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Tory MPs will learn if they will be arrested before polling day

Tory MPs will learn if they will be charged before the general election, reports suggest.

The penalty is up to one year in prison and an unlimited fine.

Under existing rules however after serving a prison term of one year or under MPs are allowed to resume their position.  Lords can serve an unlimited amount of time in prison and legally resume their position.

This should make it perfectly clear to voters that these people are responsible for making such laws which is why they are so lenient.

Mr Mackinlay (pictured below) was interviewed under caution for six hours about the claims as part of the police inquiry.

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Craig Mackinlay was interviewed under caution for six hours

Why people vote Tory

Is this what Tory voters want?


Doctors are preparing to move abroad


Number of patients waiting to start treatment is increasing


GP vacancy rate is increasing as existing doctors leave the NHS


The chances of getting a hospital bed are decreasing


Nurses are leaving the NHS


Have a look for yourself



Broken Tory promises

From balancing the books and running a budget surplus to delivering a strong NHS, the past two years included plenty of broken pledges.

1 Promise : We will balance the books by 2017 and then run a budget surplus.

Reality : The deficit is still £50billion a year and will not even be closed by 2020.

2 Promise: We will not increase VAT, Income Tax or National Insurance Contributions.

Reality : Chancellor hiked NICs in first Budget before being shamed into a U-turn a week later.

3 Promise : We will work to end child poverty.

Reality : Child poverty is on the rise and forecast to get even worse when new welfare cuts kick in.

4 Promise : We will deliver a strong NHS.

Reality : Waiting times have soared, A&E is in meltdown and medics were forced to strike.   Have a look how bad things are in YOUR area.

5 Promise : We will cut net migration to below 100,000 people a year.

Reality : Migration is running at 273,000 a year.

6 Promise : We will safeguard British interests in the EU single market.

Reality : Theresa May is pulling us out of the single market as part of her plan for Brexit .

7 Promise : We will protect schools funding.

Reality : Funding is being cut by 6.5% with many inner city schools facing even bigger losses.

8 Promise : We will boost mental health funding.

Reality : Only half of mental health trusts say they received a real-terms increase to budgets.


9 Promise : We will abolish long-term youth unemployment.

Reality : Latest stats show 80,000 aged 16-24 have been unemployed for more than 12 months.


10 Promise : We will recover £500million a year from migrants who use the NHS by the middle of the next Parliament.

Reality : Barely half of that is being recovered.

11 Promise : We will give workers the right to three days’ volunteering leave a year on full pay.

Reality : It never happened.

12 Promise : We will increase British exports to £1trillion by 2020.

Reality : Now admit target will not be hit.

13 Promise : We will ban wild animals in circuses.

Reality : Tory MPs blocked the Bill in Parliament.

14 Promise: We will ensure the NHS has enough staff to meet patients’ needs.

Reality: NHS has a staffing crisis while pay rises for key workers are still pegged below inflation.

15 Promise : We will clamp down on dangerous extremists with new Extremism Disruption Orders.

Reality : Counter-Extremism Bill never appeared as lawyers failed to agree a definition of “extremism”.


16 Promise : We will introduce a new Victims’ Law to enshrine key rights for victims of crime.

Reality : It never happened.


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Do vote. Don’t vote Tory – here’s why…

This video explains what happens when you vote Tory.

HSBC reportedly laundered money to Tory party

Just when the Tories thought the worst was behind them with the Election Expenses scandal another proverbial skeleton falls out of the closet!

On 28th April 2017 serious allegations were made about significant HSBC loans to the company IPGL led by former Treasurer of the Tory party and current Chair of the Tory party foundation Mr Michael Spencer.  The unrefuted allegation was that HSBC loaned to IPGL over £200 million from 6th October 2008 onwards.  The company was in some financial distress.  Despite this it is reported that over £5 million of HSBC loans have been directly laundered to Tory party headquarters!

The Electoral Commission have been asked:

  • Did HSBC and IPGL inform the Electoral Commission of all donations to the Tory party during the period IPGL was in receipt of a substantial loan from HSBC?
  • What is the Electoral Commission’s policy where bank loans to companies in distress are then laundered to party political donations?
  • Will the Electoral Commission launch an immediate investigation into whether electoral law has been broken by HSBC and IPGL since 2008?
  • In the Electoral Commission’s view have such loans any implications for full and proper declarations relating to the 2017 General Election?


Download in pdf



Tories plan to cut a further £22 BILLION from our NHS

Since our NHS went into a state of Humanitarian Crisis it was forced to call in charity Red Cross.  The Tories deny there is a crisis and they won’t tell you their plan to cut a further £22 BILLION from the NHS.

We have a so-called health secretary who gladly offers his thanks to NHS staff but offers no real solution to the NHS Humanitarian Crisis as people die on hospital trolleys waiting to be seen by staff.

If you need more convincing that the Tories are the wrong people to govern our NHS have a look at how bad the situation is in your area with the NHS tracker.

For the first time you can find out just how bad the NHS humanitarian crisis is in your area simply by providing your postcode.  You’ll be provided with waiting list numbers and financial data for your area.   Find out the truth here with the NHS crisis tracker.


Theresa May refuses blame for NURSES having to use foodbanks

Theresa May claims there’s no connection between the Tories being in power since 2010 and NURSES having to use foodbanks!


Nurses using foodbanks.png