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Corbyn Calls For All Tower Blocks To Be Fitted With Sprinklers After Grenfell Blaze

Grenfell Tower had no sprinkler system and no fire alarm to warn the residents.  All council and high-rise blocks should be fitted with sprinklers in the wake of the Grenfell Tower blaze, Jeremy Corbyn will say today, as he calls for the Chancellor to set aside £1 billion in the Budget to fund it.  Source  Backup

The Tory Government previously refused to pay for the life-saving sprinklers  Source Backup

Tory Gavin Barwell ordered fire safety delay  Source  Backup

Grenfell Fire deaths

Corbyn Calls For All Tower Blocks To Be Fitted With Sprinklers After Grenfell Blaze


MI6,MI5 & GCHQ in court over mass surveillance practices

We previously exposed this Tory Government’s lie about the Snoopers’ Charter existing to stop terrorism.  They are handing your data to all and sundry including the Welsh Ambulance service.

GCHQ was already found guilty of spying both on Amnesty International and on South African non-profit Legal Resources, retaining and scrutinizing their data.

Now the legality of British intelligence services’ mass surveillance programs will be assessed by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The agencies are accused of breaching the European Convention’s fundamental right to privacy.

The intelligence services face three different cases at the ECHR brought by Big Brother Watch, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) and their reporter Alice Ross, and other NGOs.

Source   Backup

MI5 MI6 GCHQ in court over mass surveillance

Tory Ministers Clueless, questions reveal

This Government is woefully unprepared for Brexit.

If you voted Tory and thought you were picking a strong and stable party, think again.

Tory Ministers Clueless, questions reveal.png

Tory upset over ‘Top Totty’ ban from their taxpayer-subsidised bar

A beer called Top Totty by a Stafford-based brewer was banned from a parliamentary bar in 2012 because its pump plate featuring a half-naked lady caused offence.  The ale is described as “a stunning blonde beer, full-bodied with a voluptuous hop aroma”.

The beer’s withdrawal comes as a blow to Tory MP Jeremy Lefroy, who arranged for Top Totty to be sold in in the bar.

Tory MP Nigel Adams pictured here pulling some ‘Top Totty’

Nigel Adams pulling some Top Totty.png

Top Totty banned

Disabled woman’s benefits stopped after missing interview DWP had cancelled

A disabled lady was on her way to a fit to work assessment when she received a voicemail saying it would have to be rescheduled.  A few days later the DWP demanded to know why she didn’t attend.  She informed them the appointment was cancelled by the assessor.  DWP then cancelled her benefits because she had missed the appointment ‘without good reason’.

Incredibly at the first tier tribunal the judge took the side of the DWP.  At the second tier tribunal however it took the judge just five minutes to rule in her favour.

Read more about the case here   backup to article here

Freedom of Information request reveals DWP’s internal target of 80% to uphold mandatory reconsiderations in their own favour.

FOI 1740 response.pdf

woman sanctioned for missing appointment that DWP cancelled

BBC are Tory donors according to Tory-run website

Remember when the Tories kept banging on about transparency?  They created a website called  A search on that site for the British Broadcasting Corporation would reveal this..

BBC funding of Tory party.png

Source: Wayback Machine

That’s right – the BBC apparently donated £19,324.95 to the Tory party.  Granted it’s not as much as the £38,173,946.41 we’ve unwittingly donated to the Tory party purely as a taxpayer – but many people would still be irritated by it.

It seems the Tories have had enough of transparency now though – as you will find if you try to visit today.  A full list of Tory donors according to the website in October 2014 can be found here

A search on who owns the domain ironically comes up with an address in Panama (home of the tax havens) but that’s just co-incidence.

Historical information from provided by wayback machine

Tory Government refuses to pause rollout of Universal Credit despite majority vote of 299 votes in favour

The contempt this Tory Government has for democracy is astounding.  A parliament motion was carried to pause the rollout of the deeply flawed Universal Credit.  However the Tories are refusing to honour the vote and will continue the rollout.

299 MPs voted in favour of pausing the rollout until the its flaws are sorted out.  No-one voted against the motion.

Tories refuse to comply with democracy