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ICO won’t take action against leakers of New Year’s Honour recipients’ private details despite data being left online to copy for over 3 hours

The Information Commissioner has decided not to take regulatory action against those responsible for leaking addresses of the New Year’s Honour recipients.

The Tory Cabinet Office said it referred itself to the Information Commissioner following the leak and would be contacting anyone involved.

Thousands of names were on the list and it beggars belief that despite the risk this presents to those people the ICO has said it won’t be taking any regulatory action.

Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith was said to be ‘enraged‘ by his home address being available for anyone to see online. No doubt he will be concerned because he spearheaded cuts to the welfare system and many see him as being responsible for DWP deaths.

While private details of famous people such as Elton John and cricket hero Ben Stokes were made public, there is more cause for concern with those working in sensitive areas.

This is because the list also included names and addresses of senior diplomats, counter-terror police and figures from the military.

Lord Kerslake, who was head of the civil service between 2012 and 2014, said an “urgent investigation” was needed.

He told BBC Breakfast: “It is a serious and indeed extraordinary breach because this is a well-established process that has gone on in pretty much the same way for years, so I think an urgent investigation is certainly needed.”

A Cabinet Office spokesman said: “A version of the New Year Honours 2020 list was published in error which contained recipients’ addresses.

“The information was removed as soon as possible”

Originally those responsible said it was only online for a few minutes, but it was actually accessible for over 3 hours.  It could have been duplicated countless times and even sold on the black market.  Indeed the removal at source does not stop its continued duplication.

Here is a copy of ICO’s ‘investigation‘.

No action for leakers of data

Duncan Smith complains about ‘Tory cuts kill’ slogan sprayed on his local HQ door

Iain Duncan Smith has complained about “democracy-hating thugs” spraying messages on the door of his local Tory HQ.  The slogan “Tory cuts kill” was scrolled across his door and “Tories out” was sprayed on his window.

This happened as a video emerged of Tory chief adviser, Dominic Cummings, admitting that most Tory MPs do not care about the NHS.  To make matters worse a collective of NHS doctors and nurses also released a video stating there have been 120,000 avoidable deaths under the Conservative austerity measures. They went on to ask the public not to vote them in again.  We have combined both videos for you to watch below.

Of course since Iain Duncan Smith was formerly in charge of the DWP it could well be that the vandals were referring to those ‘fit to work’ deaths associated with his department.

He has called for opposition candidates to condemn the “intimidation and criminal behaviour” and added that it would not stop his team from campaigning.

Read more

Warped Tories.png

The legacy of Iain Duncan Smith must be remembered for years to come

Some people will say George Osborne is to blame for the Tory treatment of disabled and sick people during his time as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2010 to 2016, and to an extent they’re correct.

However as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions also from 2010 to 2016, Iain Duncan Smith was in charge of the evil schemes created which have been a catastrophe for disabled and sick people.

The Work Capability Assessment was devised by Labour, but it is Duncan Smith who ignored warnings from coroners and rolled it out completely.

 It was therefore no surprise to many what happened next. The DWP deaths rolled in and continue to this day.

Duncan Smith continually denied any correlation between Tory policies and these deaths. As of 2016 three coroners had come out and stated DWP and benefit assessments played a role in the death of their clients.

Is it better for the taxpayer? No – it’s costing more to administer than the benefits it’s replacing.

Is it better For the claimant? The majority of what we’ve read says it’s worse. Only a small amount say it’s better. The complaints continue to roll in.

One case which sticks out is Brian McArdle. He had various health conditions, was paralysed down one side, blind in one eye, he couldn’t speak. He died within hours of being found fit to work leaving behind a thirteen year old son. Iain Duncan Smith sent that boy a letter suggesting he checks his father’s appeal. What good is that? His Dad is dead. Here’s what IDS had to say about it as we nail each lie he spouted.

