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Tory Helen Grant puts foot in it over passports

Tory Helen Grant puts foot in it over passports

Tory Helen Grant puts foot in it over passports

Presumably Cameron thought Helen Grant would be a better minister for tourism (considering she was unable to answer any sports questions as Minister of Sport).

She succeeded in patronising the public in her new role though, saying if you’re waiting for your passport you should holiday in the UK!

Back when Helen Grant was sports minister she failed to correctly answer any questions put to her on sport..

The ICO revealed Cabinet Ministers DO NOT NEED to have any qualifications or experience in the positions they hold with the exception of the Lord Chancellor.

Sports Minister Helen Grant fails to correctly answer every sports question

Tory Sports Minister Helen Grant fails to correctly answer every sports question

Tory Sports Minister Helen Grant fails to correctly answer every sports question

Sports Minister Helen Grant  fails to correctly answer every sports question

This prompted an investigation into what qualifications and experience cabinet ministers actually need – and the answer shockingly is none (except for Lord Chancellor). 

Donate to Tories and get your free mug, a begging email from Grant Shapps

Donate to Tories and get your free mug, a begging email from Grant Shapps

Donate to Tories and get your free mug, a begging email from Grant Shapps

Donate to Tories and get your free mug, a begging email from Grant Shapps

Reworded for accuracy


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So ignore the police investigation into our party. Ignore the United Nations Inquiry into us mistreating sick and disabled people. Ignore the fact that our policies have contributed to the deaths of Nick Barker, Robert Barlow, Cecilia Burns, Chris Cann, Leanne Chambers, David Clapson, David Groves, Stephen Hill, Edward Jacques, Brian McArdle, Mark Mullins, Helen Mullins, Tim Salter, Mark Scott, Karen Sherlock, Elenore Tatton, Colin Traynor, Mark Wood and Linda Wootton (feel free to Google their names). Just give us your money and let us continue.

Grant Shapps aka Michael Green, Sebastian Fox
Conservative Party Chairman

Grant Shapps or whatever name he wants to use is no stranger to controversy as you would expect.

Shapps closed down his dodgy website before the police investigated it

Tory Shapps closes website before police probe

Tory Shapps closes website before police probe

Shapps tried to block housing plan where he keeps his plane

Tory Shapps tried to block housing plan where he keeps plane

Tory Shapps tried to block housing plan where he keeps plane

Jobs for the boys as Cameron creates taxpayer funded job for Shapps

'Jobs for the boys' Cameron's new job for Shapps

‘Jobs for the boys’ Cameron’s new job for Shapps

 Tories offer more carrots if you vote for them

Tories offer more carrots if you vote for them

Tories offer more carrots if you vote for them

Did your MP vote for mass surveillance?

The infamous Snoopers’ Charter (Investigatory Powers) is now law.  The majority of MPs taking part voted to allow the bulk interception of communications, equipment interference (hacking into your devices), and the retention and examination of bulk personal datasets.

Investigatory Powers Bill — Third Reading — Mass Surveillance7 Jun 2016 at 18:56
Find out how your MP voted here or scroll down to see a list.  If you’re unsure who your MP is then find out here.

They may tell you the Snoopers Charter is necessary to fight terrorism.  If it’s to fight terrorism you may want to ask your MP why this law permits sharing of your browsing history with: Welsh Ambulance ServicesCompetition and Markets AuthorityDepartment for Work and PensionsDepartment of HealthFood Standards Agency, Gambling Commission, Department for TransportFinancial Conduct AuthorityHealth and Safety Executive.

Here’s why they can’t be trusted with your data.

Full list here of who has access to your data under Investigatory Powers – see schedule 4

We have written to the above authorities asking why they need access to your private data. Their responses will be published below the graphic.  If you’ve written to your MP about this we will gladly publish their response.  Please email a copy of their letter to


Competition and Markets Authority have informed us why they need your private data:
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) needs investigatory powers for the purpose of detecting and investigating criminal cartels. Cartels typically take the form of agreements between competitors to fix prices, share customers or markets, limit production or supply, or to rig bids for contracts. They are amongst the most egregious forms of anti-competitive conduct and are akin to complex fraud, involving secret arrangements that can operate over many years at the expense of consumers and taxpayers (as a result of higher prices and reduced choice). The cartel offence under the Enterprise Act 2002 is a serious crime, punishable on first conviction with up to five years’ imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine.

Cartels are almost always conducted in secret, with very little written documentation (or documentation that is fragmentary and susceptible to interpretation), making them very difficult to detect and prove. As such, the regulated use of investigatory powers plays a critical role in the CMA’s investigations.

Business Services (Northern Ireland) have informed us why they need access to your private data if you live in the UK.

Welsh Ambulance Services have informed us why they need access to your private data if you live in the UK.

Food Standards Agency have informed us why they need access to your private data if you live in the UK.

NHS Business Services Authority have informed us why they need access to your private data if you live in the UK.

Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service have informed us why they need your private data: “For the purpose of preventing death or injury or any damage to a person’s physical or mental health, or of mitigating any injury or damage to a person’s physical or mental health

Department for Work and Pensions have informed us why they need access to your private data. Although it remains to be seen if they will make use of your data to claim you’re fit for work or adversely affect any benefit that you’re in receipt of.

Gambling Commission have been helpful in their response as to why they need access to your private data.  Their provision of information contained a guide explaining the Operational case for the use of communications data by public authorities relating to all Government departments.

Department for Communities Northern Ireland have informed us why they need access to your private  data.

Department for the Economy (Northern Ireland) have informed us  why they need access to your private data.

Food Standards Scotland have informed us why they need access to your private data.

Financial Conduct Authority have informed us why they need access to your private data.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service have responded to our question and while they did provide some information it was not what we asked for.  If it’s the same as Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service then the answer would be “For the purpose of preventing death or injury or any damage to a person’s physical or mental health, or of mitigating any injury or damage to a person’s physical or mental health

As you can see their use is nothing to do with preventing terrorism.

The more parties who have direct access to your Internet records the greater risk of them being leaked into the wrong hands.  A much better solution would have been to allow GCHQ and MI5 to pass specific information onto the above agencies and departments.

We are waiting for a press response from these departments as to why they need access to your data.  Board of Scottish Fire and Rescue ServicesHMRC, RAFHealth and Safety Executive, Department for TransportDepartment of Health.

Due to many requests we have published how your MP voted below…

Investigatory Powers BillThird ReadingMass Surveillance7 Jun 2016 at 18:56

Nigel Adams Selby and Ainsty Con (front bench) aye
Adam Afriyie Windsor Con aye
Peter Aldous Waveney Con (front bench) aye
Lucy Allan Telford Con (front bench) aye
Heidi Allen South Cambridgeshire Con (front bench) aye
David Amess Southend West Con (front bench) aye
Stuart Andrew Pudsey Con aye
Caroline Ansell Eastbourne Con (front bench) aye
Edward Argar Charnwood Con (front bench) aye
Victoria Atkins Louth and Horncastle Con (front bench) aye
Richard Bacon South Norfolk Con (front bench) aye
Steven Baker Wycombe Con (front bench) aye
Stephen Barclay North East Cambridgeshire Con (front bench) aye
John Baron Basildon and Billericay Con (front bench) aye
Guto Bebb Aberconwy Con (front bench) aye
Henry Bellingham North West Norfolk Con aye
Richard Benyon Newbury Con (front bench) aye
Paul Beresford Mole Valley Con (front bench) aye
Jake Berry Rossendale and Darwen Con (front bench) aye
James Berry Kingston and Surbiton Con (front bench) aye
Andrew Bingham High Peak Con (front bench) aye
Bob Blackman Harrow East Con (front bench) aye
Crispin Blunt Reigate Con (front bench) aye
Peter Bone Wellingborough Con (front bench) aye
Victoria Borwick Kensington Con (front bench) aye
Peter Bottomley Worthing West Con (front bench) aye
Karen Bradley Staffordshire Moorlands Con (front bench) aye
Graham Brady Altrincham and Sale West Con (front bench) aye
Julian Brazier Canterbury Con (front bench) aye
Andrew Bridgen North West Leicestershire Con (front bench) aye
Steve Brine Winchester Con aye
James Brokenshire Old Bexley and Sidcup Con (front bench) aye
Fiona Bruce Congleton Con (front bench) aye
Robert Buckland South Swindon Con (front bench) aye
Conor Burns Bournemouth West Con aye
Simon Burns Chelmsford Con aye
David Burrowes Enfield, Southgate Con (front bench) aye
Alun Cairns Vale of Glamorgan Con (front bench) aye
Neil Carmichael Stroud Con (front bench) aye
James Cartlidge South Suffolk Con (front bench) aye
Bill Cash Stone Con (front bench) aye
Maria Caulfield Lewes Con (front bench) aye
Alex Chalk Cheltenham Con (front bench) aye
Rehman Chishti Gillingham and Rainham Con aye
Christopher Chope Christchurch Con (front bench) aye
Jo Churchill Bury St Edmunds Con (front bench) aye
Kenneth Clarke Rushcliffe Con aye
James Cleverly Braintree Con (front bench) aye
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown The Cotswolds Con (front bench) aye
Therese Coffey Suffolk Coastal Con (front bench) aye
Damian Collins Folkestone and Hythe Con (front bench) aye
Oliver Colvile Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport Con (front bench) aye
Alberto Costa South Leicestershire Con (front bench) aye
Geoffrey Cox Torridge and West Devon Con aye
Stephen Crabb Preseli Pembrokeshire Con (front bench) aye
Chris Davies Brecon and Radnorshire Con (front bench) aye
David Davies Monmouth Con (front bench) aye
Mims Davies Eastleigh Con (front bench) aye
Jonathan Djanogly Huntingdon Con aye
Michelle Donelan Chippenham Con (front bench) aye
Oliver Dowden Hertsmere Con (front bench) aye
Jackie Doyle-Price Thurrock Con (front bench) aye
Richard Drax South Dorset Con (front bench) aye
Flick Drummond Portsmouth South Con (front bench) aye
Alan Duncan Rutland and Melton Con (front bench) aye
Iain Duncan Smith Chingford and Woodford Green Con aye
Philip Dunne Ludlow Con (front bench) aye
Michael Ellis Northampton North Con aye
Jane Ellison Battersea Con (front bench) aye
Charlie Elphicke Dover Con (front bench) aye
George Eustice Camborne and Redruth Con (front bench) aye
Graham Evans Weaver Vale Con aye
Nigel Evans Ribble Valley Con (front bench) aye
David Evennett Bexleyheath and Crayford Con (front bench) aye
Michael Fabricant Lichfield Con (front bench) aye
Michael Fallon Sevenoaks Con (front bench) aye
Suella Fernandes Fareham Con (front bench) aye
Mark Field Cities of London and Westminster Con aye
Kevin Foster Torbay Con (front bench) aye
Mark Francois Rayleigh and Wickford Con (front bench) aye
Lucy Frazer South East Cambridgeshire Con (front bench) aye
George Freeman Mid Norfolk Con (front bench) aye
Mike Freer Finchley and Golders Green Con aye
Richard Fuller Bedford Con (front bench) aye
Marcus Fysh Yeovil Con aye
Roger Gale North Thanet Con (front bench) aye
Edward Garnier Harborough Con aye
David Gauke South West Hertfordshire Con (front bench) aye
Nusrat Ghani Wealden Con (front bench) aye
Nick Gibb Bognor Regis and Littlehampton Con (front bench) aye
John Glen Salisbury Con (front bench) aye
Zac Goldsmith Richmond Park Con (front bench) aye
Michael Gove Surrey Heath Con (front bench) aye
Richard Graham Gloucester Con (front bench) aye
Helen Grant Maidstone and The Weald Con (front bench) aye
James Gray North Wiltshire Con (front bench) aye
Chris Grayling Epsom and Ewell Con (front bench) aye
Chris Green Bolton West Con (front bench) aye
Damian Green Ashford Con (front bench) aye
Dominic Grieve Beaconsfield Con (front bench) aye
Andrew Griffiths Burton Con aye
Ben Gummer Ipswich Con (front bench) aye
Sam Gyimah East Surrey Con (front bench) aye
Robert Halfon Harlow Con (front bench) aye
Luke Hall Thornbury and Yate Con (front bench) aye
Stephen Hammond Wimbledon Con (front bench) aye
Matthew Hancock West Suffolk Con (front bench) aye
Mark Harper Forest of Dean Con (front bench) aye
Richard Harrington Watford Con (front bench) aye
Rebecca Harris Castle Point Con (front bench) aye
Alan Haselhurst Saffron Walden Con (front bench) aye
John Hayes South Holland and The Deepings Con (front bench) aye
Oliver Heald North East Hertfordshire Con aye
James Heappey Wells Con (front bench) aye
Chris Heaton-Harris Daventry Con aye
Peter Heaton-Jones North Devon Con (front bench) aye
Gordon Henderson Sittingbourne and Sheppey Con aye
Damian Hinds East Hampshire Con (front bench) aye
Simon Hoare North Dorset Con (front bench) aye
George Hollingbery Meon Valley Con (front bench) aye
Kevin Hollinrake Thirsk and Malton Con (front bench) aye
Philip Hollobone Kettering Con (front bench) aye
Adam Holloway Gravesham Con (front bench) aye
Kris Hopkins Keighley Con (front bench) aye
Gerald Howarth Aldershot Con (front bench) aye
John Howell Henley Con (front bench) aye
Ben Howlett Bath Con (front bench) aye
Nigel Huddleston Mid Worcestershire Con (front bench) aye
Jeremy Hunt South West Surrey Con (front bench) aye
Nick Hurd Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner Con (front bench) aye
Stewart Jackson Peterborough Con (front bench) aye
Margot James Stourbridge Con (front bench) aye
Sajid Javid Bromsgrove Con (front bench) aye
Ranil Jayawardena North East Hampshire Con (front bench) aye
Andrea Jenkyns Morley and Outwood Con (front bench) aye
Robert Jenrick Newark Con aye
Boris Johnson Uxbridge and South Ruislip Con aye
Gareth Johnson Dartford Con aye
Jo Johnson Orpington Con (front bench) aye
Andrew Jones Harrogate and Knaresborough Con (front bench) aye
Marcus Jones Nuneaton Con (front bench) aye
Seema Kennedy South Ribble Con aye
Simon Kirby Brighton, Kemptown Con (front bench) aye
Greg Knight East Yorkshire Con aye
Julian Knight Solihull Con (front bench) aye
Mark Lancaster Milton Keynes North Con (front bench) aye
Pauline Latham Mid Derbyshire Con (front bench) aye
Phillip Lee Bracknell Con aye
Charlotte Leslie Bristol North West Con aye
Oliver Letwin West Dorset Con (front bench) aye
Julian Lewis New Forest East Con (front bench) aye
Ian Liddell-Grainger Bridgwater and West Somerset Con (front bench) aye
David Lidington Aylesbury Con (front bench) aye
Jack Lopresti Filton and Bradley Stoke Con (front bench) aye
Jonathan Lord Woking Con aye
Tim Loughton East Worthing and Shoreham Con (front bench) aye
Karen Lumley Redditch Con (front bench) aye
Craig Mackinlay South Thanet Con (front bench) aye
David Mackintosh Northampton South Con (front bench) aye
Anne Main St Albans Con (front bench) aye
Alan Mak Havant Con (front bench) aye
Kit Malthouse North West Hampshire Con aye
Scott Mann North Cornwall Con aye
Tania Mathias Twickenham Con (front bench) aye
Theresa May Maidenhead Con (front bench) aye
Paul Maynard Blackpool North and Cleveleys Con aye
Jason McCartney Colne Valley Con (front bench) aye
Karl McCartney Lincoln Con (front bench) aye
Mark Menzies Fylde Con (front bench) aye
Johnny Mercer Plymouth, Moor View Con (front bench) aye
Huw Merriman Bexhill and Battle Con (front bench) aye
Stephen Metcalfe South Basildon and East Thurrock Con aye
Maria Miller Basingstoke Con (front bench) aye
Amanda Milling Cannock Chase Con (front bench) aye
Nigel Mills Amber Valley Con (front bench) aye
Anne Milton Guildford Con (front bench) aye
Andrew Mitchell Sutton Coldfield Con aye
Penny Mordaunt Portsmouth North Con (front bench) aye
Anne Marie Morris Newton Abbot Con aye
David Morris Morecambe and Lunesdale Con aye
James Morris Halesowen and Rowley Regis Con aye
Wendy Morton Aldridge-Brownhills Con (front bench) aye
David Mowat Warrington South Con (front bench) aye
David Mundell Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale Con (front bench) aye
Sheryll Murray South East Cornwall Con aye
Andrew Murrison South West Wiltshire Con (front bench) aye
Bob Neill Bromley and Chislehurst Con (front bench) aye
Sarah Newton Truro and Falmouth Con (front bench) aye
Caroline Nokes Romsey and Southampton North Con (front bench) aye
David Nuttall Bury North Con (front bench) aye
Matthew Offord Hendon Con aye
Guy Opperman Hexham Con (front bench) aye
Mark Pawsey Rugby Con aye
Mike Penning Hemel Hempstead Con (front bench) aye
John Penrose Weston-Super-Mare Con (front bench) aye
Andrew Percy Brigg and Goole Con (front bench) aye
Claire Perry Devizes Con (front bench) aye
Stephen Phillips Sleaford and North Hykeham Con (front bench) aye
Chris Philp Croydon South Con (front bench) aye
Christopher Pincher Tamworth Con (front bench) aye
Daniel Poulter Central Suffolk and North Ipswich Con (front bench) aye
Victoria Prentis Banbury Con (front bench) aye
Mark Prisk Hertford and Stortford Con (front bench) aye
Mark Pritchard The Wrekin Con (front bench) aye
Tom Pursglove Corby Con aye
Jeremy Quin Horsham Con (front bench) aye
Will Quince Colchester Con (front bench) aye
Dominic Raab Esher and Walton Con (front bench) aye
John Redwood Wokingham Con aye
Jacob Rees-Mogg North East Somerset Con (front bench) aye
Laurence Robertson Tewkesbury Con (front bench) aye
Mary Robinson Cheadle Con (front bench) aye
Andrew Rosindell Romford Con (front bench) aye
David Rutley Macclesfield Con aye
Antoinette Sandbach Eddisbury Con (front bench) aye
Paul Scully Sutton and Cheam Con (front bench) aye
Andrew Selous South West Bedfordshire Con (front bench) aye
Grant Shapps Welwyn Hatfield Con aye
Alok Sharma Reading West Con aye
Alec Shelbrooke Elmet and Rothwell Con (front bench) aye
Keith Simpson Broadland Con (front bench) aye
Chris Skidmore Kingswood Con aye
Chloe Smith Norwich North Con aye
Henry Smith Crawley Con aye
Julian Smith Skipton and Ripon Con (front bench) aye
Royston Smith Southampton, Itchen Con aye
Anna Soubry Broxtowe Con (front bench) aye
Caroline Spelman Meriden Con (front bench) aye
Mark Spencer Sherwood Con aye
John Stevenson Carlisle Con (front bench) aye
Bob Stewart Beckenham Con (front bench) aye
Iain Stewart Milton Keynes South Con (front bench) aye
Rory Stewart Penrith and The Border Con (front bench) aye
Mel Stride Central Devon Con (front bench) aye
Graham Stuart Beverley and Holderness Con aye
Julian Sturdy York Outer Con (front bench) aye
Desmond Swayne New Forest West Con (front bench) aye
Hugo Swire East Devon Con (front bench) aye
Robert Syms Poole Con aye
Derek Thomas St Ives Con (front bench) aye
Maggie Throup Erewash Con (front bench) aye
Edward Timpson Crewe and Nantwich Con (front bench) aye
Kelly Tolhurst Rochester and Strood Con (front bench) aye
Justin Tomlinson North Swindon Con (front bench) aye
Michael Tomlinson Mid Dorset and North Poole Con aye
Craig Tracey North Warwickshire Con (front bench) aye
David Tredinnick Bosworth Con aye
Elizabeth Truss South West Norfolk Con (front bench) aye
Thomas Tugendhat Tonbridge and Malling Con (front bench) aye
Andrew Turner Isle of Wight Con (front bench) aye
Shailesh Vara North West Cambridgeshire Con (front bench) aye
Martin Vickers Cleethorpes Con (front bench) aye
Theresa Villiers Chipping Barnet Con (front bench) aye
Robin Walker Worcester Con (front bench) aye
Ben Wallace Wyre and Preston North Con (front bench) aye
David Warburton Somerton and Frome Con aye
Matt Warman Boston and Skegness Con (front bench) aye
Helen Whately Faversham and Mid Kent Con (front bench) aye
Heather Wheeler South Derbyshire Con (front bench) aye
Chris White Warwick and Leamington Con (front bench) aye
Craig Whittaker Calder Valley Con aye
John Whittingdale Maldon Con (front bench) aye
Bill Wiggin North Herefordshire Con (front bench) aye
Craig Williams Cardiff North Con (front bench) aye
Gavin Williamson South Staffordshire Con aye
Sarah Wollaston Totnes Con (front bench) aye
Mike Wood Dudley South Con aye
William Wragg Hazel Grove Con (front bench) aye
Jeremy Wright Kenilworth and Southam Con (front bench) aye
Nadhim Zahawi Stratford-on-Avon Con (front bench) aye
Daniel Kawczynski Shrewsbury and Atcham Con (front bench) abstain
Harriett Baldwin West Worcestershire Con (front bench) absent
Gavin Barwell Croydon Central Con (front bench) absent
Nicola Blackwood Oxford West and Abingdon Con (front bench) absent
Nicholas Boles Grantham and Stamford Con (front bench) absent
Alistair Burt North East Bedfordshire Con (front bench) absent
David Cameron Witney Con (front bench) absent
Greg Clark Tunbridge Wells Con (front bench) absent
Tracey Crouch Chatham and Aylesford Con (front bench) absent
Byron Davies Gower Con (front bench) absent
Glyn Davies Montgomeryshire Con (front bench) absent
James Davies Vale of Clwyd Con (front bench) absent
Philip Davies Shipley Con (front bench) absent
David Davis Haltemprice and Howden Con absent
Caroline Dinenage Gosport Con (front bench) absent
Nadine Dorries Mid Bedfordshire Con (front bench) absent
Steve Double St Austell and Newquay Con (front bench) absent
James Duddridge Rochford and Southend East Con (front bench) absent
Tobias Ellwood Bournemouth East Con (front bench) absent
Liam Fox North Somerset Con absent
Mark Garnier Wyre Forest Con (front bench) absent
Cheryl Gillan Chesham and Amersham Con (front bench) absent
Robert Goodwill Scarborough and Whitby Con (front bench) absent
Justine Greening Putney Con (front bench) absent
Philip Hammond Runnymede and Weybridge Con (front bench) absent
Greg Hands Chelsea and Fulham Con (front bench) absent
Simon Hart Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire Con (front bench) absent
Nick Herbert Arundel and South Downs Con absent
Bernard Jenkin Harwich and North Essex Con (front bench) absent
David Jones Clwyd West Con (front bench) absent
Kwasi Kwarteng Spelthorne Con (front bench) absent
Eleanor Laing Epping Forest Con (front bench) absent
Andrea Leadsom South Northamptonshire Con (front bench) absent
Jeremy Lefroy Stafford Con (front bench) absent
Edward Leigh Gainsborough Con (front bench) absent
Brandon Lewis Great Yarmouth Con (front bench) absent
Peter Lilley Hitchin and Harpenden Con (front bench) absent
Patrick McLoughlin Derbyshire Dales Con (front bench) absent
Stephen McPartland Stevenage Con absent
Nicky Morgan Loughborough Con (front bench) absent
Jesse Norman Hereford and South Herefordshire Con (front bench) absent
George Osborne Tatton Con (front bench) absent
Neil Parish Tiverton and Honiton Con (front bench) absent
Priti Patel Witham Con (front bench) absent
Owen Paterson North Shropshire Con absent
Eric Pickles Brentwood and Ongar Con absent
Rebecca Pow Taunton Deane Con (front bench) absent
Amber Rudd Hastings and Rye Con (front bench) absent
Nicholas Soames Mid Sussex Con absent
Amanda Solloway Derby North Con (front bench) absent
Andrew Stephenson Pendle Con absent
Gary Streeter South West Devon Con (front bench) absent
Rishi Sunak Richmond (Yorks) Con (front bench) absent
Anne-Marie Trevelyan Berwick-upon-Tweed Con (front bench) absent
Andrew Tyrie Chichester Con (front bench) absent
Ed Vaizey Wantage Con (front bench) absent
Charles Walker Broxbourne Con (front bench) absent
Angela Watkinson Hornchurch and Upminster Con absent
James Wharton Stockton South Con (front bench) absent
Rob Wilson Reading East Con (front bench) absent
Gregory Campbell East Londonderry DUP (front bench) aye
Nigel Dodds Belfast North DUP (front bench) aye
Jeffrey M. Donaldson Lagan Valley DUP (front bench) aye
Ian Paisley Jnr North Antrim DUP (front bench) aye
Gavin Robinson Belfast East DUP (front bench) aye
Jim Shannon Strangford DUP (front bench) aye
David Simpson Upper Bann DUP (front bench) aye
Sammy Wilson East Antrim DUP (front bench) aye
Caroline Lucas Brighton, Pavilion Green (front bench) no
Sylvia Hermon North Down Independent (front bench) aye
Natalie McGarry Glasgow East whilst Independent no
Michelle Thomson Edinburgh West whilst Independent (front bench) no
Debbie Abrahams Oldham East and Saddleworth Lab (minister) aye
Heidi Alexander Lewisham East Lab (minister) aye
Rushanara Ali Bethnal Green and Bow Lab (minister) aye
Graham Allen Nottingham North Lab aye
David Anderson Blaydon Lab (minister) aye
Jon Ashworth Leicester South Lab (minister) aye
Ian Austin Dudley North Lab (minister) aye
Adrian Bailey West Bromwich West Lab (minister) aye
Kevin Barron Rother Valley Lab (minister) aye
Margaret Beckett Derby South Lab (minister) aye
Luciana Berger Liverpool, Wavertree Lab (minister) aye
Clive Betts Sheffield South East Lab (minister) aye
Tom Blenkinsop Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Lab (minister) aye
Paul Blomfield Sheffield Central Lab (minister) aye
Ben Bradshaw Exeter Lab (minister) aye
Kevin Brennan Cardiff West Lab (minister) aye
Lyn Brown West Ham Lab (minister) aye
Nick Brown Newcastle upon Tyne East Lab (minister) aye
Chris Bryant Rhondda Lab (minister) aye
Richard Burden Birmingham, Northfield Lab (minister) aye
Andy Burnham Leigh Lab (minister) aye
Dawn Butler Brent Central Lab aye
Ruth Cadbury Brentford and Isleworth Lab (minister) aye
Alan Campbell Tynemouth Lab (minister) aye
Sarah Champion Rotherham Lab (minister) aye
Vernon Coaker Gedling Lab (minister) aye
Ann Coffey Stockport Lab aye
Julie Cooper Burnley Lab (minister) aye
Yvette Cooper Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford Lab aye
Jo Cox Batley and Spen Lab aye
Neil Coyle Bermondsey and Old Southwark Lab (minister) aye
Stella Creasy Walthamstow Lab (minister) aye
Jon Cruddas Dagenham and Rainham Lab aye
John Cryer Leyton and Wanstead Lab (minister) aye
Alex Cunningham Stockton North Lab (minister) aye
Jim Cunningham Coventry South Lab (minister) aye
Nicholas Dakin Scunthorpe Lab (minister) aye
Simon Danczuk Rochdale Lab aye
Geraint Davies Swansea West Lab (minister) aye
Stephen Doughty Cardiff South and Penarth Lab (minister) aye
Jim Dowd Lewisham West and Penge Lab (minister) aye
Peter Dowd Bootle Lab aye
Jack Dromey Birmingham, Erdington Lab (minister) aye
Maria Eagle Garston and Halewood Lab (minister) aye
Clive Efford Eltham Lab (minister) aye
Julie Elliott Sunderland Central Lab (minister) aye
Louise Ellman Liverpool, Riverside Lab (minister) aye
Chris Elmore Ogmore Lab aye
Bill Esterson Sefton Central Lab (minister) aye
Chris Evans Islwyn Lab (minister) aye
Paul Farrelly Newcastle-under-Lyme Lab (minister) aye
Jim Fitzpatrick Poplar and Limehouse Lab (minister) aye
Rob Flello Stoke-on-Trent South Lab (minister) aye
Caroline Flint Don Valley Lab (minister) aye
Paul Flynn Newport West Lab (minister) aye
Yvonne Fovargue Makerfield Lab (minister) aye
Vicky Foxcroft Lewisham, Deptford Lab (minister) aye
Gill Furniss Sheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough Lab aye
Mike Gapes Ilford South Lab (minister) aye
Mary Glindon North Tyneside Lab (minister) aye
Helen Goodman Bishop Auckland Lab (minister) aye
Kate Green Stretford and Urmston Lab (minister) aye
Lilian Greenwood Nottingham South Lab (minister) aye
Nia Griffith Llanelli Lab (minister) aye
Andrew Gwynne Denton and Reddish Lab (minister) aye
Louise Haigh Sheffield, Heeley Lab (minister) aye
Fabian Hamilton Leeds North East Lab (minister) aye
David Hanson Delyn Lab (minister) aye
Harriet Harman Camberwell and Peckham Lab (minister) aye
Carolyn Harris Swansea East Lab (minister) aye
Helen Hayes Dulwich and West Norwood Lab (minister) aye
Sue Hayman Workington Lab (minister) aye
Mark Hendrick Preston Lab (minister) aye
Stephen Hepburn Jarrow Lab (minister) aye
Meg Hillier Hackney South and Shoreditch Lab (minister) aye
Sharon Hodgson Washington and Sunderland West Lab (minister) aye
Kelvin Hopkins Luton North Lab (minister) aye
George Howarth Knowsley Lab (minister) aye
Tristram Hunt Stoke-on-Trent Central Lab aye
Rupa Huq Ealing Central and Acton Lab (minister) aye
Dan Jarvis Barnsley Central Lab aye
Diana R. Johnson Kingston upon Hull North Lab (minister) aye
Gerald Jones Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney Lab (minister) aye
Graham Jones Hyndburn Lab aye
Helen Jones Warrington North Lab (minister) aye
Kevan Jones North Durham Lab aye
Susan Elan Jones Clwyd South Lab (minister) aye
Mike Kane Wythenshawe and Sale East Lab (minister) aye
Barbara Keeley Worsley and Eccles South Lab (minister) aye
Liz Kendall Leicester West Lab (minister) aye
Peter Kyle Hove Lab (minister) aye
Chris Leslie Nottingham East Lab aye
Emma Lewell-Buck South Shields Lab (minister) aye
Rebecca Long-Bailey Salford and Eccles Lab (minister) aye
Holly Lynch Halifax Lab (minister) aye
Fiona Mactaggart Slough Lab (minister) aye
Khalid Mahmood Birmingham, Perry Barr Lab aye
Shabana Mahmood Birmingham, Ladywood Lab aye
Seema Malhotra Feltham and Heston Lab (minister) aye
Rob Marris Wolverhampton South West Lab (minister) aye
Gordon Marsden Blackpool South Lab (minister) aye
Rachael Maskell York Central Lab (minister) aye
Chris Matheson City of Chester Lab (minister) aye
Steve McCabe Birmingham, Selly Oak Lab (minister) aye
Kerry McCarthy Bristol East Lab (minister) aye
Siobhain McDonagh Mitcham and Morden Lab (minister) aye
Andy McDonald Middlesbrough Lab (minister) aye
John Martin McDonnell Hayes and Harlington Lab (minister) aye
Liz McInnes Heywood and Middleton Lab (minister) aye
Jim McMahon Oldham West and Royton Lab (minister) aye
Alan Meale Mansfield Lab (minister) aye
Ian Mearns Gateshead Lab (minister) aye
Ed Miliband Doncaster North Lab aye
Madeleine Moon Bridgend Lab (minister) aye
Jessica Morden Newport East Lab (minister) aye
Grahame Morris Easington Lab (minister) aye
Ian Murray Edinburgh South Lab (minister) aye
Melanie Onn Great Grimsby Lab (minister) aye
Chi Onwurah Newcastle upon Tyne Central Lab (minister) aye
Kate Osamor Edmonton Lab (minister) aye
Teresa Pearce Erith and Thamesmead Lab (minister) aye
Matthew Pennycook Greenwich and Woolwich Lab (minister) aye
Toby Perkins Chesterfield Lab (minister) aye
Bridget Phillipson Houghton and Sunderland South Lab (minister) aye
Steve Pound Ealing North Lab (minister) aye
Lucy Powell Manchester Central Lab (minister) aye
Yasmin Qureshi Bolton South East Lab (minister) aye
Angela Rayner Ashton-under-Lyne Lab (minister) aye
Jamie Reed Copeland Lab (minister) aye
Steve Reed Croydon North Lab (minister) aye
Christina Rees Neath Lab aye
Jonathan Reynolds Stalybridge and Hyde Lab (minister) aye
Geoffrey Robinson Coventry North West Lab aye
Steve Rotheram Liverpool, Walton Lab aye
Naseem Shah Bradford West Lab (minister) aye
Barry Sheerman Huddersfield Lab aye
Paula Sherriff Dewsbury Lab (minister) aye
Andrew Slaughter Hammersmith Lab (minister) aye
Ruth Smeeth Stoke-on-Trent North Lab (minister) aye
Andrew Smith Oxford East Lab (minister) aye
Cat Smith Lancaster and Fleetwood Lab (minister) aye
Jeff Smith Manchester, Withington Lab (minister) aye
Owen Smith Pontypridd Lab (minister) aye
Karin Smyth Bristol South Lab (minister) aye
John Spellar Warley Lab (minister) aye
Keir Starmer Holborn and St Pancras Lab (minister) aye
Jo Stevens Cardiff Central Lab (minister) aye
Wes Streeting Ilford North Lab (minister) aye
Mark Tami Alyn and Deeside Lab (minister) aye
Gareth Thomas Harrow West Lab (minister) aye
Nick Thomas-Symonds Torfaen Lab (minister) aye
Stephen Timms East Ham Lab (minister) aye
Jon Trickett Hemsworth Lab (minister) aye
Anna Turley Redcar Lab (minister) aye
Derek Twigg Halton Lab (minister) aye
Stephen Twigg Liverpool, West Derby Lab (minister) aye
Keith Vaz Leicester East Lab (minister) aye
Valerie Vaz Walsall South Lab (minister) aye
Tom Watson West Bromwich East Lab (minister) aye
Catherine West Hornsey and Wood Green Lab (minister) aye
Alan Whitehead Southampton, Test Lab (minister) aye
Rosie Winterton Doncaster Central Lab (minister) aye
Iain Wright Hartlepool Lab (minister) aye
Daniel Zeichner Cambridge Lab (minister) aye
Dennis Skinner Bolsover Lab no
David Winnick Walsall North Lab (minister) no
Diane Abbott Hackney North and Stoke Newington Lab (minister) absent
Hilary Benn Leeds Central Lab (minister) absent
Roberta Blackman-Woods City of Durham Lab (minister) absent
Karen Buck Westminster North Lab (minister) absent
Richard Burgon Leeds East Lab (minister) absent
Liam Byrne Birmingham, Hodge Hill Lab absent
Ronnie Campbell Blyth Valley Lab absent
Jenny Chapman Darlington Lab (minister) absent
Ann Clwyd Cynon Valley Lab (minister) absent
Rosie Cooper West Lancashire Lab absent
Jeremy Corbyn Islington North Lab (minister) absent
David Crausby Bolton North East Lab (minister) absent
Mary Creagh Wakefield Lab (minister) absent
Judith Cummins Bradford South Lab (minister) absent
Wayne David Caerphilly Lab (minister) absent
Gloria De Piero Ashfield Lab (minister) absent
Thangam Debbonaire Bristol West Lab (minister) absent
Michael Dugher Barnsley East Lab absent
Angela Eagle Wallasey Lab (minister) absent
Natascha Engel North East Derbyshire Lab (minister) absent
Frank Field Birkenhead Lab (minister) absent
Colleen Fletcher Coventry North East Lab absent
Barry Gardiner Brent North Lab (minister) absent
Pat Glass North West Durham Lab (minister) absent
Roger Godsiff Birmingham, Hall Green Lab absent
Margaret Greenwood Wirral West Lab (minister) absent
John Healey Wentworth and Dearne Lab (minister) absent
Margaret Hodge Barking Lab absent
Kate Hoey Vauxhall Lab (minister) absent
Kate Hollern Blackburn Lab (minister) absent
Lindsay Hoyle Chorley Lab (minister) absent
Imran Hussain Bradford East Lab (minister) absent
Alan Johnson Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle Lab absent
Gerald Kaufman Manchester, Gorton Lab (minister) absent
Stephen Kinnock Aberavon Lab (minister) absent
David Lammy Tottenham Lab (minister) absent
Ian Lavery Wansbeck Lab (minister) absent
Clive Lewis Norwich South Lab (minister) absent
Ivan Lewis Bury South Lab absent
Ian Lucas Wrexham Lab (minister) absent
Justin Madders Ellesmere Port and Neston Lab (minister) absent
John Mann Bassetlaw Lab (minister) absent
Pat McFadden Wolverhampton South East Lab absent
Conor McGinn St Helens North Lab (minister) absent
Alison McGovern Wirral South Lab (minister) absent
Catherine McKinnell Newcastle upon Tyne North Lab (minister) absent
Lisa Nandy Wigan Lab (minister) absent
Albert Owen Ynys Môn Lab (minister) absent
Jess Phillips Birmingham, Yardley Lab (minister) absent
Rachel Reeves Leeds West Lab (minister) absent
Emma Reynolds Wolverhampton North East Lab (minister) absent
Marie Rimmer St Helens South and Whiston Lab (minister) absent
Joan Ryan Enfield North Lab (minister) absent
Virendra Sharma Ealing, Southall Lab (minister) absent
Gavin Shuker Luton South Lab (minister) absent
Tulip Siddiq Hampstead and Kilburn Lab absent
Angela Smith Penistone and Stocksbridge Lab (minister) absent
Nick Smith Blaenau Gwent Lab (minister) absent
Graham Stringer Blackley and Broughton Lab (minister) absent
Gisela Stuart Birmingham, Edgbaston Lab (minister) absent
Emily Thornberry Islington South and Finsbury Lab (minister) absent
Karl Turner Kingston upon Hull East Lab (minister) absent
Chuka Umunna Streatham Lab (minister) absent
Phil Wilson Sedgefield Lab (minister) absent
John Woodcock Barrow and Furness Lab absent
Tom Brake Carshalton and Wallington LDem (front bench) no
Alistair Carmichael Orkney and Shetland LDem (front bench) no
Nick Clegg Sheffield, Hallam LDem no
Tim Farron Westmorland and Lonsdale LDem (front bench) no
Norman Lamb North Norfolk LDem (front bench) no
Greg Mulholland Leeds North West LDem (front bench) no
John Pugh Southport LDem (front bench) no
Mark Williams Ceredigion LDem (front bench) no
Jonathan Edwards Carmarthen East and Dinefwr PC (front bench) no
Liz Saville-Roberts Dwyfor Meirionnydd PC (front bench) no
Hywel Williams Arfon PC (front bench) no
Mark Durkan Foyle SDLP no
Margaret Ritchie South Down SDLP (front bench) no
Alasdair McDonnell Belfast South SDLP (front bench) absent
Mickey Brady Newry and Armagh SF absent
Pat Doherty West Tyrone SF absent
Paul Maskey Belfast West SF absent
Francie Molloy Mid Ulster SF absent
Tasmina AhmedSheikh Ochil and South Perthshire SNP (front bench) no
Richard Arkless Dumfries and Galloway SNP (front bench) no
Hannah Bardell Livingston SNP (front bench) no
Mhairi Black Paisley and Renfrewshire South SNP (front bench) no
Kirsty Blackman Aberdeen North SNP (front bench) no
Phil Boswell Coatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill SNP no
Deidre Brock Edinburgh North and Leith SNP (front bench) no
Alan Brown Kilmarnock and Loudoun SNP no
Lisa Cameron East Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow SNP (front bench) no
Douglas Chapman Dunfermline and West Fife SNP (front bench) no
Joanna Cherry Edinburgh South West SNP (front bench) no
Ronnie Cowan Inverclyde SNP (front bench) no
Angela Crawley Lanark and Hamilton East SNP (front bench) no
Martyn Day Linlithgow and East Falkirk SNP (front bench) no
Martin Docherty West Dunbartonshire SNP no
Stuart Donaldson West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine SNP no
Marion Fellows Motherwell and Wishaw SNP (front bench) no
Margaret Ferrier Rutherglen and Hamilton West SNP (front bench) no
Stephen Gethins North East Fife SNP (front bench) no
Patricia Gibson North Ayrshire and Arran SNP (front bench) no
Patrick Grady Glasgow North SNP (front bench) no
Peter Grant Glenrothes SNP (front bench) no
Neil Gray Airdrie and Shotts SNP (front bench) no
Drew Hendry Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey SNP (front bench) no
Stewart Hosie Dundee East SNP (front bench) no
George Kerevan East Lothian SNP (front bench) no
Calum Kerr Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk SNP (front bench) no
Chris Law Dundee West SNP (front bench) no
Angus MacNeil Na h-Eileanan an Iar SNP (front bench) no
Callum McCaig Aberdeen South SNP (front bench) no
Stewart McDonald Glasgow South SNP (front bench) no
Stuart McDonald Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East SNP (front bench) no
Anne McLaughlin Glasgow North East SNP (front bench) no
John McNally Falkirk SNP (front bench) no
Carol Monaghan Glasgow North West SNP (front bench) no
Roger Mullin Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath SNP (front bench) no
Gavin Newlands Paisley and Renfrewshire North SNP no
John Nicolson East Dunbartonshire SNP (front bench) no
Brendan O’Hara Argyll and Bute SNP (front bench) no
Kirsten Oswald East Renfrewshire SNP (front bench) no
Steven Paterson Stirling SNP no Angus Robertson Moray SNP (front bench) no
Alex Salmond Gordon SNP (front bench) no
Tommy Sheppard Edinburgh East SNP (front bench) no
Chris Stephens Glasgow South West SNP no
Alison Thewliss Glasgow Central SNP (front bench) no
Owen Thompson Midlothian SNP (front bench) no
Michael Weir Angus SNP (front bench) no
Eilidh Whiteford Banff and Buchan SNP (front bench) no
Philippa Whitford Central Ayrshire SNP (front bench) no
Corri Wilson Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock SNP no
Pete Wishart Perth and North Perthshire SNP (front bench) no
Ian Blackford Ross, Skye and Lochaber SNP (front bench) absent
Paul Monaghan Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross SNP (front bench) absent
John Bercow Buckingham Speaker (front bench) absent
Douglas Carswell Clacton UKIP absent
Tom Elliott Fermanagh and South Tyrone UUP aye
Danny Kinahan South Antrim UUP (front bench) aye

Be a Cabinet Minister – No experience or qualifications required (except for Lord Chancellor role)

Be a Cabinet Minister - No experience or qualifications required

Be a Cabinet Minister – No experience or qualifications required

Cabinet Ministers come and go over the years but if you notice one or two who seem out of their depth you’re not alone. So how did they get the job? Well it’s up to the Prime Minister to form his or her Cabinet from the collection of MPs (or indeed Lords) of his/her political party.

