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Tory MPs suspend petitions site until further notice

So much for democracy.  Members of the public are unable to submit any petitions to Parliament thanks to Tory MPs.

Mark Hunt, Communications Director at the charity Meningitis Now, is frustrated this vital tool for the public to put pressure on MPs is unavailable.

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May’s own constituency begs for food after Tory MP suggests VAT on it

Theresa May’s own constituency is begging people for food at the moment.  S   B

The Government tried to defend itself by claiming the issues causing hunger are complex.  This is oddly the same reason they give for soaring suicide rates in the UK.

Toward the end of 2013 Tory MP Kwasi Kwarteng wanted VAT to be introduced on food. You’ve been spared that (for the moment).  S  B

May's constituency begs for food after Tory MP suggests putting VAT on it.png

Tories ban report on who funds extremists

Our so called transparent Tory Government is covering up those who fund extremists.

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Grenfell Tower: Tory Gavin Barwell refuses to apologise for delaying fire safety review

Grenfell Tower: Tory Gavin Barwell ordered delay in fire safety review

It has emerged Gavin Barwell ordered a delay into high rise fire safety reviews back when he was the Tory Housing Minister.

Edward Snowden says “The idea this could have been prevented is shattering.  The neglect here is inhuman”.

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Grenfell Tower.png

Barwell lost his seat to Labour in the recent general election and Theresa May has tried to make up for it by making him her chief of staff.  Is she now regretting it?


While Gavin Barwell has serious questions to answer it is yet to be established who is ultimately responsible because it is claimed a blogger was gagged by the council for trying to highlight the issue.   Backup to article.

Esther McVey returns as Tatton MP

Esther McVey retains her Tatton MP seat after her April 2017 return but it remains to be seen whether she’ll be given back her DWP Minister position.

McVey was previously voted out of her seat in 2015 when the good people of Wirral West woke up to her dodgy antics.

In Tatton 28,764 people were mad enough to vote her in during the June 2017 election with a majority of 14,787.

Esther Mcvey.png

Former active IRA member now Tory councillor

One of the most wanted terrorists in the world is now a Tory councillor

A former active member of the IRA is now an active member of the Tory Party despite admitting she once celebrated the deaths of British soldiers and even civilians killed in terrorist acts.


Maria Gatland – once known as Maria McGuire – is now a Conservative Party councillor in Croydon after being reelected in 2014.

Ms Gatland was briefly suspended by the Tories in 2008 once her past was revealed but after an “internal investigation” she was then openly readmitted into the party.

Unsurprisingly, there is no mention of the fact she was an active IRA member on the Croydon Conservatives webpage:


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