonymity risks “rolling back the openness” that followed the expenses scandal.

New rules on complaints will apply to all cases, including expenses fiddling, and the names of MPs under investigation will no longer be made public.

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What corruption looks like

Disability claimants owed £340m after DWP blunder

A cross-party group of MPs has criticised the Department for Work and Pensions’ “culture of indifference” after it took six years to correct a major error which left chronically-ill and disabled benefit claimants thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Even after it became formally aware of its error in 2014, the department failed to act, initially attempting to pass the mistake off as being the fault of claimants.

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Tory Chris ‘knicker man’ Chope puts foot in it again

Chris Chope (aka knicker man) is in the news again for blocking a bill to celebrate women’s suffrage.  His Tory colleague, Bournemouth East MP Tobias Ellwood called him an “embarrassment” and a “dinosaur”.

Sir Christopher said his actions were motivated by a concern that proper parliamentary procedure was being bypassed, and by a desire to see bills properly debated.  This didn’t stop him submitting his own bills in the same way.

His ‘concerns’ were also dismissed by colleagues. North Dorset MP Simon Hoare said the bill would have been debated properly without the interjection.

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Tory MP Chris Chope

When will he learn?

Beware: Tories want to charge you £20 for GP visits & hospital stays

More creeping signs of privatisation as Tories consider charging £20 for GP visits and the same again for a stay in hospital.

For anyone still in denial we suggest you read this Tory website more often.

Tories consider charging for NHS

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