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Tory MP pleads not guilty in trial

Tory MP Craig Mackinlay has pleaded not guilty to charges relating to his 2015 General Election expenses.

The South Thanet MP, 51, denied two counts of making a false election expenses declaration at the Old Bailey.

His campaign director Marion Little, 62, and election agent Nathan Gray, 28, also denied charges against them.

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MP calls for clock-in cards to prove peers are putting in ‘full shift’

If the procedure above was in place before the 2010 general election we wouldn’t have had Tory Lord Hanningfield obtaining so much taxpayers’ money for doing so little in return.  His story is a terrific one with an ending that sums up the state of Parliament today.

In 2011 Hanningfield was sentenced to nine months in prison after being found guilty of nearly £14,000 worth of expenses fraud. He served a quarter of the sentence in jail.

In 2013 after being let out of jail he returned to his Lord position and was caught out again after his peerage attendance was monitored by reporters.

July 1st – Arrives: 14:26 Leaves: 14:54 = 28 minutes earning him £300.
July 3rd – Arrives: 15:21 Leaves: 15:59 = 38 minutes for another £300.
July 4th – Arrives: 11:57 Leaves: 12:33 = 36 minutes for another £300.
July 8th – Arrives: 14:35 Leaves: 15:09 = 34 minutes for another £300.

We wouldn’t blame you if you thought this was fiction.  Sadly this is what happened – and it continued throughout July.  Every penny of this is taxpayers’ money.

July 9th – Arrives: 14:35 Leaves: 15:02 = 27 minutes for £300.
July 10th – Arrives: 15:31 Leaves: 15:58 = 27 minutes for £300.
July 16th – Arrives: 14:37 Leaves: 15:01 = 24 minutes for £300.
July 18th – Arrives: 12:17 Leaves: 12:43 = 26 minutes for £300.
July 22nd – Arrives: 14:26 Leaves: 15:00 = 34 minutes for £300.
July 23rd – Arrives: 15:06 Leaves: 15:27 = 21 minutes for £300.
July 24th – Arrives: 14:54 Leaves: 15:47 = 53 minutes for £300.
July 29th – Arrives: 14:27 Leaves: 15:00 = 33 minutes for £300.
July 30th: Lord Hanningfield claimed £5,700 for all that ‘work’.

In 2016 Lord Hanningfield was acquitted of submitting false expenses claims after Parliament exercised its right to decide that the main issue in the case does not fall under the jurisdiction of the criminal courts.  No further action was taken.

To this day any peer is free to do exactly the same as Tory Lord Hanningfield, claiming £300 per day merely for turning up and leaving shortly afterwards.  You will therefore see the advantage of a clock-in card system.

We have asked the House of Lords to provide documents showing the duties of an elected peer.

Source:         Hanningfield

Source:         Clock-in system            Backup in pdf

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Theresa May refuses blame for NURSES having to use foodbanks

Theresa May claims there’s no connection between the Tories being in power since 2010 and NURSES having to use foodbanks!


Nurses using foodbanks.png


CPS considering charges over Tory MPs as general election approaches

Would you vote for criminals?

Criminal charges against a raft of Conservative MPs and their agents, are being considered by the Crown Prosecution Service over election expenses at the last general election, Channel 4 News can reveal.

As for the general election itself it seems the Tories want you to ignore this (along with many other things) and concentrate on Brexit.

We could instead vote for those who are not only perfectly capable of Brexit negotiations but actively prevent further DWP related deaths and comply with the United Nations demands for treating disabled people properly.  Our NHS is in a mess and it has been made worse by the Tories who have put their own financial interests first.

As for those who don’t want to vote for anyone – look how well that turned out…


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Election Expenses Exposed

‘Election Expenses Exposed’ is a series of in-depth investigations by Channel 4 News revealing serious allegations that go to the very heart of democracy in Britain.

“Now our revelations have led to more than a dozen police investigations, and what is understood to be the largest ever investigation by the Electoral Commission. Here’s how the story unfolded.”

The clock is ticking on #electionexpenses. The deadlines for police action start to expire around two years after the 2015 General Election.

Scandal documentation

Charts showing overspend by each MP








MPs vote NOT to be named and shamed for fiddling their expenses in future

MPs have found a way to stop themselves being named and shamed for fiddling their expenses in future.

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MPs vote NOT to be named and shamed for fiddling expenses in future

Highest-earning Tory MP claimed £1 on expenses for cheap bin bags!

Meet Geoffrey Cox – a man who thinks YOU should pay for his bin bags

Geoffrey Cox

Gavin Barwell’s expenses probed by police

Police are investigating Tory MP Gavin Barwell’s election expenses.

David Cameron and Gavin Barwell

MPs’ expenses risen 43% since 2009 scandal!

Since 2009 when MPs’ expenses where spent on things like duck houses MPs are still splurging more than ever!

taxpayers money spent on a duck house for an mp

A new watchdog called the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) now has control over MPs’ pay and expenses.  However we have had dealings with this IPSA and they have given us no impression whatsoever that they take their job seriously.  In fact when we reported three cases to them in 2011 instead of investigating the reports they took no action at all – yet we as taxpayers fund them!

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