No qualifications or experience needed to be a cabinet minister! – see for yourself in the ICO response

Let’s put names to the numbers (and faces) above:

1. Chief Whip

Patrick McLoughlin  (2010-12); Andrew Mitchell (Sept-Oct 2012);  Sir George Young (2012-14);  Michael Gove (2014-)
The job usually involves imposing disciple, but Gove’s job will include selling the Tories to the voters.

2. Home Secretary

Theresa May (2010-)
Tough, having survived an open feud with Gove. Still a contender for the leadership.

3. Universities and Science Minister

David Willetts (2010-14);  Greg Clark (2014-)
Academics liked Willetts though the reforms he oversaw were unpopular. A hard act to follow.

4. Cabinet Office Minister, for Policy

Oliver Letwin (2010-)
A job created for the  cerebral Mr Letwin.

5. Business Secretary

Vince Cable (2010-)
Much criticised over the cut-price sale of Royal Mail – but it is for Nick Clegg to decide whether to sack him.

6. Paymaster General

Francis Maude (2010-)
Maude’s main task has been civil service reform. Many civil servants would like to see the back of him, but he is still there.

7. Secretary of State, Communities and Local Government

Eric Pickles (2010-)
Pickles has upset a lot of councillors and it  was thought he might be sacked, but he remains.

8. Leader of the Lords 

Lord Strathclyde (2010-13); Lord Hill (2013-14); Baroness Stowell (2014-)
Baroness Stowell is not a full member of Cabinet, unlike her predecessors.

9. Health Secretary

Andrew Lansley (2010-12); Jeremy Hunt (2012-)
After Lansley’s frenetic and ill-judged NHS reforms, Hunt’s job is to keep the  NHS out of the news.

10. Leader of the Commons

Sir George Young (2010-12); Andrew Lansley (2012-14); William Hague (2014-)
Organising Commons business will not take much time – Hague’s real job will be promoting the Tories.

11. Education Secretary

Michael Gove (2010-14); Nicky Morgan (2014-)
Morgan’s task will be to keep education out of the news in order not to put teachers off voting Conservative.

12. International Development Secretary

Andrew Mitchell (2010-2012); Justine Greening (2012-)
Cameron would not like you to think the Conservatives do not care about the Third World, so Greening is left  to dispense a big budget.

13. Transport Secretary

Philip Hammond (2010-12); Patrick McLoughlin (2012-)
HS2 was sorted before McLoughlin arrived, and Heathrow expansion is being left until after the election.

14. Energy Secretary

Chris Huhne (2010-12); Ed Davey (2012-)
A good job for a Liberal Democrat with an ambition to replace Nick Clegg –  provided he drives with care.

15. Culture Secretary

Jeremy Hunt (2010-12); Maria Miller (2012-14); Sajid Javid  (2014-)
A small department but with hugely sensitive issues like press regulation. Javid has so far avoided controversy

16. Northern Ireland Secretary

Owen Paterson (2010-12); Theresa Villiers (2012-)
Northern Ireland’s home-grown politicians decide how difficult this job is – for now it is relatively problem free.

17. Scottish Secretary

Danny Alexander (2010); Michael Moore (2010-13); Alistair Carmichael (2013-)
His main – and only –task is to keep Scotland in the UK.

18. Attorney General

Dominic Grieve (2010-14); Jeremy Wright (2014-)
If the intention is to renounce European Human Rights legislation, sacking Grieve was a necessary first step.

19. Cabinet Secretary

Sir Gus O’Donnell (2005-11) Sir Jeremy Haywood (2012-)
The Cabinet Secretary makes sure the Whitehall machine carries on as normal.

20. Work and Pensions Secretary 

Iain Duncan Smith (2010-)
Still there so he can clear up his own mess.

21. Defence Secretary 

Liam Fox (2010-11); Philip Hammond (2011-14); Michael Fallon (2014-)
A well-timed announcement of extra money for defence should make Fallon’s job easy.

22. Chancellor of the Exchequer 

George Osborne  (2010-)
With the economy beginning to improve, Osborne still has his eyes on being the next Conservative Prime Minister

23. Foreign Secretary

William Hague (2010-14); Philip Hammond (2014-)
Hague’s successor will have to knuckle down to sorting relations with Europe.

24. Prime Minister

David Cameron

25. Deputy Prime Minister

Nick Clegg

26. Conservative Chairman

Baroness Warsi (2010-12); Grant Shapps (2012-)
Shapps has belied predictions that he would be sacked, but with Hague and Gove now available, he will not be in sole charge of the campaign.

27. Welsh Secretary 

Cheryl Gillan (2010-12); David Jones (2012-14); Stephen Crabbe (2014-)
A non-job since devolution.

28. Environment Secretary 

Caroline Spelman (2010-12); Owen Paterson (2011-14); Liz Truss (2014-)
Both predecessors were sacked. She must get flood defences in place and think twice about the badger cull.

29. Justice Secretary

Kenneth Clarke (2010- 12); Chris Grayling (2012-)
Grayling is in conflict with judges over legal aid and with Europe over human rights law, which pleases the right.  Of course it would save the taxpayer money if Grayling was actually a qualified lawyer (but he isn’t so it doesn’t).

30. Chief Secretary to  the Treasury

David Laws (May 2010); Danny Alexander (2010-)
Until recently, Alexander’s main task was smoothing over relations between  Coalition partners.

So what was the giveaway to us that they weren’t qualified?

Originally let’s just say “the clues were there” with news stories from 2010 onwards questioning the competence of “the quiet man” Iain Duncan Smith.  Who could forget his “I’m turning up the volume” speech back when he was Tory leader.  But in his role of DWP Minister his (cough) ‘talents’ are there for us all to see.

The next big clue was Helen Grant when she was Minister of Sport.  She was given a little sports quiz with some questions which anyone connected with sport should have been able to answer – but not Ms Grant.  In fact she failed to correctly answer any of the sports questions put to her.  So when that happened, one of our friends put in a Freedom of Information request to find out what qualifications and experience Cabinet Ministers needed.  Guess what?  They had nothing on file!  So the request went to the very helpful Information Commissioner’s Office who provided this statement on the subject:

Cabinet Minister Qualifications & Experience –  ICO Response

Traditionally, the Prime Minister chooses Ministers from elected Members of the House of Commons (MPs). However, they may also choose Members from the House of Lords. Ministers are chosen from individuals who are members of the party of government (or, in the current case, the parties of government).

The Prime Minister may well choose someone who has no direct experience of the work covered by the department, for example, the minister for health is rarely a health professional. However, it is for the Prime Minister to determine what other qualities that person has to fulfil the role. It is also for the Prime Minister to determine whether that person continues to be suitable for the role. The minister themselves may offer their resignation if, for whatever reason, they do not feel able to continue in the ministerial role.

Ministers are regularly challenged in and out of Parliament (for example, in the media) to explain their actions but it remains the Prime Minister’s decision as to whether they are suitable for the

For your general information, here is a link to the UK Parliament website which might be helpful on this general topic:

Here also, for your general information, is a link showing ministers in the current Cabinet. The link provides biographical information but you may, of course, also wish to conduct your own online searches using their names to find biographical information from other independent online sources.

You may well question whether a particular minister is qualified for their ministerial role and you may make an assessment about the party of government and about the Prime Minister based on how well, in your view, their ministers perform. That is a matter for you (and for all of us as the UK electorate).


23 April 2014
Case Reference Number FS50535109

So there you have it – if you’re an elected MP or a Lord (not elected) and you fancy being a cabinet member, have a word with the Prime Minister – no experience or qualifications needed.  Who knows – you may be the next Iain Duncan Smith or Helen Grant.

Additional information sourced from:

