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9 in 10 crimes never solved thanks to Tory cuts

Only 11.6% of all crimes were solved between 2016 and 2017 as our police forces buckle under the strain of brutal Tory cuts.

The shocking figure is a drop of 26% and statistics also revealed a postcode lottery on the number of cases officers are closing across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott said the figures show austerity policies are impacting safety and justice in our communities.

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Unsolved crime? Thank the Tories

Tory police cuts driving violent crime, says Met chief

Cuts to police budgets are driving rising violent crime, Britain’s most senior police officer has said, following another murder in London.

More than 60 people have been murdered in London so far this year but violence has not been confined to the capital.

A teenager has been arrested on suspicion of murdering a 16-year-old boy who was stabbed in the street in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, on Thursday.

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Tory Police cuts likely contributed to rise in violent crime leaked report reveals

Leaked Home Office documents undermine Amber Rudd’s claim that police cuts were not to blame for increase in violent offending.  As usual for the Tories, they were unable to back up their claims that the cuts were not responsible with any evidence.

Home Office statistics show the number of police officers fell from 143,734 in March 2010 to 123,142 in March 2017.

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May and Rudd

PC resigns blaming Tory cuts

Front-line policing is at ‘breaking point’

“To the government I have nothing good to say whatsoever, they should hang their heads in shame.”

This is what PC Joseph Torkington said in full –

“To Chief Constable Hopkins,

I am PC 11834 Joe Torkington. I am currently a Neighbourhood Beat Officer based on the J Division.

I write to inform you that as of this date – Monday 28th August 2017 – I hereby give notice of my resignation from my role of Constable with Greater Manchester Police.

My Police journey effectively began as a kid as the son of a Police Sergeant – my Dad served thirty years in Derbyshire Constabulary. I lived on the same street as Divisional Headquarters and growing up, I was very much part of what back then was a ‘real’ Police family.

Throughout my youth, I ate in the canteen, trained in the gym, played pool in the bar and five aside football in the drill hall, all the while surrounded by my Dads friends and colleagues.

Naturally this experience had a profound effect upon me and in 2005 aged twenty six I commenced my training with GMP. Bruche was everything I’d hoped it would be. I fit right in, settled quickly and bonded with all my classmates.

Landing on Division six months later was a slightly different affair to say the least! The eager friendly faces I had encountered at training school were few and far between, but I persevered against the odds, proved myself a capable officer and remained true to myself.

In 2008, an attachment to the VCT seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up and so I left Response for what turned out to be arguably the most enjoyable year of my career. The officers in that department were pro-active, dedicated and ambitious and we got involved in some great jobs with equally fantastic results. Despite my love of the VCT role, the imminent arrival of my third child meant a need for more family friendly hours and so I successfully applied for the role of NBO.

When I began this role in late 2009, Neighbourhood Policing still existed. I took genuine pride in walking my beat, getting to know my community and having the responsibility for tackling any problems that came my way. I had great supervision and colleagues and felt valued and happy in my work.

Unfortunately, as the years have passed, the role has been gradually eroded and marginalised, to the extent I have genuinely struggled at times to understand exactly what is expected of me. Despite remaining an NBO, I have increasingly done anything but Neighbourhood work, yet my photo remains on posters and the like, thus giving the community the impression that they have a dedicated local officer! I actually consider this in itself to be beyond misleading, if not entirely fraudulent.

Indeed, I firmly believe it was this continuing deception to both staff and the public alike that gave birth to my now deep rooted mistrust of the Government and our entire organisation. Other factors followed further compounding my lack of faith and belief…Windsor; the Pay Freeze; the demolition of the terms and conditions of our pensions; the heavy cuts to frontline resources; the increasing bureaucracy despite constant promises for its reduction; the constant changes of systems, focus, direction, priorities, shift patterns, teams, geographical beats, policies, process, protocol, all without any apparent benefit to anyone other than those in the upper echelons of the promotion system.

The result of the aforementioned? Plummeting morale..

I can only truly speak for myself, but I am fairly certain my views are shared by the many not the few, that the Police Service is, all clichés aside, at breaking point. I just can’t understand what is going on? Response are parading on so few officers there aren’t actually any officers free to attend Grade One’s. I can’t even begin to express the feeling of despair I feel listening to Comms. trying to give out jobs to patrols that don’t exist and of officers being sent to dangerous jobs with little, or no back up. How some of my colleagues can turn up to work knowing they could be walking into a nightmare alone is beyond me. I have more than admiration for their individual and collective resilience.

