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Lords STILL ABLE to scam system as Tories still not changed the law

Remember Tory Lord Hanningfield who was caught turning up for work then leaving moments later – but still trying – and succeeding – in claiming £300 per time for the privilege?

We thought it would be a good time to check what laws the Tories had put into place to prevent another so-called Lord scamming the system again.

Would it surprise you to learn they haven’t done a single thing to stop it happening again?  Not a sausage. 

The warning signs were already there.  Back in 2011 he was sentenced to nine months in prison after being found guilty of nearly £14,000 worth of expenses fraud.  He served a quarter of the sentence in jail.

Lords are free to serve any number of years in prison and still resume their duties afterwards.

In 2013 after being let out of jail he returned to his Lord position and was caught out again after his peerage attendance was monitored by reporters.

July 1st – Arrives: 14:26 Leaves: 14:54 = 28 minutes earning him £300.
July 3rd – Arrives: 15:21 Leaves: 15:59 = 38 minutes for another £300.
July 4th – Arrives: 11:57 Leaves: 12:33 = 36 minutes for another £300.
July 8th – Arrives: 14:35 Leaves: 15:09 = 34 minutes for another £300.

..and he was caught doing the same for the rest of the month.  In fact on July 30th he claimed £5,700 for all that ‘work’.

You may be wondering how he was punished for this.  There was going to be a trial but Parliament intervened and he was let off – although he did have to pay some of the money back.  He was suspended for the current term but no further action was taken.

Today’s FoI response tells us any peer can do the same thing if they want.

Lords still able to scam just like Hanningfield

War veteran bullied by Tory council & forced to live in shed

A veteran has been left feeling “suicidal” after being made homeless when his landlord sold the home he rented – and he was forced to sleep in a shed.

Tony Squirrell, 74, and his wife Joan, 69, have lived in the same town for 42 years in a privately rented property until five weeks ago.

The couple were served with a notice to leave when their landlord decided to sell the property and made a homeless application in April.

But Tony – who served in Singapore, Malaysia, Cyprus, Germany and Northern Ireland – claims he and his wife have been “bullied” by their local council and are now living apart.

The couple, from Bridgwater, Somerset, have been left depressed by the lack of help from Tory-run Sedgemoor District Council.

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War veteran bullied Tories, forced to live in shed.png

Thinking about signing up?  Tories won’t care for you afterwards

Council scrutiny bodies abolished on Pickles’s watch

No-one likes taxpayers’ money being wasted – except for the Tories of course as we’ve previously demonstrated.

You can thank Tory Eric Pickles for abolishing scrutiny bodies which monitored council spending of your money.

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Council scrutiny bodies abolished on Pickes's watch.png

A few words from former Tory voters


Lyn regretted voting Tory

Lyn Mundle regretted voting Tory

John regretted voting Tory

John Richards regretted voting Tory

former Conservative voters

More people abandoning ship – one even ran for councillor

not tory

Tories can’t be trusted

Tory housing minister member of group calling for workhouses for the poor, end to all council housing & NHS privatisation

Dominic Raab, the Conservative housing minister, was until this week a member of a private Facebook group that called for the return of workhouses and the sale of all council homes, it has emerged.

It called for the NHS to be privatised and said it would be “right” to introduce workhouses for people in debt.

Tory attitude to NHS:

tory attitude to nhs

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Tory Dominic Raab.png

Tory-controlled council renders man homeless booting him out of his caravan then confiscating it

John Jones, 63, was pictured crying along with his two dogs and his possessions dumped on the ground after Essex County Council evicted him from his own caravan.

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Tory-controlled council renders man homeless booting him out of his caravan then confiscating it.png


Windsor council set to fine homeless people for sleeping rough before royal wedding

Unsurprisingly Windsor is a Tory-run council with Theresa May a stones throw away in Maidenhead.  How does one fine a person who has no money?

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Windsor council set to fine homeless people for sleeping rough before royal wedding.png

DWP wasted over £12 million of your money in 2017 on advertising

Last month we uncovered the shocking truth of DWP’s misuse of your money – they spent £1,436,272.08 advertising themselves on Facebook.

That was just the tip of the iceberg.  When it came to advertising themselves outside of Facebook in 2017 they were quite willing to squander much more of your money as you can see below…

DWP advertising in 2017 excluding Facebook

Sub total £10,768,963.77

Now let’s remind ourselves what they spent on Facebook..

DWP figures

DWP spent £12,205,235.85 taxpayers’ money advertising themselves during 2017.  Forget about the NHS.  This is how the Tories prefer to spend your money.

Sources  1 and 2.

Tories wasted over £1M taxpayers money in 2017 just to advertise DWP.png

Tory desperation to attract new voters reaches the bottom

Just when you thought the Tories couldn’t stoop any lower.  First Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi was caught in a ‘sordid’ charity dinner.  Now the Tories are using the same ploy in Bolton with strippers and waitresses.

The £15-a-head event held in October 2016 was an attempt to boost Tory membership and raise funds.

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Tory desperation to attract new voters reaches the bottom.png

Meet the historian determined to expose the Tories

A historian determined to blow the lid on the UK government’s shady international dealings is releasing hundreds of declassified documents on an online database. “The British public has little idea what has been done,” he told RT.

“I want everyone to be able to see at least some of the documents that I have seen because they tell a much truer story of this country’s real role in the world than they will hear on the BBC or read in The Telegraph,” said the historian.

“Of course, they don’t tell a full story – not least because UK officials have destroyed many of the documents relating to their policies in the past, surely deliberately to cover up their crimes.

“It should also be said that, in the set of files I’ve looked at and am releasing, there are many documents that are still censored. One can only imagine what is there,” he added.

The majority of the documents, while most are publicly available, are not available online. “The British mainstream media covers only a fraction of the reality of UK foreign policy and academic studies are largely absent or heavily sanitized,” Curtis said.

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Meet the historian determined to expose the Tories.png

Meet the historian determined to expose UK Government