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DWP cut disability allowance because assessor failed to turn up

Michelle Moloney, 40, who suffers from bipolar disorder type 2 and severe anxiety, was left unable to buy groceries after it was wrongly claimed she failed to attend an assessment.   In reality it was the assessor who failed to carry out the home-based assessment.

Even though it was the assessor’s fault this didn’t stop the DWP cutting off Michelle’s lifeline.  DWP’s letter stated “..we don’t think you’ve given us a good reason for this“.

Michelle complained directly to Capita who were meant to carry out the assessment on behalf of the DWP.  Capita still failed to put things right until being contacted by The Independent.

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DWP cut disability allowance because assessor failed to turn up


Probe launched after another DWP death

Young grandmother Jodey Whiting took her own life after her benefits were stopped when she missed appointment despite never seeing letter. The conduct of the DWP before and after the suicide of a tragic mum-of-nine is set to be investigated.

She had been plagued with ill health and the DWP were made aware of those issues by the Citizen’s Advice Bureau a week before she took her own life.  Her health issues, which included a brain cyst and curved spine, meant she could barely make it through the front door of her Stockton home.

The Independent Case Examiner (ICE) – who investigate alleged wrongdoing by the Government department has now accepted the complaint and will investigate.  It will look at five key claims as part of the complaint.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau sent a letter to the DWP regarding Jodey’s health issues on February 15, six days before her death, but it failed to act on it until March 23.

• Despite being made aware of her death on February 23 using the ‘tell us once’ system, the DWP issued a claim to Jodey about her Employment Support Allowance claim on February 25.

• The DWP failed to take appropriate action to upgrade their computer systems until March 1.

• The DWP continued to call Jodey’s phone and leave her voicemail messages until May, despite knowing of her death.

• The department failed to respond to Mrs Dove’s letter of April 13, 2017 until June 14, 2017.

Teesside Coroner’s Court heard last year that Jodey had battled with mental and physical health problems during her short life.

A shop assistant, she was forced to retire young due to pain which left her on 23 tablets-a-day, including morphine.

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Probe against Keith Vaz re-opened (but not because he leaked sex abuse victim identities to public)

A probe investigating MP Keith Vaz has been re-opened.  There are still no plans to investigate him for leaking sex abuse victim identities to the public which resulted in them receiving death threats.  The probe is more interested in what Vaz has been allegedly been doing with rent boys.   It was previously suspended for medical reasons.

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Keith Vaz

Kids forced to learn in cramped & crumbling schools with leaks, mould, damp & vermin

Staff who responded to the survey complained of leaks, mould, damp and even verminTory funding cuts have been disastrous for the children.

One teacher said the current school was only meant to be temporary.  It was supposed to get a new build from the government but it didn’t go through. It is riddled with asbestos and the roof badly leaks whenever it rains.

The heating often does not work and children sit in coats to learn. There are frequent problems with the toilets and drains. Numbers on roll are increasing and we cannot accommodate them.

Chris Keates, the union’s general secretary, said the survey revealed a “disgraceful picture of schools in the 21st century”.

The impact of the government’s failure to plan adequately for the predicted increase in the number of school places is clear for all to see.

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Nothing wrong with vermin?

What does Theresa May not want you to see?

It’s Tory take out the trash day.  While you have a few days holiday (if you’re lucky) the Tories have a bumper two weeks!  Before going away here’s a selection of what they dumped to avoid parliamentary scrutiny.

The Tories have officially BROKEN their promises on Right to Buy!

600,000 migrants got lost in the system!

A crucial childcare scheme will shut without a vote!

Tory Matt ‘dodgy app’ Hancock has been put in charge of your data!

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Tory take out the trash day.png

Tory take out the trash day

Senior Tory MPs accused of accepting money from former Soviet states

Tories Liam Fox and John Whittingdale were named at a Russian corruption hearing.

Trade secretary Liam Fox had been paid £5,700 for the Azerbaijani translation rights for his book plus more than £3,500 to attend the launch. Oliver Bullough, a journalist and author of books on Russian corruption having looked at the evidence stated “there is no conceivable way this was a commercial proposition”.

He went on to state Tory MP John Whittingdale had accepted £3,000 to fly to Vienna. “I do not know how you spend £3,000 to fly to Vienna,” he said. The money, Bullough said, came from a Ukrainian oligarch’s foundation at the time he was battling extradition to the US on a FBI indictment.

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More Tory corruption.png

More Tory corruption

Greedy Tories flew to Cannes party costing you £100K

The Tories continue to prove they can’t be trusted with taxpayers money.

A staggering £98,687 bill was picked up by the taxpayer for 15 government housing officials to attend a champagne-fueled property conference in picturesque Cannes.

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Tory greed