Again from 2010 we had people being sanctioned for the most ridiculous reasons. Many people appealed and won – and the Tories didn’t like it – so they introduced legislation to delay any appeal with a mandatory reconsideration.  This allowed DWP to sit on cases for an unlimited amount of time – with no payment to the claimant as they waited.  This forced claimants to live on bin contents, steal and beg for food or apply for what was then Jobseekers Allowance. Of course it had the desired effect for the Tories. George Osborne was not responsible for bringing in mandatory reconsideration – that ultimately fell to Iain Duncan Smith.

Tory DWP also brought in emergency legislation to keep money which his department was found to have illegally sanctioned from claimants. Watch Parliament debate it here.

As for Iain Duncan Smith’s true reason for resigning from his department – we may never know. The man is a master of lies and deception. Unless he’s received some kind of knock on the head it is almost certainly not because of Tories mistreating claimants – which he defended since 2010.

Legacy of IDS.png

Inspired from a comment on our Facebook page.

Photo emerges of IDS donating to foodbank

What do you make of the photo appearing to show Iain Duncan Smith donating to a foodbank?  Is it guilt, denial or is he following the instructions of his party?  Maybe it’s all three.

This is the same man who previously accused the Trussell Trust of scaremongering.

It wouldn’t surprise us if he simply put these items on expenses and charged them to the taxpayer.

Iain Duncan Smith had nearly six years to make a positive difference when he was Secretary of State for Work and Pensions from 12th May 2010 to 18th March 2016.  He made things far worse for the taxpayer and for those on benefits.

Now he has apparently chosen to take part in this cheap, sick publicity stunt.

IDS Foodbank

Whichever way you look at it there is no getting away from the fact foodbank use has increased dramatically since the Tories took power in 2010.  With every year the Tories are in charge, more and more people in the UK are driven to poverty.

Look how bad things are as of 2017-2018…


Source: Trussell Trust

Between 1st April 2017 and 31st March 2018, The Trussell Trust’s foodbank network distributed 1,332,952 three day emergency food supplies to people in crisis, a 13% increase on the previous year. 484,026 of these went to children. This is a higher increase than the previous financial year, where foodbank use was up by 6%.  Source.


Source: Trussell Trust

The longer Tories are in power the more proof will be gathered that their policies are to blame for mass UK poverty.  They should be ashamed of themselves.

Your chance to unseat Iain Duncan Smith

For those of you unfortunate enough to have loved ones or friends who died a DWP related death from 2010 onwards chances are this man had a hand in it.

Now though you have a real chance to at least unseat him.  Spread the word on Twitter and Facebook.  

For instance friends and loved ones of former sheep farmer Nick Barker, former Government scientist Robert Barlow, former soldier David Clapson, Brian McArdle, Tim Salter, Elenore Tatton and so many more.

Unseat Iain Duncan Smith.png

Coroners rule DWP responsible for deaths – yet they’re still getting away with it

Exposed: Tories with private NHS interests

When there’s money to be made it seems they just can’t help themselves.  If we can’t trust them with the NHS how are we expected to trust them with the UK? Here they are in alphabetical order by surname.


Harriette Baldwin private NHS interests

Harriett Baldwin was former executive at JP Morgan, a major player in private healthcare.Quester VCT 5 plc, a venture capital firm with multiple investments in healthcare companies.


Gregory Barker private NHS interests

Gregory Barker held shares in Quester VCT 5 plc, a venture capital firm with multiple investments in healthcare companies.


Henry Bellingham private NHS interests

Henry Bellingham was director of Lansdowne Advisory Ltd, which has shares in private healthcare company Circle.


Jake Berry private NHS interests

Jake Berry has interests in legal firm Squire Patton Boggs, which worked with multiple NHS trusts on PFI and PPP programs.


Graham Brady private NHS interests

Graham Brady was advisor to PA Consulting, a management consultancy company which has worked with the NHS’s new Clinical Commissioning Groups.


Andrew Bridgen private NHS interests

Andrew Bridgen is non-executive chairman of fresh vegetable distributor company AB produce PLC. The company is listed on the NHS supply chain. In June 2011, Mr Bridgen claimed critics of the NHS reforms were made up of ‘Stalinist protectionist elements.’


