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Remorseless Boris Johnson brands those who think he covered up Partygate ‘out of their mind’

Remorseless Boris Johnson has claimed anyone who believes he knowingly covered up illegal parties at No10 is “out of their mind” despite evidence to the contrary.

Watch the ‘inconvenient’ video in which Johnson lies to the House of Commons when asked if there was a party on 13th November 2020 during lockdown.

Then we have the case of the missing minutes between Boris Johnson and Sue Gray in he reportedly told her she didn’t need to release the full report.

As if that wasn’t bad enough even number ten staff have come out and stated “There was a sense, and an implication, that we should start deleting evidence before an ­investigation. And a lot of people started ­shredding things.” The insider also claimed phone pictures of parties were deleted and mock “awards” pinned on walls were destroyed.

What did Boris Johnson really know about Downing Street’s notorious parties? With fresh blockbuster revelations, who you’ll hear in their own words for the first time, Partygate: The Inside Story can lift the lid even further in the definitive behind-closed-doors story of one of the biggest scandals of our era.

Johnson is to be investigated for ‘misleading’ the House of Commons over Partygate by a committee which has no powers other than to release a report.


Tories careful with public spending? Don’t make me laugh!

A mixture of greed and incompetence. Here are just some of the notable times when the Tories happily wasted your hard-earned money.

15/06/2013 £120Bn of your money down the drain EVERY year: The astonishing Whitehall waste that could send every British family on an annual luxury holiday

5/09/2013 Tory waste £34M so far on failed welfare reform according to Government’s own auditors

29/12/2013 Tories waste £17M of your money on jewellery, hotels and fancy dress costumes

28/07/2016 £1.9M wasted on untaken flights

15/07/2017 Tory Kent County Councillors vote to give themselves a 15% payrise

20/09/2017 Chris Grayling allows HS2 staff to waste £5M on train fares

6/01/2018 Over £12M wasted by DWP in 2017 advertising themselves

27/09/2018 Tories wasted £40K of your money fighting to prevent you knowing how rarely northern powerhouse minister visited north

24/01/2019 Tories wasted over £117M in England on compensation for poor roads instead of fixing them

13/02/2019 Bungling Boris “can’t remember” why he wasted £43M taxpayers money on garden bridge despite zero construction

31/07/2019 £225,458 blown by Tories on ‘misleading’ adverts praising Universal Credit

14/01/2020 Bercow wasted £1K of your money on taxi fare and £12K on leaving parties

9/03/2020 Tory DWP loses more cases fighting disability discrimination than any other UK employer and they’ve still learned nothing

16/09/2020 £760K of your money wasted on Liz Truss vanity project

17/10/2020 Cabinet Office to waste £60K per year on photographer to make them look like they’re working in your best interest

17/12/2020 Waste, Negligence and Cronyism: Inside Britain’s Pandemic Spending under the Tories

4/03/2021 Patel bullying case dropped in exchange for £340K of your money

5/11/2021 Tories are needlessly costing you £1M PER DAY by improperly storing PPE in grotesque waste of public money

1/01/2022 Tories blow £14.7Bn on wastful projects and duff deals

7/01/2022 Dominic Raab’s department wasted ‘staggering’ £238M on array of botched projects last year

13/01/2022 Liz Truss ignored advice not to use a posh Mayfair club to wine and dine a US trade official with a £1,400 meal

28/02/2022 Greedy Tory Shapps wastes nearly £100K of your money on company to create viral videos of himself

10/07/2022 Over £800M wasted choosing single use PPE over greener alternative

29/09/2022 Tories try to defend spending £130K on legal advice for their illegal lockdown parties

9/10/2022 Tories spending taxpayers’ cash ‘with reckless abandon’ after £4.1Bn written off

3/11/2022 Tories waste money to fly Suella Braverman 19 miles to Manston asylum centre by Chinook helicopter via the coast ‘to see the boats’

5/11/2022 Tories set to spend another £35M of your money on lawyers to defend themselves in Covid inquiry