Donations to Tory party – largest first

TORY DONATIONS by value from 12th Feb 2001 to 8th June 2017

Data from the Electoral Commission

£27,489,438.51 House of Commons Fees Office (taxpayers money)
£7,512,905.43 National Conservative Draws Society
£5,000,000.00 Sir Paul Getty
£4,314,252.15 Bearwood Corporate Services Ltd
£4,256,857.12 JCB Research
£3,911,442.02 Michael S Farmer
£3,673,315.00 IPGL Ltd
£3,563,300.90 Mr John S Wheeler
£3,000,582.20 Lord Irvine Laidlaw
£2,993,035.32 Mr James R Lupton
£2,958,750.00 Mr John Griffin
£2,958,319.47 Mr Michael Davis
£2,916,927.83 House of Lords Fees Office (taxpayers money)
£2,902,166.52 David Rowland
£2,833,131.18 International Motors Ltd
£2,324,900.00 Mr Alexander A Fraser
£2,290,628.18 The Electoral Commission
£2,279,162.00 Lycamobile UK Ltd
£2,210,071.77 Flowidea Ltd
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£1,923,890.34 Department of Finance and Administration
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£1,819,750.00 Mr Michael Farmer
£1,811,520.00 Mr David Rowland
£1,650,000.00 Mark J C Bamford
£1,552,752.00 Mr Ian R Taylor
£1,540,434.23 Midlands Industrial Council
£1,500,000.00 Mr Michael D Gooley
£1,403,944.58 Corporate Policy Unit
£1,356,640.41 Countywide Developments Ltd
£1,356,000.00 Focus on Scotland
£1,333,000.00 Lord Michael D Glendonbrook
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£1,201,243.99 House of Commons Fee Office (taxpayers money)
£1,153,980.56 House of Commons (taxpayers money)
£1,055,750.00 Lord John Sainsbury
£1,040,848.00 Mr David J Rowland
£1,030,000.00 J.S. Bloor (Services) Ltd
£1,024,390.63 United & Cecil Club
£1,000,050.00 Mr John E Gore
£1,000,000.00 Norbrook Laboratories (GB) Ltd
£998,743.00 Mr Michael Hintze
£995,858.80 Fees office-Department of Finance & Administration (taxpayers money)
£989,660.54 Department of Finance & Administration (taxpayers money)
£959,608.34 Mr Andrew Law
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£839,220.00 Mr David W Harding
£833,754.75 Fees Office – Dept. of Finance and Administration (taxpayers money)
£833,599.19 Fee Office- Department of Finance & Administration (taxpayers money)
£818,310.78 Sun Mark Ltd
£807,350.00 Mr Christopher Rokos
£803,650.00 The Spring Lunch
£797,240.00 Stanley Fink
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£714,795.66 Mr Peter A Cruddas
£711,435.28 Rosa Haden
£687,499.53 KPMG LLP
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£500,000.00 I M Properties Plc
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£435,701.55 Bestway Cash & Carry Ltd
£435,500.00 Fidelity Investment Management
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£433,866.04 Cringle Corporation Ltd
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£430,959.00 Bearwood Coporate Services Ltd
£426,093.66 Mr Alexander Temerko
£420,576.00 Ms Joan L B Edwards
£420,000.00 Marcus Cooper Property Consulting Ltd
£418,325.00 Mr Reade E Griffith
£415,000.00 Mr Peter Beak
£413,575.40 Mr John Hall
£410,000.00 Mr Richard D Harpin
£400,000.00 Mr Gerardo Lopez Fojaca
£399,400.00 Mr David L Mayhew
£396,500.00 Mr David J Coldman
£392,806.56 Mr Michael Tory
£391,700.00 Mr Ramez Sousou
£390,500.00 Dr Hans Rausing
£390,000.00 Mr Leopold Noe
£389,900.00 Mr Jeffrey Whalley
£387,520.00 Ms Susan Anstey
£386,500.00 National Conservative Draw Society
£378,400.00 Mr David Lilley
£375,000.00 Tempcover Ltd
£373,000.00 Clerewell Ltd
£373,000.00 Mr Neil M Ostrer
£364,200.00 Mr Matthew R Ferrey
£362,500.00 Paul A Beecroft
£360,000.00 Ms Tiziana Cantoni
£355,037.23 Mr Gary Lydiate
£355,000.00 Mr Mark J C Bamford
£353,870.00 Mr Andrew E Law
£351,752.79 Mr Neville A Baxter
£349,200.00 Mr Yan Huo
£349,006.93 Mr Richard Caring
£344,812.24 Mr Michael Slade
£344,560.00 Trenchant Ltd
£341,850.00 Mr Simon Wolfson
£340,450.00 Mr James Hay
£336,935.00 Mr Kenneth J Costa
£336,686.00 Mrs Alisa Swidler
£335,811.00 Mr Roderick H Brooks
£335,312.81 Rich Investments Ltd
£335,000.00 Michael Bishop
£335,000.00 Michael D Bishop
£335,000.00 Mr Michael Bishop
£329,721.24 Mr Philip K Gibbs
£328,850.00 Mr Alasdair J Locke
£325,745.00 Mr Roger G Orf
£322,900.00 Mr Charles F Wigoder
£322,532.40 Ms Lubov Chernukhin
£320,955.47 Lord Philip Harris
£316,958.69 Mr Peter Kane
£314,900.00 Mr Peter R Harrison
£310,080.24 JC Bamford Excavators Ltd
£310,000.00 Sir Simon Robertson
£308,932.80 Mr Abdul-Majid Jafar
£308,000.00 Peter A Cruddas
£307,954.17 Deloitte LLP
£305,012.00 Mr William H Salomon
£305,000.00 Mr Alexander Knaster
£305,000.00 Mr Timothy Jones
£303,350.00 Bloomberg Tradebook Europe Ltd
£300,000.00 James Lyle
£300,000.00 John S Wheeler
£300,000.00 Mr Ehud Sheleg
£300,000.00 Mr Mark Coombs
£298,350.00 Mr Andrew E Law
£297,040.00 Peter J Hall
£295,000.00 Ivor Braka Ltd
£295,000.00 Mr Roderick John Fleming
£294,197.86 Mr William Ainscough
£292,880.00 Norbrook Laboratories Ltd
£292,000.00 Geoffrey C Lawson
£288,500.00 Mr Robert N Edmiston
£287,996.00 Mr Constantine Logothetis
£287,239.10 Scottish Unionist Association Trust
£283,127.00 J. C. Bamford Excavators Ltd
£283,000.00 Mr Bruce Hardy McLain
£282,499.00 Mr Mark J C Bamford
£279,615.85 IIR Limited
£278,896.00 DPK Contractors Limited
£277,022.08 Sovereign Business Jets Ltd
£275,750.00 Mr Christian C Levett
£275,000.00 Delancey Real Estate Asset Management Ltd
£273,596.37 Mr Raymond L Kent
£273,188.77 Residential Land Holdings Ltd
£270,400.00 Lord Dolar Popat
£269,000.00 Mr Edmund G Truell
£268,363.00 Arbuthnot Banking Group PLC
£268,270.64 Association of Conservative Clubs Ltd
£265,000.00 Lord Philip Harris of Peckham
£264,479.04 Mr Zacharias Goldsmith
£264,272.00 Mr John Frieda
£263,100.00 Lord Stanley Fink
£261,012.00 Mr Anthony Reeves
£260,682.21 Mr Terence Cole
£260,000.00 IM Group Ltd
£259,945.20 Peter R. Harrison
£257,500.00 Mr Michael Daffey
£256,500.00 Mr Arne Groes
£255,888.80 Mr Alexander A Fraser
£255,307.06 Mr John C Cook
£255,000.00 FIL Holdings (UK) Ltd
£255,000.00 Mr Peter Cruddas
£254,045.58 Addison Lee Plc
£253,100.00 Peter R Harrison
£251,290.00 Mr Richard S Sharp
£251,270.00 Westfield Shoppingtowns Ltd
£250,903.38 Mr John B Singer
£250,500.00 Leonard Lord Steinberg
£250,000.00 Christopher Rokos
£250,000.00 David Whelan
£250,000.00 Gallagher UK Ltd
£250,000.00 Jersey (Developments) Limited
£250,000.00 Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover
£250,000.00 MECM Limited
£250,000.00 Millcentro Ltd
£250,000.00 Mr John P Griffin
£250,000.00 Mr Steven N Parkin
£248,750.00 Mr Abel Halpern
£245,798.50 David J Coldman
£245,200.00 Mr Gursamarjit Singh
£245,000.00 Mark C Samworth
£243,350.00 Mr Oluwole Kolade
£241,000.00 Selfridges Retail Ltd
£240,905.00 Tamares Real Estate Investments (UK) Ltd
£237,871.74 Lord Alexander Hesketh
£237,000.00 Mr James E Diner
£236,400.00 Carl Pickford Advertising Ltd
£235,529.00 The Winterball
£233,781.40 Mr Amjad Bseisu
£233,616.81 Mr Patrick R Evershed
£232,500.00 Alexander A Fraser
£231,100.00 Barbara C Yerolemou
£230,000.00 Simon Robertson
£229,160.00 Sir John Beckwith
£228,620.00 J&H Sales (International) Limited
£228,000.00 Mr Anthony N Bickford
£227,718.30 Mr Mark J Page
£225,000.00 Ian R Taylor
£225,000.00 Mr Anthony H Reeves
£223,000.00 Mr Daniel Green
£222,644.20 David Instance
£218,700.00 Ms Holly Bellingham
£218,479.57 Albert Buildings Ltd
£217,200.00 Michael Freeman
£214,849.91 Helen L Muir
£214,500.00 Leamington Fund
£213,326.97 Marjorie Carnaby
£210,500.00 Mr Henry W Davis
£210,270.00 Anthony N Bickford
£210,000.00 Mr Ian Mukherjee
£209,266.13 Mr James Tyler
£207,500.00 Mr Jeremy Isaacs
£206,600.00 Mr Michael Aiken
£205,600.00 Ms Lesley Jackson
£205,000.00 FIL Holdings Ltd
£205,000.00 Mr Andrew C Green
£204,360.00 Mr Roger Nagioff
£204,000.00 Mr Walter L Hannay
£202,680.00 Prestonpans Trading Ltd
£202,266.25 Mr Robert D Calrow
£201,936.79 Scottish Parliament, Corporate Policy Unit
£200,400.00 Canary Wharf PLC
£200,000.00 Jean I Parmer
£200,000.00 Mr James Lyle
£200,000.00 Mr Michael Freund
£200,000.00 Mr Neil McArthur
£200,000.00 Mr Roderick J Fleming
£200,000.00 Mr Simon Robertson
£200,000.00 Ms Rosemary J Simpson
£199,716.18 Ms Helen L Muir
£196,400.00 GR Software and Research Ltd
£196,400.00 Tompkins UK Ltd
£196,000.00 Mr Hans A Rausing
£195,750.00 Mr Neil Record
£195,650.00 Mr Richard C Girling
£195,160.00 Mr James Stewart
£195,000.00 Peak Scientific Holdings Ltd
£193,553.00 Mr James D Thomas
£193,500.00 Mr Michael Bradfield
£193,000.00 Mr Javad Marandi
£190,845.00 Mr James S Thomas
£190,000.00 Lady Serena Rothschild
£188,300.00 Neil Record
£186,319.71 Susan Anstey
£185,800.00 Mr Jeremy B Asher
£185,750.00 Mr Mark S Davies
£183,650.00 Britt A Shaw
£182,500.00 Mr David C Jackson
£182,500.00 Oceanic Jewellers Ltd
£182,000.00 Annabel’s (Berkeley Square) Ltd
£181,500.00 Mr Donald McCarthy
£181,342.19 Ms Thelma EM Ashby
£179,670.57 Malcolm Scott
£179,340.00 David C Ord
£179,000.00 Simon Wolfson
£178,600.00 Mr Jonathan P Moulton
£175,598.00 Mr Andrew Scott
£175,000.00 Carlton Political Dinners
£175,000.00 Meekland Ltd
£175,000.00 Mr Stephen J Catlin
£175,000.00 Norbrook Laboratories GB Ltd
£175,000.00 Rainy City Investments Limited
£173,500.00 Bestway Wholesale Ltd
£173,386.98 Phillip Brown
£172,100.00 Mr Andrew Cook
£171,878.77 Mr Michael J Stone
£170,000.00 Mr Keith G Bradshaw
£170,000.00 Ms Sawsan Asfari
£168,993.82 Richard Caring
£168,000.00 Mr Abduladem M El Mayet
£167,000.00 Mr Douglas R J King
£166,450.00 Ms Hilda R Worth
£166,000.00 George E Robinson
£165,400.00 Mr Peter J Hall
£165,000.00 Multitone Electronics Plc
£162,750.00 Mrs Beatrice Tollman
£162,595.00 James Stewart
£162,000.00 Mr Lev V Mikheev
£162,000.00 Mr Nicholas D Jenkins
£161,724.75 Berkeley Burke (Holdings) Ltd
£161,141.00 Mr Richard J Oldfield
£160,250.00 Mahomed A Galadari
£160,180.00 Michael J Peagram
£159,600.00 Mr Edward Wray
£159,550.00 Watford Business Club
£158,750.00 Sir Mark Weinberg
£158,500.00 Panther Securities Plc
£158,300.00 AYR Group Ltd
£158,168.00 Globus (Shetland) Limited
£158,000.00 Fares I Fares
£158,000.00 Caledonia Investments PLC
£157,951.33 Ms Jean I Parmer
£157,700.42 Paul M Ruddock
£157,500.00 Mr Richard Boggis-Rolfe
£156,200.00 Mr Michael Freeman
£155,917.43 Mr Arthur H Taylor
£154,999.00 Gloucester Research Limited
£154,000.00 Mr Stephen P Morant
£153,000.00 Mr Herbert D Ellis
£152,521.00 Sir Havergal Downes-Shaw Will Trust
£152,500.00 Lizon Properties Ltd
£152,500.00 Molyneux Management Services Ltd
£152,059.99 Leonard J Nike
£152,000.00 Edward Atkin
£152,000.00 BSN Capital Partners Ltd
£151,200.40 Fresh Start
£150,500.00 Aggregate Industries UK Ltd
£150,000.00 John C Cook
£150,000.00 Cend Limited
£150,000.00 Flexible Securities Ltd
£150,000.00 Harilela Hotels (UK) Ltd
£150,000.00 Juniper Property Finance Company Ltd
£150,000.00 Mr Christopher G French
£150,000.00 Mr Frederick W Catlin
£150,000.00 Mr John C Roberts
£150,000.00 Mr John F Hartz
£150,000.00 Oliver Wyman Limited
£150,000.00 Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd
£149,500.00 Magna Carta Club
£149,100.00 Jeremy J Hosking
£148,736.84 Crombie Concessions Ltd
£148,600.00 Mr Edward M Lee
£148,000.00 Hans A Rausing
£147,500.00 Lady Victoria de Rothschild
£147,500.00 Mrs Shadi Ritchie
£147,000.00 Ms Marit M Rausing
£145,000.00 Christopher J Rea
£145,000.00 First Corporate Consultants Ltd
£142,500.00 Anglo Scottish Properties Plc
£142,500.00 Mr Michael Batt
£142,319.80 Andrew Charalambous
£141,381.28 Mr Michael Spencer
£141,362.50 Mr Leonard J Nike
£139,050.00 Mr Christopher Ingram
£138,500.00 Mr Patrick Nahon-Fauchier
£138,366.45 Mr Ryan J Robson
£138,008.31 Michael Spencer
£137,500.00 Hugh Sloane
£137,200.00 Mr Jonathan Wood
£137,000.00 Mr Robin C Odey
£137,000.00 Westfield Europe Limited
£136,874.00 Mr David C Ord
£135,000.00 Mr Kenneth M Sisley
£133,807.67 CQS Management Ltd
£133,336.00 David St George
£132,700.00 Mr Dolar Popat
£132,500.00 Sussex Research Ltd
£132,075.73 George M Hollingbery
£131,969.50 Jeffrey Whalley
£131,177.01 Realreed Limited
£130,000.00 Mr James R Stunt
£130,000.00 The Funding Corporation Group Ltd
£129,640.00 Kenneth J Costa
£129,500.00 Ryan J Robson
£128,999.99 Nikeland Securities Ltd
£128,650.00 Mr Mustafa Mohammed
£128,625.56 Scottish Conservative Prize Draw Society
£128,446.00 Irvine Unionist Club
£128,353.38 Corin Graeff
£128,305.42 Jersey House Developments Ltd
£128,150.00 Andrew E Law
£128,000.00 Nike Land Securities Ltd
£127,100.00 New Century Media Ltd
£126,900.00 Mr Ravi S Kailas
£126,500.00 Donald J Lewin
£126,500.00 CVS Management Ltd
£126,000.00 Mr Theodore Agnew
£125,200.00 Dr Maurizio Bragagni
£125,000.00 Anthony H Reeves
£125,000.00 Jeremy Hosking
£125,000.00 Jonathan P Moulton
£125,000.00 David Cameron Campaign Centre
£125,000.00 Mr George ES Robinson
£125,000.00 Mrs Joyce Edwardson Glover
£124,340.25 Mr Edward Haughey
£124,000.00 Henry Keswick
£122,800.00 Randox Laboratories Ltd
£121,500.00 Grosvenor Ltd
£120,457.20 Shore Capital Limited
£120,394.00 Christopher C Harborne
£120,175.00 John Madejski
£120,000.00 Dukehill Services Limited
£119,844.52 Mr Dominic R Johnson
£118,500.00 Mr Jeremy Issacs
£117,925.00 Carlton Club (London) Limited
£117,300.00 Mr Chaim P Zabludowicz
£117,250.00 Mr David B Monaghan
£117,000.00 Mr Dominic Shorthouse
£116,200.00 Mr Costas Kaplanis
£116,000.00 Mr Simon Keswick
£115,825.28 Dunalastair Estates
£115,544.26 Microsoft Ltd
£115,375.00 Mr David A Roper
£115,118.00 The 33 Group Ltd
£115,023.00 Genix Healthcare Ltd
£114,500.00 John L Beckwith
£114,300.00 Mr Michael Rockall
£113,960.30 Sir John Hall
£113,620.63 Killik & Co LLP
£113,332.00 Andrew H Scott
£113,255.93 Christofferson, Robb & Co (UK) LLP
£113,000.00 Ms Barbara Yerolemou
£112,500.00 Mrs Mary Erbrich
£112,000.00 Michael E Slade
£111,599.34 Ms Mary Cross
£111,400.00 Chester & County Unionist Buildings Ltd
£111,000.00 Ann R Said
£110,900.00 Coleman Bennett International Consultancy PLC
£110,500.00 Mr John HJ Lewis
£110,400.00 Mr Jeremy G Knight-Adams
£110,261.26 Select Property Group Ltd
£110,002.64 Deloitte & Touche LLP
£110,000.00 Andrew Brannon
£110,000.00 Leonard Steinburg
£110,000.00 Philip H Gwyn
£110,000.00 Dr Barbara J Scott
£110,000.00 John Cotton Group Ltd
£110,000.00 Lady Annabel Goldsmith
£110,000.00 Mr Dennis Keech
£110,000.00 Mr Edward Eisler
£110,000.00 Mr Frederick A Wallace
£110,000.00 Professor Arthur Bradwell
£109,830.18 Carolyn J Ward
£109,662.83 Pietas Ltd
£109,000.00 Stellite Finance Limited
£109,000.00 The Cayzer Trust Company Ltd
£109,000.00 The Leamington Fund
£108,500.00 Ramez F Sousou
£108,460.00 Jayroma (London) Ltd
£108,240.00 Camberford Law Plc
£108,000.00 GFI Holdings Ltd
£107,774.31 Bansols Beta Ltd
£107,500.00 Mr John D Spurling
£107,500.00 Tratos (UK) Limited
£107,400.00 Anna C Hobhouse
£107,203.43 George R. Pinto
£107,000.00 Oluwole Kolade
£107,000.00 Lord Alexander Andrew Fraser of Corriegarth
£106,250.00 Mr Steven J Williams
£106,000.00 Mr Bruce Ritchie
£105,700.00 Christopher R Brooke
£105,700.00 Exeter Constitutional Trust
£105,552.20 JCB Sales Ltd
£105,350.00 Mr Allen R Jackson
£105,200.00 JB Drax Honore (UK) Ltd
£105,000.00 Michael Alen-Buckley
£105,000.00 Anne Street Partners Ltd
£105,000.00 Mr Michael Clare
£104,717.10 Western United Investments Co Ltd
£104,700.00 Mr Jitesh Gadhia
£104,568.39 Ernest Neathercott
£104,215.88 Mr Ernest R Travis
£104,000.00 Mr Anthony Endfield
£103,468.40 Mr Peter M Steward
£103,418.00 Mr Adrian M Pitts
£103,000.00 William D Lyons
£102,322.11 Henfield Lodge Aviation Ltd
£102,321.92 Vincos Ltd
£102,000.00 Jacksons Bournemouth Ltd
£102,000.00 Mr Thomas FT Harrison
£101,667.00 Mr Michael Langdon
£101,600.00 Babyway International Limited
£101,500.00 Mr David Allen
£101,402.00 Sunley Holdings Plc
£101,400.00 Jonathan P Marland
£101,345.94 Mr Paul J Flynn
£101,200.00 Mr Fred A R Packard
£101,130.00 Richard S Sharp
£101,000.00 Mr John Cook
£100,580.00 Libra Capital Limited
£100,500.00 Mr Michael R Lynch
£100,396.72 World Economic Forum
£100,000.00 Abduladem El Mayet
£100,000.00 Alexander Knaster
£100,000.00 Caroline Nash
£100,000.00 Catherine Lagrange
£100,000.00 Hani Farsi
£100,000.00 Jeremy Isaacs
£100,000.00 Jitesh Gadhia
£100,000.00 Leon Litchfield
£100,000.00 Lucy Cady
£100,000.00 Michael Davis
£100,000.00 Michael J. Stone
£100,000.00 Peter J. Hall
£100,000.00 Tiziana Cantoni
£100,000.00 Vivian Imerman
£100,000.00 Aria Properties Limited
£100,000.00 Clerville Investment Management LLP
£100,000.00 Clivedale Ventures Limited
£100,000.00 CMC Markets UK Plc
£100,000.00 Drillgreat Ltd
£100,000.00 EFP Capital LLP
£100,000.00 Future Pipe Ltd
£100,000.00 Global Functional Drinks UK Limited
£100,000.00 Headstock Distribution
£100,000.00 Lowry Trading Ltd
£100,000.00 Marcus Cooper Property Consulting Limited
£100,000.00 Markland Holdings Ltd
£100,000.00 Mr Alirajah Subaskaran
£100,000.00 Mr David Coldman
£100,000.00 Mr Edward J Wray
£100,000.00 Mr Hugo Robin Rittson Thomas
£100,000.00 Mr John Beckwith
£100,000.00 Mr John DS Booth
£100,000.00 Mr Julian Richer
£100,000.00 Mr Malcolm Healey
£100,000.00 Mr Mark Tyndall
£100,000.00 Mr Philip Fleming
£100,000.00 Mr R C W Odey
£100,000.00 Mr Reginald A Miller
£100,000.00 Mr Rory David Fleming
£100,000.00 Mr Rupert Oliver Rittson Thomas
£100,000.00 Mr Selvanayagam Pankayachelvan
£100,000.00 Mr Steven Parkin
£100,000.00 Mr Stuart A Marks
£100,000.00 Mr William W Harding
£100,000.00 Ms Elizabeth Tchenguiz
£100,000.00 Ms Helene Klausner
£100,000.00 Ms Joanna Kate Fleming – originally reported: RF Trustee Co Ltd
£100,000.00 Ms Rosie E Lock
£100,000.00 S.E. Land and Estates Limited
£100,000.00 Salisbury Kard Limited
£100,000.00 Sir John L Beckwith
£100,000.00 Unatrac Limited
£100,000.00 Venson Automotive Solutions Ltd
£100,000.00 Webb Investments Ltd
£100,000.00 Wittington Investments Ltd
£98,996.45 Mr John L Beckwith
£98,673.00 Mr Anil Agarwal
£98,600.00 Mr George E Robinson
£98,500.00 Keltbray Ltd
£98,310.00 Lord Jonathan Marland
£97,870.00 Mr Ali A Mosawi
£97,500.00 Mr Bruce W Ritchie
£97,500.00 Mr Robert J Madejski
£97,354.59 KPMG UK Ltd
£97,164.32 Mr Julian D Schild
£97,000.00 Diana Van Nievelt Price
£97,000.00 Mr Peter A Dubens
£96,797.66 Mr George M Hollingbery
£95,301.39 Croydon Council Conservative Group
£95,000.00 Mr Edward K Eisler
£95,000.00 Mr Mahomed A Galadari
£95,000.00 Mr Richard George
£94,450.00 Access Industries (UK) Ltd
£93,400.00 Brian Kingham
£93,001.00 LBI Ltd
£93,000.00 Phillip K Gibbs
£92,750.00 David B Monaghan
£92,700.00 Ronald Dennis
£92,500.00 Mrs Narminda Marandi
£92,500.00 Ms Elizabeth Griffith
£92,473.25 Mr John T McAlpine
£92,400.00 Tattersall Ltd
£92,200.00 GCH Capital Ltd
£90,779.57 Crescent Properties (Hampstead)
£90,000.00 Swanston Holdings Plc
£89,789.93 The Earlswood Conservative Hall Trustees
£89,000.00 Conservative Properties (Wavertree) Ltd
£88,999.00 Michael Slade
£88,890.00 Mr Mark Florman
£88,746.09 Lord na Ashcroft
£88,602.16 Neville A Baxter
£88,600.00 Emerson Developments (Holdings) Ltd
£88,566.19 Mr Gilbert T Willett
£88,500.00 Harris & Sheldon Group Ltd
£88,208.87 Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd
£87,970.00 Jane G Hetherington
£87,500.00 Mr Gordon Gibb
£87,500.00 Mr Stephen W Curran
£86,800.00 John B Singer
£86,753.12 Ms June M West
£86,666.66 Christofferson Robb & Co Ltd
£86,300.00 Mr Raymond Chamberlain
£86,249.00 Mr Anthony Bamford
£85,900.00 Mr David Harding
£85,876.72 Noble Foods ltd
£85,700.00 Cavendish Corporate Finance LLP
£85,227.08 Ernst & Young LLP
£85,000.00 Dolar Popat
£85,000.00 Keith G Bradshaw
£85,000.00 Growth Financial Services Ltd
£85,000.00 Harris and Sheldon Group Ltd
£85,000.00 Mr Benoit D’Angelin
£85,000.00 Sir Francis G Brooke
£84,889.05 Michael J Stone
£84,500.00 Max Studio (UK) Ltd
£84,278.37 Sixty Six Club
£84,103.95 Mr Andrew G White
£84,000.00 Mr Hugh Osmond
£84,000.00 Windsor Partners Ltd
£83,855.00 The United & Cecil Club
£83,843.48 David Ross
£83,700.00 Ms Emma D Pilkington
£83,270.00 Mr Thomas Scott
£83,189.00 Mr Charles Caminada
£83,162.00 Mr Andrew G White
£82,985.70 Mr John Whitehead
£82,500.00 Mr John R Maxted
£82,500.00 Mr Michael J Samuel
£82,136.88 Mr Nadey Hakim
£82,000.00 Mr Roy L Peires
£81,850.00 Mr Johan Christofferson
£81,809.99 Lord na Kirkham
£81,500.00 Alchemist Estates Ltd
£81,500.00 Mr Aidan Heavey
£81,000.00 McDowell’s Development Company Ltd
£81,000.00 Mr Christian Levett
£80,500.00 Mr Ian Armitage
£80,142.66 Mr Michael E Slade
£80,093.03 Mr Stuart Le Gassick
£80,000.00 Arthur Brassington
£80,000.00 Barbara Clark
£80,000.00 I.M. Properties PLC
£80,000.00 Mr Robert C Walters
£80,000.00 Mr William P Richards
£80,000.00 Universal Music Operations Ltd
£79,882.79 Mr Howard Leigh
£79,809.00 Veling Aviation (UK) Limited
£79,750.00 Andrew Sells
£79,372.00 Ms Xuelin Black
£79,124.63 Mr Ivor Braka
£79,000.00 East Surrey Business Club
£78,700.00 Mr John T Kennedy
£78,693.91 Mr David Mowat
£78,590.44 Ada R Cook
£78,500.00 Lousada Plc
£78,500.00 Mr Ronald Dennis
£78,220.00 Ranbir S Suri
£78,000.00 Midland Chilled Foods Ltd
£78,000.00 Mr Norman Freed
£77,860.11 Mr Theodore Shivdasani
£77,800.00 Topland Group PLC
£77,550.00 John HJ Lewis
£77,447.00 Thomas F Harrison
£77,000.00 Joint London Holdings Ltd
£76,930.00 London and Regional Properties Ltd
£76,800.00 Express Newspapers
£76,600.00 Mr Maxwell C Ward
£76,500.00 Edwina Herrmann
£76,050.00 Mr Pierre Rolin
£76,000.00 Lady Elizabeth Kaye
£76,000.00 Mr Matthew Ferrey
£75,850.00 Mr Roger M Gabb
£75,360.00 Mr Lionel Caplan
£75,316.25 Scottish Conservative Prize Draw
£75,000.00 Adam Fleming
£75,000.00 Anthony Reeves
£75,000.00 Cristina A Taylor
£75,000.00 Herbert D Ellis
£75,000.00 Michael E Platt
£75,000.00 Richard Macaire
£75,000.00 Simon L Keswick
£75,000.00 Stephen P Morant
£75,000.00 William Ainscough
£75,000.00 EIM (United Kingdom) Ltd
£75,000.00 Flamingo Land Limited
£75,000.00 Mr Alexander S Wilmot-Sitwell
£75,000.00 Mr Dominic J Slade
£75,000.00 Mr Gareth D Quarry
£75,000.00 Mr James Findlay
£75,000.00 Mr John H Jenkins
£75,000.00 Mr Mark R Tyndall
£75,000.00 Mr Michael J Oglesby
£75,000.00 Mr Michael J Wade
£75,000.00 Mr Philip C Bradbourn
£75,000.00 Mr Richard Harpin
£75,000.00 Mr Richard Macaire
£75,000.00 Mr Richard Q Hoare
£75,000.00 Mr Roger B Nagioff
£75,000.00 Mr Vivian Imerman
£75,000.00 Sir Henry Keswick
£75,000.00 William Lamb Footwear Ltd
£74,500.00 Mr Naguib Kheraj
£74,300.00 John D Guest
£74,300.00 Mr Allen Jackson
£74,028.80 Mr George R Pinto
£74,000.00 Gary Lydiate
£73,900.00 Chinook Urban Mining Ltd
£73,706.00 Candy & Candy Ltd
£73,500.00 Star Reefers UK Ltd
£73,000.00 KGL (Estates) Ltd
£72,860.00 Women2Win
£72,828.89 Mr Adam Afriyie
£72,500.00 Shore Capital Stockbrokers Ltd
£72,339.19 Scottish Parliament
£72,050.00 United and Cecil Club
£72,000.00 Mr Malcolm J Scott
£72,000.00 Residential Land Ltd
£71,700.00 Harvey Water Softeners Ltd
£71,500.00 Mr Raymond J Franklin
£71,300.00 Peter Wood
£71,000.00 Mr Terence G Bramall
£70,979.45 Mr John Allen
£70,800.00 Mr Andrew J Cook
£70,500.00 Robert Fleming
£70,000.00 Costas Kaplanis
£70,000.00 Jeremy M Isaacs
£70,000.00 John S. Wheeler
£70,000.00 Michael Batt
£70,000.00 IC Technology UK Ltd
£70,000.00 Mr Patrick Cryne
£70,000.00 Mr Paul Beecroft
£70,000.00 Mr Robert J Lloyd George
£70,000.00 Mr Stuart Lipton
£70,000.00 Mr Thomas Hall
£70,000.00 Unex Construction Ltd
£70,000.00 Wilbraham Securities LLP
£69,852.78 Boston Consultancy Gp Ltd
£69,700.00 The Primrose League
£69,652.52 Mr Ravinder S Gidar
£69,329.25 Debbie S Fiorentino
£69,013.97 Agnes N Muiry
£69,000.00 Patrick Nahon-Fauchier
£68,747.00 Andrew Scott
£68,375.00 Mr John Madejski
£68,279.00 Mr Leon Schaller OBE
£68,000.00 Fowey Conservative Club
£67,976.00 Gerard Griffin
£67,500.00 Mr Graham Clempson
£67,499.00 Martyn Arbib
£67,250.00 Ronald F Hobson
£67,200.00 Mr Edward Atkin
£67,160.00 Strangers Gallery
£67,100.00 Iain Hutchinson
£66,900.00 Mr Jeremy Knight-Adams
£66,848.81 Hotcourses Limited
£66,730.00 Ms Vivian Imerman
£66,666.00 Sir Herbert D Ellis
£66,600.00 Olympic (South) Ltd
£66,540.00 Michael J Hutchinson
£66,500.00 Ecofin Ltd
£66,500.00 Mr Hugh Y Scott-Barrett
£66,250.00 Mr Paul Brett
£65,500.00 John J Lewis
£65,479.77 Derby City Council Conservative Group
£65,400.00 Mr John S Martin
£65,200.00 Orange Aero Ltd
£65,000.00 Richard Q Hoare
£65,000.00 Mr Jonathan Goodwin
£65,000.00 Robinbest Limited
£65,000.00 Sleepwell Hotels UK Ltd
£64,875.00 James Tyler
£64,816.45 Martyn Rose Ltd
£64,550.00 Ann R. Said
£64,478.00 The London Scottish Tory Club
£64,400.00 Mr Rajeev Misra
£63,875.42 Mr Christopher R Brooke
£63,764.98 David Harding
£63,641.65 Mr Robert M Kirkland
£63,552.52 Mr Atul Pathak
£63,500.00 Lord Geoffrey (Jamie) Borwick
£63,500.00 Mr Stephen Fitzgerald
£63,359.93 Irene Smith
£63,300.00 Xuelin Black
£63,000.00 Mr John Robinson
£63,000.00 Mr Stephen Howard
£63,000.00 Mr William A Hobhouse
£62,938.66 Mr Irvine Laidlaw
£62,800.00 J & H Sales (International) Ltd
£62,600.00 Mr Nicholas A Clarke
£62,580.40 Scythian Ltd
£62,500.00 Ms Caroline Nash
£62,000.00 B&S Properties (London) Ltd
£62,000.00 Mr Emanuel W Davidson
£62,000.00 Mrs Barbara C Yerolemou
£62,000.00 Philip Mould Ltd
£61,750.00 Roger Carlsson
£61,750.00 VE Interactive Ltd
£61,656.00 Sir Timothy Sainsbury
£60,945.00 Ms Jane G Hetherington
£60,783.06 Redhill Constitutional Club Ltd.
£60,750.00 Allen Jackson
£60,500.00 Mr Jonathan C Chenevix-Trench
£60,050.00 Barry Howard Homes Ltd
£60,000.00 David Alexander
£60,000.00 Dev G Dadral
£60,000.00 Edmund G Truell
£60,000.00 Lionel Caplan
£60,000.00 Michael G Clare
£60,000.00 Richard Boggis-Rolfe
£60,000.00 Robert Brock
£60,000.00 Robert D Calrow
£60,000.00 Bland Group Resources Ltd
£60,000.00 Business Fore
£60,000.00 Fidelity Investment Management Ltd
£60,000.00 Lord Peter Palumbo
£60,000.00 M & C Saatchi PLC
£60,000.00 Mr Bradley Yam
£60,000.00 Mr Charles M Rotman
£60,000.00 Mr Christopher Sharples
£60,000.00 Mr David JG Royds
£60,000.00 Mr Douglas C Bramall
£60,000.00 Mr Geoffrey C Lawson
£60,000.00 Mr James Aitken
£60,000.00 Mr Malcolm Walker
£60,000.00 Mr Martin Ainscough
£60,000.00 Mr Peter Wood
£60,000.00 Mrs Kate Holland
£60,000.00 Waterford Finance & Investment (UK) Ltd
£59,950.00 Lord James Blyth
£59,770.00 William H Salomon
£59,620.05 R20 Ltd
£59,558.34 Boston Consultancy Group Ltd
£59,275.32 House of Lords Fee Office
£59,158.61 The Portcullis Club
£59,000.00 Mr Michael J Peagram
£59,000.00 Mr Stephen C Fitzgerald
£58,950.00 Tattersalls Ltd
£58,800.00 Mr Robert Kilgour
£58,725.00 The Oak Ball
£58,500.00 Anna L Rausing
£58,500.00 Ayman Asfari
£58,500.00 Mr Mark W Foster-Brown
£58,500.00 Oliver Valves Ltd
£58,479.25 Conservative Councillors Association
£58,400.00 Future Management Services Limited
£58,000.00 Andreas Heeschen
£58,000.00 Christopher G French
£58,000.00 London & Regional Properties Ltd
£58,000.00 Ms Maureen Ramsay
£58,000.00 Oaklawn Ltd
£57,500.00 Henry N Keswick
£57,500.00 Mr Malcolm Offord
£57,500.00 Mr Pierre Lagrange
£57,080.00 IVS Group LTD
£57,067.00 Mr David St George
£57,000.00 Roger M Gabb
£57,000.00 Mr Nigel Alliance
£56,937.70 Ms Carolyn Ward
£56,518.23 Caprice Holdings Ltd
£56,440.00 Mr Howard P Shore
£56,000.00 Gloucester Research Ltd
£56,000.00 Ilchester Estates
£56,000.00 Lord Peter Daresbury
£56,000.00 Mr John L Whiter
£55,902.95 Scottish Parliament Corporate Body
£55,725.00 Mr David PJ Ross
£55,543.67 Mr Jonathan P Marland
£55,500.00 KJ Costa Advisory Limited
£55,500.00 London Diversified Fund Management (UK) Ltd
£55,500.00 Mr Michael P Aiken
£55,500.00 Sapinda UK Ltd
£55,012.84 Mr Thomas F Harrison
£55,000.00 Abdul-Majid Jafar
£55,000.00 Anthony Buckingham
£55,000.00 John E Dodd
£55,000.00 Armajaro Holdings Ltd
£55,000.00 Broadland Properties Limited
£55,000.00 Broadland Properties
£55,000.00 Lord Stanley Kalms
£55,000.00 Mr Kenneth Brook-Chrispin
£55,000.00 Mr Philip H Gwyn
£55,000.00 Mr Zac F Goldsmith
£55,000.00 Ms Beryl Steinberg
£55,000.00 Newship Ltd
£55,000.00 Rigby Group (RG) PLC
£55,000.00 Tamares Real Estate Investments UK Ltd
£55,000.00 The London Cabaret Club Limited
£55,000.00 Wellgold LLP
£54,910.00 Philip K Gibbs
£54,845.42 Lord Brecon Bequest Fund
£54,600.00 Hampden Insurance Holdings
£54,550.00 Mr Stephen L Massey
£54,500.00 Mr Michael S Bradfield
£54,284.00 Hotcourses Ltd
£54,270.94 Conservative Councillors Associatioin
£54,250.00 Mr Frederick Forsyth
£54,225.00 Mr Andrew Reid
£54,158.00 London Secure Services Ltd
£54,000.00 Motcomb Estates Ltd
£54,000.00 Mr Andries D Pienaar
£53,950.00 Julian D Schild
£53,625.00 Hartley Property Trust Ltd
£53,600.00 James D Hanson
£53,600.00 Mr Alan J Eisner
£53,600.00 Mr Roger Gabb
£53,515.00 Mrs Emily von Opel
£53,500.00 Mr Kevin Coyle
£53,500.00 Sir Peter Vardy
£53,000.00 Mr John E Dodd
£53,000.00 Mr John T Ross
£53,000.00 Synseal Extrusions Ltd
£53,000.00 The Halcyon Gallery
£52,880.16 Resilient Networks Plc
£52,800.00 Descent International Ltd
£52,500.00 Emanuel W Davidson
£52,500.00 Mr Paul Killik
£52,463.09 Ms Alison Frost
£52,356.07 Lord Peter Chadlington
£52,274.00 Mr Jon P Moynihan
£52,063.01 Moorlake Properties Ltd
£52,036.29 Zacharias Goldsmith
£52,000.00 Angela L James
£52,000.00 Michael I Freeman
£52,000.00 Lewis Trust Group Ltd
£52,000.00 Mr Toby O Baxendale
£51,510.00 Ernest R Travis
£51,500.00 Mr Huw Jenkins
£51,500.00 Mr James Chestnut
£51,500.00 Mr Nicholas Baker
£51,038.75 Deloitte MCS Ltd
£51,000.00 Elizabeth S Fiszman
£51,000.00 Gordon Phillips
£51,000.00 Dow Investments PLC
£51,000.00 Mr Andrew H Scott
£50,700.00 Castle Rising Holdings Ltd
£50,500.00 Anthony N. Bickford