Steve Brine private NHS interests

Steve Brine accepted nearly £15,000 in donations from James Lupton, the chairman of investment bankers, Greenhill Europe which has a global network of corporate relationships in the healthcare sector.


Aiden Burley private NHS interests

Aidan Burley accepted six bottles of wine from Hitachi consultants for a speech in 2011. Hitachi Consulting UK built an online ‘portal’ for NHS commissioners to help them monitor performance.


Simon Burns private NHS interests

Simon Burns attended an oncology conference paid for by Aventis Pharma – a five-day trip to the US funded by a leading drug firm.

de bois

Nick de Bois private NHS interests

Nick de Bois was majority shareholder in Rapier Design Group, an events management company heavily involved with the private medical and pharmaceutical industries.


David Cameron private NHS interests

David Cameron handed a peerage to nursing and care home tycoon Dolar Popat, who has given the Tories more than £200,000 in donations.


Damian Collins private NHS interests

Damian Collins spent almost a decade working for marketing agency M&C Saatchi, whose clients include PPP healthcare, AXA insurance, Astrazeneca, Pfizer and Merck.


David Davis private NHS interests

David Davis accepted £4,250 for a six-hour speaking engagement for private health insurance company Aviva.


Jonathan Djanogly private NHS interests

Jonathan Djanogly accepted £1,900 from Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd, which manufactures medical and orthopaedic equipment and instruments.


Richard Drax private NHS interests

Richard Drax accepted £14,000 in a series of donations from Derek Luckhurst, chief executive and owner of care home group Agincare.

duncan smith

Iain Duncan-Smith private NHS interests

Iain Duncan-Smith has shares in hygiene technology company Byotrol plc, which sells products to the NHS.


Philip Dunne private NHS interests

Philip Dunne was a non-executive director for investment firm Baronsmead VCT 4 plc, which had multiple investments in private healthcare companies.


Michael Fallon private NHS interests

Michael Fallon was director of Attendo AB, a Swedish private health company.


Mark Field private NHS interests

Mark Field was board advisor to Ellwood and Atfield, a recruitment firm which recruit for NHS positions and private healthcare.


Liam Fox private NHS interests

Liam Fox accepted £5,000 from investment company IPGL Ltd, who purchased healthcare pharma company Cyprotex.


George Freeman private NHS interests

George Freeman has shares in Hill House Assets Ltd, formally private health firm 4D Biomedical Ltd.


Mike Freer private NHS interests

Mike Freer provided marketing advice to Care Matters, a financial planning company for care homes.


Richard Fuller private NHS interests

Richard Fuller worked for L.E.K consulting, which has six ‘partners’ in European healthcare.


Dominic Grieve private NHS interests

Dominic Grieve has shares in Reckitt Benckiser, GlaxoSmithKline, Diageo, Astrazeneca, Standard Chartered (Health insurance).


William Hague private NHS interests

William Hague accepted £20,000 donation from MMC Ventures, which parts owns The Practice plc which runs 60 GP surgeries.


Philip Hammond private NHS interests

Philip Hammond is beneficiary of a trust which owns a controlling interest in healthcare and nursing home developer Castlemead Ltd.


Jeremy Hunt private NHS interests

Jeremy Hunt accepted £32,920 from hedge fund baron Andrew Law, a major investor in healthcare firms.


Margot James private NHS interests

Margot James had a key role at marketing giant WPP Group, which had a long list of healthcare clients.


Mark Lancaster private NHS interests

Mark Lancaster old adviser to property venture capital firm Company Palmer Capital Partners Ltd, a funder of Danescroft Commercial Developments, which has worked in the healthcare sector.


Andrew Lansley private NHS interests

 Andrew Lansley accepted £21,000 in Nov 2009 from John Nash, the former chairman of Care UK.


Oliver Letwin private NHS interests

Oliver Letwin was a non-executive director of N.M. Rothschild Corporate Finance Ltd, which invests heavily in healthcare.


Peter Lilley private NHS interests

Peter Lilley is non-Executive director of management software firm Idox plc, which provides services to the NHS Health Libraries Group and NHS Education for Scotland.


