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Brussels seeks to tie UK to European human rights court after Brexit

Brussels is seeking to bind the UK to the European court of human rights after Brexit in a move likely to infuriate those in the Conservative party championing a break with the Strasbourg court.

A document outlining the European commission’s position on future judicial and police cooperation stipulates there will be a “guillotine clause” on any security deal should the UK leave the remit of the court.

Looking at the DWP deaths and the United Nations report on Tory ‘grave and systemic violations of disabled people’ gives everyone an idea of how Tories value human life.

This video makes a good point the matter.


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Tories want to dictate our human rights.png

Theresa May and Esther McVey


Tories hold meeting to discuss their ‘grave & systemic violations’ against disabled people

Today MPs and others met to discuss the Government’s response to evidence by the United Nations showing the Tories committed ‘grave and systemic violations against disabled people’.

As you can see not many Tories want to talk about it – preferring to brush it under the carpet. Those that do come up with every excuse under the sun to justify their violations.

In contrast we have good people such as Debbie Abrahams giving powerful speeches trying to get the Tories to see the error of their ways.   Will the Tories listen?  Will they act on the report recommendations?

Here’s the meeting.


Tories hold meeting to discuss their violations.png

Tories hold meeting concerning their violations against disabled people

Tories told family not to go public as they wait for May’s ‘speedy decision’ on permission to use epilepsy drug. 3 months later still waiting!

The Tories have been trying to keep a family silent as it waits for Theresa May’s so-called ‘speedy decision’ on whether to grant permission to use a special epilepsy drug.  However, nearly three months later the family is still waiting for ‘dithery May’ to sort the matter out.

Hannah Deacon, whose 6-year-old son Alfie Dingley has epilepsy, was told by the Home Office in March “not to seek publicity” for her license application, after she was given assurances by the Prime Minister of a “speedy decision” which could allow her son access to medical cannabis on compassionate grounds.

However, since those assurances were given almost three months ago, no movement has been made on granting the license to Alfie.

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Tories told family not to go public.png

Theresa May isn’t keeping her promises

Shameless Tory Chope DEFENDS decision to block progress of upskirting ban

Chris Chope is quite adamant that he did the right thing by blocking progress of the upskirting ban.

The MP is trying to get back into favour with his constituents by claiming he only objected because he wants the issue to be debated.  This is rather odd because it would have been debated later on anyway had he not objected.  All he succeeded in doing was wasting time and public money.

Things are never magically brought into law without debating the details.  This is something he should really know.

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Tory Chris Chope.png

Sir Christopher Chope

Chris Chope’s support has reached ‘the bottom’

The Christchurch constituency office of Tory MP Christopher Chope has been adorned with underwear bunting after the politician was the sole dissident to a proposal to make upskirting illegal.

A picture by Lorna Rees shows bunting made from underwear strewn across the doorway of his high street constituency office.

The Voyeurism Offences Bill, introduced by Liberal Democrat MP Wera Hobhouse, will have to be proposed again on July 6 if it is to enter law.  However there’s nothing stopping Chope from blocking it again.

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Knicker man Chope.png

Tory Chris Chope

No surprise that the only MP who objects to making upskirting a crime is a Tory

A bill to make upskirting a specific criminal offence punishable by up to two years in prison has been blocked in the House of Commons after a single MP, Sir Christopher Chope, objected to it.

Echoes of ‘shame’ could be heard around parliament in reaction to his objection.

The same Tory MP objected to making it a criminal offence to attack police dogs, horses, and prison officer dogs.

Chope is no stranger to controversy.  In 2009 he was exposed in the expenses scandal for claiming £136,992 including £881 to repair a sofa.  The same year, he called for the minimum wage to be abolished.

He came under fire again in 2013 for referring to some of the staff in the House of Commons as “servants”.  Later that year he voted against the legislation for same-sex marriage.

We understand his lawyer tweeted his reason for objecting was because he wanted to debate the issue of upskirting.  However, with a wife and daughter one wonders what’s in the mind of this MP.  Chope has been absent from his home, not wanting to answer any questions from journalists or his constituents.

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Does Sir Christopher Chope like upskirting.png

Sir Christopher Chope

Tory MP Craig Mackinlay in yet more trouble

Tory MP Craig Mackinlay who was previously charged over election expenses is now in more trouble.

The Parliamentary commissioner said he had been in breach of rules that any shareholding over 15% in a company, or if that shareholding is under 15% but has a value of more than £70,000, needed to be registered as a financial interest.

The South Thanet MP has apologised.

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Tory MP in yet more trouble.png

South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay in more trouble