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NHS privatisation soars as private companies win 70% of clinical contracts in England

NHS spending on care provided by private companies has jumped by £700m to £3.1bn with non-NHS firms winning almost 70 per cent of tendered contracts in England last year.

The figures, revealed in a report by campaign group the NHS Support Federation, undermine repeated government claims that private companies play a small role in NHS care provision.

NHS private tenders

Source: NHS Support Federation 2017 contract report, page 16

contract report dec 2017 28_12_17 _Page_17

Source: NHS Support Federation 2017 contract report, page 17

contract report dec 2017 28_12_17 _Page_18

Source: NHS Support Federation 2017 contract report, page 18

Figure 3 clearly shows a rise to NHS tenders going to private companies and a fall in NHS tenders from 60% to just 36%.

Read the NHS Support Federation 2017 contract report

Richard Branson’s Virgin Care scooped a record £1bn worth of contracts last year, meaning the company now has over 400 separate NHS contracts, making it the dominant private provider in the NHS market.

The extent of Virgin Care’s portfolio has angered campaigners, as the company pays no tax in the UK, and its parent company is registered in the British Virgin Islands – a tax haven.

Speaking of tax – UK tax fraud has risen to £16 billion per year according to the 2017 Annual Fraud Indicator – page 22.  This makes Tory claims of doing something about it rather empty.

Jeremy Hunt accepted £32,920 from Andrew Law a major private healthcare investor.  He isn’t the only MP with such dealings – take a look here for details.

The very same Andrew Law also donated £2,034,785.34 to the Tories (expecting nothing in return of course).  Have a look here for details.

Here is the book Jeremy Hunt co-authored calling for the NHS to be replaced with private insurance.

Here is the price list for your confidential medical files as the Tories sell them off.

No doubt Jeremy Hunt is looking forward to his fourth payrise in two years in return for all the ‘good’ he is doing with the NHS.  Meanwhile those in the NHS who save lives have to ‘make do’.

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Tories remove thousands of key papers from National Archives

A massive trove of government papers detailing some dark episodes of British history, including the Falklands War and the notorious Northern Irish Troubles, have vanished from the National Archives.

The revelations may leave historians particularly suspicious, as it is not the first time files documenting controversial episodes of Britain’s past have disappeared or been destroyed. In August last year, records linking the UK to Israel’s nuclear program went missing from the National Archives. The archives assured the public it was following a “robust”plan to find the lost files.

A few years earlier, the Foreign Office revealed that multiple documents that “might embarrass members of the police, military forces, public servants (such as police agents or informers)” in former British colonies or “might compromise sources of intelligence” were deliberately destroyed as part of ‘Operation Legacy’.

Files about arms sales to Saudi Arabia, UK special forces operations against Indonesia and interrogation techniques have also mysteriously vanished.

Source 1    Source 2   Source 3

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MPs get fourth payrise in two years

MPs will soon enjoy a 1.8 percent pay rise, bringing their incomes to over £77,000.  It’s their fourth pay rise in two years. Meanwhile, pay for public-sector workers – nurses, teachers and firemen – remains capped at 1 percent. 

Politicians will see their pay increase by almost £1,400 in April 2018 to £77,379.  MPs’ pay will have effectively risen by around £11,000 since 2014, while public servants face a real-terms pay cut amid stagnating wages and rising living costs.

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Fury as council awards £104m NHS contract to Virgin

“It is exactly what we have been warning people about. These contracts are now being given to the private sector and it is clearly the Government’s agenda.”

A County Hall decision to award a £104m healthcare contract to the private sector instead of the NHS has sparked a storm of protest in Lancashire.

The service is currently carried out by the Lancashire Care Trust, but the contract runs out at the end of March.

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Read the book Jeremy Hunt co-wrote calling for NHS to be replaced with private insurance


NHS privatisation

Another person with terminal cancer dies after being found fit to work by DWP

A man with terminal cancer died before he was able to appeal a ruling by the Department for Work and Pensions which stated he was “fit to work”.

Phillip Balderson, 46, had been working at a hotel in the Lake District but was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer in 2013.

He also had psoriatic arthritis and a number of mental health problems, including anxiety and OCD.


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Fury as Philip Hammond suggests disabled workers are suppressing economic productivity

The Tories are well known for showing their contempt for sick and disabled people.  The world knows they have been under investigation by the United Nations for violating laws to protect these people.   Tory Philip Hammond doesn’t like them in work either, apparently claiming they are ‘suppressing economic productivity’.  But what can you expect from someone who recently claimed ‘there are no unemployed people’?  

Hammond's hatred

Why Davis should follow through with his threat to resign

‘Minister of Brexit’ David Davis threatened to resign if the ‘Minister of Porn’ Damian Green was sacked for looking at thousands of porn images on his computer when he was meant to be working

Now it appears Davis was lying over the existence of impact assessments on Brexit.  First he said there were detailed assessments on Brexit.  When ordered to release those assessments he was forced to admit they didn’t exist!

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