29/11/2022 Dominic Raab blew £23K taxpayers money on first class flight instead of flying business class for £2.4K

13/12/2022 Tory Cabinet Office decides to waste more taxpayers’ money on Boris Johnson’s partygate bills

13/12/2022 Evidence emerges that the Tories can’t even manage their personal finances let alone those of the country

15/12/2022 Liz Truss blew £370K of taxpayers money on G20 flight to Bali – then flew back to launch PM bid

We asked the Prime Minister’s Office to provide a copy of letters and memos sent out to government departments since 2020 instructing them to be careful about spending needless amounts of taxpayers money. After a load of faffing about they finally told us they didn’t do any of that. This demonstrates that the Tories do not care about such things.

The public will still be paying for all their financial blunders long after they have been voted out.

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Information Commissioner’s Criminal Dept refuses to investigate Cabinet Office ‘missing’ Sue Gray minutes

The Information Commissioner’s Office has today informed us their Criminal Investigations Team are refusing to investigate the Cabinet Office at present over its claim that it does not possess crucial meeting minutes between Boris Johnson and Sue Gray prior to the release of her ‘independent’ report into illegal Downing Street parties during Covid lockdowns.

On 23rd May 2022 the Cabinet spokesperson told the public minutes for this meeting ‘would have been recorded in the normal way‘. It went on to say however that it did not want the public to see them. This was the same date we made the FoI request for the minutes.

However on 28th September 2022 the Cabinet Office claimed it does not possess these minutes.

We believe the Cabinet Office is so desperate to hide the contents of these meetings that they do not want to risk ICO and the courts overruling them when they say they are private – and so they have chosen to conceal the minutes.

Section 77 of the Freedom of Information Act makes it a criminal offence for any person to deliberately destroy, alter or conceal a record after it has been requested with the intention of preventing its disclosure. It is the responsibility of the Information Commissioner’s Criminal Investigations Team (known as CRIT for short) to investigate these types of offences.

The Criminal Investigations Team however do not consider the fact that the Cabinet Office said ‘minutes would have recorded in the normal way’ on the date we made the request but no longer had them months later is sufficient evidence that they are trying to conceal them. They chose to wait for the outcome of the second internal review first to see if they change their minds over not possessing these minutes.

The Cabinet Office then provided ICO with a carefully-worded response to our second internal review request and they still failed to explain the fate of these minutes. In December 2022 ICO wrote to them about it.

The Cabinet Office ignored this request from the beginning showing contempt for the law

1 On 23rd June 2022 the Cabinet Office breached section 10 of the FoIA by failing to supply a valid response to our FoI request in 20 working days.

2 On 3rd August 2022 they failed to respond to our first request for an internal review within a further 40 working days.

3 On 10th August 2022 the ICO asked the Cabinet Office to supply a valid response within a further 10 working days which they ignored.

4 On 26th August 2022 the ICO issued a Decision Notice asking the Cabinet Office to provide a valid response within a further 35 calendar days or face court action.

5 On 8th September 2022 we emailed the Cabinet Office asking them to supply a valid response which they ignored.

6 On 14th September 2022 we emailed the Cabinet Office a second time asking them to supply a valid response which they again ignored.

7 On 28th September 2022 the Cabinet Office privately contacted ICO and claimed they don’t possess the information requested.

8 On 30th September 2022 we asked for another internal review as requested by ICO.

Parallel to this we requested that they be investigated under Section 77 for concealing these minutes from us. We were informed CRIT may re-evaluate their decision depending on any response (or lack of) the Cabinet Office gives to our second request for an internal review. This gave the Cabinet Office more time to destroy the minutes if they hadn’t already done so which was why the Criminal Investigations Team needed to act at this point.

9 On 13th December 2022 the Cabinet Office supplied a response to our request for a second internal review but failed to answer any of the points we raised including how these minutes had gone from ‘private’ on their 23rd May 2022 press release to not in their possession on 28th September 2022.