I would never claim to be the hardest of men, but once upon a time I could do this job well and was not afraid of confrontation. However, for the last two to three years at work, I have been in a permanent state of anxiety and stress. I feel consumed and surrounded by negativity and whatever I have tried to do to lift such feelings has failed because the situation at work keeps getting worse.

Despite what the Government says, this job is all about numbers. I’m happy to turn up to any job as long as I have colleagues with me. I’m brave, but I’m not stupid. I have three kids and a glass back, I need back up. I need that reassurance and assistance and it doesn’t exist.

So Sir, it is with regret that I see no other option but to resign. I’d love to say I was riding off into the sunset, walking into a well-paid job etc., but I’m not. I’m going to be earning minimum wage and no doubt struggling financially, but hopefully I’ll be able to recover from my anxiety and depression away from what Policing has become. It is a shame as I truly believe I have a lot to offer this job, I have skills and knowledge and experience. I have always worked hard and endeavoured to treat everyone I have encountered with dignity and respect, not because the job tells me too, but because I know that is the right thing to do. I joined the Police to serve and protect. I have tried Sir I can proudly say that.

I wish all my colleagues of every rank I leave behind, all the luck in the world and they will always have my upmost respect. I nod in respect to you to Sir, I know you lead us in difficult times and I imagine with many constraints and restrictions placed upon you.

To the government I have nothing good to say whatsoever, they should hang their heads in shame.

As for me…what can I say…I am more than a number…….”

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Joseph Torkington

PC 11834 Joe Torkington

Tories prefer you didn’t see this

These are official documents that include details of deep cuts to police numbers published too late to be scrutinised by MPs.

  We have fewer police officers. A drop of 0.7% to 123,142 police officers across all ranks in England and Wales at the end of March this year. This is the lowest number at the end of a financial year since comparable records began in 1996.

  We have fewer soldiers. The number of full-time soldiers has fallen by 7,000 in the last three years. Across the Army, Air Force and the Navy there are currently 570 fewer service personnel than in June 2016.

Britain has sold £3.3bn worth of arms to Saudi Arabia in the past two years alone, including licences for aircraft, drones, grenades, and missiles. The Foreign Office report said the UK is “deeply concerned about the application of the death penalty” in Saudi Arabia and restrictions on freedom of expression, as well as women’s rights.

 Decision to scrap the electrification of train lines, which had been heralded as a way of making the rail network faster, greener and cleaner, after massive budget overruns of billions of pounds.  The pledge was made by David Cameron in 2012 but has proven to be a waste of time and money. 

 A statement showing UK plans to opt into new Brussels regulations allowing for more cross-border police cooperation in cases where children are at risk of parental abduction.

 A report showing that schools and colleges do not currently have the capacity to teach all pupils maths until they are 18, with about a decade needed to expand capacity.

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Theresa May takes out the trash

Theresa May takes out the trash

Theresa May & Tories criminally negligent says former MET Police chief

“The Government is lying to the public”, he adds.

“Extra” officers on the streets were actually officers putting in 16-hour shifts or working on “rare leave days”.

Former Met Police chief Peter Kirkham has accused the government of “lying” about the number of armed officers on the streets, during an interview in the wake of the London terror attack.

“The Met is in crisis”

“We haven’t got enough cops to actually put people on the street, that’s the main problem really, the streets have been lost. And I would put it as strongly as that,” he said.

Statistics published by the Metropolitan Police show that:

  • gun crime increased by more than two fifths (42 per cent) year-on-year with 2,544 offences recorded in 2016/17;
  • knife crime jumped by almost a quarter (24 per cent), with more than 4,000 offences involving blades resulting in an injury;
  • the total number of offences recorded by the force rose by nearly 4.6 per cent from 740,933 to 774,737;
  • violence against the person crimes were up by 4.7 per cent while there were also increases in robberies (12 per cent), sex offences (9 per cent) and theft (7 per cent);

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Theresa May was Home Secretary under Cameron and Osborne when she made drastic cuts to front line emergency services.



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‘Criminally negligent’ Theresa May

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