£50,250.00 Mr Jonathan ME Boyer
£50,228.00 North Enfield Conservative Club
£50,051.00 Mr Kenneth A Rands
£50,000.00 Alan C Farrow
£50,000.00 Alan E. Howard
£50,000.00 Andrew M Stewart
£50,000.00 Angela L. James
£50,000.00 Anthony R Ward
£50,000.00 Barry D Diggle
£50,000.00 Catharine Lagrange
£50,000.00 Christopher C Harbone
£50,000.00 Christopher C Rokos
£50,000.00 David C Allen
£50,000.00 David Craigen
£50,000.00 David J Royds
£50,000.00 David L Mayhew
£50,000.00 David W Harding
£50,000.00 Donald Gosling
£50,000.00 Edward J Wray
£50,000.00 Elie Dangoor
£50,000.00 Fred AR Packard
£50,000.00 Geoffrey Foster-Taylor
£50,000.00 George Simon
£50,000.00 Gerard Whitten-Brown
£50,000.00 Graeme Hossie
£50,000.00 Graham A Leslie
£50,000.00 Honourable Richard S Sharp
£50,000.00 Huseyin Gun
£50,000.00 Issam Alsabban
£50,000.00 James P Gaggero
£50,000.00 Jeremy B Asher
£50,000.00 Jeremy Knight-Adams
£50,000.00 John A Frieda
£50,000.00 John Frieda
£50,000.00 John Lewis
£50,000.00 Jon Thorn
£50,000.00 Julian Richer
£50,000.00 Julian Sinclair
£50,000.00 Lewis Chester
£50,000.00 Lord Ballyedmond
£50,000.00 Marjorie Holt
£50,000.00 Michael J Hollingberry
£50,000.00 Michael R Lynch
£50,000.00 Naguib Kheraj
£50,000.00 Natalie Chester
£50,000.00 Neil D Eckert
£50,000.00 Neil M Ostrer
£50,000.00 Nicholas A Clarke
£50,000.00 Nicholas Trimmatis
£50,000.00 Oliver A Hemsley
£50,000.00 Paul M. Ruddock
£50,000.00 Philip J Brown
£50,000.00 Ramez Sousou
£50,000.00 Richard D Harpin
£50,000.00 Richard George
£50,000.00 Richard M Harris
£50,000.00 Roderick H Brooks
£50,000.00 Roger Nagioff
£50,000.00 Tracy A. Levett
£50,000.00 William E Allsebrook
£50,000.00 William P Richards
£50,000.00 Angelsource Limited
£50,000.00 Back Bedroom Operations No 2
£50,000.00 Bestaway Cash and Carry Limited.
£50,000.00 Bestway Cash and Carry Ltd
£50,000.00 Bloomberg Tradebrook Europe Ltd
£50,000.00 Buckley Jewellery Ltd
£50,000.00 CEND International Limited
£50,000.00 Classic Lodges Ltd
£50,000.00 Corpacq Limited
£50,000.00 Crown Leisure Ltd
£50,000.00 Darren Baker Fine Arts Ltd
£50,000.00 Deans Food Group Ltd
£50,000.00 Delancy Real Estate Asset Management Ltd
£50,000.00 Dr Christopher B Wood
£50,000.00 Edwardian London Management Services
£50,000.00 Entourage Concierge Limited
£50,000.00 European Land and Property Limited
£50,000.00 Evans Randall Ltd
£50,000.00 Exotix Ltd
£50,000.00 Finemere Ltd
£50,000.00 FK Facades Limited
£50,000.00 Frognal Associates Limited
£50,000.00 Green Network PLC
£50,000.00 Hamptonline Ltd
£50,000.00 Hauser and Wirth Gallery Limited
£50,000.00 Hollyhedge Limited
£50,000.00 Hon George T Farmer
£50,000.00 IGPL Ltd
£50,000.00 Intuition Publishing Ltd
£50,000.00 JR & F Limited
£50,000.00 Lancaster Knox LLP
£50,000.00 Moore Europe Capital Management Ltd
£50,000.00 Mr Abduladem El Mayet
£50,000.00 Mr Amit H Patel
£50,000.00 Mr Andrew S Pritchard
£50,000.00 Mr Andrew Stewart
£50,000.00 Mr Babantunde Soyoye
£50,000.00 Mr David C Allen
£50,000.00 Mr David J Lyons
£50,000.00 Mr David R Allen
£50,000.00 Mr Dinesh Dhamija
£50,000.00 Mr Fares Fares
£50,000.00 Mr Geoffrey Guy
£50,000.00 Mr Giles S Harridge
£50,000.00 Mr Hugh Hudleston
£50,000.00 Mr Ian Taylor
£50,000.00 Mr James Stunt
£50,000.00 Mr John H Cars
£50,000.00 Mr John Peace
£50,000.00 Mr John TM von Bender
£50,000.00 Mr Jonathan Ferster
£50,000.00 Mr Kevin Lomax
£50,000.00 Mr Leon Litchfield
£50,000.00 Mr Lewis Chester
£50,000.00 Mr Lionel E Caplan
£50,000.00 Mr Martin N Calderbank
£50,000.00 Mr Michael E Platt
£50,000.00 Mr Nisham S Sidhu-Brar
£50,000.00 Mr Patrick A Ryan
£50,000.00 Mr Paul A Brewer
£50,000.00 Mr Peter J Jeffreys
£50,000.00 Mr Philip KC Gibbs
£50,000.00 Mr Richard Rose
£50,000.00 Mr Rob Thielen
£50,000.00 Mr Robert B Nagioff
£50,000.00 Mr Robert G Doumar Jnr
£50,000.00 Mr Robert J Champion de Crespigny
£50,000.00 Mr Robert Shetler-Jones
£50,000.00 Mr Sam Miller
£50,000.00 Mr Sebastian J Lyon
£50,000.00 Mr Stephen C Knight
£50,000.00 Mr Stephen J Caitlin
£50,000.00 Mr Stephen M Peel
£50,000.00 Mr Stewart W Newton
£50,000.00 Mr Stuart Mitchell
£50,000.00 Mr Thomas N Hall
£50,000.00 Mr Thomas R Scott
£50,000.00 Mr William D Lyons
£50,000.00 Mrs Ann J Brunton
£50,000.00 Mrs Elisabeth Jackson
£50,000.00 Ms Catherine C Baxendale
£50,000.00 Ms Edwina A Herrmann
£50,000.00 Ms Elizabeth Jackson
£50,000.00 Ms Jacqueline Ann Beecroft
£50,000.00 Ms Lisbet Rausing
£50,000.00 Ms Melanie Sherwood
£50,000.00 Ms Rebecca Dearden
£50,000.00 Naya Capital Management UK Limited
£50,000.00 Newarthill Limited
£50,000.00 Northern Trust Company Ltd
£50,000.00 OCI UK Ltd
£50,000.00 R.A.G Associates Ltd
£50,000.00 RAB Capital Plc
£50,000.00 Sarr Investments
£50,000.00 Silver Cross (UK) Ltd
£50,000.00 Sir Peter R Harrison
£50,000.00 Slough Estates Finance Ltd
£50,000.00 Stephenson Group Ltd
£50,000.00 TCI Fund Management Limited
£50,000.00 Thakeham Homes Limited
£50,000.00 The A & S Leisure Group Ltd
£50,000.00 The Strategic Communications Alliance Ltd
£50,000.00 Trust Inns Ltd
£50,000.00 Udi Limited
£50,000.00 Weardale Estates Ltd
£50,000.00 West Street Management Services Ltd
£50,000.00 Windsor Services Ltd
£49,990.00 Ms Sheena A Evershed
£49,977.17 Mr Francis Brooke
£49,700.00 Ms Anne R Said
£49,500.00 Mr David T Mowat
£49,000.00 Marit M Rausing
£49,000.00 Mrs Marit Rausing
£49,000.00 Ms Marit ME Rausing
£49,000.00 Professor Hans Rausing
£48,875.53 Hilda D Harcourt
£48,744.84 CSC IT Ltd
£48,700.00 RTA Properties Ltd
£48,536.01 Pimlico Plumbers Ltd
£48,500.00 Mr John D Lovering
£48,500.00 Techtest Ltd
£48,475.00 Mr David Meller
£48,300.00 Mr Terence W Brown
£48,180.00 Mr John H Chatfeild-Roberts
£48,000.00 Mr Julian Smith
£47,500.00 Robin Birley
£47,500.00 Mr Philip Brown
£47,500.00 Ms Marit Rausing
£47,500.00 Qualtex UK Ltd
£47,000.00 Wheatcroft Land Ltd
£46,976.75 Norbrook Laboratories (GB Ltd)
£46,976.00 Mr Nicholas Finegold
£46,875.00 Scarborough Constitutional Club Co Ltd
£46,650.05 Mr Jeremy J Lefroy
£46,527.06 House of Lords
£46,500.00 Quinlan Private Capital UK Ltd
£46,256.73 Corporate Policy Unit – Scottish Parliament
£46,245.00 Romie Tager
£46,000.00 Mr Peter Shalson
£45,994.00 Mr Christopher C Harborne
£45,600.00 Huntsworth Plc
£45,000.00 John H Lewis
£45,000.00 Lev V Mikheev
£45,000.00 Peter M Steward
£45,000.00 Mr Anthony Buckingham
£45,000.00 Mr Nicholas Campsie
£45,000.00 Mr Patrick J Kennedy
£45,000.00 Mr Rajasundram Seinthan
£45,000.00 Mrs Esme Forbes
£45,000.00 Skipton Properties Ltd
£45,000.00 The Halcyon Gallery Ltd
£45,000.00 The Scottish Conservative Club
£44,875.00 Derick Crowson
£44,760.00 Ranbir Suri
£44,717.53 Skene Investments (Aberdeen) Ltd
£44,550.00 Terence Cole
£44,544.69 Mrs Francis E Gibson
£44,500.00 Mr Anthony H Billingham
£44,424.00 Conservative Group Dacorum Borough Council
£44,330.80 Bain & Company Holdings Ltd
£44,280.79 David B Rose
£44,000.00 Mr Jeremy J Oates
£43,954.41 A.B. Produce Plc
£43,800.00 Canary Wharf Ltd
£43,381.60 Mr Nigel G McNair-Scott
£43,300.00 Resilient PLC
£43,004.90 Mr Dominic Johnson
£43,000.00 Christopher Gent
£43,000.00 Jonathan Goodwin
£43,000.00 Selina Burdell
£42,925.00 Edmund Lazarus
£42,500.00 Chippendale Keswick
£42,500.00 Mr Nicholas D Coleridge
£42,500.00 Mr William D Vereker
£42,500.00 Ms Lucy S Lenigas
£42,500.00 Sir Christopher Gent
£42,500.00 Unionist Buildings Ltd
£42,087.46 Canary Wharf Group PLC
£42,000.00 Stewart W Newton
£41,981.32 Mr Ruby G Holloway
£41,863.13 Berkeley Burke Holdings Ltd
£41,777.20 Patrick R Evershed
£41,500.00 Colin Grassie
£41,500.00 L Marks Limited
£41,060.00 Christopher Moran & Co Ltd
£41,000.00 Julian Schild
£41,000.00 Mr Michael J Hollingbery
£40,800.00 Jonathan Green
£40,750.00 Fort Vale Engineering Ltd
£40,685.00 Conservative Club (Hatfield) Ltd
£40,650.00 Grahame N Elliott
£40,531.70 Jamie Borwick
£40,492.00 Mr James C Miller
£40,364.00 Charles Caminada
£40,212.98 Flying Lion Ltd
£40,200.00 Ebullio Capital Management LLP
£40,053.50 Alan J Lewis
£40,050.00 Mr Grahame N Elliott
£40,032.34 Quentin GC Portsmouth
£40,005.00 Jon P Moynihan
£40,000.00 Bernard Lewis
£40,000.00 John Harris
£40,000.00 Steven J Williams
£40,000.00 Abercrombie & Kent Ltd
£40,000.00 Aspers Management Services Limited
£40,000.00 FCT Europe Ltd
£40,000.00 Hydro Industries Ltd
£40,000.00 Kirkglade Ltd
£40,000.00 Libra Group Services Ltd
£40,000.00 Libra Textiles Limited
£40,000.00 Mr Abdul M Jafar
£40,000.00 Mr Christopher J Moran
£40,000.00 Mr Christopher Woodhouse
£40,000.00 Mr Julian Kitchener-Fellowes
£40,000.00 Mr Mark Foster-Brown
£40,000.00 Mr Robert Cubie
£40,000.00 Mr Sayed Z Bukhari
£40,000.00 Mr William Winters
£40,000.00 Mrs Heather M Beckwith
£40,000.00 Ms Dorothy D Catlow
£40,000.00 Progress Industries Limited
£40,000.00 Scottish Power UK Plc
£40,000.00 Scottish Prize Draw
£40,000.00 Scottish Property Group Ltd
£40,000.00 The Harrodian School Ltd
£40,000.00 The Knole Club
£39,600.00 Mr Jonathan W Glassberg
£39,466.00 RC Tuxford Exports Ltd
£39,410.00 Mark Florman
£39,218.00 Club La Costa (UK) PLC
£39,100.00 Akehurst Property Limited
£39,033.06 The R H Group Ltd
£38,840.00 Mr Charles Pearson
£38,600.00 Mr Gordon H Phillips
£38,455.00 Alasdair J Locke
£38,232.83 IM Properties (Coleshill) Ltd
£38,000.00 James S Thomas
£38,000.00 Lord Jamie Borwick
£38,000.00 Sir Paul Judge
£37,942.25 Stanley Kalms
£37,750.00 Mr Stephen O Brook
£37,740.70 Mr John W Leavesley
£37,694.36 Thomas A Higgins
£37,687.80 Somerset Conservative County Councillors
£37,542.07 Monica L Pilling
£37,511.75 Albert Buildings Limited
£37,500.00 Dr James Hay
£37,400.00 International Group Limited
£37,300.00 Densmore R Dover
£37,250.00 Richard Oldfield
£37,200.00 Longcliffe Quarries Ltd
£37,000.00 Andrew S Perloff
£37,000.00 Berkeley Burke & Co Ltd
£36,900.00 Fujitsu Services Ltd
£36,895.00 Citura Ltd
£36,675.00 Mrs Dounia K Nadar
£36,450.00 John T Kennedy
£36,250.00 Allen R Jackson
£36,201.19 Mr Stanley Bird
£36,000.00 Leslie Lavy
£36,000.00 B&S Property Ltd
£35,999.00 J. T Leavesley Ltd
£35,850.00 Mr Colin Barrow
£35,750.00 Emmanuel W Davidson
£35,500.00 Mr John H Lewis
£35,500.00 Ms Clare E Freeman
£35,250.00 Lord Maurice Saatchi
£35,000.00 Christopher Ingram
£35,000.00 James D Thomas
£35,000.00 Peter Kane
£35,000.00 Aspinalls Club Ltd
£35,000.00 Barnford Industries Limited
£35,000.00 First Belgravia Properties Ltd
£35,000.00 Metropolitan International Schools Ltd
£35,000.00 Mr Alan L Lee
£35,000.00 Mr David McCleary
£35,000.00 Mr Iain Evans
£35,000.00 Mr James A Reuben
£35,000.00 Mr James Woolf
£35,000.00 Mr Julian L Smith
£35,000.00 Mr Nicholas Allen
£35,000.00 Mr Robin Fleming
£35,000.00 Ms Esther E Lewis
£35,000.00 RJJ Management Ltd
£35,000.00 Sir Michael Bishop
£35,000.00 Walsham Brothers & Co Ltd
£34,930.98 Christopher J Bullivant
£34,684.28 Mr Gajan Wallooppillai
£34,600.00 Mr John Harris
£34,591.19 Edward J Roberts
£34,525.00 Mr Richard Jarvis
£34,500.00 Gerald H Wakefield
£34,500.00 Mr John Cotton
£34,500.00 Mr Michael J Hutchinson
£34,500.00 Mr Thomas C Lewington
£34,300.00 Mr William R Moores
£34,000.00 Perth Conservative Club
£34,000.00 Scarborough Constitutional Club
£34,000.00 Simmerson Associates Ltd
£33,750.00 Dow Investments Ltd
£33,750.00 Hanover Communications International Ltd
£33,630.00 Barbara Yerolemou
£33,500.00 Consolidated Contractors International Ltd
£33,500.00 Mr John Chenevix-Trench
£33,500.00 Mr Peter F Saville
£33,400.00 Mr Anthony J Kingsley
£33,400.00 Mr Garry Watts
£33,237.32 The Scottish Parliament
£33,122.00 Cubitt Consulting Ltd
£33,004.35 Global Strategy Ltd
£33,000.00 Michael Stubbs
£33,000.00 Mr Gurdev Dadral
£33,000.00 Mr John D Guest
£33,000.00 Oceana Investment Corp Ltd
£32,787.60 Biggleswade Conservative Club
£32,750.00 Mr David Bliss
£32,750.00 Mr Roger Carlsson
£32,700.00 New Cross Nursing Group Ltd
£32,500.00 Mr Timothy R Jones
£32,500.00 Stringfellow Restaurants Ltd
£32,403.93 North West Norfolk Patrons Club
£32,400.00 Folkes Holdings Ltd
£32,400.00 Mr Nicolas Roach
£32,300.00 David T Mowat
£32,300.00 China Tang London Ltd
£32,300.00 Mr Guy Monson
£32,300.00 Mr Howard D Leigh
£32,062.50 The Tandridge Club
£32,000.00 Michael S Bradfield
£32,000.00 Jeffrey Management Ltd
£32,000.00 Mr John C Peake
£32,000.00 Ms Carol Lazarus
£32,000.00 Red Sky Vision Ltd
£32,000.00 Samworth Brothers Ltd
£31,975.00 Janet G McCurrie
£31,809.00 Mr Lloyd Dorfman
£31,800.00 Mr Neil Clifford
£31,600.00 Mr Terence F Parkinson
£31,500.26 Broomwood Hall School Ltd
£31,500.00 Country House Weddings Ltd
£31,500.00 Holding & Barnes Plc
£31,500.00 Mr Christian Meissner
£31,500.00 Mr Richard Burns
£31,250.00 Elizabeth Jackson
£31,250.00 Mrs Elizabeth Jackson
£31,200.00 Grosvenor Securities Ltd
£31,055.00 Mr Michael F Roberts
£31,000.00 Carlton Political Dinner
£31,000.00 Duke Andrew Russell
£31,000.00 EDF Energy Plc
£31,000.00 Lord Howard D Leigh
£31,000.00 Mr Charles G Leach
£31,000.00 Mr Christopher C Gent
£31,000.00 Slough Estates Plc
£30,920.00 Howard D Leigh
£30,900.00 CTX Europe Ltd
£30,887.17 WIN
£30,623.55 Mr Nicholas P King
£30,533.02 Mrs Barbara Clark
£30,500.00 Audrey Meissner
£30,500.00 John Hall
£30,500.00 Mint Partners Ltd
£30,450.00 Mr Alastair Salvesen
£30,375.00 The Bow Group
£30,300.00 Mr Michael J Brindle
£30,020.00 Mr David Hempleman-Adams
£30,000.00 Brian Reid
£30,000.00 Charles Egerton
£30,000.00 Christopher J Moran
£30,000.00 Conrad A Croal
£30,000.00 Garvan O’Doherty
£30,000.00 John D Lovering
£30,000.00 John T McAlpine
£30,000.00 Julian L Smith
£30,000.00 Matthew Peacock
£30,000.00 Maureen P Franklin
£30,000.00 Roger E Carlsson
£30,000.00 Stuart W Mitchell
£30,000.00 Timothy W Sanderson
£30,000.00 Trevor L Burfield
£30,000.00 Walter L Hannay
£30,000.00 AC Properties (Acton) Ltd
£30,000.00 AGCP Ltd
£30,000.00 B.E. Wedge Holdings Limited
£30,000.00 Bestway Northern Ltd
£30,000.00 Colmore Trust Ltd
£30,000.00 HIG Services Limited
£30,000.00 Lord Graham Kirkham
£30,000.00 Midland Food Group
£30,000.00 Milton Magna Limited
£30,000.00 Mr Alex Jones
£30,000.00 Mr Andrew S Perloff
£30,000.00 Mr Archibald B Tunnock
£30,000.00 Mr Christopher Carter
£30,000.00 Mr Christopher Wood
£30,000.00 Mr David E Brownlow
£30,000.00 Mr Gregory Farr Hutchings
£30,000.00 Mr Guiseppe Ricotta
£30,000.00 Mr Nicholas C Trimmatis
£30,000.00 Mr Stanley Tollman
£30,000.00 Mr Stephen L Ellis
£30,000.00 Mr Thomas Biggart
£30,000.00 Ms Joan C Lloyd
£30,000.00 Quantum Securities Ltd
£30,000.00 Rawdon & Guiseley Conservative Club Ltd
£30,000.00 Selfridges Retail Limited
£30,000.00 Subaru (UK) Limited
£30,000.00 Three Daggers (Operating) Ltd
£30,000.00 Venture Marketing Group Ltd
£29,830.00 Cygnet Group Ltd
£29,780.50 Hammersmith and Fulham Cllrs Association
£29,755.45 Sixty-Six Club
£29,700.00 Mr Jonathan G C Lord
£29,650.00 Mohammed I Sheikh
£29,600.00 Marina Ritossa
£29,565.24 Mr Gordon Bloor
£29,501.50 Mr Mohammed I Sheikh
£29,500.00 Mr Christopher Wilkins
£29,500.00 Private Investor Capital Ltd
£29,462.81 Zac Goldsmith
£29,400.00 Mr George R Anson
£29,350.00 Conservative Friends of Israel
£29,349.00 Nigel G McNair-Scott
£29,233.00 Mr John R Clark
£29,200.00 Mr Lionel A Edwards
£29,140.60 Mr Quentin GC Portsmouth
£29,000.00 Alok Oberoi
£29,000.00 Karen J Hollingbery
£29,000.00 Roger Gabb
£29,000.00 Mr Harold S Kalms
£29,000.00 Mr John Dodd
£29,000.00 Ms Anne K Lawley
£28,750.00 Mark J Page
£28,750.00 Seamark PLC
£28,643.68 Mr Andreas Heeschen
£28,500.00 Mr Alasdair Locke
£28,300.00 Alan W Morgan
£28,250.00 Mohammed A Pervez
£28,250.00 William F Condon
£28,209.00 Grant Shapps
£28,000.00 Charlotte Townshend
£28,000.00 Heather Frankham
£28,000.00 Henley Concierge Ltd
£28,000.00 Mr Frederick M Forsyth
£28,000.00 Sir Adrian Swire
£28,000.00 The Buccleuch Estates Ltd
£27,949.00 Charles Connell & Co Ltd
£27,800.00 Mr Zac Goldsmith
£27,750.00 Sir Richard Sutton’s Settled Estates
£27,650.00 Robin Houldsworth
£27,650.00 Mr Richard Oldfield
£27,642.25 Mr Norman C Edwards
£27,564.11 Trustees of the Withnell Conservative Club
£27,500.00 Graham Clempson
£27,500.00 Ian C Carter
£27,500.00 Mr Henry Lumley
£27,500.00 Mrs Tessa Keswick
£27,500.00 Ms Fiona E Thomas
£27,500.00 The Cayzer Trust Co Ltd
£27,362.01 Wandsworth Conservative Councillors
£27,000.00 Benjamin J Goldsmith
£27,000.00 Nicholas Finegold
£27,000.00 British Institute of Technology and E-Commerce Ltd
£27,000.00 Mr Dominic Slade
£27,000.00 Mr Jonny Elichaoff
£26,943.50 Horsham Parliamentary Dining Club
£26,924.66 Leon Schaller
£26,700.00 Calum Melville
£26,700.00 Mr Patrick Snowball
£26,652.31 Mr John Wareham
£26,593.00 Printhouse Corporation Ltd
£26,500.00 Air Foyle Ltd
£26,500.00 The Westminster Circle
£26,457.68 Thomas FT Harrison
£26,450.00 Smithfield Consultants Limited
£26,365.38 Grosvenor Limited
£26,250.00 Mr Andrew Sells
£26,220.00 Mr Simon A Aldridge
£26,162.00 Concept Business Group Ltd
£26,100.00 MPW Parisienne Restaurants Ltd
£26,084.93 Sir John Craven
£26,000.00 Andrew C Green
£26,000.00 Frederick M Forsyth
£26,000.00 Airbus Group Ltd
£26,000.00 Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd
£26,000.00 Lifetime Training Group Ltd
£26,000.00 Mr David Monaghan
£26,000.00 Mr Richard Fuller
£25,959.00 Sir William Purves
£25,915.00 Mr John A Frieda
£25,800.00 RTC Education Limited
£25,612.00 Mr David Tang
£25,500.00 Mr Chippendale Keswick
£25,500.00 Sir Thomas Cowie
£25,416.75 Steep Investments Ltd
£25,250.00 Mr Charles J Cazalet
£25,200.00 Mr Marcus B De Ferranti
£25,149.42 Mr Richard Harrington
£25,000.00 Adrian M Pitts
£25,000.00 Aidan CB Clegg
£25,000.00 Alan J Eisner
£25,000.00 Brett Burkhart
£25,000.00 Brian A Kingham
£25,000.00 David E Mond
£25,000.00 David Mayhew
£25,000.00 Derek R Sayer
£25,000.00 Franck R Petitgas
£25,000.00 Gerald A Kaye
£25,000.00 Gilbert T Willett
£25,000.00 Guy H Weston
£25,000.00 Ian Currie
£25,000.00 James Chestnut
£25,000.00 James E Gibson
£25,000.00 James Lupton
£25,000.00 Jeremy Drax
£25,000.00 John M Tilney
£25,000.00 John R Rank
£25,000.00 Jonathan C Chevenix-Trench
£25,000.00 June M West
£25,000.00 Lady Keswick
£25,000.00 Mae Hall
£25,000.00 Malcolm I Offord
£25,000.00 Malcolm Offord
£25,000.00 Mark Williams
£25,000.00 Matthew Ferrey
£25,000.00 Matthew R Ferrey
£25,000.00 Maureen A Zakaria
£25,000.00 Michael A Alen-Buckley
£25,000.00 Nicholas Miles
£25,000.00 Nicholas Oppenheimer
£25,000.00 Nigel McNair Scott
£25,000.00 Phillip J Brown
£25,000.00 Qais E Zakaria
£25,000.00 Simon J Thomas
£25,000.00 Stephen J Catlin
£25,000.00 Stuart Mitchell
£25,000.00 The Hon Mrs Carole Lawson
£25,000.00 Thomas Hall
£25,000.00 Tim Hoare
£25,000.00 Vera Weisfeld
£25,000.00 Viktor Pomichal
£25,000.00 William Winters
£25,000.00 A&S Leisure Group Ltd
£25,000.00 Allied Commercial Exporters Limited
£25,000.00 Balmoral Comtec Ltd
£25,000.00 Bamford Industries Limited
£25,000.00 Barnford Industries Ltd
£25,000.00 Burney Realty Ltd
£25,000.00 Busyglen Limited
£25,000.00 BusyGlen Ltd
£25,000.00 Canaccord Adams Ltd
£25,000.00 Cavendish Corporate Finance (UK) Ltd
£25,000.00 Conservative Properties Wavertree Ltd
£25,000.00 Countrywide Developments Ltd
£25,000.00 Countywide Developments Limited
£25,000.00 Criterion Asset Management Ltd
£25,000.00 Double Eight Ltd
£25,000.00 Ennismore Fund Management Ltd
£25,000.00 Excelsior Properties Limited
£25,000.00 GA Pindar & Son Ltd
£25,000.00 George Downling Construction Ltd
£25,000.00 Gross-Hill Properties Limited
£25,000.00 Headstock Distribution Ltd
£25,000.00 Intela Consulting Ltd
£25,000.00 London Diversified Fund Management (UK) Ltd.
£25,000.00 M & C Saatchi Ltd
£25,000.00 Marwyn Capital LLP
£25,000.00 Mastcraft Ltd
£25,000.00 Mr Adam Fleming
£25,000.00 Mr Alan Reece
£25,000.00 Mr Amit Bhatia
£25,000.00 Mr Andreas Evans
£25,000.00 Mr Brian Kerner
£25,000.00 Mr Calum Melville
£25,000.00 Mr Charles D Pugh
£25,000.00 Mr Charles Davis
£25,000.00 Mr Charles Park
£25,000.00 Mr Christopher G Oglesby
£25,000.00 Mr David A Halsall
£25,000.00 Mr David B Pearl
£25,000.00 Mr David Giampaolo
£25,000.00 Mr David P Ross
£25,000.00 Mr Edwin P Foden
£25,000.00 Mr Ewan Kirk
£25,000.00 Mr Francis G W Brooke
£25,000.00 Mr Gareth Lake
£25,000.00 Mr Gerald AH Mason
£25,000.00 Mr Gerard Griffin
£25,000.00 Mr Hamish M Ogston
£25,000.00 Mr I C Carter
£25,000.00 Mr Jacques Garaialde
£25,000.00 Mr James Lupton
£25,000.00 Mr Jeremy M Isaacs
£25,000.00 Mr John H Ward
£25,000.00 Mr John Tilney
£25,000.00 Mr Jonathan C Chevenix-Trench
£25,000.00 Mr Kasim Kutay
£25,000.00 Mr Keith Lipman
£25,000.00 Mr Malik N Karim
£25,000.00 Mr Matthew Orr
£25,000.00 Mr Michael Spink
£25,000.00 Mr Nathaniel Rothschild
£25,000.00 Mr Nicholas Allan
£25,000.00 Mr Nigel G McNair Scott
£25,000.00 Mr Oliver A Hemsley
£25,000.00 Mr Patrick G Nicoll
£25,000.00 Mr Paul E Bailey
£25,000.00 Mr Paul McKenna
£25,000.00 Mr Peter A Winslow
£25,000.00 Mr Peter Mansfield
£25,000.00 Mr Roderick Evans
£25,000.00 Mr Simon Crane
£25,000.00 Mr Thomas E Allison
£25,000.00 Mr Thomas F T Harrison
£25,000.00 Mr Timothy Flynn
£25,000.00 Mr William C Watts
£25,000.00 Mr William J Brown
£25,000.00 Mrs Alma Open
£25,000.00 Mrs Anne Lodge
£25,000.00 Mrs Helen Chung-Halpern
£25,000.00 Mrs Joyce Rigby
£25,000.00 Mrs Sally O’Brien
£25,000.00 Ms Annabel S Nicoll
£25,000.00 Ms Carol A Healey
£25,000.00 Ms Joyce Hunter
£25,000.00 Ms Katherine Harpin
£25,000.00 Norbrook Laboratories
£25,000.00 Pacific Investments PLC
£25,000.00 Panaram Ltd
£25,000.00 Peter Hambro Ltd
£25,000.00 Planit Events Ltd
£25,000.00 Regenesis Developments Ltd
£25,000.00 Reliance Europe Limited
£25,000.00 RH Group Ltd
£25,000.00 Rochland Properties Ltd
£25,000.00 Selfridges Ltd
£25,000.00 Slough Estates Finance PLC
£25,000.00 Sosafe Ltd
£25,000.00 The 1900 Club
£25,000.00 W.H.Smith & Sons (Tools) Ltd
£25,000.00 Warburtons Ltd
£25,000.00 Wellesley Capital Investment Ltd
£25,000.00 Wellington Pub Company Plc
£25,000.00 Winetown Limited
£25,000.00 Winton Capital Management Ltd
£25,000.00 Xtratherm UK Ltd
£25,000.00 Zeus Partners Ltd
£24,999.00 Mr Martyn Arbib
£24,805.10 Cavendish Corporate Finance Ltd
£24,774.00 Mr Peter Rich
£24,750.00 Johan Christofferson
£24,744.00 Margot C James
£24,664.00 Mr Christopher J Rhea
£24,500.00 Mr Simon L Keswick
£24,500.00 Mr Simon Turner
£24,500.00 Prima Hotels Ltd
£24,500.00 Project Associates Ltd
£24,489.84 PJ Care Ltd
£24,487.90 Brintons Ltd
£24,465.44 Philip Lord C Harris
£24,361.54 Muriel B Thomas
£24,356.16 V & P Midlands Ltd
£24,349.00 Lynn A Wilson
£24,300.00 Ms Susan G Alexander
£24,203.09 Mr Thomas A Higgins
£24,019.00 Mr Brandon Lewis
£24,000.00 BusinessFore
£24,000.00 Fox Pitt Kelton Ltd
£24,000.00 Frederic Robinson Ltd
£24,000.00 Inmarsat PLC
£24,000.00 Mr Roy L Peires
£24,000.00 Mr Yakub Patel
£24,000.00 Ms Anna C Hobhouse
£24,000.00 Ms Patricia M Hobson
£24,000.00 North Norfolk Conservative Holdings Ltd
£24,000.00 Phillips, de Pury and Company Ltd
£23,925.00 Telegraph Media Group Limited
£23,650.00 Sita Holdings UK Ltd
£23,600.00 Ashport Ltd
£23,500.00 Higham View Consultancy Services Ltd
£23,500.00 Portcullis Club Bedfordshire
£23,400.00 Mr Anthony H Daniell
£23,280.71 Dudley Port & Ocker Hill Primrose League
£23,250.00 Stephen Massey
£23,230.00 Mr Keith Brown
£23,176.25 Lord na Hesketh
£23,140.00 Euro RSCG Apex Communications Ltd
£23,100.00 Carol Lazarus
£23,100.00 Ms Suzan Walsh
£23,076.90 Finsbury Ltd
£23,000.00 Terence C Mordaunt
£23,000.00 Kerr Mcgee Oil UK Plc
£23,000.00 Mr Alan E Howard
£23,000.00 Mr Peter M Beckwith
£23,000.00 Mr Roy Peires
£23,000.00 Ms June Macgeachy
£23,000.00 Torex Retail plc
£22,980.00 Lord Michael A Ashcroft
£22,979.45 Mr Albert E Nichols
£22,956.30 Ms Janet R Skinner
£22,700.00 Theresa Roberts
£22,562.47 Charles Pearson
£22,550.00 Mr Edmund Vestey
£22,502.00 The Staffordshire Westminster Club
£22,500.00 Norman Freed
£22,500.00 Bury and District Industrial Society
£22,500.00 DCD Properties Ltd
£22,500.00 Helical Bar Plc
£22,500.00 Mr Fares I Fares
£22,500.00 Mr Gerald A Kaye
£22,500.00 Mr Robert P Iliffe
£22,500.00 Ms Lavinia N Wallop
£22,500.00 Ms Rosemary A Iliffe
£22,500.00 Philp Mould Ltd
£22,500.00 United Utilities Plc
£22,386.08 Lord Thomas Hesketh
£22,349.11 Mr Eric R Cooke
£22,343.00 Patersons of Greenoakhill Ltd
£22,300.00 Ms Annabel Goldsmith
£22,250.00 Mr Stephen Massey
£22,100.00 Bell Pottinger Communications Ltd
£22,000.00 Duncan H Davidson
£22,000.00 Ian Wood
£22,000.00 James Reuben
£22,000.00 Joan M Broadley
£22,000.00 Bestway Cash & Carry Limited
£22,000.00 Lady Victoria Borwick
£22,000.00 Mr Christopher Gent
£22,000.00 Mr John D Cotton
£22,000.00 Mr Joshua Critchley
£22,000.00 Ms Coral Samuel
£22,000.00 Ms Katherine J Greenhalgh
£22,000.00 Ms Sandhya Popat
£21,875.01 Churchill Dining Club
£21,800.00 Paul O’Grady
£21,800.00 Kinmont Ltd
£21,800.00 South Derbyshire Conservative Councillors Group
£21,750.00 The Chelwood Club
£21,650.00 IIR Training Ltd
£21,500.00 Vincent Tchenguiz
£21,500.00 Killik and Co LLP
£21,500.00 Patron Capital Ltd
£21,200.00 Grace Hotels (UK) Ltd
£21,150.00 Mr Brian Kingham
£21,000.00 Emma D Pilkington
£21,000.00 Estates UK Ltd
£21,000.00 Ms Lisa Valk
£20,995.63 David Reid Scott
£20,979.55 A B Produce Plc
£20,909.83 Mr Arunasalam S Yogeswaran
£20,900.00 Mr Edmund Lazurus
£20,900.00 Mr Francis R Brake
£20,875.15 Mr Peter D Warner
£20,850.00 David C Samworth
£20,750.00 Mr Edward A Sells
£20,700.99 Merton Conservative Councillors Association
£20,700.00 Mr Hugh E Osmond
£20,680.00 Mr James D Hanson
£20,600.00 Mr James M Shepherd-Cross
£20,500.00 Stephen Holland
£20,500.00 Bestway (Holdings) Limited
£20,500.00 Brook Martin & Co
£20,500.00 Ellacombe Conservative Club
£20,500.00 James Sharp & Co
£20,500.00 Mr Bernard J Taylor
£20,500.00 Mr Cameron J Marshall
£20,500.00 Mr Uday N Nayak
£20,350.00 Mr Kenneth G Melling
£20,250.00 Georgina I Watson
£20,243.00 Mr Aidan P Ruff
£20,175.00 The London Heliport Limited
£20,172.00 Ms Joan Spiers
£20,038.00 Nicholas Howard
£20,017.09 Yorkshire Water Services Ltd
£20,000.00 Amanda Pullinger
£20,000.00 Anthony Gartland
£20,000.00 Arron F Banks
£20,000.00 Benjamin J. Goldsmith
£20,000.00 Benjamin O Bamber
£20,000.00 Brian A Ashby
£20,000.00 Carole Lawson
£20,000.00 Caroline M Joy
£20,000.00 Charles Dugan-Chapman
£20,000.00 Charles Wigoder
£20,000.00 Conrad A. Croal
£20,000.00 Dominic Shorthouse
£20,000.00 Douglas C Bramall
£20,000.00 Edwin P Foden
£20,000.00 Freda H Banner
£20,000.00 Gabriella F Gadelius
£20,000.00 Grahame Berkeley
£20,000.00 Guy Readman
£20,000.00 Ian Armitage
£20,000.00 James A. Robson
£20,000.00 James D Slater
£20,000.00 Janet Grant
£20,000.00 Jeremy J Oates
£20,000.00 John L Whiter
£20,000.00 John W Newman
£20,000.00 Jonathan E Lyons
£20,000.00 Kevin McDonald
£20,000.00 Mary Lloyd-Jones
£20,000.00 Neil L Grant
£20,000.00 Pamela M Spencer
£20,000.00 Panagiotis Lemos
£20,000.00 Paul Ruddock
£20,000.00 Robert Lloyd George
£20,000.00 Robert Shetler-Jones
£20,000.00 Roger B Nagioff
£20,000.00 Sheila J Haes
£20,000.00 Shukri Shammas
£20,000.00 Terence G Bramall
£20,000.00 Thomas R Scott
£20,000.00 Vraj Pankhania
£20,000.00 Altitude Broadcasting and Corporate Studios Ltd
£20,000.00 Attinger Jack Advertising Ltd
£20,000.00 Avanti Communications Ltd
£20,000.00 Baroness Emma Nicholson
£20,000.00 Braveshire Ltd
£20,000.00 BSN Capital Partners Limited
£20,000.00 Buckland Securities Ltd
£20,000.00 Camvista.Com Ltd
£20,000.00 Central Building Contractors (Glasgow) Ltd
£20,000.00 Clearview Homes Limited
£20,000.00 Dashwood Finance Co Ltd
£20,000.00 Didgemere Consultants Ltd
£20,000.00 DJP International Limited
£20,000.00 Duke of Bedford
£20,000.00 Eisvogel Limited
£20,000.00 Elmore Plant Services(1984) Ltd
£20,000.00 Enterprise Forum
£20,000.00 Exton Park Limited
£20,000.00 Galaxy Asset Management Ltd
£20,000.00 Hadleigh Industrial Estates Ltd
£20,000.00 Hot Group Plc
£20,000.00 Kiltane Developments Ltd
£20,000.00 Lord Blyth of Rowington
£20,000.00 Maher Ltd
£20,000.00 Monckton Properties Ltd
£20,000.00 Mr Anastasios Leventis
£20,000.00 Mr Andrew J Roberts
£20,000.00 Mr Anthony Gallagher
£20,000.00 Mr Anthony P Schlesinger
£20,000.00 Mr Audrey Lamb
£20,000.00 Mr Barry R Bateman
£20,000.00 Mr Basil Shiblaq
£20,000.00 Mr David Eventhall
£20,000.00 Mr David P Parry-Smith
£20,000.00 Mr Guy Readman
£20,000.00 Mr Hazem Ben-Gacem
£20,000.00 Mr Hendrick A De Mol Van Otterloo
£20,000.00 Mr Jack Harvie
£20,000.00 Mr James A Findlay
£20,000.00 Mr James E Chestnut
£20,000.00 Mr Jeremy P Jackson
£20,000.00 Mr John LP Whiter
£20,000.00 Mr John P Reece
£20,000.00 Mr Jonathan E Lyons
£20,000.00 Mr Mattias Sjoborg
£20,000.00 Mr Michael Cowan
£20,000.00 Mr Michael Dudley
£20,000.00 Mr Michael Heller
£20,000.00 Mr Michael Samuel
£20,000.00 Mr Pearse Mee
£20,000.00 Mr Philip H Scott
£20,000.00 Mr Richard Broyd
£20,000.00 Mr Richard L Matthewman
£20,000.00 Mr Richard W Stone
£20,000.00 Mr Robert G Thorne
£20,000.00 Mr Shukri Shammas
£20,000.00 Mr Xuelin Black
£20,000.00 Mrs Astrid E Findlay
£20,000.00 Mrs Carina J Hanbury
£20,000.00 Mrs Lesley A Jackson
£20,000.00 Mrs Trudie Sumner
£20,000.00 Ms Fleur Meys
£20,000.00 Ms Gabriella F Gadelius
£20,000.00 Newship Group Limited
£20,000.00 Nexus Industries Ltd
£20,000.00 No1 Currency Limited
£20,000.00 Odey Asset Management Group Limited
£20,000.00 Patersons Quarries Ltd
£20,000.00 PB Development Company Ltd
£20,000.00 Private World Ltd
£20,000.00 Prowting Investments Plc
£20,000.00 Ransome’s Dock Ltd
£20,000.00 Rowland Homes Limited
£20,000.00 Sethia London Ltd
£20,000.00 Sir Richard Sutton Estates Ltd
£20,000.00 Sir Richard Sutton Limited
£20,000.00 South Oxfordshire Conservative Association Patrons
£20,000.00 Surbiton Property Company Ltd
£20,000.00 Sussex Research Limited