Sue Gray’s failure to respond to emails is also suspicious and so she may be interviewed as part of any criminal investigation for that reason.

10 On 11th January 2023 a whistleblower claimed government aides had intentionally shredded documents in relation to these lockdown parties.

11 On 18th January 2023 we asked for copies of procedures and guidance to Cabinet Office staff regarding minute creation and destruction.

Do you think the ICO’s Criminal Investigations Team should be investigating the Cabinet Office?

Do you think the ICO’s Criminal Investigations Team should be investigated for failing to act?

What can be done?

If you’re based in the UK then contact your MP and demand an investigation.

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Tory government trying to claim it doesn’t know which cabinet staff have been fined despite them being delivered to gov email addresses

The Tory government is trying to claim it doesn’t know which Cabinet staff were fined initially as a result of the Downing Street parties, despite the fact they were issued to their own email servers.

On 31st March 2022 we submitted a Freedom of Information request asking for the job titles of staff members working in Downing Street who had been fined by the MPS for breaking the lockdown regulations to-date. Their response claimed they didn’t hold this information.

We would have accepted their response had it not been widely reported that many, if not all, of these fines were issued to the email addresses of the staff members concerned. They would have had to be the government email addresses because the ACRO Criminal Records Office (the MPS unit responsible for the issuing of fixed penalty notices) does not go around asking for private email addresses.

Their claim tells us the government has no interest in taking action of its own against those staff members who broke the law. Why should it? Their top man Boris Johnson also broke the law in the same way and refused to resign – as if ignorance of the law or the Ukraine war would somehow exempt his situation.

Boris Johnson enjoys a cheese and wine evening with his wife and staff

Resignation honours lists quietly continue despite head of sleaze promising there will be no more after Cameron

Back in 2016 we published this from Lord Bew saying there will be no more resignation honours lists following the David Cameron debacle after he was caught giving them to his chums.

However, a visit to the Government website reveals this which shows even more honours being dished out by the Prime Minister back in 2019.

Here is a selection of the content..

Tory MP, Patrick McLoughlin His voting record
Tory MP, George Hollingbery His voting record
Tory MP, David Lidington His voting record
Tory MP, Charles Walker His voting record
Tory treasurer, Ehud Sheleg
Scottish Tory MP, (David) Jackson Cawlaw
Tory MP, Brandon Lewis His voting record
Tory MP, Julian Smith His voting record
Tory MP, Seema Kennedy Her voting record

So what happened?

We contacted the Prime Minister’s Office to find out. Their response inferred Lord Bew did not have the authority to stop these sleazy lists from being produced, so they continued.

It seems likely they are being rewarded for their loyalty in voting the way of their party instead of the way of their consciences. Party whips may remove promises of various rewards, including honours, for MPs refusing to vote the way of their party. More about whips here. More about the discreet art of whipping.

No information held‘ on what incentives whips are allowed to offer MPs for changing how they vote in parliament, although of course officially bribery is illegal.

(Sleazy) business as usual

Why the judge’s verdict on the Universal Credit uplift falls flat

A High Court judge has ruled the DWP did not discriminate between claimants when they only chose to award those on Universal Credit with a £20 per week uplift. He claimed those on Universal Credit would have only just lost their jobs and deserved the money more than other claimants.

We spot the flaws in this ruling.

He’s claiming the uplift was only paid to those newly out of work. In fact it was paid to everyone in receipt of Universal Credit which is not exclusively an out of work benefit.

Universal Credit is replacing:

Income-Based Job Seeker’s Allowance

Income-Related Employment and Support Allowance

Income Support

Working Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit

Housing Benefit

Note we said ‘replacing’ not ‘replaced’. This is because many areas of the country have not migrated to Universal Credit, so people who lost their jobs during the pandemic could only in such cases claim Jobseeker’s Allowance. This is one group of people who the judge claimed this uplift was for, yet they were not in fact entitled to receive it and the ruling chooses to forget they exist. We have asked the DWP to provide the number of people claiming legacy JSA during the period of the UC uplift.

