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Poorer areas that backed Tories face fresh funding cuts as cash switched to wealthy southern regions

Poorer areas that delivered Boris Johnson’s election triumph are facing fresh cuts to local services – as funds are switched to wealthy Southern shires instead.

Hundreds of millions of pounds will be diverted because of a new formula which significantly downgrades the importance of deprivation in assessing need, an analysis shows.

The shake-up will hurt high-profile Tory election gains including Workington, Stoke-on-Trent, Grimsby, West Bromwich, Sedgefield, Bishop Auckland and Redcar, it shows.

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Not what you voted Tory for

Duncan Smith complains about ‘Tory cuts kill’ slogan sprayed on his local HQ door

Iain Duncan Smith has complained about “democracy-hating thugs” spraying messages on the door of his local Tory HQ.  The slogan “Tory cuts kill” was scrolled across his door and “Tories out” was sprayed on his window.

This happened as a video emerged of Tory chief adviser, Dominic Cummings, admitting that most Tory MPs do not care about the NHS.  To make matters worse a collective of NHS doctors and nurses also released a video stating there have been 120,000 avoidable deaths under the Conservative austerity measures. They went on to ask the public not to vote them in again.  We have combined both videos for you to watch below.

Of course since Iain Duncan Smith was formerly in charge of the DWP it could well be that the vandals were referring to those ‘fit to work’ deaths associated with his department.

He has called for opposition candidates to condemn the “intimidation and criminal behaviour” and added that it would not stop his team from campaigning.

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Warped Tories.png

Boris Johnson booed during hospital ‘PR stunt’

Boris Johnson was booed by an angry medical student as he left a Cambridge hospital while on a visit, where he set himself a new Brexit deadline of leaving the EU by January “at the absolute latest”.

The prime minister appeared to get a frosty reception at Addenbrooke’s hospital, where staff were not given advance warning of his visit and national media were not invited to attend.

He was confronted by Julia Simons, a 23-year-old medical student, who later criticised him for using the hospital for a “PR stunt”. “Staff were not informed even when he was in the hospital. He was too cowardly to face the uncensored opinions of staff because we know the reality the effects of his government’s and party’s policies on patients,” she said afterwards.

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Fifth of Shropshire disabled have seen benefits halted

If you’re a disabled person living in Shropshire you may want to think twice when voting because all your MPs are Tories.

More than a fifth of claimants have had their disability benefits stopped under a new system, new figures have revealed.

Almost a quarter of people in Shropshire have lost out on support, and nearly a fifth in Telford & Wrekin and Powys.

In Shropshire, 24 per cent of claimants failed the assessment for PIP, while 23 per cent failed in Powys and 20 per cent in Telford.

Charity Scope said that many disabled people are “losing out on vital support” under the new system, which it says is beset with problems.

None of the Tory Shropshire MPs had anything to say about it.

A spokesperson said: “It is deeply worrying that so many disabled people are losing out on vital support when being reassessed for PIP.

“The entire system needs to be much more focused on the needs of the individual.

“With record levels of appeals against decisions successful, the whole decision making process is beset with problems.”


Tory MPs in Shropshire.png

Laughing all the way: Tory MPs Lucy Allan, Philip Dunne, Daniel Kawczynski, Mark Pritchard, Owen Paterson


9 in 10 crimes never solved thanks to Tory cuts

Only 11.6% of all crimes were solved between 2016 and 2017 as our police forces buckle under the strain of brutal Tory cuts.

The shocking figure is a drop of 26% and statistics also revealed a postcode lottery on the number of cases officers are closing across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott said the figures show austerity policies are impacting safety and justice in our communities.

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9 in 10 crimes never solved thanks to Tory cuts.png

Unsolved crime? Thank the Tories

Tory police cuts driving violent crime, says Met chief

Cuts to police budgets are driving rising violent crime, Britain’s most senior police officer has said, following another murder in London.

More than 60 people have been murdered in London so far this year but violence has not been confined to the capital.

A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a 16-year-old boy who was stabbed in the street in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, on Thursday.

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Tory police cuts driving violent crime, says Met chief.png

NHS England faces first legal challenge for Tory rationing of patient treatment

NHS England faces a legal challenge to its plans to overhaul how the health service operates, which critics say are unlawful and could lead to patients being denied treatment.

Campaigners on Tuesday will try to derail plans to introduce “accountable care organisations” (ACOs), which could force doctors to decide what care a patient needs based on how much money is available rather than how sick someone is.

Tory attitude to NHS:

tory attitude to nhs

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Tory Police cuts likely contributed to rise in violent crime leaked report reveals

Leaked Home Office documents undermine Amber Rudd’s claim that police cuts were not to blame for increase in violent offending.  As usual for the Tories, they were unable to back up their claims that the cuts were not responsible with any evidence.

Home Office statistics show the number of police officers fell from 143,734 in March 2010 to 123,142 in March 2017.

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Tory Police cuts likely contributed to rise in violent crime leaked report reveals.png

May and Rudd

Kids forced to learn in cramped & crumbling schools with leaks, mould, damp & vermin

Staff who responded to the survey complained of leaks, mould, damp and even verminTory funding cuts have been disastrous for the children.

One teacher said the current school was only meant to be temporary.  It was supposed to get a new build from the government but it didn’t go through. It is riddled with asbestos and the roof badly leaks whenever it rains.

The heating often does not work and children sit in coats to learn. There are frequent problems with the toilets and drains. Numbers on roll are increasing and we cannot accommodate them.

Chris Keates, the union’s general secretary, said the survey revealed a “disgraceful picture of schools in the 21st century”.

The impact of the government’s failure to plan adequately for the predicted increase in the number of school places is clear for all to see.

Kids have been avoiding eating and drinking to avoid using the unsafe toiletsIn some schools as a result they’ve taken the toilets away and built so-called isolation booths to punish children.

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Kids forced to learn in cramped & crumbling schools with leaks, mold, damp & vermin.png

Nothing wrong with vermin?

3000 Britons die each year because they can’t heat their homes

More than 3,000 people are “needlessly” dying each year in the UK because they cannot afford to properly heat their homes, new research has revealed.

This is the same level as those who die from prostate cancer and breast cancer.

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3000 Britons die each year because they can't heat their homes