£20,000.00 Team Origin LLP
£20,000.00 The Association of Conservative Peers
£20,000.00 The Cayzer Trust Co
£20,000.00 The United and Cecil Club
£20,000.00 Tranmere Conservative Club Ltd
£20,000.00 Travelex UK Ltd
£20,000.00 Treasury Holdings (UK) Ltd
£20,000.00 Tuxford Exports Ltd
£20,000.00 Unex Ltd
£20,000.00 Uniastrum Capital Ltd
£20,000.00 Windsor Churchill Dining Club
£20,000.00 Xtratherm UK Limited
£19,985.00 George F Burne
£19,980.00 Beachley Property Ltd
£19,910.96 Wyler Investments Ltd
£19,900.00 Dr Alan Diamond
£19,900.00 IPGL Limited
£19,900.00 Ms Jenny Ellis
£19,869.57 Marks Club (Charles Street) Limited
£19,850.00 EUK Consulting Ltd
£19,750.00 Nicolas J Roach
£19,750.00 Kettering Conservative Club
£19,600.00 June Sanders
£19,575.00 Anderson Group Services Ltd
£19,573.26 Lord Leonard Steinburg
£19,548.74 Mr Simon G Kirby
£19,452.26 John H Burbidge
£19,305.95 Tustin Developments Ltd
£19,235.05 Ms Jeremy Lefroy
£19,126.25 Rula Al-Adasani
£19,100.00 Charles F Wigoder
£19,078.52 Ms Margaret Scoffield
£19,000.00 Mark W Foster-Brown
£19,000.00 Peggy Brett
£19,000.00 Valma Grady
£19,000.00 Conservative Friends of Israel Limited
£19,000.00 Lowe & Fletcher Ltd
£19,000.00 Mr Gilbert J Chalk
£19,000.00 Mrs Cristina Quazzo
£18,951.59 News International Ltd.
£18,918.44 Platon Medical Ltd
£18,900.00 Drones Ltd
£18,800.00 Peter Dubens
£18,792.11 Northumberland Dining Club
£18,762.48 Mr Philip Meeson
£18,750.00 Hammersmith and Fulham Clls Association
£18,750.00 Piccadilly Greetings Group Ltd
£18,700.00 ECJ Investments Ltd
£18,680.00 Sir Geoffrey Leigh
£18,635.54 Mr John Hoerner
£18,600.00 Susanna Peake
£18,600.00 Rich Estates Limited
£18,550.00 Mr Graham Smith
£18,524.00 John Hoerner
£18,510.00 Adam Afriyie
£18,500.00 Arthur C Tompkin
£18,500.00 Esther M Tager
£18,500.00 Frank E Gilman
£18,500.00 Mr Timothy C Dewhirst
£18,485.00 Mr Iain Hutchinson
£18,471.60 Mrs Carolyn J Ward
£18,400.00 Mr Frank E Gilman
£18,376.29 Mr Kenneth A Carter
£18,375.00 Mr Michael J Healey
£18,227.21 McAlpine Aviation Services Ltd
£18,100.00 Mr Ranbir Suri
£18,070.00 Mr David J Wall
£18,038.61 Crescent Properties (Hamsptead) Ltd
£18,006.72 Ms Margaret B Walmsley
£18,000.00 Avtar Lit
£18,000.00 Francis H Lee
£18,000.00 Giles Pritchard-Gordon
£18,000.00 Michael A Hockin
£18,000.00 Richard Broyd
£18,000.00 Robin C Odey
£18,000.00 B S Eaton Ltd
£18,000.00 Carling Associates Ltd
£18,000.00 Fizz Fireworks Ltd.
£18,000.00 Foster Yeoman Ltd
£18,000.00 Gatwick Airport Ltd
£18,000.00 Mr Donald J Lewin
£18,000.00 Mr Jamie Borwick
£18,000.00 Mr Stewart Newton
£18,000.00 North British Securities Ltd
£18,000.00 Vistajet International Ltd
£17,918.75 Peter W Harris
£17,833.06 L.Lynch (Holdings) Limited
£17,800.00 Chelmsford Conservative Councillor Group
£17,786.38 Vladimijr Attard
£17,750.00 Mr Matthew R Cavanagh
£17,750.00 Mr Michael De Picciotto
£17,691.09 Philip Brown
£17,675.00 MSG Commercial Ltd
£17,600.00 William Ives
£17,575.50 Mr Mark A Pritchard
£17,539.57 JCB Ltd
£17,500.00 Elizabeth M Pennington
£17,500.00 Eric Flack
£17,500.00 Lars Windhorst
£17,500.00 Peter J. Perowne
£17,500.00 InterMarine Offshore Services
£17,500.00 Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd
£17,500.00 Mr Elizabeth A Gooch
£17,500.00 Mr Michael G Clare
£17,500.00 Mr Timothy Sainsbury
£17,500.00 Ms Karol I Roberts
£17,500.00 Phillip Wilson ( Grain) Ltd
£17,500.00 Stridewell Estates Limited
£17,408.46 Alfred Leslie Hale Trust
£17,407.75 Mr John Leavesley
£17,400.00 Norman C Edwards
£17,360.00 Galashiels Union Club Company Ltd
£17,250.00 Chelwood Club
£17,166.60 J R Rix and Sons Ltd
£17,118.00 Alison A Frost
£17,100.00 Mohamed I Sheikh
£17,050.00 Earl Charles G Cadogan
£17,001.00 Mr Damon P De Laszlo
£17,000.00 Anne Lawley
£17,000.00 John R Wilkinson
£17,000.00 Roy Peires
£17,000.00 General Commercial Agencies Ltd
£17,000.00 HCA International Ltd
£17,000.00 In2matrix UK Ltd
£17,000.00 Jewelite Trading Ltd
£17,000.00 Lord Allen J Sheppard of Didgemere
£17,000.00 Morgan Brookes Plc
£17,000.00 Mr Christopher J Saunders OBE
£17,000.00 Mr Edward Misrahi
£17,000.00 Ms Susan Geddes
£17,000.00 Winston Churchill Dining Club
£16,900.00 Emma Enderby
£16,900.00 Mr Joseph V Kumar
£16,801.40 Isle of Wight Conservative Councillor Group
£16,760.00 Mr Jeremy Middleton
£16,750.00 Mr Neville Baxter
£16,576.99 Ms Marjorie G Knights
£16,550.00 Mr Ranjit S Baxi
£16,540.00 Mr Anthony K Clarke
£16,500.00 Grange (Birkenhead) Property Company Ltd
£16,499.00 Alan Bekhor
£16,499.00 Mr William F Condon
£16,463.21 Maritime Orient & Neareast Agency Ltd
£16,411.86 Mr Gerald Davidson
£16,400.00 Mr Alan Ferguson
£16,324.00 Isle of Wight Conservative Cllr Group
£16,200.00 Lowe and Fletcher Ltd
£16,179.00 Mr Alan Bekhor
£16,140.00 Mr Barry F Ratcliffe
£16,089.36 Mr Jeremy Webb
£16,076.81 Simon G Kirby
£16,050.00 Ms Carolyn R Greenslade
£16,050.00 Notionwide Franking Sense Ltd
£16,000.00 Christopher P Baldwin
£16,000.00 David Peacock
£16,000.00 Joyce E Davey
£16,000.00 CH2M Hill Services Ltd
£16,000.00 E. Hobbs (Farms) Ltd
£16,000.00 Lord Woolton Luncheon Club
£16,000.00 Mr Antonios P Yerolemou
£16,000.00 Mr David Peacock
£16,000.00 Mr John M Menzies
£16,000.00 Mr Matthew H Taylor
£16,000.00 Mr Paul G Killik
£16,000.00 Mr Peter D Nagle
£16,000.00 Mr Trevor L Burfield
£16,000.00 Mr Walter A Cooper
£16,000.00 Ms Edwina Herrmann
£16,000.00 Southroup Estates Ltd
£16,000.00 Stoke Park Limited
£15,990.00 New Career Skills Limited
£15,952.74 Trustees of West Hull & Hessle Conservative Association
£15,927.00 Ms Helen Russell
£15,912.05 Mr Phillip J Brown
£15,900.00 Butterfield Signs Ltd
£15,776.75 Dolphin Head Group Holdings PLC
£15,750.00 Phillip A Stubbs
£15,750.00 Mr Francis H Lee
£15,685.44 HBFS Financial Services Ltd
£15,600.00 Mr Matthew Cavanagh
£15,522.35 Palmer Capital Partners
£15,500.00 David E Johnson
£15,500.00 Mr George M Graham
£15,500.00 The Terrace Club
£15,375.00 Robert J Madejski
£15,338.28 Mr Grahame Berkeley
£15,336.00 P Trant Ltd
£15,332.78 Mr Peter G Bedson
£15,250.00 Mr Nicholas C Munday
£15,250.00 Ms Petra Horvat
£15,240.00 Mr Anthony Tresigne
£15,200.00 Mr Andrew Godson
£15,000.00 Alice Findlay
£15,000.00 Andrew J Bridgen
£15,000.00 Barrie O Pettman
£15,000.00 Benjamin Goldsmith
£15,000.00 Chaim P Zabludowicz
£15,000.00 David B Pearl
£15,000.00 David Franks
£15,000.00 David Macmillan
£15,000.00 Emmanuel Roman
£15,000.00 Greg Hutchings
£15,000.00 Gregory W Hands
£15,000.00 Ivy M Tomlinson
£15,000.00 James K Howard
£15,000.00 James Townshend
£15,000.00 Jan J Stanek
£15,000.00 John M Elliott
£15,000.00 Michael Adam
£15,000.00 Patricia M Hobson
£15,000.00 Pearse Mee
£15,000.00 Rajasundram Seinthan
£15,000.00 Richard E. Smith
£15,000.00 Stephen C Knight
£15,000.00 Stephen Rumsey
£15,000.00 Abbey Business Centre Ltd
£15,000.00 Abbey Business Centres
£15,000.00 Abercorn School Ltd
£15,000.00 Altitude Broadcasting & Corporate Studios Ltd
£15,000.00 Birley’s Limited
£15,000.00 Blue Wire Capital Ltd
£15,000.00 Brinkley Services Limited
£15,000.00 Burkeley Burke Holdings Ltd
£15,000.00 Castle (2000) Property Development Ltd
£15,000.00 Cayzer Trust Company Ltd
£15,000.00 Chester & County Unionist Building Ltd
£15,000.00 Chrysalis Courses Ltd
£15,000.00 Crowson Fabrics Ltd
£15,000.00 Dashwood Finance Company Ltd
£15,000.00 Duke Andrew of Bedford
£15,000.00 Furniture Village Ltd
£15,000.00 Grant Thornton
£15,000.00 Gulfstream Aerospace Corp
£15,000.00 Harris & Sheldon Gp Ltd
£15,000.00 Hybeck Holdings Ltd
£15,000.00 Kerry London LTD
£15,000.00 Lion Associates Ltd
£15,000.00 Litchfield Bros Ltd
£15,000.00 Mr Christopher Henkel
£15,000.00 Mr Christopher Jesman
£15,000.00 Mr Clive Boultbee-Brooks
£15,000.00 Mr David Banks
£15,000.00 Mr David G Harrison
£15,000.00 Mr Desmond Pitcher
£15,000.00 Mr Ernset R Travis
£15,000.00 Mr Huw Phillips
£15,000.00 Mr Ian P Fitter
£15,000.00 Mr James Gaggero
£15,000.00 Mr James K Howard
£15,000.00 Mr James Townshend
£15,000.00 Mr Jason Dalby
£15,000.00 Mr Jeremy Coller
£15,000.00 Mr John R Holmes
£15,000.00 Mr Kenneth Wills
£15,000.00 Mr Michael Hutchinson
£15,000.00 Mr Nigel J Kitchen
£15,000.00 Mr Paul Orchard-Lisle
£15,000.00 Mr Peter Scott
£15,000.00 Mr Simon D Palley
£15,000.00 Mr Simon M Robertson
£15,000.00 Mr Simon Palley
£15,000.00 Mr Steven J Walker
£15,000.00 Mr Timothy Oakley
£15,000.00 Mrs Bianca R Roden
£15,000.00 Mrs Catherine Lagrange
£15,000.00 Mrs Debbie Fiorentino
£15,000.00 Ms Ann J Brunton
£15,000.00 Ms Catherine Lagrange
£15,000.00 Ms Jan Scott
£15,000.00 Ms Nadezda Rodicheva
£15,000.00 Ms Sophie C Smith
£15,000.00 Ms Vera Weisfeld
£15,000.00 National Express Group Plc
£15,000.00 Number Eleven Ltd
£15,000.00 Pelicans Manufacturing Company Ltd
£15,000.00 RAGM Plc
£15,000.00 Sir Desmond Pitcher
£15,000.00 Teltscher Enterprises Ltd
£15,000.00 Walter Scott (Investment Management) Ltd
£15,000.00 Weetabix Ltd
£15,000.00 Wharf Land Investments Ltd
£15,000.00 William Lamb (Holdings) Ltd
£15,000.00 Windsor Service Ltd
£14,992.00 Teltscher Industrial Ltd
£14,975.00 Philip S Hylander
£14,905.20 Marginal Magic
£14,900.00 Mr Thomas Henderson
£14,894.26 Ms Harwinna E Hayter
£14,883.85 Nigel G McNair Scott
£14,800.00 Adrian J Teulon
£14,699.00 Hilda J Clarke
£14,681.89 Mr Francis G Moore
£14,672.01 John Scurr
£14,504.43 PortCullis Club
£14,500.00 Holland Park Galleries Ltd
£14,500.00 Mr Benjamin J Goldsmith
£14,500.00 Ms Sarah H Kowitz
£14,500.00 South East Cambs Business Club
£14,470.58 DM Electronics Ltd
£14,405.00 Mr Simon R Baynes
£14,403.80 Dunalastair Estates Ltd
£14,390.00 Google Inc.
£14,375.00 Denys R M England
£14,316.00 Moltex Energy Ltd
£14,250.00 Michael P Aiken
£14,239.00 Rosconn Group Limited
£14,200.00 Mr George Piskov
£14,197.03 Katsouris Brothers Ltd
£14,170.00 David PJ Ross
£14,147.38 Northumbrian Water Ltd
£14,140.00 Sofra International Ltd
£14,100.00 Artic Media Ltd
£14,100.00 Ms Olive Binning
£14,100.00 Ms Xuelin Bates
£14,083.12 Ms Helen W Mailer
£14,000.00 Eva McCorkindale
£14,000.00 Felicity Smith
£14,000.00 Marco P White
£14,000.00 Roy L Peires
£14,000.00 Frys Properties Ltd
£14,000.00 Mr David J Goodman
£14,000.00 Mr Richard H Briance
£14,000.00 Mr Rodney M Tennant
£14,000.00 Mr Terrance W Brown
£14,000.00 South Derbyshire Clay Co. Ltd.
£14,000.00 The Enterprise Forum
£13,910.00 Mr Keith Rawlings
£13,900.00 Peter Shalson
£13,900.00 Sarbjit Singh Jhooty
£13,900.00 Mr Christo E Cleanthi
£13,875.00 Peter Baker
£13,820.00 Daventry District Council Conservative Group
£13,813.00 The Hearsum Family Ltd
£13,802.17 Croydon Conservative Councillors Group
£13,800.00 South Derbyshire District Conservative Councillors
£13,750.00 Ms Louise D Mensch
£13,700.00 Ashley Group Ltd
£13,700.00 Ferguson Seacabs Ltd
£13,700.00 Grampian Foods Ltd
£13,669.75 Henry C Lawson
£13,612.08 Second State Pizza Company Ltd
£13,562.18 Younger Homes (Northern) Ltd
£13,545.00 Richard S Benson
£13,525.00 Moundsley Hall Nursing Home
£13,500.00 Stephen Charge
£13,500.00 Cavendish Corp Finance Ltd
£13,500.00 Mr Adrian N McAlpine
£13,500.00 Mr Emmanuel Roman
£13,500.00 Mr Joshua Swidler
£13,500.00 Mr Oliver J Pawle
£13,500.00 Ms Jeanne Callanan
£13,500.00 Red Fig Ltd
£13,500.00 Royston Conservative Club
£13,490.00 Mark A Formosa
£13,414.73 The Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists
£13,400.00 Mr Michael A Alen-Buckley
£13,359.75 Mr Bartholomew Smith
£13,300.00 Edward M Lee
£13,280.00 Estates U.K. Ltd
£13,250.00 Abdool R Ebrahimkhan
£13,250.00 Mr Stephen Curran
£13,200.00 Christopher Gate
£13,200.00 East Berkshire Portcullis Club
£13,200.00 Mr Christopher WT Johnston
£13,153.00 Mr Martin Allmand Smith
£13,140.00 Mr Mark Fulbrook
£13,125.00 Scarborough Constitutional club Ltd
£13,103.37 Thomas Goode & Co Ltd
£13,100.00 The Blue Ball 2004
£13,065.08 Mr Farad Azima
£13,001.84 Park Garage Group PLC
£13,000.00 Corin V Graeff
£13,000.00 Enid R Walduck
£13,000.00 Lord Popat
£13,000.00 Peter C Rich
£13,000.00 1900 Club
£13,000.00 Ashall Plc
£13,000.00 Chigwell (London) Ltd
£13,000.00 Holborn & St Pancras Conservative Association
£13,000.00 LXM Finance LLP
£13,000.00 Mr Charles M Fenton
£13,000.00 Mr Michael J Palmer
£13,000.00 Mr Romie Tager
£13,000.00 Sir Timothy M B Rice
£13,000.00 Sir Timothy M.B. Rice
£13,000.00 Tees Components Ltd
£13,000.00 The Eveline Day Nursery Schools Ltd
£12,959.25 MSG Sandhurst Ltd
£12,940.00 Tim Oliver
£12,911.45 East Cambs Conservative Cllrs
£12,900.00 London Film Museum (Covent Garden) Ltd
£12,900.00 OSL Rail Ltd
£12,900.00 Westminster Dining Club Mid Sussex
£12,850.00 Kambiz Jaberi
£12,825.00 Flambards Ltd
£12,800.00 East Staffordshire Borough Council Conservative Group
£12,750.00 Mr Richard Law
£12,735.19 Mr Dermot Smurfit
£12,729.71 Moonpal S Grewal
£12,700.00 Mrs Ann R Said
£12,676.24 Mr Richard S Benson
£12,650.00 Glentree Estates Limited
£12,650.00 Mr Bernard H Reader
£12,641.53 Mr James A Ferguson
£12,626.06 North Banchory Company Limited
£12,597.00 Pets Corner (UK) Limited
£12,576.00 Philip H Ling
£12,545.60 Arnold Estates Limited
£12,517.09 Asda Stores Ltd
£12,500.00 Geoff Wilding
£12,500.00 Guy Monson
£12,500.00 Huw D Phillips
£12,500.00 Michael J Samuel
£12,500.00 Avanti Communications
£12,500.00 Baroness Joanna Shields
£12,500.00 Best at Travel PLC
£12,500.00 Conegate Limited
£12,500.00 Filmgrain Ltd
£12,500.00 GSP Real Estate Limited
£12,500.00 Imbex 88
£12,500.00 International Hospitals Group Ltd
£12,500.00 London Advertising Limited
£12,500.00 Mr Albert E Birkett
£12,500.00 Mr David H Hunter
£12,500.00 Mr Ivan D Ould
£12,500.00 Mr Julian P Granville
£12,500.00 Mr Michael Stubbs
£12,500.00 Mrs Lubov Chernukhin
£12,500.00 Ms Belle Robinson
£12,500.00 Ms Deborah G Kelleher
£12,500.00 Ms Janet Grant
£12,500.00 S Wernick & Sons (Holdings) Ltd
£12,500.00 S.Wernick & Sons (Holdings) Ltd
£12,500.00 Simec Uskmouth Power Limited
£12,500.00 Sir Michael L Davis
£12,500.00 West Ham United Football Club Limited
£12,495.00 Dinesh Dhamija
£12,450.00 Mr Michael D Campbell
£12,438.29 Irma M Godwin
£12,400.00 Richmond Conservative Councillors Group
£12,397.38 Mr Densmore R Dover
£12,350.00 Knight Developments Ltd
£12,333.55 Colin Maitland
£12,300.00 Julian Smith
£12,278.10 Peter M Beckwith
£12,250.00 Mint Equities Ltd
£12,250.00 Mr Colin W Tickner
£12,250.00 Ms Kirsten Rausing
£12,244.00 KPMG
£12,220.00 Christo E Cleanthi
£12,200.00 Mr Edward A Timpany
£12,130.00 Timothy Ingram Hill
£12,130.00 Mr Simon M Haslam
£12,125.00 Jan Telensky
£12,100.00 Martyn Rose
£12,100.00 Mr Gordon Phillips
£12,090.95 The Chadlington Consultancy Limited
£12,000.00 Denis Wood
£12,000.00 Gordon B Hawkins
£12,000.00 Khaled R Said
£12,000.00 Nicholas Munday
£12,000.00 Patrick G Nicoll
£12,000.00 Pierre Rolin
£12,000.00 Piers J Pottinger
£12,000.00 Richard Griffiths
£12,000.00 Sarah Davidson
£12,000.00 Stephen Curran
£12,000.00 Trudie Styler
£12,000.00 Ulric D Barnett
£12,000.00 William J Edwards
£12,000.00 Clicknow Ltd
£12,000.00 EADS-UK Ltd
£12,000.00 East Riding of Yorkshire Portcullis Club
£12,000.00 EIMS Ltd
£12,000.00 Kentaro Ltd
£12,000.00 Liberty Commodities Limited
£12,000.00 London & Bath Estates Group Ltd
£12,000.00 Mr Alan C Bolton
£12,000.00 Mr Alexander Catto
£12,000.00 Mr Darren Baker
£12,000.00 Mr David A Freud
£12,000.00 Mr Gilbert Greenall
£12,000.00 Mr James R Deleon
£12,000.00 Mr John Fingleton
£12,000.00 Mr Keith Freedman
£12,000.00 Mr Laurence Hollingworth
£12,000.00 Mr Matthew Allen
£12,000.00 Mr Neil C Clifford
£12,000.00 Mr Richard Stone
£12,000.00 Mr Timothy Sanderson
£12,000.00 Mr William J Lithgow
£12,000.00 Mrs Bernadette Higgins
£12,000.00 Ms Alison A Frost
£12,000.00 Nine Asset Management Limited
£12,000.00 No 9 Investments Limited
£12,000.00 Rhodes Boyson Parliamentary Club
£12,000.00 Sir Richard Sutton’s Settled Estates Ltd
£12,000.00 The Rossendale and Darwen Portcullis Club
£12,000.00 Torpoint Conservative Club
£11,995.20 Christofferson Robb & Company (UK) LLP
£11,967.58 James Sharp & Co Stockbrokers
£11,944.63 Southend West House of Commons Business Dining Club
£11,900.00 Christopher C Gent
£11,838.00 Lord Robert Iliffe
£11,800.00 Moore Europe Capital Management LLP
£11,800.00 Mr Alan W Morgan
£11,800.00 Rainham Steel Company Ltd
£11,790.00 Mr John Harvie
£11,751.00 South Norfolk District Council Group
£11,750.00 Francis Brake
£11,750.00 Selim E Shah
£11,750.00 Buccleuch Estates Ltd
£11,750.00 Mr Brian AF Smith
£11,725.00 Campbell Rigg International Ltd
£11,680.08 SCM Private LLP
£11,670.00 Mr Philip H Lenon
£11,652.07 Bruno Schroder
£11,640.00 Dacorum Conservative Group
£11,600.00 Mr Terence C Mordaunt
£11,500.00 David l Franks
£11,500.00 Edmund Vestey
£11,500.00 Ernest R. Travis
£11,500.00 Richard E Smith
£11,500.00 Anglo Scottish Properties Ltd
£11,500.00 Mr David Cooke
£11,500.00 Mr Graham H Silk
£11,500.00 Mr Henry Tee
£11,500.00 Mr Rocco Forte
£11,500.00 Mr William Fall
£11,500.00 Ms Anne Lawley
£11,500.00 Time Partners Limited
£11,476.00 Mr Grant Shapps
£11,400.00 Liskeard Club
£11,387.45 Trevelyan Campaign Fund
£11,300.00 Lord Basil Feldman
£11,250.00 Thomas Entwistle
£11,250.00 CDV-2 Ltd
£11,250.00 Ethical Medicines Industry Group
£11,233.00 Mr Bruno Schroder
£11,218.34 Dartford Conservative Council Group
£11,200.00 Airlink Group
£11,200.00 Ms Xue Fang
£11,185.00 City & Provincial Properties Plc
£11,176.12 Eric Whiteway
£11,125.00 Rhoderick Swire
£11,100.00 Sarah K Davidson
£11,064.67 Mr Matthew Freud
£11,041.90 Knight Security Ltd
£11,016.68 Mr Clifford J Smith
£11,000.00 Anthony Endfield
£11,000.00 Donald Robinson
£11,000.00 James Henderson
£11,000.00 Jeremy Hanley
£11,000.00 John Cotton
£11,000.00 John Hungerford
£11,000.00 John Leavesley
£11,000.00 Nicholas Brougham
£11,000.00 Stewart Newton
£11,000.00 Baroness D O’Cathain
£11,000.00 British Tamil Conservatives
£11,000.00 Haughey Air Ltd
£11,000.00 Mr Daniel Bailey
£11,000.00 Mr James A Cayzer
£11,000.00 Mr Jonathan P White
£11,000.00 Mr Peter Michael
£11,000.00 Mr Peter Vider
£11,000.00 Mr Ulric D Barnett
£11,000.00 Mr William Lucas
£11,000.00 Ms Linda Arkley
£11,000.00 Ms Maria Keaveney-Jessiman
£11,000.00 Sovereign Strategy Ltd
£11,000.00 The Conservative Business and Professional Group
£10,807.94 ICAP PLC
£10,748.56 Mr Patrick Fullarton
£10,680.00 Mr Roger E Carlsson
£10,653.00 Ms Fiona Cruddas
£10,650.00 Quentin Earl of Portsmouth
£10,650.00 Mr Michael Perkins
£10,600.00 Andrew G White
£10,600.00 Michael Jackson
£10,600.00 York Potash Ltd
£10,520.00 Mike Penning
£10,500.00 Andrew Cook
£10,500.00 Charles G Leach
£10,500.00 Michael A Pass
£10,500.00 Richard M Wingfield
£10,500.00 Anderson Group Properties Ltd
£10,500.00 First Corporate Shipping Limited
£10,500.00 Fort Vale Ltd
£10,500.00 Morco Products Ltd
£10,500.00 Ms Janet G McCurrie
£10,500.00 Rich Investements Ltd
£10,500.00 Tratos Limited
£10,500.00 Walsham Brothers & Co. Ltd
£10,485.60 PricewaterCoopers LLP
£10,421.40 Mr Albert E Whittamore
£10,400.00 Torex plc
£10,390.00 Motcomb Estates Limited – Originally reported: Unicorn Admin Ltd
£10,300.00 Westfield Shopping Towns Ltd
£10,285.00 Alan R Bekhor
£10,250.00 Lady Carol Brown
£10,208.60 Ms Carolyn J Ward
£10,200.00 Mr Amjad P Chowdhary
£10,200.00 Ms Yvonne Wrinch
£10,100.00 George Chigladze
£10,100.00 Josephine C Ward
£10,096.14 Osborne & Partners (UK) Limited
£10,080.00 Louise Galvin Ltd
£10,059.00 Hartmann Media
£10,040.00 Mr William Reeve
£10,037.55 Thomazina E Jones
£10,004.85 Ms Beville W Pain
£10,000.00 Alan E Howard
£10,000.00 Alan Miller
£10,000.00 Alexandre Germanovitch
£10,000.00 Ali Khalatbari
£10,000.00 Allan Cockell
£10,000.00 Andreas Evans
£10,000.00 Andrew Collinson
£10,000.00 Andrew E Lawson
£10,000.00 Andrew E. Law
£10,000.00 Andrew I Bedford
£10,000.00 Anthony J Todd
£10,000.00 Anthony M. Bolt
£10,000.00 Audrey Richards
£10,000.00 Baron David De Rothschild
£10,000.00 Ben Goldsmith
£10,000.00 Bernard J Taylor
£10,000.00 Brendan Clouston
£10,000.00 Brian P Miller
£10,000.00 Cameron Mackintosh
£10,000.00 Catherine Ward
£10,000.00 Charles G Earles
£10,000.00 Charles L Berman
£10,000.00 Charles McVeigh
£10,000.00 Chris Hudson
£10,000.00 Christopher Giles
£10,000.00 Christopher R. Brooke
£10,000.00 Christopher Sharples
£10,000.00 Clifford A Ingram
£10,000.00 Coral C Samuel
£10,000.00 Coral C. Samuel
£10,000.00 Cyril Gasztowtt
£10,000.00 Damon de Laszlo
£10,000.00 David EM Mond
£10,000.00 Derek E Luckhurst
£10,000.00 Detta O’Cathain
£10,000.00 Donald Moore
£10,000.00 Dorothy Jerome
£10,000.00 Duke John of Marlborough
£10,000.00 Edward M McCullagh
£10,000.00 Frances M Vale
£10,000.00 Francis L Topley
£10,000.00 Frederick Forsyth
£10,000.00 George E Cockram
£10,000.00 George R Anson
£10,000.00 Gerald Steinberg
£10,000.00 Glyn FA Craig
£10,000.00 Greg Knight
£10,000.00 H J Gillam
£10,000.00 Harold Gould
£10,000.00 Hugh Osmond
£10,000.00 Hugo Rittson-Thomas
£10,000.00 J V Douglas-Home
£10,000.00 James E Chestnut
£10,000.00 James Hanson
£10,000.00 James JE Bulmer
£10,000.00 Jane G. Hetherington
£10,000.00 Jeffrey Rosenbaum
£10,000.00 John C Peake
£10,000.00 John D. Guest
£10,000.00 John F Jarvis
£10,000.00 John L Nunn
£10,000.00 John M Edelson
£10,000.00 John Maxted
£10,000.00 Jonathan Boyer
£10,000.00 Lady Victoria Borwick
£10,000.00 Lavinia N Wallop
£10,000.00 Lily M Westlake
£10,000.00 Maher A Matin
£10,000.00 Malcolm J Isaac
£10,000.00 Margaret M Westcott
£10,000.00 Margareta E Markwick
£10,000.00 Martin Finegold
£10,000.00 Mary E Burgess
£10,000.00 Michael Cannon
£10,000.00 Michael Cocks
£10,000.00 Michael J Dudley
£10,000.00 Michael J Hollingbery
£10,000.00 Michael J. Holingbery
£10,000.00 Michael Lewis
£10,000.00 Nicholas DA Levene
£10,000.00 Nigel F Althaus
£10,000.00 Nigel Lindsay-Fynn
£10,000.00 Noreen V Southby
£10,000.00 Norman Freerd
£10,000.00 Patrick Gillford
£10,000.00 Patrick J Kennedy
£10,000.00 Paul S Walsh
£10,000.00 Peter G C Mallinson
£10,000.00 Peter J Hearn
£10,000.00 Peter L Murphy
£10,000.00 Peter Steward
£10,000.00 Philip G Hooker
£10,000.00 Rhona C Hartley
£10,000.00 Rob G Gray
£10,000.00 Robert Gillam
£10,000.00 Robert J Markwick
£10,000.00 Robert M Kirkland
£10,000.00 Robert T Smith
£10,000.00 Robert Tchenguiz
£10,000.00 Robin M Birley
£10,000.00 Roderick A Selkirk
£10,000.00 Roderick M Evans
£10,000.00 Roger G Clark
£10,000.00 Roger M Formby
£10,000.00 Sarah C Holt
£10,000.00 Sarah H Kowitz
£10,000.00 Selwyn M Goldsmith
£10,000.00 Shenda Amery
£10,000.00 Simon G Oliphant-Hope
£10,000.00 Simon L Bishop
£10,000.00 Stephen Barry
£10,000.00 Stephen L Massey
£10,000.00 Stephen Martin
£10,000.00 Thomas L Teague
£10,000.00 Timothy C Parker
£10,000.00 Timothy Jones
£10,000.00 Tom Martin
£10,000.00 Vahid Alaghband
£10,000.00 Victoria S Schild
£10,000.00 Viscount James Reidhaven
£10,000.00 Wilfred St John White
£10,000.00 Winston Churchill
£10,000.00 AGD Equipment Ltd
£10,000.00 AHV Associates LLP
£10,000.00 Albion Agencies Ltd
£10,000.00 Allamhouse Limited
£10,000.00 Anglia Countrywide Management Ltd
£10,000.00 Apple Consultants Ltd
£10,000.00 Barry D Trentham Ltd
£10,000.00 Berkeley Burke (Remuneration Consultants) Ltd
£10,000.00 Biznet UK
£10,000.00 Bloor Homes Limited
£10,000.00 Bolderwood Property & Investme
£10,000.00 Bolton Aerospace Ltd
£10,000.00 Boodle & Dunthorne Ltd
£10,000.00 Brevan Howard Services Ltd
£10,000.00 Brookstream Properties Limited
£10,000.00 C M Stanford
£10,000.00 Caledonia Group Services Ltd
£10,000.00 Cannock Unionist Club Ltd
£10,000.00 Centerpoint Insurance Service Ltd
£10,000.00 Chester and County Unionist Buildings Ltd
£10,000.00 Cheveley Park Stud Limited
£10,000.00 Christofferson, Robb & Co (UK)
£10,000.00 Churchill Retirement Living Ltd
£10,000.00 Control Energy Costs Ltd
£10,000.00 Courtenay Investments Limited
£10,000.00 Couture Developments Ltd
£10,000.00 Crawford Healthcare Ltd
£10,000.00 Creditforce Ltd
£10,000.00 Dashwood Finance Company Limited
£10,000.00 DCT Developments Ltd
£10,000.00 Designers Guild Ltd
£10,000.00 Dodson & Horrell Limited
£10,000.00 Dodson & Horrell Limted
£10,000.00 Dr Anwar Ali
£10,000.00 Dr John T Kennedy
£10,000.00 Dr Lauren J Rea
£10,000.00 Duke na of Bedford
£10,000.00 Dunkleys Limited
£10,000.00 Ennismore International Management Limited
£10,000.00 Equity Partners Ltd
£10,000.00 Euro Foods Group Ltd
£10,000.00 Euro Garages Limited
£10,000.00 Eurofoods (UK) Ltd
£10,000.00 Exemplar Properties Ltd
£10,000.00 First Continental Trading Europe Ltd
£10,000.00 Ford Memorial Trust
£10,000.00 Galaxy Sports Management Ltd
£10,000.00 Glengate Holding Plc
£10,000.00 Global Brands Ltd
£10,000.00 Goonvean Holdings Limited
£10,000.00 Greek Cypriot Brotherhood
£10,000.00 Greenwood and Coope Ltd
£10,000.00 Hakkasan Ltd
£10,000.00 Hallmark Developments (NW) Ltd
£10,000.00 Hanson Transport Group Ltd
£10,000.00 Haron Seven Ltd
£10,000.00 Heaton Holdingwws Ltd
£10,000.00 Holiday Autos Group Ltd
£10,000.00 Holiday Autos International Ltd
£10,000.00 Howden Group UK Ltd
£10,000.00 Howden Insurance Brokers Limited
£10,000.00 ICC
£10,000.00 IM Group Limited
£10,000.00 JCB Resarch
£10,000.00 JCB Research Ltd
£10,000.00 Jermyn Consultancy Services Limited
£10,000.00 John Cotton Gp Ltd
£10,000.00 John Gosden Racing LLP
£10,000.00 Joseph C Bamford
£10,000.00 JRJ Venture LLP
£10,000.00 Katisouris (Fresh Foods) Ltd
£10,000.00 Kelson Place Asset Management Ltd
£10,000.00 Keltruck Ltd
£10,000.00 Kim Bailey Racing Ltd
£10,000.00 Knole Club
£10,000.00 Knowles (Transport) Limited
£10,000.00 Lady Christine A Peace
£10,000.00 Lady Kaete Salomon
£10,000.00 Landsker Business Club
£10,000.00 Le Gavroche Limited
£10,000.00 Levary UK Limited
£10,000.00 London & Bath Estates Gp Ltd
£10,000.00 London & Westcountry Estates Ltd
£10,000.00 London Scottish Tory Club
£10,000.00 Lord Ranbir S Suri
£10,000.00 Lord Robert Glendyne
£10,000.00 Lousada Ltd
£10,000.00 LWE Ltd
£10,000.00 Majormark Ltd
£10,000.00 Manro Haydan Trading
£10,000.00 Milton (Peterborough) Estates Company
£10,000.00 Mr Al Mayfield
£10,000.00 Mr Alan M Sharr
£10,000.00 Mr Alan R Reece
£10,000.00 Mr Alastair M Weiss
£10,000.00 Mr Albert M Wells
£10,000.00 Mr Alexander E Chesterman
£10,000.00 Mr Alistair C Gulland
£10,000.00 Mr Alistair J MacKechnie
£10,000.00 Mr Andrew Collinson
£10,000.00 Mr Anthony Gartland
£10,000.00 Mr Antony P Hichens
£10,000.00 Mr Arpad P Busson
£10,000.00 Mr Betrand J Schwab
£10,000.00 Mr Brandon A Hollihan
£10,000.00 Mr Brian Winterflood
£10,000.00 Mr Bryan K Goodman
£10,000.00 Mr Calvin Redlick
£10,000.00 Mr Charles Masefield
£10,000.00 Mr Charles R Sanderson
£10,000.00 Mr Charlie Dewhirst
£10,000.00 Mr Christopher E Jesman
£10,000.00 Mr Christopher Fordham
£10,000.00 Mr Christopher J Hopkinson
£10,000.00 Mr Christopher Kelly
£10,000.00 Mr Christopher Palmer
£10,000.00 Mr Christopher Tite
£10,000.00 Mr David B Hammond
£10,000.00 Mr David B Mitchell
£10,000.00 Mr David E Mond
£10,000.00 Mr David Franks
£10,000.00 Mr David J Flux
£10,000.00 Mr David J Golding
£10,000.00 Mr David N James
£10,000.00 Mr David PH Burgess
£10,000.00 Mr David Richards
£10,000.00 Mr David Spencer-Percival
£10,000.00 Mr David Symondson
£10,000.00 Mr Davide Serra
£10,000.00 Mr Dennis V Harrison
£10,000.00 Mr Derek J Kingsbury
£10,000.00 Mr Derek Thompson
£10,000.00 Mr Duncan H Davidson
£10,000.00 Mr Edmund H Vestey
£10,000.00 Mr Edmund Lazarus
£10,000.00 Mr Edward M McCullagh
£10,000.00 Mr Edward C Molson
£10,000.00 Mr Edward McCullagh
£10,000.00 Mr Franck R Petitgas
£10,000.00 Mr Frederick G Clift
£10,000.00 Mr Geoffrey Mansfield
£10,000.00 Mr George E Cockram
£10,000.00 Mr George L Duffield
£10,000.00 Mr George Robinson
£10,000.00 Mr Gilbert Willett
£10,000.00 Mr Graham D Child
£10,000.00 Mr Graham J Berkeley
£10,000.00 Mr Grahame N. Elliot
£10,000.00 Mr Grant Gibson
£10,000.00 Mr Guy R A Readman
£10,000.00 Mr Hassan A Khalil
£10,000.00 Mr Hazem Ben Gacem
£10,000.00 Mr Howard D. Leigh
£10,000.00 Mr Hugh J Harper
£10,000.00 Mr Ian C Carter
£10,000.00 Mr Ian C Gay
£10,000.00 Mr Ian H Leslie-Melville
£10,000.00 Mr James A Arbib
£10,000.00 Mr James A McAlpine
£10,000.00 Mr James A Orr
£10,000.00 Mr James Lane
£10,000.00 Mr James McAlpine
£10,000.00 Mr James N Manktelow
£10,000.00 Mr James Ritblat
£10,000.00 Mr James Terry
£10,000.00 Mr Jeffery F Harris
£10,000.00 Mr Jeremy Hosking
£10,000.00 Mr Jerome Booth
£10,000.00 Mr John BH Singer
£10,000.00 Mr John Fenty
£10,000.00 Mr John L Duffield
£10,000.00 Mr John Nash
£10,000.00 Mr John P Foster
£10,000.00 Mr John S Carson
£10,000.00 Mr Jonathan M Faiman
£10,000.00 Mr Joseph J Salmon
£10,000.00 Mr Ken Brook-Chrispin
£10,000.00 Mr Kevin M Coyle
£10,000.00 Mr Leonard Western
£10,000.00 Mr Marc B Citron
£10,000.00 Mr Mark Beaumont
£10,000.00 Mr Mark T Hindmarch
£10,000.00 Mr Matthew Ingle
£10,000.00 Mr Matthew Wright
£10,000.00 Mr Michael A Heller
£10,000.00 Mr Michael Balfour
£10,000.00 Mr Michael Sherwood
£10,000.00 Mr Nael El Farargy
£10,000.00 Mr Nayaz Qazi
£10,000.00 Mr Neville S Baker
£10,000.00 Mr Nicholas Leslau
£10,000.00 Mr Nicholas M Dulcken
£10,000.00 Mr Nicholas MacAndrew
£10,000.00 Mr Nicholas Miles
£10,000.00 Mr Nigel A Bertram
£10,000.00 Mr Nigel Blackwell
£10,000.00 Mr Nigel F Althaus
£10,000.00 Mr Patrick A Fitzpatrick
£10,000.00 Mr Patrick Fauchier
£10,000.00 Mr Paul D Orchard-Lisle
£10,000.00 Mr Peter J Wood
£10,000.00 Mr Peter MJ Bradley
£10,000.00 Mr Philip Burley
£10,000.00 Mr Phillip A Mason
£10,000.00 Mr Quentin R Bell
£10,000.00 Mr Ralph R Simon
£10,000.00 Mr Raymond H. Endfield
£10,000.00 Mr Reginald F Edgecombe
£10,000.00 Mr Richard H Cavendish
£10,000.00 Mr Richard J Cripps
£10,000.00 Mr Riley A Rudd
£10,000.00 Mr Robert Holt
£10,000.00 Mr Robert J Markwick
