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Criminal justice agencies reject call to investigate Duncan Smith over DWP deaths

Scottish criminal justice agencies have rejected pleas to investigate the failure of two ministers to improve the safety of the government’s “fitness for work” test, despite evidence that their actions caused the deaths of at least three benefit claimants.

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How to get away with murder.png

How to get away with murder – become a DWP Minister?


Which EU law would you get rid of?

Which EU law would you get rid of?  Grayling couldn’t name any..  perhaps someone can…

Ashley from Pinner phoned into the LBC studio – find out what he said.  Can anyone name an EU law they want to repeal?

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Grayling fails to give one EU law he would abandon

Does Chris Grayling (or any other politician) know how to answer a question concisely? Watch his pathetic response as he is asked to name one EU law he would abandon.

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Cabinet member voting record

Theresa May – Prime Minister  – more records

Philip Hammond – Chancellor of the Exchequer  – more records
Amber Rudd – Home Secretary – more records
Boris Johnson – Foreign Secretary – more records
Liz Truss – Justice Secretary – more records
Michael Fallon – Defence Secretary – more records
Damian Green – Work and Pensions Secretary – more records
Jeremy Hunt – Health Secretary – more records
David Lidington – Leader of the Commons – more records
Priti Patel – International Development – more records
Justine Greening – Education and Equalities Secretary – more records
Baroness Evans – Leader of the House of Lords – more records
Chris Grayling – Transport Secretary – more records
James Brokenshire – Northern Ireland Secretary – more records
Andrea Leadsom – Environment Secretary – more records
Sajid Javid – Communities Secretary – more records
Alun Cairns – Wales Secretary – more records
Karen Bradley – Culture Secretary – more records
David Mundell – Scotland Secretary – more records
David Davis – EU Exit Secretary – more records
Liam Fox – International Trade – more records
Patrick McLoughlin – Conservative Party Chairman – more records
Greg Clark – Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy – more records
David Gauke – Financial Secretary to the Treasury – more records
Jeremy Wright – Attorney General – more records
Gavin Williamson – Chief Whip – more records
Ben Gummer – Minister for Cabinet Office – more records

Theresa’s tilting cabinet

Theresa May promised to fight “burning injustice” in British society and create a union “between all of our citizens”.  Of course if she fails to keep that promise her speech will spread far wider than it has done thus far.  Exactly the same thing happened with Cameron’s NHS promises as we showed here (episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4).

During her reign at the Home Office Theresa May didn’t exactly do much to fight “burning injustice”.  She was in charge of the sex abuse inquiry farce. She gave her department huge payrises as a reward for failure. There was no action taken against staff who ‘accidentally’ leaked confidential online abuse submissions to the public (many of whom received death threats).  There was no action taken when staff ‘accidentally’ deleted those online submissions so no inquiry could take place.  Plenty of “burning injustice” not dealt with.

Now the new cabinet has been formed here is a list of the chosen ones.

We’ll mention a few here:

Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary – He wanted the top job but pulled out of the race when Michael Gove made a surprise announcement that he was to run for PM.  The former Mayor of London’s appointment could be seen as somewhat unexpected, having been prone to more than the odd gaffe overseas down the years.

Philip Hammond is Chancellor – In one swift announcement George Osborne was out and former Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond was in as Chancellor of the Exchequer. He has previously served as Transport Secretary and Defence Secretary.

Damian Green – Work and Pensions secretary – Mr Green rose to prominence in 2008 after his Commons office was controversially raided by police over alleged leaks despite not presenting a search warrant..

Jeremy Hunt – Health – A controversial figure, Jeremy Hunt has been kept on as Health Secretary after three years despite a damaging dispute with junior doctors that led to the first ever all out strike of medics.

David Davis is Secretary for exiting EU –  In holding the newly created role Mr Davis will be front and centre in the negotiations for Britain’s exit from the EU.

Liz Truss is Justice secretary – She moves over from her previous job of Environment Secretary to become Britain’s first female Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary, replacing the sacked Michael Gove.

Chris Grayling – transport secretary – A difficult spell as Justice Secretary (not a qualified lawyer) under David Cameron saw Mr Grayling moved to Commons leader – while his replacement Michael Gove reversed many of his changes.


A British Bill of Rights Will Diminish the Rights of Everyone in the UK – And the Most Vulnerable Will Suffer Most

Three men with one agenda.  Ignore it at your peril!

British Bill of Rights.png

Grayling shown up again as magistrates state his schemes not thought through

Grayling shown up AGAIN as magistrates state his schemes not thought through!

Each time he bungles it costs taxpayers money

Grayling shown up again as magistrates state his schemes not thought through

Grayling shown up again as magistrates state his schemes not thought through