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Tory hypocrisy: Gove brings disposable coffee cup to meeting about environmental concerns

Tory environment secretary Michael Gove turned up to discuss environment issues with ministers carrying a disposable coffee cup, despite leading the country’s efforts to tackle plastic waste.

His reusable version appeared to have been abandoned in favour of one which pollutes the environment as he gave evidence to the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee on the work of Defra – including topics such as farming, air quality and post-Brexit plans.

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Michael Gove


War veteran bullied by Tory council & forced to live in shed

A veteran has been left feeling “suicidal” after being made homeless when his landlord sold the home he rented – and he was forced to sleep in a shed.

Tony Squirrell, 74, and his wife Joan, 69, have lived in the same town for 42 years in a privately rented property until five weeks ago.

The couple were served with a notice to leave when their landlord decided to sell the property and made a homeless application in April.

But Tony – who served in Singapore, Malaysia, Cyprus, Germany and Northern Ireland – claims he and his wife have been “bullied” by their local council and are now living apart.

The couple, from Bridgwater, Somerset, have been left depressed by the lack of help from Tory-run Sedgemoor District Council.

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Thinking about signing up?  Tories won’t care for you afterwards

9 in 10 crimes never solved thanks to Tory cuts

Only 11.6% of all crimes were solved between 2016 and 2017 as our police forces buckle under the strain of brutal Tory cuts.

The shocking figure is a drop of 26% and statistics also revealed a postcode lottery on the number of cases officers are closing across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott said the figures show austerity policies are impacting safety and justice in our communities.

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Unsolved crime? Thank the Tories

Northern axes trains as RMT calls for Grayling’s resignation

Passengers have been hit with hundreds of delays and cancellations since new timetables were introduced on 20 May.  Operator Northern blamed this on drivers having received training in time – something they would have surely known in advance.

RMT general secretary criticised transport secretary Chris Grayling’s ‘handling’ of the situation saying.  “Not only is he incompetent and not fit to run a railway but he is a coward as well, leaving RMT members to take the flack for failed policies that are his responsibility.”

“Grayling should get out, the private companies he is propping up should be sacked and the vital rail services the nation depends on should be returned to public ownership.,” the RMT general secretary, Mick Cash, said.   Source   Backup

Chris Grayling has a record of failure though – look at the mess he created as Justice Secretary.   Backup

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Can Grayling do anything properly?

Ben Baddeley suffers hip dislocation as Tories continue to ignore his plight

You will remember young Ben Baddeley whose treatment depends on crowdfunding because the Tories ignored his pleas to help him.

Sadly Ben recently suffered a hip dislocation and a dip in crowdfunding meant his parents cannot afford his vital treatment.

Please help to fund his treatment.

Ben’s Mum Amy tells us “The pain is horrendous for him, similar to that of sciatica.
The treatment that Ben needs is very expensive & costs around £1,800 every month dependent on his treatment needs at that time.

Ben is 13 years old and without treatment as he grows his muscles and nerves can’t develop correctly leaving him in pain on a daily basis.”


Ben’s Facebook page

Ben Baddeley with his Mum Amy

Ben with his Mum Amy

Outlawing of corrupt payments to political parties blocked by Tories

The UK government has refused to change a law to make it illegal for political parties to accept donations from corrupt sources, prompting Labour’s John McDonnell to ask, “why are you soft on tax evaders and money launderers?”

It comes after the Conservative party refused to cooperate with an investigation conducted by French authorities into allegations of money laundering and tax fraud committed by the company Lyca Mobile. The UK government has claimed they could not support such an investigation, citing that Lyca Mobile were the “biggest corporate donor to the Conservative party,”

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The Tories would lose out

Tory who fought slashing maximum gambling bets received thousands of pounds in tickets from bookies

A Tory MP who has fought against slashing the maximum bet on high stakes gambling machines received thousands of pounds of tickets from bookies in the past year.

Philip Davies got tickets to top horse racing meetings, such as the Cheltenham Festival, from the likes of Tory donor Ladbrokes.

Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey, who reportedly led a Cabinet revolt against cutting maximum stakes on the betting machines, got a free ticket for ­Cheltenham with Mr Davies, but had not declared it on her entry on the register of interests.

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