£10,000.00 Mr Robert J Paton
£10,000.00 Mr Robert Lloyd George
£10,000.00 Mr Robert Shelter-Jones
£10,000.00 Mr Robin S Bradley
£10,000.00 Mr Rodney L Leach
£10,000.00 Mr Roger S Preston-Jones
£10,000.00 Mr Ronald McLetchie
£10,000.00 Mr Rupert P Fordham
£10,000.00 Mr Sanjive Sharma
£10,000.00 Mr Sheri Tullah
£10,000.00 Mr Simon N Nayyar
£10,000.00 Mr Simon Showman
£10,000.00 Mr Simon W Clarke
£10,000.00 Mr Stephen C Butt
£10,000.00 Mr Stephen Townsend
£10,000.00 Mr Steven GB Purvis
£10,000.00 Mr Tarsem Dhaliwal
£10,000.00 Mr Theo Paphitis
£10,000.00 Mr Thomas Gallagher
£10,000.00 Mr Timothy A Shacklock
£10,000.00 Mr Timothy Rice
£10,000.00 Mr Trevor Bryan
£10,000.00 Mr Uday Khemka
£10,000.00 Mr Wayne Preece
£10,000.00 Mr William Samuel
£10,000.00 Mrs Caroline Nash
£10,000.00 Mrs Gillian A Ross
£10,000.00 Mrs Jane G Hetherington
£10,000.00 Mrs Jelena Guadagnini
£10,000.00 Mrs Margaret Smith
£10,000.00 Mrs Mary J Walker
£10,000.00 Mrs Susan G Alexander
£10,000.00 Mrs Waltraud Chao
£10,000.00 Ms Alisa L Burke
£10,000.00 Ms Barbara J Ashton Taylor
£10,000.00 Ms Caroline Butt
£10,000.00 Ms Coral C Samuel
£10,000.00 Ms Edna Davies
£10,000.00 Ms Eleonor I Skeini
£10,000.00 Ms Ingrid Kelvedon
£10,000.00 Ms Irma M Godwin
£10,000.00 Ms Jan Telensky
£10,000.00 Ms Jane C Keen
£10,000.00 Ms Jane G. Hetherington
£10,000.00 Ms Julia H Kovacs
£10,000.00 Ms Katherine Potts
£10,000.00 Ms Lucy Lefroy
£10,000.00 Ms Margaret A Fenston
£10,000.00 Ms Rachel S Harrison
£10,000.00 Ms Sheri Tullah
£10,000.00 Ms Susan Bernard
£10,000.00 Ms Valerie Metcalfe
£10,000.00 Mutchmeats Limited
£10,000.00 NMB Holdings Ltd
£10,000.00 Oakmont Resources Ltd
£10,000.00 Orange Aero Limited
£10,000.00 Otterston Properties Ltd
£10,000.00 Park Lane Properties (Leeds) Ltd
£10,000.00 Park Place Capital Limited
£10,000.00 Park Place Capital Ltd
£10,000.00 Pelham Public Relations Ltd
£10,000.00 Professor Nadey Hakim
£10,000.00 Professor Peter F Saville
£10,000.00 R C Tuxford Exports Ltd
£10,000.00 Rab Capital Ltd
£10,000.00 Redbus Management
£10,000.00 RH Development (Property) Ltd
£10,000.00 Richard Morgan & Company Ltd
£10,000.00 Simon Robertson Associates LLP
£10,000.00 Sir Cameron Mackintosh
£10,000.00 Sir Jack Harvie
£10,000.00 Sir Jeremy Hanley
£10,000.00 Sir Peter C Michael
£10,000.00 Sir Richard W George
£10,000.00 Sir Rocco Forte Ltd
£10,000.00 Sir Roy A Gardner
£10,000.00 Sir Roy Gardner
£10,000.00 South Northants Council Conservative Group
£10,000.00 Splendid Hotel Group
£10,000.00 Stanhill Farms Ltd
£10,000.00 Stockford Ltd
£10,000.00 Sutton & South London Business Club
£10,000.00 Tandridge Club
£10,000.00 Tattersalls Limited
£10,000.00 Telegraph Group Ltd
£10,000.00 Tennants of Yorkshire Antique & Fine Art Auctioneers Ltd
£10,000.00 Tesco PLC
£10,000.00 The Anderson Group
£10,000.00 The Buccleuch Estates Limited
£10,000.00 The Caytrust Finance Co Ltd
£10,000.00 The Imperial Hotel
£10,000.00 The Parliamentary Club (Welwyn Hatfield)
£10,000.00 The R H Group
£10,000.00 The Rt Hon Sir Timothy Sainsbury
£10,000.00 The Trichological Clinic Limited
£10,000.00 Thomas Bates and Son Ltd
£10,000.00 Thomas Estates Ltd
£10,000.00 Tom Atkins Group Ltd
£10,000.00 Tower Casino Group Ltd
£10,000.00 Tribeca Holdings London Limited
£10,000.00 Tweedale Advisors Ltd
£10,000.00 Universal Products (Lytham) Manufacturing Ltd
£10,000.00 Vaughan Consulting Ltd
£10,000.00 Venice Simplon-Orient-Express Ltd
£10,000.00 Venture Marketing Group Ltd.
£10,000.00 Viscount Michael Cowdray
£10,000.00 W & H Elliotts Ltd
£10,000.00 Waxman International Ltd
£10,000.00 White Star Line Management Company Ltd
£10,000.00 Xenon Capital Partners Ltd
£10,000.00 Zenith Hygiene Systems Limted
£9,999.99 Ms Evelyn Boscawen
£9,999.98 Alan Yau
£9,999.00 George R Pinto
£9,999.00 Robert N Wilson
£9,998.68 Mr Kevin Mcdonald
£9,998.00 De Putron Fund Management Ltd
£9,995.00 Julie Bekhor
£9,990.00 Mabey Development (South West)
£9,990.00 Mabey Holdings Ltd
£9,988.13 Lord Philip C. Harris
£9,985.00 Mr Peter G Batey
£9,980.00 Lady Mary K Fuller
£9,960.00 National Pharmacy Association
£9,950.00 Maxwell C B Ward
£9,950.00 Peter C Hambro
£9,950.00 Lady Caroline J Dalmeny
£9,900.00 Mr Adrian J Teulon
£9,900.00 Mr Anthony E Oppenheimer
£9,900.00 Mr Christopher J. Rea
£9,900.00 Sir David Sieff
£9,894.92 Philip J Davies
£9,888.00 Mr Benjamin R Leadsom
£9,800.00 Mrs Romie Tager
£9,789.00 Mr Simon Duffy
£9,754.98 Conservatives In Ltd
£9,750.00 Amjad P Chowdhary
£9,750.00 Beatrice Oughtred
£9,750.00 Hartley Propoerty Trust Ltd
£9,750.00 Mr James C. Davidson
£9,750.00 Sladmore Gallery
£9,748.00 Mr Patrick Evershed
£9,725.65 Earlswood Hall Trustees
£9,721.71 Mr Alexander J Burnett of Leys
£9,717.00 Mr Robert Edmiston
£9,700.00 Scarborough Constitutional Club Company Ltd
£9,670.00 Kenneth A Carter
£9,600.00 Bertrand Coste
£9,600.00 BHE Limited
£9,600.00 Mr Trevor Abrahmsohn
£9,544.00 Mr Joseph Crawley
£9,541.02 Joan M. Broadley
£9,513.25 Leonard Steinberg
£9,510.00 Bright Spark Advertising
£9,500.00 Charles R Connell
£9,500.00 Clare E Freeman
£9,500.00 Graham Smith
£9,500.00 John M Menzies
£9,500.00 Michele Ross
£9,500.00 Shamil Chandaria
£9,500.00 DFS Furniture Co PLC
£9,500.00 J Wharton Shipping Ltd
£9,500.00 Mr Andrew P Megson
£9,500.00 Mr John D Winter
£9,500.00 Mr Joseph D Dwek
£9,500.00 Mr Ronald P Wrinch
£9,500.00 Mr Timothy W Sanderson
£9,500.00 Mrs Nancy B Howard Marsh
£9,500.00 Ms Paul J Greenslade
£9,500.00 Torpoint and District Unionist Club Ltd
£9,500.00 Tower Hamlets Conservative Councillor Group
£9,500.00 Ultimate Sucession Planning Ltd
£9,481.00 Jeremy Lefroy
£9,455.00 Isle of Wight Patrons Club
£9,400.00 De Grisogono Ltd
£9,395.00 Six Senses London Ltd
£9,392.88 KRNS Properties Limited
£9,348.00 CTF Partners Ltd
£9,314.55 Immedia Broadcast Ltd
£9,300.00 Mr David J Walker
£9,256.00 Cobra Beer Ltd
£9,250.00 Churchill Retirement (Group) Ltd
£9,249.00 Altitude Broadcasting & Corporate Studios Limited
£9,245.00 Herefordshire Council Conservative Group
£9,200.00 na Suri
£9,200.00 Richard Wearmouth
£9,200.00 Mr George P Apter
£9,200.00 Root Capital
£9,192.77 Ivor Braka
£9,188.00 Mr Peter S Chadlington
£9,113.00 Mr Jeremy W Lloyd
£9,100.00 Simon A Aldridge
£9,100.00 Chorley Conservative Group of Councillors
£9,100.00 Mr Andrew J Bridgen
£9,100.00 Sir Edward Dashwood
£9,040.00 Cannock Unionist Club
£9,000.00 Barry F Ratcliffe
£9,000.00 Jennifer M Wilby
£9,000.00 Peter R Hilliers
£9,000.00 Philip Smith
£9,000.00 Hall Hunter Partnership Ltd
£9,000.00 Mr Adrian Bott
£9,000.00 Mr Alistair M McMillan
£9,000.00 Mr Ashraf Ahmed
£9,000.00 Mr Charles R Connell
£9,000.00 Mr Daniel Shamoon
£9,000.00 Mr David Craigen
£9,000.00 Mr David Hunter
£9,000.00 Mr Gerald A Davidson
£9,000.00 Mr Glenn A Hall
£9,000.00 Mr John Ross
£9,000.00 Mr Johnathan E Lyons
£9,000.00 Mr Massey Lopez
£9,000.00 Mr Peter J Wilson
£9,000.00 Mr Philip L Wroughton
£9,000.00 Mr Richard C N Davidson
£9,000.00 Ms Hilary J Phillips
£9,000.00 Ms Leslie Massey
£9,000.00 Ms Maureen P Franklin
£9,000.00 One Source
£9,000.00 Private Investor Capital Lts
£9,000.00 Quinn Wilson Estates (1) Ltd
£9,000.00 Realreed Ltd
£9,000.00 Southend United Football Club Ltd
£9,000.00 Villagate Properties Ltd
£8,988.00 Stephen Metcalfe
£8,975.00 Mr Audrey M Wilson
£8,962.86 The Avant Guardians Ltd
£8,950.00 Mrs Tessa Hartmann
£8,948.00 Mr Daniel P Hearsum
£8,926.38 Mr John H Winter
£8,921.75 Carolyn A Townsend
£8,901.86 Mr Christopher M Meade
£8,900.00 Ms Annabel T Keswick
£8,886.70 Mr Martin Armstrong
£8,852.00 Alison Rankin Frost
£8,812.50 Margaret Challis
£8,800.00 Brian AF Smith
£8,796.00 Friends of the Vale Conservatives
£8,750.00 David Flux
£8,750.00 Lisa J Flux
£8,750.00 Neville Bosworth
£8,750.00 Mr Mark Page
£8,750.00 Smithfield Consultants Ltd
£8,725.00 Westland Helicopters Ltd
£8,719.25 Skidmore Medical Ltd
£8,640.00 Ms Sallie Hendry
£8,633.00 Mr Selim E Shah
£8,600.00 Peter E Jones
£8,600.00 Sheena A Evershed
£8,600.00 Assetz for Investors Ltd
£8,600.00 C2HM Hill Services Ltd
£8,600.00 Huawei Technologies (UK) Co Ltd
£8,600.00 Huawei Technologies (UK) Co. Ltd
£8,600.00 Irwin Mitchell LLP
£8,600.00 Manrows Ltd
£8,600.00 Mr Arthur C Tomkins
£8,600.00 Ms Rowena Mary Vrijland
£8,550.00 David N James
£8,538.00 Norwich Union Insurance Limited
£8,508.13 Mr Frederick T Skipper
£8,500.00 Christopher Saunders
£8,500.00 David Peake
£8,500.00 Fares Fares
£8,500.00 Hilary A Williams
£8,500.00 James Miller
£8,500.00 John T. Kennedy
£8,500.00 Raymond J Franklin
£8,500.00 Richard Harrington
£8,500.00 Tania Fares
£8,500.00 Alexander Inglis & Son Ltd
£8,500.00 Alexander Inglis and Son Ltd
£8,500.00 Bisichi Mining Plc
£8,500.00 Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd
£8,500.00 Elgin Partners Ltd
£8,500.00 Eli Lilly and Company Ltd
£8,500.00 Enquest Dons Ltd
£8,500.00 Flamingo Land Resort Limited
£8,500.00 Hospital Ambulance Car Service Ltd
£8,500.00 ICAP Management Services Ltd
£8,500.00 Mr Andrew D Collins
£8,500.00 Mr Anthony Howard
£8,500.00 Mr Emmanuel Davidson
£8,500.00 Mr Julien D Schild
£8,500.00 Mr Keith C Brown
£8,500.00 Mr Michael Jackson
£8,500.00 Mr Richard R Burns
£8,500.00 Mr Robin M Houldsworth
£8,500.00 Mr Roderick Brooks
£8,500.00 Mr Stephen F White
£8,500.00 Mr Timothy Bullman
£8,500.00 Mrs Louise Bracken
£8,500.00 Ms Louise Halbert
£8,500.00 Sir Tim Rice
£8,500.00 Subsea 7 (UK Service Company) Ltd
£8,500.00 The Walbrook Club Ltd
£8,400.00 Alamax Ltd
£8,400.00 Coyle Personnel PLC
£8,400.00 CQS (UK) LLP
£8,400.00 E.On UK PLC
£8,400.00 Mr Christopher L French
£8,400.00 Mr Keith D Freeman
£8,400.00 Mr Scott Saunders
£8,400.00 Ms Heather Frankham
£8,350.00 Mr John B McGrath
£8,250.00 International Group Ltd
£8,250.00 Rated Solar Installer Limited
£8,200.00 Lightsource Renewable Energy Limited
£8,183.77 Dennis A Stickley
£8,116.58 Mr Cornelius Medvei
£8,100.00 Meriel C Antoniou
£8,100.00 Eminent Wine Ltd
£8,100.00 Ms Catherine Petitgas
£8,080.39 Nicholas P King
£8,065.00 Mr David Instance
£8,000.00 Barbara W Palmer
£8,000.00 Barry Field
£8,000.00 Chris Lewis
£8,000.00 Derek J Kingsbury
£8,000.00 George ES Robinson
£8,000.00 Gordon H Philips
£8,000.00 Irvine Laidlaw
£8,000.00 Joanna Daniels
£8,000.00 John H Winter
£8,000.00 Jonathan C Chenevix-Trench
£8,000.00 Karen M Brooke
£8,000.00 LT CMDR Michael A Phelps
£8,000.00 Mohammed Ali
£8,000.00 na Geddes
£8,000.00 Nicholas J Roach
£8,000.00 Nick Roach
£8,000.00 Nigel Blackwell
£8,000.00 Peter Rich
£8,000.00 Philip H Meeson
£8,000.00 Robin M Houldsworth
£8,000.00 Susan Robinson
£8,000.00 Theodore Agnew
£8,000.00 Amey Group Services Ltd
£8,000.00 Biddulph Conservative and Unionist Club
£8,000.00 Call Connection Limited
£8,000.00 Clavering Care Ltd
£8,000.00 Craven (Builders) Limited
£8,000.00 Croydon Tamils
£8,000.00 Dame Margaret Ash
£8,000.00 Eaga Plc
£8,000.00 Eco Skip Hire Ltd
£8,000.00 Edmund G Thornhill
£8,000.00 Firoka (Heythrop Park) Ltd
£8,000.00 Firoka (Kings Cross) Ltd
£8,000.00 Future Management Ltd
£8,000.00 High Peak Consevative Councillor Group
£8,000.00 J G Management Ltd
£8,000.00 Kensington Development
£8,000.00 Lady Francoise M Middleton
£8,000.00 Lady Pamela A Kalms
£8,000.00 Lawrence Rand (Eastcote) Limited
£8,000.00 Lord Edward Haughey
£8,000.00 Mr Amelia J Winter
£8,000.00 Mr Andrew N Baxter
£8,000.00 Mr Brendan Doyle
£8,000.00 Mr Charles D Forbes-Adam
£8,000.00 Mr David M Edwards
£8,000.00 Mr Eric Wright
£8,000.00 Mr George Iacobescu
£8,000.00 Mr Ian K MacLean
£8,000.00 Mr James R Hanbury
£8,000.00 Mr John Maxted
£8,000.00 Mr Justin Simpson
£8,000.00 Mr Keith Bradshaw
£8,000.00 Mr Kenelm Storey
£8,000.00 Mr Marc Pennick
£8,000.00 Mr Nicholas R Bowers
£8,000.00 Mr Nigel J Kempner
£8,000.00 Mr Paul Daniel
£8,000.00 Mr Peter J Meagher
£8,000.00 Mr Peter N Sparling
£8,000.00 Mr Peter Thomas
£8,000.00 Mr Richard J Simmons
£8,000.00 Mr Robert N Edminston
£8,000.00 Mr Robin Hall
£8,000.00 Mr Simon McLoughlin
£8,000.00 Mr Steven Atack
£8,000.00 Mr Timothy R Butcher
£8,000.00 Mr WIlliam J Arah
£8,000.00 Mr William SM Robinson
£8,000.00 Mrs Dorothy E Suttie
£8,000.00 Ms Sheena Evershed
£8,000.00 Ms Sophy L Williams
£8,000.00 Northampton Conservative Central Council
£8,000.00 Northbrook Laboratories Ltd
£8,000.00 Patron Capital Advisers LLP
£8,000.00 Site Services & Security Ltd
£8,000.00 Soneva Ltd
£8,000.00 TSL Education Ltd
£8,000.00 Veetee Rice Limited
£8,000.00 Westminster Circle
£8,000.00 Windmill Business Gp
£8,000.00 Wrightsure Services Ltd
£7,990.00 Birmingham Patrons Club
£7,975.00 Alan R Reece
£7,975.00 John Clark Holdings Ltd
£7,957.40 DLA Piper UK Ltd
£7,950.00 Nicholas C Trimmatis
£7,950.00 Ms Edwina A Hermann
£7,930.00 Stephen T O’Brien
£7,930.00 Lord na Bell
£7,900.00 Regis Group Services Ltd
£7,880.00 Mr Robert Balick
£7,859.57 Anthony E Oppenheimer
£7,850.00 Mr Zacharias F Goldsmith
£7,811.97 Vale of Glamorgan Conservative Council Group
£7,810.00 Emarel Services Ltd
£7,786.80 Wandsworth Conservative Councillors Association
£7,768.38 David Mowat
£7,750.00 Barbara J Tan
£7,750.00 Philp Brown
£7,750.00 Mr Colin Tickner
£7,750.00 Texkimp Ltd
£7,720.00 Stephen Howard
£7,700.00 Bell Pottinger Corporate & Financial Ltd
£7,700.00 Exeter Constitutional Club
£7,700.00 Mr Graham Parr
£7,700.00 Mr Peter Dubens
£7,692.00 Robert Bryce
£7,656.35 Mr Charlie B Elphicke
£7,650.00 Industrial Chemicals Limited
£7,637.50 Bentleys Entertainments Ltd
£7,636.32 Ms Patricia M Baker
£7,600.00 David A Peake
£7,600.00 Oliver J Pawle
£7,600.00 Richard Gough
£7,600.00 Ms Sarah Ingham
£7,590.00 Conservative Club Hatfield Ltd
£7,587.50 Mrs Suzanne Nike
£7,572.00 Mr Nick Lawson
£7,556.00 Ealing Conservative Group
£7,550.00 A.B. Produce
£7,525.00 Grange (Birkenhead) Property Co. Ltd
£7,522.26 Love Lane Investments Ltd
£7,520.00 James Crawfurd-Porter
£7,515.78 Vivian T Davies
£7,515.00 Ms Amanda Shaw
£7,500.00 Barbara Emmett
£7,500.00 Barry F. Ratcliffe
£7,500.00 David H Sacof
£7,500.00 David Strandberg
£7,500.00 Earl Edward Darby
£7,500.00 Edward G Clarke
£7,500.00 Elizabeth S Wigoder
£7,500.00 John L. Beckwith
£7,500.00 John M Elliot
£7,500.00 Patricia Brown
£7,500.00 Phillip Meeson
£7,500.00 Raymond P. Fine
£7,500.00 Sian Westerman
£7,500.00 Stephen Pattrick
£7,500.00 Thomas J Black
£7,500.00 Arnold Clark Automobiles Ltd
£7,500.00 Bluemantle Ltd
£7,500.00 Bonhams Ltd
£7,500.00 British Asian Conservatives Link
£7,500.00 Campbell Rigg Design Ltd
£7,500.00 Countesthorpe Conservative Club
£7,500.00 Dr Shamil Chandaria
£7,500.00 Eastbourne Conservative Councillor Group
£7,500.00 English Welsh & Scottish Railways Ltd
£7,500.00 Ennismore Gardens Ltd
£7,500.00 Firoka (Heytrop Park)
£7,500.00 InterMarine Offshore Services Ltd
£7,500.00 Kerr-McGee North Sea UK Ltd
£7,500.00 Lewes Conservative Patrons Club
£7,500.00 Lord Sheppard of Didgemere
£7,500.00 Manchester & Metropolitan Investment Ltd
£7,500.00 Mpower Training Solutions Ltd
£7,500.00 Mr Adrian R B Johnson
£7,500.00 Mr Charles D Hill
£7,500.00 Mr Clinton Bourke
£7,500.00 Mr David E Ord
£7,500.00 Mr Edward Earl Derby
£7,500.00 Mr Eric A Flack
£7,500.00 Mr Gordon S Prestoungrange
£7,500.00 Mr Keith Loudon
£7,500.00 Mr Michael George
£7,500.00 Mr Nicholas J Roach
£7,500.00 Mr Phillip Brown
£7,500.00 Mr Robert Thomas
£7,500.00 Mr Stephen Brook
£7,500.00 Mr Stephen Pattrick
£7,500.00 Ms Doris E Flack
£7,500.00 Ms Joanna George
£7,500.00 Ms Marjorie N Glasgow
£7,500.00 Mutchmeats Ltd
£7,500.00 Normanby Estate Holdings Ltd
£7,500.00 Polwoods Ltd
£7,500.00 Pontefract Conservative Club
£7,499.97 Mr Norman Springford
£7,499.00 Mr Andrew Salveson
£7,480.00 Bell Pottinger Public Affairs Ltd
£7,400.16 Mr Stuart LeGassick
£7,400.00 John LP Whiter
£7,400.00 Mr Torquil Norman
£7,400.00 Ms Alice CS Pringle
£7,393.00 Mr Michael K Odonnell
£7,381.50 Durlacher Corporation Plc
£7,323.24 Christopher J Bulivant
£7,301.00 Mr Giles Currie
£7,300.00 Mr William J Edwards
£7,300.00 Ms Anita Sumner
£7,297.00 Mr John S Jackson
£7,275.00 Mr James C Davidson
£7,250.00 Salt & Pepper Private Food Design Ltd
£7,238.60 Ms Tessa Keswick
£7,200.00 Ellerman Investments Ltd
£7,200.00 ERYC Conservative Group
£7,200.00 Mr Julian Schild
£7,169.68 Ashley Gray
£7,164.35 Arnold Estates Ltd
£7,150.00 Mr Grahame N Elliot
£7,144.00 Ms Carolyn A Townsend
£7,124.83 Frederick T Skipper
£7,123.00 Walter Scott & Partners Ltd
£7,112.50 Kevin P Hollinrake
£7,102.00 Terence C Smith
£7,086.85 MSG Sandhurst Limited
£7,060.00 Sara Phillips
£7,040.00 Mr Carl Hughes
£7,023.50 Lionel A Edwards
£7,003.46 The National Conservative Draws Society
£7,000.00 Antonios P Yerolemou
£7,000.00 Colin J MacMillan
£7,000.00 Edward Ballyedmond
£7,000.00 James Palumbo
£7,000.00 Keith J Rawlings
£7,000.00 Mark Beaumont
£7,000.00 Matthew Allen
£7,000.00 Patrick Barbour
£7,000.00 Peter G Batey
£7,000.00 Peter J Manser
£7,000.00 Richard R Burns
£7,000.00 Robert R Potter
£7,000.00 Steven A Bell
£7,000.00 William R Moores
£7,000.00 Businesss and Professionals Group
£7,000.00 C & E Brokers Ltd
£7,000.00 Conservative Women’s National Council
£7,000.00 Dr Alistair J Dewhirst
£7,000.00 Farmhouse Biscuits Ltd
£7,000.00 George Hammond Plc
£7,000.00 Glyn Hopkin Limited
£7,000.00 MPB Structures Ltd
£7,000.00 Mr Andrew P Harrington
£7,000.00 Mr Arthur J Taylor
£7,000.00 Mr Barry W Price
£7,000.00 Mr David Lowes
£7,000.00 Mr Derek E Luckhurst
£7,000.00 Mr George JPD Townshend
£7,000.00 Mr Graham Halsey
£7,000.00 Mr Henry N Keswick
£7,000.00 Mr Jeremy M Buhlmann
£7,000.00 Mr Mark Darrell-Brown
£7,000.00 Mr Michael Alen-Buckley
£7,000.00 Mr Michael Reid
£7,000.00 Mr Peter C Old
£7,000.00 Mr Richard C Tuxford
£7,000.00 Mr Richard Perkins
£7,000.00 Mr Simon R Brice
£7,000.00 Mr Thomas Entwistle
£7,000.00 Mr Yakub I Patel
£7,000.00 Ms Elizabeth E Hickie
£7,000.00 Ms Julia C Massey
£7,000.00 Ms Sarah K Davidson
£7,000.00 Oliver Valvatek Ltd
£7,000.00 Palmer Capital Partners Limited
£7,000.00 Seeboard Plc
£7,000.00 Sir Ian Lloyd
£7,000.00 The 1964 club (Epsom and Ewell)
£7,000.00 Thornwood Investments Ltd
£7,000.00 Unidentifiable Donor
£6,999.00 Trotter & Co Limited
£6,990.00 Mr Brian Clink
£6,972.25 Alison Frost
£6,956.08 Airport Park and Ride Limited
£6,950.00 Henry Angest
£6,925.00 Mr Kenneth G McAlpine
£6,919.57 Mr Andrew M Lyons
£6,906.00 Mr Martin Landau
£6,900.00 East Sussex County Council Conservative Group
£6,900.00 The Albert Buildings Co Ltd
£6,898.00 Mr Clive Garston
£6,864.38 John D Taylor
£6,850.00 Mr Ralph Northumberland
£6,820.00 Mr John J Stainton-Somers
£6,805.00 Surinder Kandola
£6,766.00 Mr James Miller
£6,756.25 Viking Office Supplies Ltd
£6,750.00 Mr Neil F Osborn
£6,725.00 Mr Nikolaas Allen
£6,721.33 Mr Keith Bigden
£6,697.50 Kensington & Chelsea Aviation Ltd
£6,674.89 Mr Gordon Johnson
£6,670.00 Flairford Securities Ltd
£6,670.00 Mr Charles Oulton
£6,612.56 Hub Media
£6,600.00 Clearbrook Capital LLP
£6,600.00 Mr David Peake
£6,600.00 Ms Robin Saunders
£6,599.14 Francis G Slater
£6,550.00 Precis Holdings Ltd
£6,543.86 Adshead Ratcliffe & Co Ltd
£6,504.00 John Shonfield
£6,501.00 MP Holdings Ltd
£6,501.00 Mr Ian T Jenks
£6,500.00 David Brownlow
£6,500.00 George M Graham
£6,500.00 Janet M Palmer
£6,500.00 Ken Howard
£6,500.00 English Welsh and Scottish Railways Ltd
£6,500.00 Fine Art Commissions Ltd
£6,500.00 Lord Leonard Stienberg
£6,500.00 Mere Golf & Country Club Limit
£6,500.00 Mr Anthony Todd
£6,500.00 Mr John Roberts
£6,500.00 Mr Jonathan D Rowland
£6,500.00 Mr Nicholas R Shott
£6,500.00 Mr Ravi Shankar
£6,500.00 Ms Mildred Stacey
£6,500.00 P M B Holdings Ltd
£6,500.00 Sir Michael Cobham
£6,500.00 Trimline Group Ltd
£6,500.00 Viscount George Younger
£6,500.00 Working Links (Employment) Limited
£6,450.00 Mr Denmsore R Dover
£6,448.96 Ms Rula Al-Adasani
£6,440.00 Impressions of China Ltd
£6,400.00 Mr Edward Lawson
£6,397.50 Mohammed B Qadir
£6,359.59 Mr Alderman John Barry Walters
£6,345.24 Laurent-Perrier UK Ltd
£6,334.61 Dial-a-Phone Ltd
£6,300.00 Simon M Haslam
£6,300.00 Ilsley Holdings Limited
£6,300.00 Mr Francis Brake
£6,280.00 Mr Christopher Headfort
£6,274.00 Richmond Cars Ltd
£6,270.00 Mr Geoffrey Leigh
£6,266.66 Turbine helicoptors Ltd
£6,265.00 Mr William H Dorman
£6,260.00 Malcolm J Le May
£6,250.12 City & West End Services Ltd
£6,250.02 City and West End Services Ltd
£6,250.00 Audrey M Wilson
£6,250.00 Charles M Rotman
£6,250.00 Clement Wheeler
£6,250.00 Edward W Pinchbeck
£6,250.00 Mark Page
£6,250.00 Michael D Campbell
£6,250.00 Robin L Jones
£6,250.00 Mr Robin Birley
£6,250.00 Mr William Purves
£6,230.00 Ben L Wallace
£6,200.00 Benedict R Moorhead
£6,200.00 Stephen P Charge
£6,200.00 Yvonne Winkler
£6,200.00 Fortec Distribution Network Ltd
£6,194.69 Katsouris Bros Ltd
£6,189.63 Bartholomew E Smith
£6,170.00 Angie Irving
£6,150.54 Federal Aviation Ltd
£6,100.00 Anthony Tresigne
£6,100.00 Wellington Conservative Club
£6,087.00 Simon P Hume-Kendall
£6,055.00 Dexam International Ltd
£6,050.00 Torchcare Ltd
£6,040.00 Mr Michael Dulverton
£6,029.92 Glenn A Hall
£6,027.30 West Lindsey District Council Conservative Group
£6,002.00 Leics Asian Business Assn
£6,001.00 Sir David Kelly
£6,000.00 Adrian Church
£6,000.00 Andrew S Dalton
£6,000.00 Brian S Sheppard
£6,000.00 Bryan H Farr
£6,000.00 Charmaine B Mallinckrodt
£6,000.00 Cynthia Yates
£6,000.00 David G Webster
£6,000.00 David J Wall
£6,000.00 Diane Stewart
£6,000.00 Eric Hobbs
£6,000.00 Eric Wright
£6,000.00 Frances M White-Jones
£6,000.00 Georgina M David
£6,000.00 Ian Hamilton
£6,000.00 Iris Stainton
£6,000.00 Jessica V Douglas-Home
£6,000.00 John Kennedy
£6,000.00 John M Hargreaves
£6,000.00 Joseph J Salmon
£6,000.00 Kenneth Scowcroft
£6,000.00 Lawrence Alexander
£6,000.00 Margaret L Balsillie
£6,000.00 Mark R Ellis
£6,000.00 Martin D Lewis
£6,000.00 Neil F Osborn
£6,000.00 Paul Baines
£6,000.00 Paul H Meyrick
£6,000.00 Richard E J Wyatt
£6,000.00 Robert D Kilgour
£6,000.00 Ronald Stewart
£6,000.00 Rupert P Fordham
£6,000.00 William H Saloman
£6,000.00 Betfair Ltd
£6,000.00 Brightfield Innovation Ltd
£6,000.00 Carlton Financial Group Ltd
£6,000.00 Charles Mason & Associates Ltd
£6,000.00 Contact Recruitment Limited
£6,000.00 Daniel Thwaites Plc
£6,000.00 Dial House Consultants Ltd
£6,000.00 Earl of Plymouth Estates Ltd
£6,000.00 Eden Financial Ltd
£6,000.00 Edison School UK Ltd
£6,000.00 Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association Ltd
£6,000.00 Gravelly Hill Unionist (Buildings) Ltd
£6,000.00 Hobden Projects Ltd
£6,000.00 Lord Phillip Harris of Peckham
£6,000.00 Lord R Clitheroe
£6,000.00 Lord Robert Hanson
£6,000.00 Lord T Glendyne
£6,000.00 M J Barrett Group Ltd
£6,000.00 Mr Bernard Lewis
£6,000.00 Mr Christopher Smith
£6,000.00 Mr David C Samworth
£6,000.00 Mr Dominic Casserley
£6,000.00 Mr Enam Ali
£6,000.00 Mr George F Burne
£6,000.00 Mr Ian B Bowerman
£6,000.00 Mr John A Cockburn
£6,000.00 Mr Michael N Oughtred
£6,000.00 Mr Michael Ward
£6,000.00 Mr Neville Bosworth
£6,000.00 Mr Peter F McDonnell
£6,000.00 Mr Philip J Hill
£6,000.00 Mr Robert Dorrien Smith
£6,000.00 Mr Robin Knox-Johnston
£6,000.00 Mr Roger H Tempest
£6,000.00 Mr Salim Janmohamed
£6,000.00 Mr Shahid Uddin Khan
£6,000.00 Mr Simon Waxley
£6,000.00 Mr Warwick M Bergin
£6,000.00 Mr Yousuf Jaffar
£6,000.00 Ms Angela Mathew
£6,000.00 Ms Anna J Lawrie
£6,000.00 Ms Anne Ladefoged
£6,000.00 Ms Camilla Alexander
£6,000.00 Ms Gillian M Duckworth
£6,000.00 Ms Jacqui Lyons
£6,000.00 Phaden Ltd
£6,000.00 PJB Publications Ltd
£6,000.00 PQW Foundry Limited
£6,000.00 Richemont UK Ltd
£6,000.00 SCB Holdings Sandy Ltd
£6,000.00 Siddiqi & Co
£6,000.00 Springfast Limited
£6,000.00 Stapleford Park Ltd
£6,000.00 Supreme Property Developments Ltd
£6,000.00 The Churchill Luncheon Club
£6,000.00 Vectrix UK Ltd
£6,000.00 Vencomatic Poultry UK Ltd
£6,000.00 Vox Pops International Ltd
£6,000.00 Wedge Group Galvanizing Ltd
£5,999.00 Bettina Bonnefoy
£5,999.00 Mr Rolf Schild
£5,999.00 Mr Rupert J Morton
£5,992.50 Mr Brian Scowcroft
£5,980.00 Dorchester Hotel Ltd
£5,980.00 Mr Stuart A Lever
£5,950.00 Charles D Pugh
£5,940.00 Tournerbury Holdings Limited
£5,936.40 Mr Alan Newton
£5,935.73 Mr Stephen Metcalfe
£5,900.00 Frederick W Axon
£5,900.00 Mr Roger Fletcher
£5,899.85 Bitterne Conservative Club
£5,890.00 Mr Charles G Cadogan
£5,890.00 Mr Peter Baker
£5,869.01 Norseman Holdings Plc
£5,862.00 Henry M Henderson
£5,850.00 Ms Prudence M Watts
£5,800.00 Unique Network Solutions Ltd
£5,771.32 Association of Conservative Clubs
£5,751.00 Ivan D Ould
£5,750.00 Charles F May
£5,750.00 Salim Janmohamed
£5,750.00 William Macdougall
£5,750.00 JT Leavesley Ltd
£5,750.00 Selits Ltd
£5,733.40 Diane K Neil Mills
£5,727.24 Patricia M Baker
£5,725.00 Maisie Newcombe
£5,700.00 Mr George Bamford
£5,700.00 Mr Harry Bramer
£5,660.00 Claridge’s Hotel Ltd
£5,658.00 Mr Rishi Sunak
£5,657.48 Mr Daniel L Poulter
£5,651.00 Giles E Currie
£5,650.00 Stringfellows Restaurants Ltd
£5,640.00 Marjorie H Mickel
£5,640.00 Mr Andrew Steward
£5,625.00 Mr James J Berry
£5,625.00 Northamptonshire Conservative County Council Group
£5,617.00 Mr Calum Mercer
£5,600.00 Joan M Spiers
£5,600.00 Stephen P White
£5,600.00 D & P Dixon Land & Properties Ltd
£5,600.00 Lord Nigel Vinson of Roddam Dene
£5,600.00 Mr Grahame N. Elliott
£5,600.00 Mrs Susan Anstey
£5,575.00 Adrian E White
£5,565.14 Glasgow Unionist Association Trust
£5,556.13 Mr Philip J Milton
£5,551.00 Mr Giles E Currie
£5,508.98 Mr Reginald Goodwin
£5,500.00 Andrew E Sells
£5,500.00 Angela B Yeoman
£5,500.00 Annabel Goldsmith
£5,500.00 Ashley A Kibblewhite
£5,500.00 Brian Winterflood
£5,500.00 Charles Moran
£5,500.00 David A Grenier
£5,500.00 David G Messer
£5,500.00 George JPD Townshend
£5,500.00 Gerald Elliot
£5,500.00 James G Chisholm Wallace
£5,500.00 James R Wilson
£5,500.00 Jeremy Yates
£5,500.00 Olive Binning
£5,500.00 Peter Kleeman
£5,500.00 Philip J Shelley
£5,500.00 Stephen A Rumsey
£5,500.00 Stuart LeGassick
£5,500.00 Summer Watson
£5,500.00 ASDA Stores Limited
£5,500.00 ASHS Ltd
£5,500.00 City Index Ltd
£5,500.00 Euro RSCG Apex Communications Limited
£5,500.00 Gaming International Ltd
£5,500.00 Hi-Tec Finishers Ltd
£5,500.00 Killik & Co
£5,500.00 Mr Anthony B Wilbraham
£5,500.00 Mr Brian Wright
£5,500.00 Mr Bryn J. Tennant
£5,500.00 Mr Charles A Braithwaite
£5,500.00 Mr David A Nickson
£5,500.00 Mr David H Reid
£5,500.00 Mr David J Innes
£5,500.00 Mr Elias Fattal
£5,500.00 Mr Geoffrey Page
£5,500.00 Mr Glyn K Hopkin
£5,500.00 Mr Guy L Mitchinson
£5,500.00 Mr James Buxton
£5,500.00 Mr Matthew Westerman
£5,500.00 Mr Michael Warshaw
£5,500.00 Mr Nicholas Hornby
£5,500.00 Mr Paul Moore
£5,500.00 Mr Robin Hiller
£5,500.00 Mr William G Madewell
£5,500.00 Ms Rachel J Williams
£5,500.00 Ms Selina Burdell
£5,500.00 Ms Tracy-Jane Afriyie
£5,500.00 Redwood Care Homes Ltd
£5,500.00 Sir Nigel Rudd
£5,500.00 Tamasha Ltd
£5,500.00 The Artbar Ltd
£5,499.00 L A Wilson
£5,489.00 Stuart J Dewar
£5,483.66 The Meade Corporation
£5,463.88 Appt Corporation Ltd
£5,450.00 Motion Picture Licensing Company (International) Ltd
£5,422.00 Win in West Dorset
£5,421.00 Mr John Shonfeld
£5,420.00 Mr John D Trotter
£5,408.00 Mr Anthony Wigram
£5,408.00 Mr Richard J Fleck
£5,408.00 Printhouse Corporation
£5,402.13 Westminster City Councillors Group
£5,400.00 Vincent P Byrne
£5,400.00 CMGRP UK Ltd
£5,400.00 Hanover Communication International Ltd
£5,400.00 Mr Francesco Boglione
£5,400.00 Mr John Lazzari
£5,400.00 Mr Philip M Dunne
£5,400.00 New Zealand Government
£5,376.09 Rugby Conservative Club
£5,371.46 Mr Arthur Brassington
£5,361.00 Fulham Investment and Property Co
£5,360.00 Barrie S Haigh
£5,360.00 Middle West Residential Care Home
£5,350.00 Christopher Forester
£5,350.00 Edward S Greenhalgh
£5,320.00 Kenneth Andrew
£5,300.00 Florence Kaufmann
£5,300.00 Matthew J Kimpton-Smith
£5,300.00 Peter D Nagle
£5,300.00 Bearwoord Corporate Services Ltd
£5,300.00 Lady Lucy Chadlington
£5,300.00 Lord Michael Dulverton
£5,300.00 Margintest Ltd
£5,300.00 Mr Michael T Darlison
£5,300.00 Mr Stuart J Dewar
£5,300.00 Shergroup Ltd
£5,300.00 Sir Keith Mills
£5,299.00 Imperial London Hotels Limited
£5,298.00 Ms Christina E Mountain
£5,292.00 Lubov Golubeva
£5,275.00 Mr Graham A Facks-Martin
£5,266.00 Norman MacFarlane
£5,250.00 Charles J Cazalet
£5,250.00 Doreen Winterflood
£5,250.00 Gary S Mond
£5,250.00 John D Cotton
£5,250.00 Kim A Gottlieb
£5,250.00 Leon Schaller OBE
£5,250.00 Nigel Elwes
£5,250.00 Stephen M Edge
£5,250.00 Timothy MB Rice
£5,250.00 Mr Andrew Sells
£5,250.00 Mr Chippendale Keswick
£5,250.00 Mr Derek R Finlay
£5,250.00 Mr Derek R Sayer
£5,250.00 Mr Gerald P Strong
£5,250.00 Mr Malcolm S Norgate
£5,250.00 Mr Richard M Wingfield
£5,250.00 Mr Robert D Morrell
£5,249.24 W & J Linney Ltd
£5,240.00 Gordon Bloor
£5,225.00 David J Windsor-Clive
£5,225.00 Mr Barry G Denmead
£5,224.43 Mr James R Lee
£5,210.00 Mr Michael E Corby
£5,200.00 Alberto Francioni
£5,200.00 Anderson Construction Limited
£5,200.00 Mr Robert Pernull-Excell
£5,200.00 Mr Timothy A Fraser
£5,200.00 Ms Meena Bond
£5,169.56 Richard Fuller
£5,168.00 Mr Malcolm Greer
£5,150.00 SRS Noble House Services Ltd
£5,125.50 Desborough Conservative & Unionist Working Mens Club
£5,100.00 Graham Facks-Martin MBE
£5,088.03 Canary Whaf Ltd
£5,076.12 Pietas Consulting Ltd
£5,050.00 Ronald P Wrinch
£5,050.00 Mr John C Barnwell
£5,050.00 Swan Homes Ltd
£5,029.28 Mr Anthony Cochrane
£5,022.33 Castle Risings Holdings Ltd
£5,017.09 Northumbria Water Ltd
£5,001.00 Nigel C Brassard
£5,001.00 Lord na Stevens
£5,001.00 Lord Stevens of Ludgate
£5,001.00 Mr Derek C Bonham
£5,001.00 Mr Justin M Garrod
£5,000.04 William G Madewell
£5,000.04 Mr Shahwar Sadeque
£5,000.00 Adrian N McAlpine
£5,000.00 Alan O’Leary