Tim Loughton private NHS interests

Tim Loughton accepted £350 for sessions with Cumberlege Connections, a political networking firm that works “extensively” with the pharmaceutical industry.


Mary Macleod private NHS interests

Mary MacLeod was a senior executive at Andersen Consulting/Accenture, which has profited from big PFI deals.


Francis Maude private NHS interests

Francis Maude was a director of PR firm Huntsworth plc, which was part of lobbying group Healthcare Communications Association.


Patrick Mercer private NHS interests

Patrick Mercer is adviser to Premier Composites Ltd, who design and build ‘healthcare pods’ for some private healthcare buildings, including a care home in Scotland and a mental health lodge in Preston.


Maria Miller private NHS interests

Maria Miller was director of Grey’s Advertising Ltd, an advertising and brand company which worked extensively with clients in the healthcare sector.


Andrew Mitchell private NHS interests

Andrew Mitchell was a strategy adviser to global management firm Accenture, which has worked extensively with private healthcare companies and the NHS.


Penny Mordaunt private NHS interests

Penny Mordaunt had worked for lobbying firm Hanover, where she had a range of healthcare clients.


Brooks Newmark private NHS interests

Brooks Newmark is partner in the Allele Fund, which invests in healthcare startups.


Jesse Norman private NHS interests

Jesse Norman accepted £5,000 from Crispin Odey, a major investor in Circle.


Stephen O’Brien private NHS interests

Stephen O’Brien accepted £40,000 from Julian Schild, whose family made £184 million in 2006 by selling hospital bed-makers Huntleigh Technology.


George Osborne private NHS interests

George Osborne accepted donation through Conservative Campaign Headquarters from Julian Schild


Richard Ottaway private NHS interests

Richard Ottaway visited the USA to attend seminars and meetings with elected US officials and policy forums. His return flight and accommodation were financed by Atlantic Bridge and registered 4 years late on 20th October 2011.


Priti Patel private NHS interests

Priti Patel worked for lobbying firm Weber Shandwick, which does PR for big healthcare and pharmaceutical firms.


John Redwood private NHS interests

John Redwood advised the private equity company which runs Pharmacy2u, the UK’s largest dedicated internet and mail order pharmacy.


Jacob Rees-Mogg private NHS interests

Jacob Rees-Mogg is partner of Somerset Capital Management LLP, which has healthcare investor Redwood Emerging Markets Dividend Income Fund as a client.


Malcolm Rifkind private NHS interests

Malcolm Rifkind is Chairman of advisory board at L.E.K. Consulting LLP, which helps private healthcare firms identify “new business development” and “opportunities with the Government”.


David Ruffley private NHS interests

David Ruffley accepted £10,000 in donations from Caroline Nash, wife of former Care UK chairman John Nash.


Mark Simmonds private NHS interests

Mark Simmonds  accepted £50,000 per year as a “strategic adviser” to Circle Health.


Chris Skidmore private NHS interests

Chris Skidmore accepted £3,500 for speeches to STAC Consultancy, which specialises in the launch of pharmaceutical products.


Nicholas Soames private NHS interests

Nicholas Soames accepted £2,000 from Crispin Odey, a major investor in Circle.


Andrew Tyrie private NHS interests

Andrew Tyrie attended the Ryder Cup as Secretary of the Parliamentary Golf Society, with travel and accommodation paid for by U.S. healthcare services company Humana Europe. This is the man who said he wants fracking but not in his back yard.


David Willetts private NHS interests

David Willetts has shares in Sensortec, a company that owns Vantix which was working on a contract for a new product to detect MRSI.


Rob Wilson private NHS interests

Rob Wilson had shares in Vital Imaging, a private screening company.


Nadhim Zahawi private NHS interests

Nadhim Zahawi is non-executive director of recruitment company SThree, which specialises in the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sector.