This table depicts the present situation

Universal Credit version of Jobseeker’s AllowanceYES
Legacy Jobseeker’s AllowanceNO
Universal Credit version of Income-Related Employment and Support AllowanceYES
Legacy Employment and Support AllowanceNO
Universal Credit version of Income SupportYES
Legacy Income SupportNO
Universal Credit version of Working Tax CreditYES
Legacy Working Tax CreditNO
Universal Credit version of Child Tax CreditYES
Legacy Child Tax CreditNO
Universal Credit version of Housing BenefitYES
Legacy Housing BenefitNO

The fact remains that since the £20 uplift was paid to everyone on the modern version of all the benefits listed above, it must also be paid to recipients of those on legacy benefits too. Sign the petition today and confirm it when they send you an email.

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Tory peer Lord Moylan suggests Yorkshire is full of ‘whingers begging for handouts’ – forgetting that Tory MP Bottomley wanted one a few weeks ago

A Tory peer sparked outrage after suggesting Yorkshire is a “county of leftist whingers begging for handouts” from the government in a bizarre Twitter rant.

He conveniently forgot that just a few weeks ago Tory MP Peter Bottomley called for another handout to MPs in a bid to stop their scandals.

Perhaps it would do them good to remember that people who think the rise in crime is caused by Doctor Who being a woman or that knives should be fitted with GPS trackers do not deserve more public money.

Tory Adam Afriyie faces bankruptcy over unpaid taxes

A Conservative MP is facing bankruptcy proceedings over unpaid taxes in a fresh blow for Boris Johnson’s embattled party.

Court records show a petition for bankruptcy has been filed by HMRC against Adam Afriyie, who has represented Windsor since 2005. Afriyie is described as a “litigant in person”, suggesting he intends to represent himself.

Under parliamentary rules, sitting MPs who are declared bankrupt have to step aside if a bankruptcy restrictions order is made against them. These can be imposed if the bankrupt refuses to cooperate with the process or is suspected of hiding assets, for example.

Source from 8th November 2021

Adam Afriyie is hardly in a position to dictate how best to spend taxpayers’ money when he can’t pay his own taxes

Meet the Tory MPs who voted against a tax on their chums the bankers

With the Tories, there’s one thing you can bank on. They won’t do anything to endanger their future donations. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that much of their funding comes from bankers and hedge fund bosses. Therefore, it stands to reason that if something threatens the income of their chums, the Tories will vote against it.

Click the link next to the MP on the list below, then click “show votes” next to the relevant title. If you don’t like how these people voted, then please share this information and consider voting them out.

72 Tory MPs ALMOST ALWAYS voted against a tax on their chums, the bankers

Adam Afriyie
Alec Shelbrooke
Alun Cairns
Andrea Leadsom
Andrew Jones
Andrew Selous
Andrew Stephenson
Anne Marie Morris
Bernard Jenkin
Bill Wiggin
Bob Blackman
Bob Neill
Caroline Dinenage
Charles Walker
Chloe Smith
Chris Grayling
Christopher Pincher
Craig Whittaker
Damian Hinds
Daniel Poulter
David Davies
David Davis
David Evennett
David Jones
David Rutley
Edward Timpson
Gary Streeter
Gavin Williamson
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
Geoffrey Cox
Graham Stuart
Greg Clark
Greg Hands
Harriett Baldwin
Heather Wheeler
Henry Smith
Iain Stewart
Jackie Doyle-Price
Jacob Rees-Mogg
Jake Berry
James Duddridge
James Gray
James Morris
Jason McCartney
Jesse Norman
John Glen
Karen Bradley
Kwasi Kwarteng
Laurence Robertson
Marcus Jones
Mark Pawsey
Martin Vickers
Mel Stride
Mike Freer
Nadhim Zahawi
Nick Gibb
Nigel Mills
Paul Maynard
Peter Bone
Philip Davies
Philip Hollobone
Rebecca Harris
Richard Fuller
Robert Buckland
Robert Syms
Sheryll Murray
Simon Hart
Stephen Crabb
Stephen Hammond
Therese Coffey
Tim Loughton
Tracey Crouch