£5,000.00 Andrea Leadsom
£5,000.00 Andrew J Wilkinson
£5,000.00 Andrew Kent
£5,000.00 Angela AB Yeoman
£5,000.00 Angus MacDonald
£5,000.00 Anthony D Trapp
£5,000.00 Anthony M Fry
£5,000.00 Anthony V Cochrane
£5,000.00 Asif Rahman
£5,000.00 Barry W Price
£5,000.00 Caroline A Greenhalgh
£5,000.00 Caroline Hole-Jones
£5,000.00 Caroline M De Jager
£5,000.00 Carolyn Ward
£5,000.00 Charles Ashworth
£5,000.00 Charles Duggan-Chapman
£5,000.00 Charles Roach
£5,000.00 Charlotte Townsend
£5,000.00 Christina R Upton
£5,000.00 Christopher J Smith
£5,000.00 Christopher S Wates
£5,000.00 Clare Scheckter
£5,000.00 Colin Rigby
£5,000.00 Dave Hancock
£5,000.00 David A Ledsom
£5,000.00 David Charters
£5,000.00 David Hodgkiss
£5,000.00 David McCleary
£5,000.00 David W MacDonald
£5,000.00 Dee E Ward
£5,000.00 Diana C Barbour
£5,000.00 Edith Saunders
£5,000.00 Elias Fattal
£5,000.00 Emma Zamoyski
£5,000.00 Ernest T Harrison
£5,000.00 Francis Brooke
£5,000.00 Francis L Rothwell
£5,000.00 Galen Weston
£5,000.00 Garry Watts
£5,000.00 Gerald P Barry
£5,000.00 Gregory W Knight
£5,000.00 Hilda Richardson
£5,000.00 Jack T Parry
£5,000.00 James A Perry
£5,000.00 Janet L Simmonds
£5,000.00 Jean I Roe
£5,000.00 Joan Brett
£5,000.00 Joan Harper
£5,000.00 John A Downes
£5,000.00 John A Townsend
£5,000.00 John B Shropshire
£5,000.00 John F Simon
£5,000.00 John G Moncrieff
£5,000.00 John HW Hodson
£5,000.00 John L Duffield
£5,000.00 John M Hanson
£5,000.00 John R Berkley
£5,000.00 John R Mills
£5,000.00 John T Ross
£5,000.00 Kamran Ghafoor
£5,000.00 Kathleen M Biggs
£5,000.00 Leonard Harvey
£5,000.00 Leonard J. Nike
£5,000.00 Lewis H Oliver
£5,000.00 Lorna M Wadsworth
£5,000.00 Lorraine G Farley
£5,000.00 Lorraine Matta
£5,000.00 Manubhai M Madhvani
£5,000.00 Margaret A Sykes
£5,000.00 Marion G James
£5,000.00 Marjorie H Williams
£5,000.00 Mary B Bartlett
£5,000.00 Maurice Godden
£5,000.00 Maurice Nix
£5,000.00 Maurice Saatchi
£5,000.00 Maxwell C Ward
£5,000.00 Michael H Pattison
£5,000.00 Michael J Ashworth
£5,000.00 Michael James
£5,000.00 Mikal J Lyndoe
£5,000.00 Miles D’Arcy-Irvine
£5,000.00 Miles Morland
£5,000.00 Mitul Rach
£5,000.00 Monica S Catling
£5,000.00 Nancy Forrester
£5,000.00 Neil McRoberts
£5,000.00 Nigel Linday-Fynn
£5,000.00 Paul D Spraggs
£5,000.00 Paul Montalto
£5,000.00 Peter C Michael
£5,000.00 Peter Hambro
£5,000.00 Peter Mansfield
£5,000.00 Philip A Cleary
£5,000.00 Philip Shelley
£5,000.00 Phyllis M Parsons
£5,000.00 Rajeev Misra
£5,000.00 Reginald A Sheffield
£5,000.00 Richard A Snowden
£5,000.00 Richard EJ Gardner
£5,000.00 Robert I Mackay
£5,000.00 Robert P Iliffe
£5,000.00 Roderick Evans
£5,000.00 Rupert Lywood
£5,000.00 Sharmmila Jeganmogan
£5,000.00 Sheri Tullah
£5,000.00 Shiraz Lalji
£5,000.00 Simon Cuthbertson
£5,000.00 Simon Keswick
£5,000.00 Simon Murray
£5,000.00 Sophia J. Burrell-Thompson
£5,000.00 Sorre Shepherd-Cross
£5,000.00 Stian Westlake
£5,000.00 Sulakhan Sahota
£5,000.00 Suzanne Nike
£5,000.00 Tom A Hall
£5,000.00 Trevor Bradley
£5,000.00 W D Lloyd
£5,000.00 Wanda Kim
£5,000.00 Will Hobhouse
£5,000.00 William G Oldfield
£5,000.00 Yakub Patel
£5,000.00 3R Construction Development Ltd
£5,000.00 66 Club
£5,000.00 AAP Architecture Ltd
£5,000.00 Acorn Property Group
£5,000.00 Addison Projects PLC
£5,000.00 Airbus Operations Ltd
£5,000.00 Airbus UK Ltd
£5,000.00 Alisa Retail Limited
£5,000.00 Alphalarch Limited
£5,000.00 Arthur Price & Co limited
£5,000.00 Associated Technologies Ltd
£5,000.00 AXA Trading Limited
£5,000.00 B. & E. Boys Limited
£5,000.00 Bangor City Conservative Club
£5,000.00 Basildon House of Commons Dining Club
£5,000.00 Bedfordshire Portcullis Club
£5,000.00 Beech Hill Residential Investments Ltd
£5,000.00 Berkshire Properties Limited
£5,000.00 Bifrangi UK Limited
£5,000.00 Boultby Estates Ltd
£5,000.00 Bromfield Sand & Gravel Co Ltd
£5,000.00 Bromfield Sand & Gravel Co. Limited
£5,000.00 Broughton Astley Conservative Club
£5,000.00 Calor Gas Limited
£5,000.00 Carver Wolverhampton Ltd
£5,000.00 City Computing Limited
£5,000.00 Citylink Group Ltd
£5,000.00 Coleman Investments Ltd
£5,000.00 Corporate Associates Ltd
£5,000.00 Corran (Wakefield) Limited
£5,000.00 CPM Consulting Ltd
£5,000.00 Croudace
£5,000.00 Delamere Dairy Limited
£5,000.00 Delta Drinks Ltd
£5,000.00 Devine Restaurants Ltd
£5,000.00 DM Electronics Limited
£5,000.00 Duck Productions Limited
£5,000.00 Duke of Sutherland
£5,000.00 DW Contractors (Oxford) Limited
£5,000.00 E Feedback Research Limited T/a Cognisant Research
£5,000.00 English Welsh and Scottish Railway Ltd
£5,000.00 Erinstar Ltd
£5,000.00 Euronova Asset Management
£5,000.00 F W S Carter Ltd
£5,000.00 Faccenda Foods Limited
£5,000.00 Fork Rent PLC
£5,000.00 Formula Won Ltd
£5,000.00 Fulham Investment & Property Company Ltd
£5,000.00 Fulham Investment and Property Company Ltd
£5,000.00 G Collins & Sons
£5,000.00 Garrandale Ltd
£5,000.00 Gertler Properties Services Ltd
£5,000.00 Gilbran (Management) Limited
£5,000.00 Giles W Pritchard-Gordon & Co
£5,000.00 Giram UK Ltd
£5,000.00 Great Lodge Farms Ltd
£5,000.00 Gregs Properties Ltd
£5,000.00 Halifax College (UK) Ltd
£5,000.00 Harwood Capital LLP
£5,000.00 Hawthorns Braintree Limited
£5,000.00 Haymarket Publishing Services
£5,000.00 Holding & Barnes (CI) Ltd
£5,000.00 Hopkins Homes Ltd
£5,000.00 House Special Limited
£5,000.00 Interpub Limited
£5,000.00 Investment Trust Limited
£5,000.00 IronFX Global UK Ltd
£5,000.00 J & H Bunn Ltd
£5,000.00 J Marr Limited
£5,000.00 John Clark (Holdings) Ltd
£5,000.00 JRJ Investments Ltd
£5,000.00 Karali Ltd
£5,000.00 Kashmir Crown Bakeries
£5,000.00 Kensington Developers (1991) Ltd
£5,000.00 Kensington Developments (1991) Limited
£5,000.00 Kirkvale Ltd
£5,000.00 Lady Mary Pawle
£5,000.00 Lady Victoria Getty
£5,000.00 Lakeside Developments Ltd
£5,000.00 Lazari Investments Limited
£5,000.00 Lee Park Properties
£5,000.00 Leisure Training Corporation Ltd.
£5,000.00 Lewes Patron Club
£5,000.00 Lifetime Care Ltd
£5,000.00 London Leisure Services Ltd
£5,000.00 Lord Harris of Peckham
£5,000.00 Lord John Forteviot
£5,000.00 Lord na Hambro
£5,000.00 Lord Nicholas W Bethell
£5,000.00 Lord Randle Kenilworth
£5,000.00 Lowman Manufacturing Company Ltd
£5,000.00 Mackwoods Limited
£5,000.00 Malabar Capital Ltd
£5,000.00 Marchington Stone Ltd
£5,000.00 Marginal Magic Club
£5,000.00 Martek Contracts Ltd
£5,000.00 Martin-Baker Aircraft Co Ltd
£5,000.00 Memo Fashions Limited
£5,000.00 Mirage Leisure Ltd
£5,000.00 Moundsley Hall Nursing Home Ltd
£5,000.00 Mr Alan Hodson
£5,000.00 Mr Alan O’Leary
£5,000.00 Mr Alastair E Salvesen
£5,000.00 Mr Allen J Sheppard
£5,000.00 Mr Andrew D Brownsword
£5,000.00 Mr Andrew D Roberts
£5,000.00 Mr Andrew Harrington
£5,000.00 Mr Andrew J Bolton
£5,000.00 Mr Andrew K Douglas
£5,000.00 Mr Anil Sharma
£5,000.00 Mr Anthony Chapman
£5,000.00 Mr Anthony J Bolton
£5,000.00 Mr Anthony Kingsley
£5,000.00 Mr Anthony R Poeton
£5,000.00 Mr Arron F Banks
£5,000.00 Mr Arthur J Rhodes
£5,000.00 Mr Brian J Webber
£5,000.00 Mr Brian Walker
£5,000.00 Mr Brooks P Newmark
£5,000.00 Mr Bruce Walker
£5,000.00 Mr Bruno L Schroder
£5,000.00 Mr Burhan M Al-Chalabi
£5,000.00 Mr Carl D Hughes
£5,000.00 Mr Charles Dunstone
£5,000.00 Mr Charles Anthony Strawson
£5,000.00 Mr Charles Dugan-Chapman
£5,000.00 Mr Charles Morgan
£5,000.00 Mr Chris Morgan
£5,000.00 Mr Dalinc Ariburnu
£5,000.00 Mr Damian Tiernan
£5,000.00 Mr David A Grenier
£5,000.00 Mr David D Meadham
£5,000.00 Mr David E Johnson
£5,000.00 Mr David H Brown
£5,000.00 Mr David Nuttall
£5,000.00 Mr David R Hind
£5,000.00 Mr David Redfern
£5,000.00 Mr Desmond Dungey
£5,000.00 Mr Essam F Barakat
£5,000.00 Mr Francis O Williams
£5,000.00 Mr Frank H Everist
£5,000.00 Mr Gary S Mond
£5,000.00 Mr George Gordon
£5,000.00 Mr George M Du Sautoy
£5,000.00 Mr George Mallinckrodt
£5,000.00 Mr George Papamarkakis
£5,000.00 Mr Gerald H Wakefield
£5,000.00 Mr Giles Pritchard-Gordon
£5,000.00 Mr Giles Richardson
£5,000.00 Mr Gillian E Fallon
£5,000.00 Mr Gordon Morrison
£5,000.00 Mr Graham C Cox
£5,000.00 Mr Graham Berkeley
£5,000.00 Mr Graham Norris
£5,000.00 Mr Harold P Tillman
£5,000.00 Mr Ian Morris
£5,000.00 Mr J Andrew Fenwick
£5,000.00 Mr James Haigh
£5,000.00 Mr James Morris
£5,000.00 Mr Jason Chaffer
£5,000.00 Mr John A Townsend
£5,000.00 Mr John Blundell
£5,000.00 Mr John C Fuller
£5,000.00 Mr John Dunsdon
£5,000.00 Mr John H Hammond
£5,000.00 Mr John K Overstall
£5,000.00 Mr John M Hanson
£5,000.00 Mr John Nesbitt
£5,000.00 Mr John R Rank
£5,000.00 Mr John S Watson
£5,000.00 Mr Julian D Jones
£5,000.00 Mr Julian RJ Lloyd
£5,000.00 Mr Julian Sainty
£5,000.00 Mr Justin Turner
£5,000.00 Mr Karl I McCartney
£5,000.00 Mr Kenneth C Scates
£5,000.00 Mr Kenneth Pearson
£5,000.00 Mr Kevin G Burke
£5,000.00 Mr Louis D. Walker
£5,000.00 Mr Malcolm J Issac
£5,000.00 Mr Marcus Cooper
£5,000.00 Mr Mark E Thompson
£5,000.00 Mr Mark S Futter
£5,000.00 Mr Martin D. Lewis
£5,000.00 Mr Maurice Saatchi
£5,000.00 Mr Max S McNeill
£5,000.00 Mr Michael Fell
£5,000.00 Mr Michael T Smith
£5,000.00 Mr Michael Waterson
£5,000.00 Mr Miles Q Morland
£5,000.00 Mr Nick Teagle
£5,000.00 Mr Oliver Helmsley
£5,000.00 Mr Palminder Singh
£5,000.00 Mr Patrick O’Driscoll
£5,000.00 Mr Peter Collins
£5,000.00 Mr Peter Hambro
£5,000.00 Mr Peter Inchcape
£5,000.00 Mr Peter N Buckley
£5,000.00 Mr Phillip Jeans
£5,000.00 Mr Phlip A Stubbs
£5,000.00 Mr Ravi K Mehrotra
£5,000.00 Mr Ray Apted
£5,000.00 Mr Ray Bloom
£5,000.00 Mr Raymond A Bloom
£5,000.00 Mr Raymond K Chamberlain
£5,000.00 Mr Richard C Duncalf
£5,000.00 Mr Richard C Nelson
£5,000.00 Mr Richard E Smith
£5,000.00 Mr Richard Hollingbery
£5,000.00 Mr Richard Lascelles
£5,000.00 Mr Richard S Lines
£5,000.00 Mr Richard Sheikh
£5,000.00 Mr Robert Beckett
£5,000.00 Mr Robert J Anderson
£5,000.00 Mr Robert J Lewis
£5,000.00 Mr Robert J Montague
£5,000.00 Mr Robert J Parr
£5,000.00 Mr Robert Lyon
£5,000.00 Mr Robert T Smith
£5,000.00 Mr Rupert J Bradstock
£5,000.00 Mr Rupert Lywood
£5,000.00 Mr Simon Cuthbertson
£5,000.00 Mr Simon Sacher
£5,000.00 Mr Stephen Greenhalgh
£5,000.00 Mr Stian Westlake
£5,000.00 Mr Sydney R Lloyd
£5,000.00 Mr Theofilos C Constantinidis
£5,000.00 Mr Thomas A Hesketh
£5,000.00 Mr Thomas J Black
£5,000.00 Mr Timothy J Williams
£5,000.00 Mr Timothy M Ashley
£5,000.00 Mr Trevor Green
£5,000.00 Mr Will Hobhouse
£5,000.00 Mr William D. Currie
£5,000.00 Mr William Davies
£5,000.00 Mr William G Hunter
£5,000.00 Mr William H Clark
£5,000.00 Mr William Hemmingway
£5,000.00 Mr William R Ruffler
£5,000.00 Mr William Van Cutsem
£5,000.00 Mrs Belinda Chaffer
£5,000.00 Mrs Gabriella F Gadelius
£5,000.00 Ms Ann Docking Stranack
£5,000.00 Ms Aubrey J Adams
£5,000.00 Ms Audrey E Hull
£5,000.00 Ms Audrey J Brook
£5,000.00 Ms Audrey M Wilson
£5,000.00 Ms Barbara C Yerolemou
£5,000.00 Ms Charlotte Heber Percy
£5,000.00 Ms Claire Sandbrook
£5,000.00 Ms Cynthia Yates
£5,000.00 Ms Dana L Reuben
£5,000.00 Ms Dominique Mameczko
£5,000.00 Ms Elizabeth Hibbert-Foy
£5,000.00 Ms Elizabeth J Lewis
£5,000.00 Ms GeorginaA A Enthoven
£5,000.00 Ms Gwenllian Philipps
£5,000.00 Ms Ina De
£5,000.00 Ms Janet L Simmonds
£5,000.00 Ms Julie Cross
£5,000.00 Ms Kate Goldsmith
£5,000.00 Ms Kendra Gray
£5,000.00 Ms Lynne Dunsmore
£5,000.00 Ms Margaret E Jamrack
£5,000.00 Ms Marjorie Haynes
£5,000.00 Ms Mary F Brown
£5,000.00 Ms Patricia A Roeser
£5,000.00 Ms Priya Hiranandani
£5,000.00 Ms Prudence Ward
£5,000.00 Ms Rebecca Farrar-Hockley
£5,000.00 Ms Sally Leeson
£5,000.00 Ms Sarah Maclean
£5,000.00 Mulberry Care Ltd
£5,000.00 Northampton Machinery Co Ltd
£5,000.00 Old Thorns Golf & Country Estate Ltd
£5,000.00 Orbian Management Ltd
£5,000.00 Overseas Packing Company UK Ltd
£5,000.00 PASAB Ltd
£5,000.00 Paul John Construction (Leicester) Limited
£5,000.00 Perfect Travel Ltd
£5,000.00 Pertemps Investments Ltd
£5,000.00 Petros Development Company Limited
£5,000.00 PGC Construction Ltd
£5,000.00 PJ Hunt Finance Ltd
£5,000.00 R L Davison & Co Ltd
£5,000.00 Ransom’s Dock Ltd
£5,000.00 Reel Cinemas (UK) Limited
£5,000.00 River Island Clothing Co Ltd
£5,000.00 Runnymede Enterprise Forum
£5,000.00 S & J Investments (delivery office Southall) Ltd
£5,000.00 S Nassar
£5,000.00 S.D. Management Limited
£5,000.00 S.M. Walsh Developments Ltd
£5,000.00 Saintly Hird & Partners Ltd
£5,000.00 Sainty Hird & Partners Ltd
£5,000.00 Sanderson Asset Management Ltd
£5,000.00 SEP Properties Limited
£5,000.00 Sheerness Conservatives Club
£5,000.00 Shelfside (Holdings) Ltd
£5,000.00 Sir Richard George
£5,000.00 Smee Family Interests Ltd
£5,000.00 Sofra International Limited
£5,000.00 South Fulham Constitutional Club Company Ltd
£5,000.00 Springfield Park Properties Ltd
£5,000.00 Stadium Capital Developments Ltd
£5,000.00 Stadium Investment Ltd
£5,000.00 Starbones Ltd
£5,000.00 The Gainsborough Hotel Ltd
£5,000.00 The House of Bruar Limited
£5,000.00 The Prescription Club
£5,000.00 Thornhill Estates Limited
£5,000.00 Totemic Limited
£5,000.00 Towcester Racecourse Co. LTD
£5,000.00 Traherne Arms
£5,000.00 Trevelgue Leisure Ltd
£5,000.00 Trygon Limited
£5,000.00 Vanguard Packing Ltd
£5,000.00 Warwick Balfour Capital LLP
£5,000.00 WFT London Limited
£5,000.00 William Hill Organisation Ltd
£5,000.00 Woburn Enterprises Limited
£5,000.00 XLCR Vehicle Management Ltd
£4,999.00 Nicholas Moulton
£4,999.00 Artisan UK Plc
£4,999.00 Mr Alistair J Dewhirst
£4,999.00 Saintly Hird and Partners Limited
£4,999.00 South Fulham Constitutional Club
£4,999.00 Witnesham Ventures Ltd
£4,998.00 Griffin Enamellers Ltd
£4,998.00 Worcester Tubes Limited
£4,995.00 Michael Bates
£4,995.00 Corpo Associates Ltd
£4,995.00 Corporate Investments Ltd
£4,995.00 Mabey Securities Ltd.
£4,995.00 Precision Varionics International Ltd
£4,985.00 Marek Gumienny
£4,975.00 Patrick A. Fitzpatrick
£4,975.00 Mr Donald M Jonas
£4,950.00 Michael N Oughtred
£4,950.00 Peter Orton
£4,950.00 Mr Stephen H Walduck
£4,930.00 Mid Devon Conservative Group
£4,910.00 Basil Shiblaq
£4,900.00 John C Samworth
£4,900.00 Kenneth Pearson
£4,900.00 Lesley Samworth
£4,900.00 Mr Ronald Gerard
£4,900.00 Mr Tom Henderson
£4,900.00 Ms Christabel D Flight
£4,900.00 Ms Grace S Auld
£4,900.00 Polemarch Industrial Ltd
£4,898.00 Mr Harold T Kewish
£4,895.00 A.B.Produce
£4,890.00 UK Chinese Business Association
£4,881.24 Peak One Ltd
£4,880.00 Merelina Dymoke-White
£4,875.00 Fibrelite Composites Limited
£4,866.97 Reel Cinemas (UK) Ltd
£4,860.00 Mr Derek Calrow
£4,850.00 Patricia M Frost
£4,850.00 Simon RM Baynes
£4,846.87 Edward Haughey
£4,839.68 Staffordshire Moorlands Business Club
£4,836.00 Mr Randle Brooks
£4,800.00 Duke of Bedford
£4,800.00 Rustom Jehangir
£4,800.00 Mr Martin Lewis
£4,800.00 Seal Communications Limited
£4,800.00 The Englefield Estate Trust Corporation Ltd
£4,799.26 John A Allfrey-Pizer
£4,750.00 Yvonne Wrinch
£4,750.00 Harrington & Hallworth Ltd
£4,750.00 Mr Eric Hobbs
£4,750.00 Mr John D Regan
£4,750.00 Whitworths Holdings Limited
£4,725.00 Mr Oliver H Lymington
£4,721.46 Mr Jack K Lewis
£4,700.00 Ian Jackson
£4,700.00 Surina Narula
£4,700.00 Glamorgan Business Club
£4,700.00 Grange (Birkenhead) Property Co Ltd
£4,700.00 Mr Kenneth Stringer
£4,700.00 Ms Margaret A Sykes
£4,670.00 Billericay Westminster Dining Club
£4,650.00 BAA Business Support Centre Ltd
£4,650.00 Mr Andrew D Williams
£4,644.00 Norma Stephenson
£4,628.89 Enstone Projects Limited
£4,600.00 Henfield Lodge Aviation
£4,600.00 Mr Geoffrey J Browne
£4,586.00 Simon Marcus
£4,560.00 Mr Jeremy C Warner Allen
£4,540.00 Mr Matthew G Wright
£4,500.00 Anne Fear
£4,500.00 Duchess of Bedford
£4,500.00 Gillian E Fallon
£4,500.00 Neil Chapman
£4,500.00 Paris Moayedi
£4,500.00 Penelope Baines
£4,500.00 Rosemary A Boyne
£4,500.00 Simon R M Baynes
£4,500.00 Sunil Mehra
£4,500.00 Ancaster Properties Ltd
£4,500.00 Campden Hill Developments Limited
£4,500.00 E. Hobbs (Farms) Limited
£4,500.00 Greater London Conservative Womens Regional Ctee
£4,500.00 Hadsley Ltd
£4,500.00 Honeywood Enterprises Ltd
£4,500.00 JCCO 110 Ltd
£4,500.00 Johnsey Estates 1990 Ltd
£4,500.00 Listers Group Limited
£4,500.00 Lola Cars International Ltd
£4,500.00 Mr David E Lever
£4,500.00 Mr Ian Jackson
£4,500.00 Mr Keith R Rawlings
£4,500.00 Mr Leonard Steinberg
£4,500.00 Mr Michael P Wright
£4,500.00 Mr Nicholas Jenkins
£4,500.00 Mr Richard B Johnston
£4,500.00 Mr Thomas P Naylor
£4,500.00 Ms Jane M Hunt
£4,500.00 Ms Susan Douglas-Brown
£4,500.00 Oban Business Group
£4,500.00 Realty Estates Ltd
£4,500.00 RST Residential Investments Ltd
£4,500.00 St Paul’s Printers
£4,494.00 Peter L Fraser
£4,485.00 Horst Brockmueller
£4,471.85 Northamptonshire Con Cllr Group
£4,461.50 Mr Paul P Beresford
£4,453.35 Mr Henry C Lawson
£4,450.00 Mr Nicholas A Bearsted
£4,440.00 Mr Karim Bhimji
£4,439.56 GML Consulting Ltd
£4,419.56 Mr Ray S Tindle
£4,400.00 Alistair R Graham
£4,400.00 Mr Nicholas Harris
£4,400.00 Mr Samuel Kaye
£4,398.25 Dudley Metropolitan Conservative Councillor Group
£4,390.00 Rayleigh Conservative Club
£4,375.00 Scaborough Constitutional Club
£4,350.00 William E Gallagher
£4,350.00 Ms Catherine Bingham
£4,343.40 Clive L Collins
£4,334.00 Selkirk Conservative Club
£4,325.00 King Sturge LLP
£4,315.00 Graham D Child
£4,314.00 MSG Commercial
£4,300.00 Mr Robert Hall
£4,300.00 Sunley Estates Plc
£4,278.10 Vivien L McLean
£4,265.00 Robert E Iggulden
£4,250.00 Henry D Thornton
£4,250.00 John T Loveys Jervoise
£4,250.00 Ranjit S Baxi
£4,250.00 Mr Julian S Tanner
£4,225.45 Nicholas A Gould
£4,200.00 Anne Vines
£4,200.00 West Lindsey Conservative Councillors Group
£4,172.70 Mr Anthony Salter
£4,150.00 Albert Buildings Mimited
£4,150.00 Mr Jeremy W Lefroy
£4,150.00 Mr Julian Rogers-Coltman
£4,150.00 Mr Patrick Kennedy
£4,122.29 Clifford J Smith
£4,112.00 Wyre Borough Council Conservative Group
£4,100.00 Dominic Johnson
£4,100.00 Mr George G Burnett
£4,050.00 Mr John R Biggs
£4,024.83 Mr Charlie C B Elphicke
£4,024.50 Mr John Samiotis
£4,000.00 Andrew G Stephenson
£4,000.00 Anthony H Billingham
£4,000.00 Antony P Hichens
£4,000.00 Audrey J Bermingham
£4,000.00 Caroline J Ansell
£4,000.00 Charles H Vero
£4,000.00 Christopher E Jesman
£4,000.00 Cullum Mcapline
£4,000.00 David AS Plastow
£4,000.00 David J Scott
£4,000.00 David L Lieber
£4,000.00 Dorothy Dobson
£4,000.00 Edward T Fox
£4,000.00 Geoffrey Dove MBE
£4,000.00 Geoffrey Mansfield
£4,000.00 George J P D Townshend
£4,000.00 Ian McAlpine
£4,000.00 Jacqueline Thomas
£4,000.00 Jeremy A Newport
£4,000.00 Jeremy J Lefroy
£4,000.00 Johanna Waterous
£4,000.00 John A Swire
£4,000.00 John H King
£4,000.00 John J Byrne
£4,000.00 Malcolm H McAlpine
£4,000.00 Mary Manus
£4,000.00 Michael J Head
£4,000.00 Nadine Dorries
£4,000.00 Natalie L Chester
£4,000.00 Neil Bruce Copp
£4,000.00 Nicholas N Johnston
£4,000.00 Paul D Orchard-Lisle
£4,000.00 Paul W Bate
£4,000.00 Richard A Perkins
£4,000.00 Richard L Hudson
£4,000.00 Richard Merrin
£4,000.00 Richard Vlasto
£4,000.00 Samir Jassal
£4,000.00 Thomas Simpson
£4,000.00 Yagub Ali
£4,000.00 Abercrombie and Kent Ltd
£4,000.00 Asda Property Holdings Ltd
£4,000.00 Barnbrook Systems Ltd
£4,000.00 Beeson Investments Ltd
£4,000.00 Benson Box Holdings Ltd
£4,000.00 Blair Estate (Scotland) LLP
£4,000.00 Bromfield Sand & Gravel
£4,000.00 Centrax Ltd
£4,000.00 Clipper Ventures PLC
£4,000.00 Comfort Care Services UK Ltd
£4,000.00 Conservative Voice
£4,000.00 Craven (Builders) Ltd
£4,000.00 Easy Surrey Business Club
£4,000.00 HATS (Private Hire) Ltd
£4,000.00 HBC Group Ltd
£4,000.00 International Packaging Ltd
£4,000.00 London & Bath Esates Gp Ltd
£4,000.00 Midland Food Group Ltd
£4,000.00 Midland Software Limited
£4,000.00 Mr Adrian C Thompson
£4,000.00 Mr Adrian McAlpine
£4,000.00 Mr Ali Habbas
£4,000.00 Mr Andrew G Stephenson
£4,000.00 Mr Antony F Pemberton
£4,000.00 Mr Bruce H McLain
£4,000.00 Mr Charles Ashworth
£4,000.00 Mr Christopher Aldous
£4,000.00 Mr Daren Burney
£4,000.00 Mr David E Young
£4,000.00 Mr Edward G Clive
£4,000.00 Mr Edward King
£4,000.00 Mr Enley C Taylor
£4,000.00 Mr Graham E Tubb
£4,000.00 Mr Hani Madanat
£4,000.00 Mr Henry J Jenkins
£4,000.00 Mr Herbert A Malek
£4,000.00 Mr Ian K Alexander
£4,000.00 Mr James A Perry
£4,000.00 Mr Jeremy P Clay
£4,000.00 Mr John Isabell
£4,000.00 Mr John J Pye
£4,000.00 Mr John R MacLean
£4,000.00 Mr Jonathan Adkin
£4,000.00 Mr Mark Bennett OBE
£4,000.00 Mr Martin C Armstrong
£4,000.00 Mr Michael P Hodgson
£4,000.00 Mr Mino Ahmed
£4,000.00 Mr Neville B Bosworth
£4,000.00 Mr Nigel K Platts
£4,000.00 Mr Norman P Mitchell
£4,000.00 Mr Patrick M Anketell-Jones
£4,000.00 Mr Paul A Tweedle
£4,000.00 Mr Philip G Burley
£4,000.00 Mr Philip Buscombe
£4,000.00 Mr Philip G Hooker
£4,000.00 Mr Richard J Gillham
£4,000.00 Mr Robert I Mackay
£4,000.00 Mr Robert Y McLean
£4,000.00 Mr Roderick J. Fleming
£4,000.00 Mr Simon Chapman
£4,000.00 Mr William H Pitman
£4,000.00 Mr William V Cole
£4,000.00 Mrs Audrey M Wilson
£4,000.00 Mrs Barbara Yerolemou
£4,000.00 Mrs Joan Speirs
£4,000.00 Ms Angela McAlpine
£4,000.00 Ms Ann Van Shelle
£4,000.00 Ms Charlotte Macdonald
£4,000.00 Ms Mary K Fuller
£4,000.00 Ms Pamela Twitchell
£4,000.00 Ms Patricia A Jenkins
£4,000.00 Ms Rita Skinner
£4,000.00 P & D Northern Steels Ltd
£4,000.00 Palmer Capital LLP
£4,000.00 Poole Conservative Councillor Group
£4,000.00 Preview Publications Ltd
£4,000.00 Stalbury Trusteees
£4,000.00 The Biz Club Limited
£4,000.00 Torpoint & District Unionist Club
£4,000.00 Trafalgar Risk Mangement & Insurance Consultancy Ltd
£4,000.00 Triangle Partnership Ltd
£4,000.00 Viscount na Bearsted
£4,000.00 Waltham Holy Cross Conservative Club
£4,000.00 Why Media Ltd
£4,000.00 Wilf Gilbert (Staffs) Ltd
£4,000.00 Yorkshire Developments Limited
£4,000.00 Yorkshire Ventures Ltd
£3,996.50 Mr Charlie Elphicke
£3,996.00 Ms Mary A Jones
£3,975.00 Mr James G McVey
£3,960.00 David J Walker
£3,950.00 Priscilla A Ladha
£3,950.00 Mr Nigel L Grainger
£3,950.00 Mr Rodney B Witter
£3,949.41 Pauline Rowley
£3,948.77 Ms Sheila Harvey
£3,927.36 Medway Conservative Group
£3,927.19 Lancashire CC Conservative Group
£3,923.00 Mr Inderbir S Kathuria
£3,920.00 Paul Beresford
£3,901.00 Harlow Business & Industrial Society
£3,900.00 Colin B Moynihan
£3,900.00 Jack K Lewis
£3,900.00 Mr Terence Cooper
£3,885.00 Hilary A Harper
£3,875.00 Geoffrey J Browne
£3,875.00 Britania Ltd
£3,865.42 Mr Arthur D Noble
£3,852.00 na Clappison
£3,850.00 Kyoko Gledhill
£3,850.00 BAA Airports Ltd
£3,850.00 Mr Brian H Schama
£3,850.00 Mr William D Whitfield
£3,835.00 Mr Richard Sharp
£3,818.00 John Allen
£3,801.00 County Conservative Club
£3,800.00 James A Cayzer
£3,795.00 Conservative Club, Hatfield Ltd
£3,785.00 Oakley Hall Park Ltd
£3,771.90 Richard J Patient
£3,768.00 Francis & Jellyman Ltd
£3,753.00 Brian J Davidson
£3,750.00 Christopher N Weatherby
£3,750.00 Michael G Lyon
£3,750.00 Clifton Nurseries Ltd
£3,750.00 FPE Global Ltd
£3,750.00 Kinvena Homes Ltd
£3,750.00 Mr Albert R Holloway
£3,750.00 Mr William Dartmouth
£3,750.00 Mr William Macdougall
£3,750.00 Ms Michelle K Stride
£3,750.00 Signia Corporate Finance Ltd
£3,750.00 Tory Golfing Society
£3,737.40 Evans Hart Ltd
£3,736.57 Mr Ian Hamilton
£3,700.00 Ann C Black
£3,700.00 Caroline J Bearsted
£3,700.00 Robert Marven
£3,700.00 Simon Rouse
£3,700.00 Amos Nelson Ltd
£3,700.00 Mr Ian K Chaplin
£3,700.00 Mr Nigel Adams
£3,689.40 Arthur Cawood
£3,672.81 Geoffrey H King
£3,643.85 Maritime Orient & Near East Agency Ltd
£3,616.42 Mr Cristopher J Bullivant
£3,602.20 Huntingdon Conservative Council Group
£3,600.00 Mr Charlie CB Elphicke
£3,600.00 Mr David H Gibson
£3,600.00 Mr David Tunney
£3,600.00 Mr Kevin P Hollinrake
£3,600.00 Omni Facilities Management Plc
£3,596.23 Laura J Coomber
£3,590.14 Raymond A Bloom
£3,583.50 Albert Buldings Limited
£3,573.30 Ms Andrea Leadsom
£3,562.00 ISIS Business Solutions (Northants) LLP
£3,560.00 David H Lines
£3,556.44 Caroline M Mosley
£3,552.52 Mr Raminder S Ranger
£3,550.00 Mr Charles J Pelham
£3,550.00 Mr Kevin Bell
£3,547.00 Andrew Williams
£3,528.09 Mr Richard Ali
£3,526.00 H L Barnes & Sons
£3,525.08 Ian J Leslie
£3,523.49 Carl S Robertson
£3,520.00 Canary Wharf Limited
£3,520.00 Mr Andrew Charalambous
£3,501.00 Jeremy L Lefroy
£3,500.00 Akram Zaman
£3,500.00 Calvin Redlick
£3,500.00 Charles C Blakey
£3,500.00 Christabel M Girolami
£3,500.00 Christopher E Moore
£3,500.00 David Burton
£3,500.00 George M Hollingbury
£3,500.00 Harold D Wiggins
£3,500.00 Hugo Morriss
£3,500.00 John Davie-Thornhill
£3,500.00 John M Dare
£3,500.00 John Simpson
£3,500.00 Julian RJ Lloyd
£3,500.00 Malcolm S Norgate
£3,500.00 Monica M Williams
£3,500.00 Oriel Gordon
£3,500.00 Susan Green
£3,500.00 Timothy R Butcher
£3,500.00 Valerie Dixon
£3,500.00 Backup Technology Ltd
£3,500.00 Blankney Estates Limited
£3,500.00 Commercial Estates Group
£3,500.00 FarmGlade Ltd
£3,500.00 Haddington Conservative Club
£3,500.00 Halfway Conservative Hall Limited
£3,500.00 Hammill Properties Ltd
£3,500.00 Mr Christopher J Skidmore
£3,500.00 Mr Jan Telensky
£3,500.00 Mr Jeremy M Quin
£3,500.00 Mr John A Nicholls
£3,500.00 Mr Martin G Williams
£3,500.00 Mr Philip J Brown
£3,500.00 Mr Richard Hughes
£3,500.00 Mr Robin Walker
£3,500.00 Mr Stephen Lundy
£3,500.00 Mr Stewart C Long
£3,500.00 Ms Nora Edwards
£3,500.00 Ms Pavita Cooper
£3,500.00 Ms Trudie Styler
£3,500.00 Ruxley Ventures Ltd
£3,500.00 Shipton Limited
£3,500.00 STAC Consultancy LLP
£3,500.00 TWM Scotland Ltd
£3,500.00 Value Retail Management Ltd
£3,500.00 Value Retail PLC
£3,500.00 Westminster Dining Club
£3,475.00 Dominic Grieve
£3,469.00 Lyonel H Tollemache
£3,466.50 Ms Margot James
£3,457.50 Morley Hayes Leisure Ltd
£3,449.00 James Byrom
£3,430.00 Gough Bailey Wright Limited
£3,430.00 John Nicholls (Trading) Limited
£3,421.16 Mr Vinod Sharma
£3,408.25 David Doherty
£3,400.00 Ms Josephine Wall
£3,400.00 Ms Madeleine Clarke
£3,390.00 Caroline B Knowles
£3,380.00 Bulley Davey & Co
£3,375.00 Mr Roger AM Ost
£3,375.00 Mr William J Ives
£3,370.00 Mr Keith J Rawlings
£3,369.00 East Midlands Ladies Lunch Club
£3,367.84 Peter S Chadlington
£3,350.00 Sarah Ingham
£3,334.58 Hastings Direct Ltd
£3,333.00 Frithsden Construction
£3,332.00 Mr Stephen McMillan
£3,330.00 Ms Margot C James
£3,325.00 Mr Jonathan S Kane
£3,315.00 Mr Zahid Iqbal
£3,300.10 Brentwood Conservative Cllr Group
£3,300.00 Michael Metcalfe
£3,300.00 Mr Andrew R Morton
£3,300.00 Mr John S Wait
£3,300.00 Solihull Borough Conservatives Dining Club
£3,283.02 Westminster Conservative Councillors Group
£3,282.65 Mr Ronald P McIvor
£3,277.42 Mr Stephen C Manion
£3,276.00 W Osborne & Co
£3,275.32 Robert Cubie
£3,275.00 John Midlane
£3,275.00 Michele F Imperi
£3,275.00 Ms Susan M Powers
£3,266.00 Mr Alex Timpson
£3,260.00 Jonathan M Scott
£3,257.79 Sun Mark Limited
£3,250.00 Christopher M Rose
£3,250.00 Duke of Northumberland
£3,250.00 Ivor E Jones
£3,250.00 Ken Scates
£3,250.00 William V Cole
£3,250.00 Mr James Byrom
£3,250.00 Mr Mohammed A Pervez
£3,250.00 Mr Sean Sullivan
£3,248.20 Fulham Investment & Property Co.
£3,240.00 Henry Pelham
£3,220.00 Mr Paul S Mercer
£3,205.33 Mr Reginald A Sheffield
£3,200.51 Nine hospitality Ltd
£3,200.00 Carolyn Portillo
£3,200.00 David J Nuttall
£3,200.00 David Tunney
£3,200.00 John R White
£3,200.00 Kashmir Chand
£3,200.00 Nicholas Harris
£3,200.00 High Commission for India
£3,200.00 St Francis Group Limited
£3,177.62 George Piskov
£3,167.30 Mr John Redwood
£3,133.33 David H Hunter
£3,120.00 Mr William L Wilson
£3,111.75 Mr Peter I Brealey
£3,110.00 Hall & Botterill
£3,100.00 Deborah Thomson
£3,100.00 Dacorum Council Conservative Group
£3,100.00 Mr John M Dare
£3,100.00 Mr Jonathan Gray
£3,100.00 Mr Michael C Philip
£3,080.00 Mr Nigel W Watts
£3,072.33 Industrial Consultative Council
£3,050.00 Ahmed Iqbal
£3,050.00 David A Plastow
£3,040.00 SilverDoor Ltd
£3,038.00 George Peat
£3,038.00 Mr Denzil K Freeth
£3,035.00 Jonathan Marland
£3,020.00 Jeremy W Lloyd
£3,015.00 Mary MacLeod
£3,000.00 Alastair A Dunn
£3,000.00 Alistair J MacKechnie
£3,000.00 Alistair M McMillan
£3,000.00 Anthony J Bolton
£3,000.00 Audrey J Brook
£3,000.00 Bernard J Ord
£3,000.00 Brendan Doyle
£3,000.00 Carol J Brown
£3,000.00 David J Brown
£3,000.00 David W WIlson
£3,000.00 David Wilson
£3,000.00 Dermot Smurfit
£3,000.00 Elizabet Hibbert-Foy
£3,000.00 Frederick J Barnett
£3,000.00 George L Duffield
£3,000.00 Glynn R Williams
£3,000.00 Henry J Jenkins
£3,000.00 Hilary Rollason
£3,000.00 Ian R Pullan
£3,000.00 Isobel Cram
£3,000.00 John FL Whittingdale
£3,000.00 John Harvie
£3,000.00 John Irvine
£3,000.00 John L Carter
£3,000.00 John Ross
£3,000.00 Kenneth J Altree
£3,000.00 Leslie Bell
£3,000.00 Louise Halbert
£3,000.00 Ludovic D Broun-Lindsay
£3,000.00 Malcolm Tait
£3,000.00 Mark D Nicholson
£3,000.00 Martin McMillan
£3,000.00 Melvyn B Streek
£3,000.00 Menashe Sadik
£3,000.00 Michael J Foster
£3,000.00 Michael Kennedy
£3,000.00 Michael McVicar
£3,000.00 Mike Holland
£3,000.00 MK Choudhary
£3,000.00 Noreen M Oliver
£3,000.00 Oliver Rothschild
£3,000.00 Patrick Edwardson
£3,000.00 Philip Wright
£3,000.00 Piers J Caldecote
£3,000.00 Richard A Lobel
£3,000.00 Stephen Brook
£3,000.00 Stephen O Brook
£3,000.00 Susan Shield
£3,000.00 Warwick M Bergin
£3,000.00 William R Ruffler
£3,000.00 Advinia Health Care Limited
£3,000.00 Airlink Asset Management Ltd
£3,000.00 Astimwood Properties Ltd
£3,000.00 Basic Style Ltd
£3,000.00 Beech Hill Conservative Club Building Company Ltd
£3,000.00 Berkshire Supper Club
£3,000.00 Bonhams 1793 Ltd
£3,000.00 BPP Holdings PLC
£3,000.00 Brentwood Borough Council Conservative Group
£3,000.00 British Asian Conservative Link
