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Surrey voters are mistaken if they think Tories are looking after their roads, figures reveal

Voters are not interested in history‘ is what Tory Councillor Andrew Snowden told one of our readers. It certainly appears that way in Surrey because compensation for damage caused by poorly maintained roads skyrocketed in 1997 when the Tories took control of their council.

Figures from 1993 to 2015

Surrey County Council poor roads compensation

Figures reveal Surrey County Council paid nearly £7 million of your money in compensation for damage caused to vehicles by its poor roads. It would have been cheaper to repair the roads before letting things get out of hand.  Do your research before voting.

Sources:   1993-1999, 2000-2009, 2010-2014, 2015

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Trust the Tories?  You must be joking.



Govt stopped raid on company suspected of money laundering because it is ‘biggest Tory donor’

It seems donating to the Tories can put you above the law.  The Conservative Party not only carried on accepting donations, but also refused the French government’s request to carry out raids at Lycamobile’s HQ in London.

A British government official responded to the request on March 30, 2017, saying that Lycamobile is “a large multinational company” with “vast assets at their disposal” and would be “extremely unlikely to agree to having their premises searched.”

It is of note that they are the biggest corporate donor to the Conservative party led by Prime Minister Theresa May

This comes despite the Home Office vowing to implement the toughest anti-money laundering plan in a decade.

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Trust the Tories?  You must be joking.

James O’Brien lists the ways Theresa May is ‘Morally Corrupt’

From the Go Home-vans to changing the Immigration Act to this week’s Windrush scandal, James believes she looks at two people suffering the same thing, but cares more about the one who’s white than the one who isn’t.

James said: “It’s an astonishing decision to have arrived at and it’s one from which I will happily retreat if she offers up a proper account.

“Why were these records destroyed?

“Why was the advice that this would happen if she pursued this hostile environment course ignored?

“Why were the vans unleashed on to the streets of this country?

“Why was the advice on the clause on the Immigration Act 2014 quietly ignored on her watch?

“And why do we now get her former advisor Nick Timothy taking to social media to offer up his support for the idea that this scheme is wrong? ‘Sensible policies’ which have unfortunately caused these stories of victims of the worst imaginable thing a government can do to you.

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Government staff lost over 600 laptops, phones & USB drives in last 4 years

Of course this is only what they admitted to.  Other departments such as DWP claimed the public had no right know what it has lost.

“There seems to be a cavalier approach to the storage and protection of data.  While the government cannot answer simple questions on Brexit, it can lose such important equipment.

“At a time when national security is paramount, it’s vital that far more is done to encrypt sensitive data and staff are held to account.”

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Government staff lost over 600 laptops, phones & USB drives in last 4 years.png

Trust Tories with our data?  You must be joking

Would you vote for a party who does this?

An elderly couple were shocked to receive a rude letter from the Tories.

conservatives cannot be trusted with mail merge

The recipient of the letter, 67-year-old Raja Habib from Brixton, said he was “embarrassed” and “insulted”.

He said: “At first I thought it was a scam but then I looked at the picture of the PM, the signature, and the donation card. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

The letter, dated February 12, was accompanied by other Tory leaflets including a donation form which reprinted the name “Youmustbe F******joking”, Ms McCormack said.

How can we trust them to run the country after this?

We want cash

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Tories?  You must be joking

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Deaths of UK homeless more than doubles in five years

The number of homeless people recorded dying on streets or in temporary accommodation has more than doubled over the last five years in the UK, the Guardian can reveal.

With people found dead in supermarket car parks, church graveyards and crowded hostels, the number of deaths has risen year on year.

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Tories are eradicating the homeless

Tory Police cuts likely contributed to rise in violent crime leaked report reveals

Leaked Home Office documents undermine Amber Rudd’s claim that police cuts were not to blame for increase in violent offending.  As usual for the Tories, they were unable to back up their claims that the cuts were not responsible with any evidence.

Home Office statistics show the number of police officers fell from 143,734 in March 2010 to 123,142 in March 2017.

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May and Rudd