Tory attitude to NHS:

tory attitude to nhs

Source  Backup

Universal Credit purposely delayed in top Tory areas to avoid upsetting voters

The Tories quietly announced Universal Credit won’t be rolled out to constituencies of Theresa May, IDS, David Gauke and Damian Green until the problems are fixed.  The rest of the country will have to suffer it.  Read more

Quick, we don't want to upset our Tory constituents.png

May threatens to pull plug on United Nations funding unless they see things her way

Theresa May has had enough of the UN breathing down her neck due to these DWP deaths and for violating CRPD laws and has threatened to pull the plug on their funding.

The United Kingdom had signed up to CRPD optional protocols to protect the rights of disabled people.  It’s a checkbox that gives an appearance the Tories respect disabled people.

In reality, the Tories show contempt for the sick, disabled and the poor.  They famously blocked a £3 million fund set up by the EU to help UK’s poor people.

Here is what they found..

Extract from page 20..

Page 21..


Page 22..

Page 23..

You can read the full initial UN report here:

TV news has not been completely silent over Tory treatment of disabled people..

Coroners have come out and said the Tories are responsible for deaths

United Nations says Britain is going backwards instead of forwards

The most shocking aspect of the UN report is what it reveals about the UK government’s increasing non-compliance with existing UK legislation. For example, it is obliged by law to carry out impact assessments and gather necessary statistics concerning any policies likely to have a disproportionately negative impact on disabled people. But its replies to UN requests for data repeatedly demonstrated that it is in breach of this public sector equality duty. As a result, the government’s schools green paper, published a year ago, failed to conduct the legally required impact assessment, even though this policy would undoubtedly have affected the life chances of many disabled children.

Tories guilty of systemic violations

Government continue to breach disability rights British activists to tell UN committee

A United Nations committee will hear from British disability campaigners that the Government is breaching the rights of disabled people and ignoring requests for information on key issues.

On Monday activists will tell the UN’s Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) that their previous concerns have only been met with complacent or evasive answers.

In October the CRPD reported that welfare reforms have led to “grave and systematic violations” of disabled people’s rights, findings the Government said it strongly disagreed with.

The committee is now conducting a much wider investigation to assess the UK’s progress in implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People, as part of a periodic review all nations signed up to the convention must go through.

Kamran Mallick, the chief executive of Disability Rights UK, said many of the Government’s answers in its submission to the committee “have a tone of complacency at best and high-handed evasion at worst”.

He said it has provided no evidence to show how it is supporting people to lead independent lives, while its description of the Equality Act and the Care Act “simply don’t reflect the everyday experiences of disabled people in the UK”.

Mr Mallick added: “Many disabled people and their families saw the UK’s signature of the international convention as a vital milestone on the journey to true equality and the fulfilment that comes with leading independent, rounded lives.

“They now feel betrayed by the Government’s failure to adhere to either the spirit or the letter of the convention.

“Small steps forward are more than outweighed by a raft of significant adverse measures, such as cruel and demeaning benefit changes and the extension of compulsory mental health treatment to the community.”

Mr Mallick is set to tell the committee in Geneva that a range of Government policies and a lack of appropriate support and services from the NHS and local authorities mean the UK is breaching the human rights of many disabled people.

Many disabled people are unable to live the independent, fulfilling lives they could enjoy if the Government respected the convention, he will say.

CRPD’s review will look at issues such as detentions under mental health legislation, employment, education, transport and housing.

Disability Rights UK and other groups will give verbal evidence to the committee on Monday.

The committee will question representatives from the UK and devolved governments later this week.


The committee’s previous inquiry was instigated by the charity Disabled People Against Cuts, which contacted CRPD in 2012.

Other charities subsequently confirmed that they had also been in contact with the UN.

The UN’s report highlighted the impact of changes to housing benefit entitlement, eligibility criteria for personal independence payments and social care, and the closure of the independent living fund.

Backup to article here

Government continue to breach disability rights British activists to tell UN committee.png


Criminal justice agencies reject call to investigate Duncan Smith over DWP deaths

Scottish criminal justice agencies have rejected pleas to investigate the failure of two ministers to improve the safety of the government’s “fitness for work” test, despite evidence that their actions caused the deaths of at least three benefit claimants.

Source    Backup

How to get away with murder.png

How to get away with murder – become a DWP Minister?