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Key witness of Green porn Inquiry not spoken to

Does this smell of a cover up?  Hold an Inquiry but not speak to one of the key witnesses who says “The computer was in Mr Green’s office, on his desk, logged in, his account, his name. In between browsing pornography, he was sending emails from his account, his personal account, reading documents… it was ridiculous to suggest anybody else could have done it.”

Cabinet Office inquiry into Damian Green’s conduct called into question Backup

Key witness of Green Inquiry not spoken to.png





Tory Ministers Clueless, questions reveal

This Government is woefully unprepared for Brexit.

If you voted Tory and thought you were picking a strong and stable party, think again.

Tory Ministers Clueless, questions reveal.png

Tory upset over ‘Top Totty’ ban from their taxpayer-subsidised bar

A beer called Top Totty by a Stafford-based brewer was banned from a parliamentary bar in 2012 because its pump plate featuring a half-naked lady caused offence.  The ale is described as “a stunning blonde beer, full-bodied with a voluptuous hop aroma”.

The beer’s withdrawal comes as a blow to Tory MP Jeremy Lefroy, who arranged for Top Totty to be sold in in the bar.

Tory MP Nigel Adams pictured here pulling some ‘Top Totty’

Nigel Adams pulling some Top Totty.png

Top Totty banned

Tory Government refuses to pause rollout of Universal Credit despite majority vote of 299 votes in favour

The contempt this Tory Government has for democracy is astounding.  A parliament motion was carried to pause the rollout of the deeply flawed Universal Credit.  However the Tories are refusing to honour the vote and will continue the rollout.

299 MPs voted in favour of pausing the rollout until the its flaws are sorted out.  No-one voted against the motion.

Tories refuse to comply with democracy

Tories forced to refund victims of unfair dismissal after Supreme Court Ruling

The Tories don’t care if workers are treated like Kings or slaves.  They do care about money though.  Owners of large businesses have money and they want to influence Government policy to suit their own pockets.  The Tories are only too happy to oblige.

In 2012 the Tory leadership invited Adrian Beecroft to draw up Tory employment policy for them. What he came back with was nothing short of a corporate wishlist of pro-business anti-worker regulations, including proposals to introduce sack-at-will legislation, to restrict access to unfair dismissal claims and slash awards that are made to those that are not excluded entirely, to create immunity from prosecution for employers that hire illegal immigrants and to remove carry-over legislation to allow new owners of businesses to rid themselves of long established workers.

Who is Adrian Beecroft?

Adrian Beecroft and his Tory donations

Adrian Beecroft and his Tory donations – data from the Electoral Commission

What a surprise he’s a Tory donor!

The Supreme Court ruling forces the Tories to repay costs to victims of unfair dismissal. These were costs put up as a barrier by the Tories to help prevent workers take legal action against unscrupulous bosses.

Source    Backup

Tories forced to refund victims of unfair dismissal after Supreme Court Ruling

Tory MPs suspend petitions site until further notice

So much for democracy.  Members of the public are unable to submit any petitions to Parliament thanks to Tory MPs.

Mark Hunt, Communications Director at the charity Meningitis Now, is frustrated this vital tool for the public to put pressure on MPs is unavailable.

Source  Backup

Tory MPs stop public submitting petitions.png

May’s own constituency begs for food after Tory MP suggests VAT on it

Theresa May’s own constituency is begging people for food at the moment.  S   B

The Government tried to defend itself by claiming the issues causing hunger are complex.  This is oddly the same reason they give for soaring suicide rates in the UK.

Toward the end of 2013 Tory MP Kwasi Kwarteng wanted VAT to be introduced on food. You’ve been spared that (for the moment).  S  B

May's constituency begs for food after Tory MP suggests putting VAT on it.png