2 Tory MPs CONSISTENTLY voted against a tax on their chums, the bankers

Caroline Nokes
Gordon Henderson

32 Tory MPs GENERALLY voted against a tax on their chums, the bankers

Alok Sharma
Andrew Mitchell
Ben Wallace
Crispin Blunt
Damian Collins
Daniel Kawczynski
Eleanor Laing
Gareth Johnson
George Freeman
Grant Shapps
Helen Grant
Jeremy Hunt
John Hayes
John Penrose
Julian Smith
Karl McCartney
Liam Fox
Maria Miller
Mark Francois
Mark Pritchard
Michael Gove
Nadine Dorries
Neil Parish
Paul Beresford
Penny Mordaunt
Peter Aldous
Philip Dunne
Richard Graham
Roger Gale
Stephen Metcalfe
Theresa May
Theresa Villiers

Anyone else involved? Yes

1 Liberal Democrat MP generally voted against a banker’s bonus tax

Alistair Carmichael

1 Independent MP generally voted against a banker’s bonus tax

Julian Lewis

In the news

Callous Tories rather claw back £500 thank you gifts to NHS workers on Universal Credit than tax banker’s bonuses

Boris Johnson says the wealthiest people should automatically get knighthoods

Johnson defends bankers’ tax contributions

No surprises here: Boris Johnson hosts event with bankers and hedge fund bosses

Meet the Tory MPs who voted against greater gambling regulation

We can see Ian Hislop was correct when he stated there is a big problem with the gambling lobby at the moment. What you are about to see very much appears to be the result of the Tories being in bed with gambling firms.

Mark Davies, the now former Managing Director of gambling company BetFair has donated £263,250 to the Tories since 2010.

Edward Wray, Co-founder and former CEO of gambling company BetFair has donated £359,600 to the Tories since 2010.

Vikrant Bhargava Co-founder and now former Managing Director of gambling company PartyGaming has donated £288,250 to the Tories since 2010 via Aria Properties Ltd and Stellite Finance Ltd.

Click the link next to the MP on the list below, then click “show votes” next to the relevant title. If you don’t like how these people voted, then please share this information and consider voting them out.

6 Tory MPs almost always voted against greater regulation of gambling

Edward Timpson
Guy Opperman
Iain Stewart
Marcus Jones
Paul Maynard
Penny Mordaunt

40 Tory MPs consistently voted against greater regulation of gambling

Alec Shelbrooke
Alok Sharma
Alun Cairns
Andrew Jones
Andrew Stephenson
Bob Blackman
Bob Stewart
Brandon Lewis
Caroline Dinenage
Christopher Pincher
Craig Whittaker
Damian Collins
Damian Hinds
David Morris
David Rutley
Dominic Raab
Liz Truss
Esther McVey
Gareth Johnson
Gordon Henderson
Harriett Baldwin
Jackie Doyle-Price
Jacob Rees-Mogg
Jesse Norman
Karen Bradley
Karl McCartney
Kwasi Kwarteng
Mark Garnier
Mark Spencer
Martin Vickers
Matt Hancock
Mel Stride
Michael Ellis
Rehman Chishti
Robert Buckland
Robin Walker
Stephen Metcalfe
Steve Brine
Stuart Andrew
Tracey Crouch

24 Tory MPs generally voted against greater regulation of gambling

Andrea Leadsom
Andrew Rosindell
Ben Wallace
Bernard Jenkin
Bob Neill
Chris Grayling
Daniel Poulter
David Evennett
David Mundell
Gary Streeter
George Freeman
Heather Wheeler
Jack Lopresti
John Penrose
John Stevenson
Mark Harper
Nadine Dorries
Nick Gibb
Peter Bone
Philip Hollobone
Richard Graham
Roger Gale
Stephen Crabb
Tobias Ellwood

According to the data MPs from other parties were not involved.

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