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Bare-faced cheek as Theresa May discusses ‘humanitarian law’ with Saudi Arabia as she tramples on rights of disabled in UK

Theresa May has the bare-faced cheek to discuss ‘humanitarian law’ with Saudi Arabia while selling weapons to them.   All this is going on while she is knowingly in breach of United Nations articles to protect her own people in the UK.

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Government continue to breach disability rights British activists to tell UN committee

A United Nations committee will hear from British disability campaigners that the Government is breaching the rights of disabled people and ignoring requests for information on key issues.

On Monday activists will tell the UN’s Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) that their previous concerns have only been met with complacent or evasive answers.

In October the CRPD reported that welfare reforms have led to “grave and systematic violations” of disabled people’s rights, findings the Government said it strongly disagreed with.

The committee is now conducting a much wider investigation to assess the UK’s progress in implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People, as part of a periodic review all nations signed up to the convention must go through.

Kamran Mallick, the chief executive of Disability Rights UK, said many of the Government’s answers in its submission to the committee “have a tone of complacency at best and high-handed evasion at worst”.

He said it has provided no evidence to show how it is supporting people to lead independent lives, while its description of the Equality Act and the Care Act “simply don’t reflect the everyday experiences of disabled people in the UK”.

Mr Mallick added: “Many disabled people and their families saw the UK’s signature of the international convention as a vital milestone on the journey to true equality and the fulfilment that comes with leading independent, rounded lives.

“They now feel betrayed by the Government’s failure to adhere to either the spirit or the letter of the convention.

“Small steps forward are more than outweighed by a raft of significant adverse measures, such as cruel and demeaning benefit changes and the extension of compulsory mental health treatment to the community.”

Mr Mallick is set to tell the committee in Geneva that a range of Government policies and a lack of appropriate support and services from the NHS and local authorities mean the UK is breaching the human rights of many disabled people.

Many disabled people are unable to live the independent, fulfilling lives they could enjoy if the Government respected the convention, he will say.

CRPD’s review will look at issues such as detentions under mental health legislation, employment, education, transport and housing.

Disability Rights UK and other groups will give verbal evidence to the committee on Monday.

The committee will question representatives from the UK and devolved governments later this week.


The committee’s previous inquiry was instigated by the charity Disabled People Against Cuts, which contacted CRPD in 2012.

Other charities subsequently confirmed that they had also been in contact with the UN.

The UN’s report highlighted the impact of changes to housing benefit entitlement, eligibility criteria for personal independence payments and social care, and the closure of the independent living fund.

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Rebels demand Theresa May honours promised cap on energy bills

Theresa May has been hit by a major protest by Tory MPs after dropping a pledge to cap energy bills, The Telegraph can disclose.

It comes as no surprise that Theresa May wants to ditch her promise because it would affect many of her donors.

Ian Taylor (Oil Executive) £1,827,752*

Ayman Asfari (oil trader) £664,350**

Scottish Power UK Plc donated £40,000

EDF Energy Plc donated £31,000

Kerr Mcgee Oil UK Plc £23,000

Moltex Energy Ltd donated £14,316

Calor Gas Limited donation £5,000

*  Under names Mr Ian Taylor, Mr Ian R Taylor, Ian R Taylor
** Under names Mr Ayman Asfari, Ayman Asfari

Source: Electoral Commission from 12th Feb 2001 to 8th June 2017

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Hunt in row with Professor over NHS insurance

Jeremy Hunt is having a row with Professor Stephen Hawking over NHS insurance. He claims one of the most intelligent people on the planet is wrong that the Tories seemed to be steering the UK towards a US-style health insurance system.

This is the same Jeremy Hunt who co-authored a book (read here) calling for the NHS to be replaced with private insurance!

This is the same Jeremy Hunt who accepted a payment of £32,920 from hedge fund baron Andrew Law, a major investor in private healthcare firms.  Law has also donated £2,034,785.34 to the Tories going under various names. Backup to article here which exposes Hunt and other MPs.

This is the same Jeremy Hunt with links to US healthcare system Kaiser Permanente pictured below with them.


Here are other things Jeremy Hunt has done to aid a private NHS.

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Fracking site approval based on legal errors

The communities secretary, Sajid Javid, made significant legal errors when he overturned a council’s refusal to allow test drilling at a fracking site in Lancashire, a court has been told.  Source  Backup

Probably another error was that he accepted payment from a pro-fracking group before authorising the site to be fracked, overruling the residents.  Source

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Jeremy Hunt “doesn’t know” who will use his £44k taxpayer-funded loo in latest round of Tory splashouts

In the latest round of Tory splashouts comes a £44,000 bathroom suite inside Jeremy Hunt’s office.  Despite the location, Hunt claims it’s not for him and he’s not exactly sure who it’s for.

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Brexit Bill could remove right to sue Government

‘This is a shameless attempt to take away people’s rights through the backdoor.’

According to reports, the new legislation will ban individuals and companies from launching compensation claims against Whitehall post-Brexit.

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Taking your rights by the back door.png

Taking your rights by the back door?