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Westminster child abuse inquiry hearing told ‘not to focus on high profile paedophiles’

The so-called ‘Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse’ has 13 strands.  One of these is the Westminster strand.  It seems certain people are keen not to expose whether high-profile individuals such as former prime minister Sir Edward Heath are paedophiles but instead look elsewhere.  This smells of a cover-up to us.  How can an inquiry be taken seriously if its told to ignore certain things of relevance?

This inquiry was a farce even before it was launched.  It took dithering Theresa May over 200 days to launch it since promising justice to the victimsA minister leaked the named of victims to the public which led to abuse victims receiving death threats. The commissioner for Parliamentary standards told us they had not investigated this MP regarding the matter.

The inquiry is currently on its FOURTH chairperson.

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Bare-faced cheek as Theresa May discusses ‘humanitarian law’ with Saudi Arabia as she tramples on rights of disabled in UK

Theresa May has the bare-faced cheek to discuss ‘humanitarian law’ with Saudi Arabia while selling weapons to them.   All this is going on while she is knowingly in breach of United Nations articles to protect her own people in the UK.

Backup to article discussing humanitarian law with Saudi Arabia.

Backup to article The UK has made 10 times more in arms sales to Saudi Arabia than it’s given in aid to Yemen

Backup to UK breaching disabled peoples’ rights.

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Theresa May & Tories criminally negligent says former MET Police chief

“The Government is lying to the public”, he adds.

“Extra” officers on the streets were actually officers putting in 16-hour shifts or working on “rare leave days”.

Former Met Police chief Peter Kirkham has accused the government of “lying” about the number of armed officers on the streets, during an interview in the wake of the London terror attack.

“The Met is in crisis”

“We haven’t got enough cops to actually put people on the street, that’s the main problem really, the streets have been lost. And I would put it as strongly as that,” he said.

Statistics published by the Metropolitan Police show that:

  • gun crime increased by more than two fifths (42 per cent) year-on-year with 2,544 offences recorded in 2016/17;
  • knife crime jumped by almost a quarter (24 per cent), with more than 4,000 offences involving blades resulting in an injury;
  • the total number of offences recorded by the force rose by nearly 4.6 per cent from 740,933 to 774,737;
  • violence against the person crimes were up by 4.7 per cent while there were also increases in robberies (12 per cent), sex offences (9 per cent) and theft (7 per cent);

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Theresa May was Home Secretary under Cameron and Osborne when she made drastic cuts to front line emergency services.



Police forces all face major budget cuts   backup

Watchdog says police cuts have left forces in ‘perilous state’   backup


96% of hospitals have nurse shortages   backup

Fire fighters

Firefighter shortage blamed for shocking number of fire engines out of service   backup

Accident and Emergency

Almost half of NHS authorities to cut hospital beds and third to close A&E   backup

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‘Criminally negligent’ Theresa May

Thanks to Pride’s Purge for additional information

Theresa May – the nervous PM who can only reply with fake stock answers

This is what Graham Mills, 73, discovered when he confronted the Prime Minister before her speech at Netherton Conservative Club on Saturday.

He quizzed her on privatisation, her refusal to take part in leadership debates and her ‘poor’ record as home secretary.

But despite his barrage of questions, Mr Mills claims he never got straight answers.

“I started by asking her why she would not debate the other leaders on the TV and she said ‘well we meet every Wednesday’ and I said that is hardly an answer and asked if she thought she owed it to the public. Again I did not really get an answer.

“I asked her why she was running the exact same campaign as David Cameron did with Lynton Crosby and employing the same scare tactics by suggesting Labour would form a coalition with the SNP, which she knows they wouldn’t. It is scare tactics.

I was amazed at how nervous she was.  She spoke about Europe saying we had to get things back so I asked her why doesn’t she start at home?

“She kept giving me stock answers every time. I was really disappointed.”


Let’s have a recap of Theresa May truths as Home Secretary:

Her department in chaos despite huge payrises

She wasted £1.9m on untaken flights

Child abuse victims receive death threats after minister publishes information online!

Tory Home Office blunder allows foreign murderer to live in UK

Her unsatisfactory voting record

Hacking made legal for the elite

Her desire to dictate your Human Rights

Her child abuse shame

Her obsession with snooping

Ringleader for taking away freedom of speech

In favour of keeping money illegally stolen from jobseekers

Workers should have zero employment rights

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THIRD sex probe chief set to receive golden handshake and more taxpayer-funded benefits

Dame Lowell Goddard could receive up to £90,000 severance pay and continue to live in a £2,000-a-week rented home at taxpayers’ expense despite her shock resignation from the British Government’s child sex abuse inquiry.

The Home Office said last night the terms of her departure were still being decided but could not rule out a pay-off for the New Zealander.

It added that Dame Lowell would be allowed to carry on living at an apartment in Knightsbridge, which costs £110,000 a year, paid out of public funds, until she was able “to make alternative arrangements”.

Dame Lowell left the inquiry in chaos when she suddenly quit her £360,000-a-year role on Thursday evening. She quit just 18 months after taking the role of which 70 days she used as a holiday! Victims and their lawyers accused her of a “betrayal” while complaining the inquiry had “descended into farce”.


Sex abuse probe farce as THIRD chairperson quits

Dame Lowell Goddard, has become the third chairman to resign from Britain’s troubled inquiry into child sex abuse. First chair, Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, stood down in July 2014. Second chair, Fiona Woolf, stood down in October 2014.

Here is the resignation letter of THIRD chair, Dame Lowell Goddard. She quit 18 months after taking the role of which 70 days she used as a holiday!


Home Office Sex Abuse Inquiry farce

Home Office Sex Abuse Inquiry farce as Government leaks data to public, victims receive death threats THEN Government loses the data!

Government Handling of Sex Abuse Inquiry becomes a scandal.png

Theresa May’s child abuse inquiry shame: Counting the days since Home Secretary promised victims justice

Theresa May’s child abuse inquiry shame: Counting the days since Home Secretary promised victims justice

Shame on her

Shame on her