£3,000.00 Business Enterprise Forum
£3,000.00 Caddick Group PLC
£3,000.00 Camberton Associates Limited
£3,000.00 Choiceforce Ltd
£3,000.00 City of Salford Conservative Councillors Group
£3,000.00 Claygate Distribution Ltd
£3,000.00 Claymore Motor Co Ltd
£3,000.00 Cllr David Tang
£3,000.00 Countesthorpe Conservative Association Club
£3,000.00 Coventry Conservative 200 Club
£3,000.00 Currie Motors Ltd
£3,000.00 Dakis Hagen
£3,000.00 Dartford Borough Council Conservative Group
£3,000.00 David Conway and Co
£3,000.00 Davis (Forest Field) Limited
£3,000.00 Dilman UK Limited
£3,000.00 Edulink Limited
£3,000.00 Empire Direct Ltd
£3,000.00 ENG Ltd
£3,000.00 ESBC
£3,000.00 F. Vindis and Sons (Bedford) Ltd
£3,000.00 Forset Court Ltd
£3,000.00 Hall Hunter Partnership (FARMING) LTD
£3,000.00 Harlow Conservative Councillors Group
£3,000.00 HMCA/S PLC
£3,000.00 Holburn & St. Pancras Conservatives
£3,000.00 Hornby Street Limited
£3,000.00 HR Owen Plc
£3,000.00 I-CD Publishing Ltd
£3,000.00 International Caledonian Asset Management Ltd
£3,000.00 Island Harbour Ltd
£3,000.00 John Lynch Builders Ltd
£3,000.00 Johnsey Estates (1990) Ltd
£3,000.00 Ladies Luncheon Club
£3,000.00 Landcap Development Eversley Ltd
£3,000.00 Leicester Square Box Office Ltd
£3,000.00 Leigh Conservative Club Building Company (the) limited
£3,000.00 Looe Conservative Ladies Luncheon Club
£3,000.00 Lord Rodney Leach of Fairford
£3,000.00 Maidenwell Farms
£3,000.00 Maurice Sedwell Savile Row Ltd
£3,000.00 Midland East Conservative Ladies Lunch Club
£3,000.00 Morelane Ltd
£3,000.00 MP Bio Science International Ltd
£3,000.00 Mr Alan C Pond
£3,000.00 Mr Alan D Butler
£3,000.00 Mr Alastair A Dunn
£3,000.00 Mr Alastair Graham
£3,000.00 Mr Alexander W Ward
£3,000.00 Mr Anthony Bream
£3,000.00 Mr Anthony Brotherton-Ratcliffe
£3,000.00 Mr Anthony Fisher
£3,000.00 Mr Anthony M Spitz
£3,000.00 Mr Brendan P Doyle
£3,000.00 Mr Charles Wood
£3,000.00 Mr Christopher C Tett
£3,000.00 Mr Cornelius G Donovan
£3,000.00 Mr Damon Buffini
£3,000.00 Mr David Brownlow
£3,000.00 Mr David J Brown
£3,000.00 Mr David J Lawrence
£3,000.00 Mr David JL Croft
£3,000.00 Mr Derek Kenney
£3,000.00 Mr Geoffrey Dove MBE
£3,000.00 Mr Graham Facks-Martin MBE
£3,000.00 Mr Guy B Davison
£3,000.00 Mr Hugh Pike
£3,000.00 Mr Jack H Pacifico
£3,000.00 Mr James D Strathallan
£3,000.00 Mr James Hepworth
£3,000.00 Mr Jan J Stanek
£3,000.00 Mr John D. Wertheim
£3,000.00 Mr John F Chown
£3,000.00 Mr John M Ashall
£3,000.00 Mr John McGovern
£3,000.00 Mr John Shonfield
£3,000.00 Mr Joseph C Musgrave
£3,000.00 Mr Kailash Suri
£3,000.00 Mr Kenneth Edis
£3,000.00 Mr Lawrence Wride
£3,000.00 Mr Lyonel H Tollemache
£3,000.00 Mr Martin D Lewis
£3,000.00 Mr Martin Skinner
£3,000.00 Mr Matthew G Khalil
£3,000.00 Mr Michael J Price
£3,000.00 Mr Michael Large
£3,000.00 Mr Oliver North
£3,000.00 Mr Paul B Morris
£3,000.00 Mr Paul Bristow
£3,000.00 Mr Paul C Smith
£3,000.00 Mr Paul Toeman
£3,000.00 Mr Peter Glenton
£3,000.00 Mr Peter Gowers
£3,000.00 Mr Peter J Marshall
£3,000.00 Mr Richard Benyon
£3,000.00 Mr Richard Girling
£3,000.00 Mr Richard Hutchinson
£3,000.00 Mr Richard J Tice
£3,000.00 Mr Richard Nightingale
£3,000.00 Mr Richard Plackett
£3,000.00 Mr Simon A Fox
£3,000.00 Mr Stanley Kalms
£3,000.00 Mr Thomas Simpson
£3,000.00 Mr Tom A. Hall
£3,000.00 Mr Trevor Cartner
£3,000.00 Mr Trevor S Abrahmsohn
£3,000.00 Mr Victor Bobo
£3,000.00 Mr William Thomas Chown
£3,000.00 Mrs Clare Pike
£3,000.00 Mrs Maryrose Wood
£3,000.00 Ms Audrey Kitching
£3,000.00 Ms Carole A Williams
£3,000.00 Ms Diana M Ward
£3,000.00 Ms Elizabeth A Culshaw
£3,000.00 Ms Elizabeth M Davies
£3,000.00 Ms Geraldine Gammell
£3,000.00 Ms Jean G Galbraith
£3,000.00 Ms Julia Bekhor
£3,000.00 Ms Julie Bekhor
£3,000.00 Ms Kathleen S Parish
£3,000.00 Ms Rosa Lipworth
£3,000.00 Ms Sabine S Reis
£3,000.00 Ms Steph Brenninkmeijer
£3,000.00 Ms Susan Fraser
£3,000.00 Ms Vanda D Bliss
£3,000.00 Network Critical Physical Infrastructure Limited
£3,000.00 New Milton Conservative Group
£3,000.00 North Lambeth Conservative Group
£3,000.00 North Staffordshire Conservative Ladies Lunch Club
£3,000.00 Oag Worldwide Ltd
£3,000.00 P J Care Ltd
£3,000.00 Pass J. Holdings Limited
£3,000.00 Peppercorn Property Investments Ltd
£3,000.00 Pier (UK) Ltd
£3,000.00 Political Animal Lobby Ltd
£3,000.00 Principle Holdings Limited
£3,000.00 Raygar Architectural & Eniginnering Supplies Limited
£3,000.00 Rhobuck Ltd
£3,000.00 RJ Clark Ltd
£3,000.00 Sixty- Six Club
£3,000.00 South Cambs District Council Conservative Group
£3,000.00 St. Medana Holdings Limited
£3,000.00 Stockcity Ltd
£3,000.00 Stockvale Ltd
£3,000.00 Sunbury Conservative Club
£3,000.00 T. Bro Investment Ltd
£3,000.00 Terrapin Communications
£3,000.00 The Lansdowne Hotel (Eastbourne) Ltd
£3,000.00 Thorney Bay Park Ltd
£3,000.00 Tranmere Conservative Club Limited
£3,000.00 Ullerglen Ltd
£3,000.00 Warwick Holdings Ltd
£3,000.00 Westminster Dining Club Congleton
£3,000.00 William Davis Ltd
£2,999.98 Parkers Solicitors
£2,985.00 Mr Jeffry A Wickham
£2,978.24 Ms Rose Irwin
£2,965.00 Mr Mohammed B Quadir
£2,965.00 Quinn Estates Limited
£2,959.98 Area Properties
£2,950.87 Perth Conservative Sports Club
£2,950.00 Mr Nigel NR Harley
£2,922.74 Mr Tobias M Ellwood
£2,900.00 John Wreford
£2,900.00 Noble House Services Ltd
£2,896.74 Islington Conservative Club
£2,896.03 Mr Robin Baldry
£2,866.00 West Lindsey Council Conservative Gp
£2,856.95 Mr Stephen Castle
£2,850.00 Jonathan B Hunter
£2,850.00 Ms Marjorie H Walker
£2,850.00 Sir Douglas Morpeth
£2,849.25 Mr George M. Hollingbery
£2,842.30 Rotary Watches Ltd
£2,835.00 Judith M Grant
£2,826.57 Mr Keith H Hudson
£2,820.00 Pogson and Davis
£2,800.00 David M Wernick
£2,800.00 Eileen A Charnley
£2,800.00 Graham D Vinter
£2,800.00 Clarksteel Ltd
£2,800.00 DC Leisure Management Ltd
£2,800.00 Empire Direct Plc
£2,800.00 Ms Joyce Harrell
£2,791.70 Mr Nicholas A Gould
£2,785.00 General Insurance Brokers UK Ltd
£2,782.00 Mr Geoffrey N Crass
£2,780.00 Mr Benjamin J Howlett
£2,775.00 Mr Richard J Grimes
£2,765.00 Steve O’Brien
£2,750.00 Clare Flower
£2,750.00 Helen Leigh-Bramwell
£2,750.00 Manish Chande
£2,750.00 Marjory Glen
£2,750.00 Mary J Perkins
£2,750.00 Teleri Iliffe
£2,750.00 J&E Higham & Company Ltd
£2,750.00 Mr Anthony J Daniels
£2,750.00 Mr Peter Stringfellow
£2,747.63 David D Coleman
£2,734.00 Susan A Stanek
£2,722.00 Sally Neville
£2,717.03 Mr Peter Bond
£2,700.00 Arunasalam S Yogeswaran
£2,700.00 Donald P Reid
£2,700.00 George Cranmer
£2,700.00 Michael Abrahams
£2,700.00 Bolts of Hereford Ltd
£2,700.00 Lucid Direct Ltd
£2,700.00 Mr Derek W Vere
£2,700.00 Mr George Cranmer
£2,700.00 Mr Melvyn Stride
£2,700.00 Mr Peter L Hollings
£2,700.00 Mr Syed M Aktar
£2,699.66 James A Ferguson
£2,699.50 Mr Malcolm K Mildren
£2,689.40 Dudley MBC Conservative Group
£2,685.85 John Potts
£2,680.00 Extel Limited
£2,660.00 Marlene D Decker
£2,644.92 Ms Alison Knight
£2,643.75 Roger Blackwood
£2,643.33 Ms Gwyneth M Hebblethwaite
£2,640.00 William H Clark
£2,640.00 Managing the Service Business Limited
£2,636.50 Taunton Deane Conservative Councillors Group
£2,625.00 Mr Hugh Godsal
£2,600.00 David Marwood
£2,600.00 Kent County Council Conservative Group
£2,596.00 Elizabeth Hindmarch Public Relations Ltd
£2,580.79 Mr John Payton
£2,580.00 Hair Etc
£2,575.00 Mr Ian MacKenzie
£2,573.00 Hope Learning Solutions Ltd
£2,562.00 Mr Peter Malpas
£2,556.00 Mr Lloyd Raynor
£2,550.00 Lisa F Voice
£2,550.00 Albert Buidlings Limited
£2,550.00 Mr Paul Gray
£2,550.00 Wrights of Crockey Hill Ltd
£2,545.44 Woolpit Business Park
£2,540.00 Kathryn E Lyons
£2,534.99 Mr Barry A Russell
£2,526.25 Mr Evean Chand
£2,518.25 Nicholas P R King
£2,514.00 Donald P Reid
£2,505.00 Mr Nicholas Aldrich
£2,502.09 Susan K Perkins
£2,500.00 Alan C Elliott
£2,500.00 Andrew Hammond
£2,500.00 Anne-Marijke Schat
£2,500.00 Anthony Rafferty
£2,500.00 Arthur T Foster
£2,500.00 Betty Dixon
£2,500.00 Brian T Kelly
£2,500.00 Bryan P Gudgeon
£2,500.00 Charles D Forbes-Adam
£2,500.00 Charles R Jackson
£2,500.00 Christine Schwick
£2,500.00 Christopher McLaughlin
£2,500.00 Christopher Schwick
£2,500.00 Clive Booth
£2,500.00 David H Brown
£2,500.00 Denise J Terry
£2,500.00 Denzil Freeth
£2,500.00 Derek V Penman
£2,500.00 Diana P O Walker
£2,500.00 Diane C Tod
£2,500.00 Doris Flack
£2,500.00 Duke of Buccleuch
£2,500.00 Duncan Hunter
£2,500.00 Edward G Davies
£2,500.00 Edward T Steel
£2,500.00 Esther E Lewis
£2,500.00 Francis C Bland
£2,500.00 Georges N Mehanna
£2,500.00 Graeme H Brown
£2,500.00 Graham Lund
£2,500.00 Hazem Ben-Gacem
£2,500.00 Henry J Angell-James
£2,500.00 Henry Lumley
£2,500.00 Herbert L Blackburn
£2,500.00 Hugh S Peppiatt
£2,500.00 Hugh Trevor-Jones
£2,500.00 Ian M Firmin
£2,500.00 James H Henderson
£2,500.00 James Morris
£2,500.00 Jane Cooper
£2,500.00 Jean-Pierre Hall
£2,500.00 Jill Lawrie
£2,500.00 John Herholdt
£2,500.00 John Lynch
£2,500.00 John Marston
£2,500.00 John McGlynn
£2,500.00 John Sunley
£2,500.00 Jonathan Hall
£2,500.00 Jonathan W Hammond
£2,500.00 Keith P Kelsall
£2,500.00 Khalid Hussain
£2,500.00 Liam Walshe
£2,500.00 Lincoln J Fraser
£2,500.00 Malcolm E Hobbs
£2,500.00 Malcolm Greer
£2,500.00 Marjorie H Walker
£2,500.00 Mark S Fullbrook
£2,500.00 Martin AF Shenfield
£2,500.00 Martin J Randall
£2,500.00 Matthew A Tawse
£2,500.00 Maurice F Avent
£2,500.00 Melita A Killearn
£2,500.00 Michael Reid
£2,500.00 Neville I Simms
£2,500.00 Nicola S Hollinrake
£2,500.00 Nigel D Brookes
£2,500.00 Nigel Rudd
£2,500.00 Patrick J Carr
£2,500.00 Patrick M Shepherd
£2,500.00 Patrick Snowball
£2,500.00 Peter H Tapsell
£2,500.00 Peter Tory
£2,500.00 Philip F Bennett
£2,500.00 Phillip CE Creasy
£2,500.00 Reginald Goodwin
£2,500.00 Richard Crosbie-Dawson
£2,500.00 Richard Venables
£2,500.00 Robert Delaney
£2,500.00 Robert Dorrien Smith
£2,500.00 Robin W Key
£2,500.00 Roger I Dixon
£2,500.00 Rosemary A Iliffe
£2,500.00 Rosemary J Macaire
£2,500.00 Ruth Mayson
£2,500.00 Sally A Blackwell
£2,500.00 Sheira M Brookes
£2,500.00 Simon Edelsten
£2,500.00 Simon Leary
£2,500.00 Simon M Robertson
£2,500.00 Steven Clark
£2,500.00 Tessa Keswick
£2,500.00 Timothy C Dewhirst
£2,500.00 Tony L Hacker
£2,500.00 Victor MGA Killearn
£2,500.00 Vincent G O’Brien
£2,500.00 Virginia N Lister
£2,500.00 Willam S Trower
£2,500.00 William SM Robinson
£2,500.00 William W Stroud
£2,500.00 Winifred B May
£2,500.00 Airedale Mechanical and Electrical Ltd
£2,500.00 Alan Firmin Ltd
£2,500.00 Balmoral Group Holdings Ltd
£2,500.00 Banana Split PLC
£2,500.00 Beaumont House Partners
£2,500.00 Birmingham Airport Ltd
£2,500.00 Broker Profile Limited
£2,500.00 Bromcom Computers Ltd
£2,500.00 C L Eaglen and Company Limited
£2,500.00 Camborne Conservative Club Ltd
£2,500.00 Carlton Television Ltd
£2,500.00 CKL Properties Ltd
£2,500.00 Computational Mechanics International Ltd
£2,500.00 D & K Contracting Services Ltd
£2,500.00 Decorative Panels Components Limited
£2,500.00 Deerbranch Limited
£2,500.00 Drew Smith Homes Limited
£2,500.00 Duncan Phillips Limited
£2,500.00 Ellisons Solicitors Ltd
£2,500.00 Eric N Smith
£2,500.00 Ezi Floor Ltd
£2,500.00 Fasset Ltd
£2,500.00 Fortress Hold Howard
£2,500.00 FPE Global Group
£2,500.00 FWS Carter and Sons Limited
£2,500.00 Gravesend Progress Club
£2,500.00 Grayshott Leisure Ltd
£2,500.00 Hartley (Head Office) Limited
£2,500.00 InterMarine Offshore Services Limited
£2,500.00 Lord Ralph Clitheroe
£2,500.00 Lowman Manufacturing Company Limited
£2,500.00 MAB Partners LLP
£2,500.00 Maximum Fun Devon Ltd
£2,500.00 Midland Software Ltd
£2,500.00 Millway Shippers Ltd
£2,500.00 Monte Properties Ltd
£2,500.00 Mr Alan Godsal
£2,500.00 Mr Alwyn CL De Souza
£2,500.00 Mr Andrew Bedford
£2,500.00 Mr Anthony G Ellis
£2,500.00 Mr Antony P Hitchens
£2,500.00 Mr Barry Ackerman
£2,500.00 Mr Brian Boys
£2,500.00 Mr Charles Bucknall
£2,500.00 Mr Charles P Howard
£2,500.00 Mr Charles Whitbread
£2,500.00 Mr Christopher E Moore
£2,500.00 Mr Christopher J Hone
£2,500.00 Mr Christopher JW Townsend
£2,500.00 Mr Colin A Buchan
£2,500.00 Mr David N Willerton
£2,500.00 Mr David Slater
£2,500.00 Mr Dermot J Jenkinson
£2,500.00 Mr Donald M Stockton
£2,500.00 Mr Donald R Potter
£2,500.00 Mr Duncan Barber
£2,500.00 Mr Edward M Kirtland
£2,500.00 Mr Fraser D Pithie
£2,500.00 Mr Frederick W Axon
£2,500.00 Mr George B Burnett
£2,500.00 Mr Guy R A Argles
£2,500.00 Mr Henry Symonds
£2,500.00 Mr Hertford M King
£2,500.00 Mr Howard V Hughes
£2,500.00 Mr Ian Hannam
£2,500.00 Mr James Arbib
£2,500.00 Mr James Castell
£2,500.00 Mr James Learmond
£2,500.00 Mr James T Martin
£2,500.00 Mr Jeremy R Hunt
£2,500.00 Mr John Hodgson
£2,500.00 Mr John M Elliott
£2,500.00 Mr John WA Clugston
£2,500.00 Mr Kenneth H Sparkes
£2,500.00 Mr Kevin P Hollinrake
£2,500.00 Mr Leonard Entwistle
£2,500.00 Mr Mark Blandford
£2,500.00 Mr Mark Stephan Fullbrook
£2,500.00 Mr Matthew W Ridley
£2,500.00 Mr Michael C Warshaw
£2,500.00 Mr Michael J Outwin
£2,500.00 Mr Michael Martin
£2,500.00 Mr Michael P Belliere
£2,500.00 Mr Michael Pryor
£2,500.00 Mr Mohamed A Bagherzadeh
£2,500.00 Mr Mohammed R Nabi
£2,500.00 Mr Nicholas Dooner
£2,500.00 Mr Patrick Dalby
£2,500.00 Mr Patrick Whittingdale
£2,500.00 Mr Peter M Shawyer
£2,500.00 Mr Peter R Clay
£2,500.00 Mr Peter T Howells
£2,500.00 Mr Philip J Carter
£2,500.00 Mr Rhoderick M Swire
£2,500.00 Mr Richard A Burn
£2,500.00 Mr Richard A Lister
£2,500.00 Mr Richard E Jones
£2,500.00 Mr Richard Gilbert
£2,500.00 Mr Robert Dorrien-Smith
£2,500.00 Mr Robert L Kennedy
£2,500.00 Mr Robert Markwick
£2,500.00 Mr Robert R Lewis
£2,500.00 Mr Robert S Tabor
£2,500.00 Mr Rodney Bass
£2,500.00 Mr Ronald D’Silva
£2,500.00 Mr Simon J Chamberlain
£2,500.00 Mr Stephen Rumsey
£2,500.00 Mr Steve J McMillan
£2,500.00 Mr Theodore M Fraser
£2,500.00 Mr TImothy Levy
£2,500.00 Mr Timothy Rowe
£2,500.00 Mr Ulfat Hussain
£2,500.00 Mr William J Robinson
£2,500.00 Mr William Lane
£2,500.00 Mr William V Bullingham
£2,500.00 Mr Zameer Choudrey
£2,500.00 Mrs Margot C James
£2,500.00 Mrs Natalia Mikheev
£2,500.00 Ms Anna McNair Scott
£2,500.00 Ms Audrey F Champion
£2,500.00 Ms Carol Bulmer-Kirby
£2,500.00 Ms Catriona A Osborne
£2,500.00 Ms Diane Stewart
£2,500.00 Ms Doreen M Hackett
£2,500.00 Ms Eleanor Arran
£2,500.00 Ms Isabella Castell
£2,500.00 Ms Lorna Kirtland
£2,500.00 Ms Louise Bedford
£2,500.00 Ms Mae Hall
£2,500.00 Ms Marianne Bridgewater
£2,500.00 Ms Sunday O Oke
£2,500.00 Ms Susan E Witter
£2,500.00 Ms Teresa Daly
£2,500.00 Netpremacy Ltd
£2,500.00 Nicholas Holdings
£2,500.00 Notts Council Conservative Group
£2,500.00 Ogden Properties Ltd
£2,500.00 Original B.T.C. Limited
£2,500.00 Parkhill Estates Limited
£2,500.00 Pertemps Investment Ltd
£2,500.00 Platinum One Hotels Ltd
£2,500.00 Principal Healthcare Limited
£2,500.00 RMB Associates Ltd
£2,500.00 Sanderson Knight Consultancy Ltd
£2,500.00 Sir Holly Bellingham
£2,500.00 Sir Rocco Forte Limited
£2,500.00 Solent Business Forum
£2,500.00 Stalbury Trustess
£2,500.00 Stanley Ward Conservative Club
£2,500.00 Stone Ladies Luncheon Club
£2,500.00 Team Modena Limited
£2,500.00 The Clarendon Club
£2,500.00 The Digital Office (UK) Ltd
£2,500.00 The Millbank Dining Club
£2,500.00 Reclaims Demolition Limited
£2,500.00 TP Resort Ltd
£2,500.00 TRP Sealing Systems Ltd
£2,500.00 Ultimate Succession LLP
£2,500.00 Village Developments Strategic Land Limited
£2,500.00 Walker and Son (Hauliers) Ltd
£2,500.00 Willamson Tea Holdings Plc
£2,500.00 Wise & Co Accountants Ltd
£2,500.00 Witham Business Forum
£2,500.00 Yog Capital (UK) Limited
£2,500.00 Younger Homes ( Northern) Limited
£2,499.99 Norman Springford
£2,499.00 Timothy S Howden
£2,497.50 Ronald F West
£2,497.50 Mr Ronald F West
£2,480.00 Mr Ernest Greenwood
£2,479.50 Apex Hotels Ltd
£2,463.00 Oliver H Lymington
£2,450.00 Inderbir S Kathuria
£2,450.00 Bertie’s Catering Company Ltd
£2,450.00 Mr David I Young
£2,450.00 Mr John J Bagge
£2,430.45 Mr Eric F Taee
£2,425.00 Ghazi Jaffar
£2,420.00 Mr Peter M Stormonth-Darling
£2,400.00 David FitzHerbert
£2,400.00 Densmore R. Dover
£2,400.00 Peter F Chalke
£2,400.00 Roger Harvey
£2,400.00 Scirard Lancelyn Green
£2,400.00 AB Produce
£2,400.00 Bromley Conservative Councillors Group
£2,400.00 Clear & Lane Ltd
£2,400.00 MCR Property Group Ltd
£2,400.00 Mr Dennis A. Stickley
£2,400.00 Mr Fanar Collings
£2,400.00 Mr James M Fraser
£2,400.00 Mr William Touche
£2,400.00 Ms Lorraine Fullbrook
£2,400.00 Pogson and Davies
£2,400.00 Redbridge Conservative Group
£2,400.00 Timberstore Ltd
£2,395.00 Lady Kathleen Grade of Elstree
£2,379.37 Barbara Slaughter
£2,376.00 Mr Moonpal S Grewal
£2,375.00 FPE Global (Holdings) Ltd
£2,370.00 Bruce C Bossom
£2,358.00 Mr Christopher M Higgins
£2,350.00 Gavin A Price
£2,350.00 George W Mallinckrodt
£2,350.00 Mr Maurice F Avent
£2,350.00 New Field Limited
£2,350.00 The Godalming & District Constitutional Club
£2,348.00 Metro Commercial Printing Ltd
£2,316.00 Ms Pauline Brady
£2,310.90 Olivia E Seccombe
£2,310.00 Charlie Walker
£2,310.00 Nigel W Watts
£2,304.75 Barnstaple Conservative Club
£2,300.00 Anthony W Pidgley
£2,300.00 Bernard H Reader
£2,300.00 Garth R Nicholas
£2,300.00 Juliet Verdin
£2,300.00 Lindsey Hall
£2,300.00 Michael C Philip
£2,300.00 Mr Gordon Skipper
£2,300.00 Mr Peter J Zinkin
£2,300.00 Mr Robert C Barclay
£2,300.00 Mr Timothy Oliver
£2,300.00 Ms Clare L Berry
£2,299.00 Patricia A Byrom
£2,295.00 Salop Design and Engineering Ltd
£2,290.00 Toby O Baxendale
£2,290.00 Spicerhaart Group Services Ltd
£2,285.00 James Hogan
£2,275.00 Peter J Zinkin
£2,275.00 Country House Weddings
£2,270.00 Fiona Bruce
£2,260.00 Nicholas R Longworth
£2,253.50 Ruthin Conservative Club
£2,250.00 Andrew J Green
£2,250.00 Eleanor D Pinfold
£2,250.00 Kate Goldsmith
£2,250.00 Martin C Armstrong
£2,250.00 Richard Niazi
£2,250.00 Terence J Sullivan
£2,250.00 Dacorum Conservative Councillor Group
£2,250.00 General Insurance Brookers (UK) PLC
£2,250.00 Ladykirk Estates Limited
£2,250.00 Mr Anthony R Tanner
£2,250.00 Mr Benjamin Mingay
£2,250.00 Mr Bernard Jenkins
£2,250.00 Mr Grant Bovey
£2,250.00 Mr Paul W Kempe
£2,250.00 Mr Richard E Appleton
£2,250.00 Mr Richard Londesborough
£2,250.00 Mrs Rikki Londesborough
£2,250.00 Ms Sara C Phillips
£2,250.00 SME Ltd
£2,228.25 Hannah E Ellwood
£2,220.00 Michael Perkins
£2,201.00 Mr James M Layton
£2,200.00 David Fell
£2,200.00 Inder Bir Singh
£2,200.00 Michael Heseltine
£2,200.00 Olushola Adeaga
£2,200.00 Durrington Corporation
£2,200.00 IEP Property Consultants Ltd
£2,200.00 Mr David Nicholls
£2,200.00 Salibury Business Club
£2,200.00 Small Business Bureau
£2,195.20 Mr John A Popplewell
£2,190.00 Thurlby Motors Limited
£2,187.82 FC Fund Managers Ltd
£2,180.00 Lancaster County Council Conservative Group
£2,180.00 Mr Anthony RS Timmis
£2,180.00 Mr Michael J Cowan
£2,180.00 The London Basement Co Ltd
£2,177.25 Ritz Hotel ( London) Limited, The
£2,161.00 Mr Matthew Palmer
£2,160.00 Devon County Council Conservative Group
£2,160.00 Mr John W Dean
£2,150.00 SJ Ankh Limited
£2,150.00 Zandra Rhodes Enterprises Ltd
£2,143.24 Frank Mosheim
£2,143.24 Martin Davis
£2,141.00 Page Litho Ltd
£2,132.00 Thomas Sanderson Limited
£2,131.44 Mr Christopher J Bullivant
£2,125.00 Yvonne Johnstone
£2,100.00 Baljeet S Chima
£2,100.00 Evelyn R Mitchell
£2,100.00 Robert R Hiscox
£2,100.00 William H Dorman
£2,100.00 Coventry Conservative Civic Group
£2,100.00 Horley Constitutional Club
£2,100.00 IDS Electrical Ltd
£2,100.00 Kam Lee Associates
£2,100.00 Mr James H Holt
£2,100.00 Mr Robin M Birley
£2,100.00 Mr William F MacDougall
£2,076.00 Horley District Constitutional Club
£2,075.40 Mr Mark B Holdsworth
£2,066.00 Mr Arthur J Coward
£2,061.00 Gorleston on Sea Conservative Club Limited
£2,058.00 PACKT Publishing Ltd
£2,056.50 Ms Britta A Lloyd
£2,055.00 Mohammed B Quadir
£2,050.00 Francis GR Hayes
£2,050.00 Fairview New Homes Ltd
£2,050.00 Mr James W Martin
£2,050.00 Mr Kenneth G Twort
£2,050.00 Mr Ronald S Doyle
£2,050.00 Ms Jean M Doyle
£2,050.00 Ms Sonia K Smith
£2,049.93 Kent Conservative Councillors Group
£2,049.00 John A M Nicholls
£2,035.00 Brand print (UK) Ltd
£2,034.00 Horley and District Constitutional Club
£2,031.50 Gorleston Conservative Club
£2,025.00 Evelyn Collishaw
£2,025.00 Mr Doug Ward
£2,024.00 Mr Martin Arch
£2,014.00 Anthony K Clarke
£2,013.00 Mrs Gilliam M Owton
£2,005.00 Archibald A McNair
£2,000.00 Adam Butler
£2,000.00 Adrian C Thompson
£2,000.00 Adrian T Hopkinson
£2,000.00 Alan D Pepper
£2,000.00 Alan G Gibbs
£2,000.00 Alexander Buchanan
£2,000.00 Alexander Guthe
£2,000.00 Alexandra G Robson
£2,000.00 Alice Kahrmann
£2,000.00 Alison Bowlus
£2,000.00 Alistair M Morrison
£2,000.00 Allan Pidding
£2,000.00 Alwyn CL De Souza
£2,000.00 Amanda S Moores
£2,000.00 Andrew Brown
£2,000.00 Andrew Park
£2,000.00 Annabel S Nicoll
£2,000.00 Anthony Daniell
£2,000.00 Anthony E Standish
£2,000.00 Anthony Tyron
£2,000.00 Anthony Wilson
£2,000.00 Arthur C Tompkins
£2,000.00 Audrey Dubery
£2,000.00 Austen D Reid
£2,000.00 Austen Reid
£2,000.00 Branko Bjelobaba
£2,000.00 Brenda Guite
£2,000.00 Brian A F Smith
£2,000.00 Brian M Harper
£2,000.00 Carolyn R Greenslade
£2,000.00 Charles G Cox
£2,000.00 Charles M Fisher
£2,000.00 Charles Oulton
£2,000.00 Chris Hale
£2,000.00 Dale Purcocks
£2,000.00 David CH Austin
£2,000.00 David Constable
£2,000.00 David Lewis
£2,000.00 David R Speight
£2,000.00 Diana C Gadesden
£2,000.00 Diane Tod
£2,000.00 Doller Popat
£2,000.00 Doreen Hyde
£2,000.00 Dorothy J Boulting
£2,000.00 Eileen Smith
£2,000.00 Elizabeth A Francis
£2,000.00 Elizabeth A Pooley
£2,000.00 Elizabeth Brewer
£2,000.00 Emine Arslan
£2,000.00 Eusuf I Jasat
£2,000.00 Evan C Bowen
£2,000.00 Fidel Jabir
£2,000.00 Frances Penman
£2,000.00 Francis R Kaszynski
£2,000.00 Frederick TB Jowitt
£2,000.00 Gavin ML Findlay
£2,000.00 Geoffrey F Baxter
£2,000.00 George J Braithwaite
£2,000.00 Graeme T Ferrero
£2,000.00 Graham H Silk
£2,000.00 Harold TB Kewish
£2,000.00 Harry Bennett
£2,000.00 Heather J Craven
£2,000.00 Heather Wallace
£2,000.00 Henry Hood
£2,000.00 Henry Marriott
£2,000.00 Howard Cooper
£2,000.00 Hugh M Byrne
£2,000.00 Hugh M Saunders
£2,000.00 Iain D Muspratt
£2,000.00 Iain W Woods
£2,000.00 Ian Curtis
£2,000.00 Ian Hannam
£2,000.00 Irene Lee
£2,000.00 Jack H Pacifico
£2,000.00 James Armstrong
£2,000.00 James Buxton
£2,000.00 James D Buxton
£2,000.00 James Douglas-Hamilton
£2,000.00 James Fuller
£2,000.00 James Hepworth
£2,000.00 James J Spencer
£2,000.00 James S Morris
£2,000.00 Jamila Aftab
£2,000.00 Janet C Goodwin
£2,000.00 Janet Lefroy
£2,000.00 Janey G Bryce
£2,000.00 Jean Barber
£2,000.00 Jeffry A Wickham
£2,000.00 Jennifer L Hall
£2,000.00 Jeremy P Fage
£2,000.00 John A Nicholls
£2,000.00 John D Caudwell
£2,000.00 John D Regan
£2,000.00 John Garnett
£2,000.00 John Guthrie
£2,000.00 John H Hammond
£2,000.00 John Leitherd
£2,000.00 John P Campbell
£2,000.00 John Preece
£2,000.00 John R Douglas
£2,000.00 John Whitehead
£2,000.00 Jonathan Feldman
£2,000.00 Joy Peacock
£2,000.00 Judith M Catto
£2,000.00 Julian S Tanner
£2,000.00 Katharine J Potts
£2,000.00 Kenneth G McAlpine
£2,000.00 Laura Javid
£2,000.00 Lilian Hodgkinson
£2,000.00 Lillian G Lines
£2,000.00 Linda S Ross
£2,000.00 Lindsay S Shookhye
£2,000.00 Lucy C Cady
£2,000.00 Malcolm HD McAlpine
£2,000.00 Malcolm J Scott
£2,000.00 Marc Winer
£2,000.00 Margaret A Gabb
£2,000.00 Margaret C Williams
£2,000.00 Margaret Forster
£2,000.00 Margaret Moffat
£2,000.00 Margaret S Marshall
£2,000.00 Marilyn J Ashton
£2,000.00 Mark B White
£2,000.00 Mary B Buckley
£2,000.00 Mary Mumford
£2,000.00 Mary Sheppard
£2,000.00 Matthew H Taylor
£2,000.00 Matthew OT Baldwin
£2,000.00 Md Shahid Uddin Khan
£2,000.00 Michael Dalgleish
£2,000.00 Michael DT Faber
£2,000.00 Michael F Adam
£2,000.00 Michael J O’Brien
£2,000.00 Michael J Roberts
£2,000.00 Misho Ravic
£2,000.00 Mohammed A Marwan
£2,000.00 Muhammed A Pervez
£2,000.00 Nadhim Zahawi
£2,000.00 Nancy O. Hopking
£2,000.00 Nazir Muhammad
£2,000.00 Neil P Armstrong
£2,000.00 Neville B Bosworth
£2,000.00 Nicholas Christodoulou
£2,000.00 Nicholas Forman Hardy
£2,000.00 Nicholas Wellington
£2,000.00 NIck Howard
£2,000.00 Nigel Corner
£2,000.00 Nigel S Bunter
£2,000.00 Norman B Costin
£2,000.00 Pamela M Powell
£2,000.00 Patricia A Cole
£2,000.00 Paul Brett
£2,000.00 Peter Allen
£2,000.00 Peter Beckwith
£2,000.00 Peter D Mottershead
£2,000.00 Peter F Knowles
£2,000.00 Peter J Holt
£2,000.00 Peter N Buckley
£2,000.00 Peter R Bisson
£2,000.00 Philip Gawith
£2,000.00 Philip L Wroughton
£2,000.00 Philip M Dunne
£2,000.00 Phillip R Smith
£2,000.00 Priscilla M Padley
£2,000.00 Ralph Carr-Ellison
£2,000.00 Reginald J Greatrex
£2,000.00 Rhodri Traherne
£2,000.00 Richard A Dickson
£2,000.00 Richard Bennett
£2,000.00 Richard C N Davidson
£2,000.00 Richard Cook
£2,000.00 Richard F Lovett
£2,000.00 Richard G Drax
£2,000.00 Richard J Fleck
£2,000.00 Richard Knight
£2,000.00 Richard Perkins
£2,000.00 Richard Shepherd
£2,000.00 Rita Skinner
£2,000.00 Robert C Griffin
£2,000.00 Robert E Whitten
£2,000.00 Robert G Russell
£2,000.00 Robert J Symns
£2,000.00 Robert Mortan
£2,000.00 Robert Wilson
£2,000.00 Robet Fleming
£2,000.00 Roger Hirst
£2,000.00 Ronald Kear
£2,000.00 Rosalie M MacLean
£2,000.00 Rudolph I Agnew
£2,000.00 Rupert J Morton
£2,000.00 Ruth E. Sayner
£2,000.00 S W Newton
£2,000.00 Sameh K Hindi
£2,000.00 Santokh Chhokar
£2,000.00 Sarah E Evans
£2,000.00 Selwyn B Goldsmith
£2,000.00 Shani Zindel
£2,000.00 Sheila Chambers
£2,000.00 Shirley A Boyden
£2,000.00 Simon E Lockett
£2,000.00 Simon J Chamberlain
£2,000.00 Simon J Sacher
£2,000.00 Stanley Lord Kalms
£2,000.00 Stefanie KO Von Kories Zu Goetzen
£2,000.00 Stella Stevenson
£2,000.00 Steve J McMillan
£2,000.00 Stuart D Luxon
£2,000.00 Susan K Harvey
£2,000.00 Susan K. Perkins
£2,000.00 Terence Whetter
£2,000.00 The Marquis of Tavistock
£2,000.00 Thomas J Allchurch
£2,000.00 Tim Watts
£2,000.00 Timothy J Church
£2,000.00 Trevor Pears
£2,000.00 Trevor S Pears
£2,000.00 Viscount Mackintosh of Halifax
£2,000.00 Wesley Smith
£2,000.00 Wilfrid J Tolhurst
£2,000.00 William H Copeland
£2,000.00 Yaqub Ali
£2,000.00 Ziad Akle
£2,000.00 33 Group Ltd
£2,000.00 A C G Management Ltd
£2,000.00 A Day In The Country Limited
£2,000.00 A. Levy & Son Limited
£2,000.00 Abingdon and District Conservative Club
£2,000.00 Alexandra House Care Services Ltd
£2,000.00 Allpress Farms Limited
£2,000.00 Amek Investments Limited
£2,000.00 Anglia City Developments Ltd
£2,000.00 Astley Bridge Conservative Club
£2,000.00 Auckland Shipping Ltd
£2,000.00 B.D.S. Contracts (Milford Haven) Limited
£2,000.00 Barnet Conservative Group
£2,000.00 Barrel Booze Ltd
£2,000.00 Beams Internaional Limited
£2,000.00 Benton Conservative Club
£2,000.00 Biddulph Conservative & Unionist Club
£2,000.00 Biddulph Conservative Club
£2,000.00 Bispham Conservative Club
£2,000.00 Blankney Estates Ltd
£2,000.00 Bleasdale Estates Ltd
£2,000.00 Bloxham Mill Ltd
£2,000.00 Bridges Estate Agents Ltd
£2,000.00 Bristol City Conservative Group
£2,000.00 Brothers Drinks Co Ltd
£2,000.00 Butterfield Sign Service Limited
£2,000.00 Canvey Conservative Club
£2,000.00 Care Monitoring 2000 Ltd
£2,000.00 Carlton Club
£2,000.00 Chapman Ventilation Limited
£2,000.00 Charlies Stores
£2,000.00 Checkmate UK Ltd
£2,000.00 Churchill Luncheon Club
£2,000.00 Churchills International Consulting Ltd
£2,000.00 Clifton Rubber Company Ltd
£2,000.00 Clinton Cards Plc
£2,000.00 Cllr Ivor Braka
£2,000.00 Coleridge Lodge Limited
£2,000.00 Colin Phillips
£2,000.00 Comtec Cable Accessories Limited
£2,000.00 Conway Patrons Club
£2,000.00 Coventry Conservative Councillor Group
£2,000.00 Crescent Properties Hampstead
£2,000.00 Curtain Road Limited
£2,000.00 Dagenham Conservative Trustees
£2,000.00 Dahwood Finance Co Ltd
£2,000.00 Dann & Co (Display) Ltd
£2,000.00 DE & DH Lever Commercial Property LLP
£2,000.00 Democratic Rally UK
£2,000.00 Derbyshire Dales District Council Group
£2,000.00 Dickson Insurance Brokers Ltd
£2,000.00 Dunelm Optical Co. Ltd
£2,000.00 Edinburgh Business Link
£2,000.00 Elstree Company
£2,000.00 Esseff Furnishing Company Limited (The)
£2,000.00 Euravia Engineering and Supply Co Ltd
£2,000.00 Eveline Day & Nursery Schools Limited
£2,000.00 Evenfold Ltd
£2,000.00 F Williams (Bedford) Ltd
£2,000.00 Fairhome Care Group (W.L.) Ltd
£2,000.00 Falfish Ltd
£2,000.00 Farries Kirk and McVean
£2,000.00 Floplast Limited
£2,000.00 Forbes Investment Management LLP
£2,000.00 Furrow Holdings Limited
£2,000.00 Gala Leisure Ltd
£2,000.00 General & Technical Flooring Services Ltd
£2,000.00 Go in Four Ltd
£2,000.00 Gosport Conservative Councillors Group
£2,000.00 Grange(Birkenhead) Property Co. Ltd
£2,000.00 Grantham Investments Limited
£2,000.00 Graphic PLC
£2,000.00 Great Northern Hotels Ltd
£2,000.00 Growing Green Limited
£2,000.00 Halo Living Ltd
£2,000.00 Hambrook Estate Limited
£2,000.00 Hammonds Produce Ltd
£2,000.00 Harnage Estates Ltd
£2,000.00 HBC Group
£2,000.00 HDI Capital Partners LLP
£2,000.00 Heap and Partners Ltd
£2,000.00 Hills Ltd
£2,000.00 Hobson Industries Limited
£2,000.00 Holborn & St. Pancras Conservative Association
£2,000.00 Holburn & St Pancras Conservative Association
£2,000.00 Hospitality Line Ltd
£2,000.00 HT & Co (Drinks) Ltd
£2,000.00 Hutton Chemicals Limited
£2,000.00 I Ross Investments Ltd
£2,000.00 Impermissible Donor
£2,000.00 Indulgence Patisserie Ltd
£2,000.00 Industrial Chemichals Ltd
£2,000.00 International Caledonian Assets
£2,000.00 Investream Ltd
£2,000.00 Ipswich Central Conservative Club
£2,000.00 Isle of Wight conservative Patrons Club
£2,000.00 JFB Management Limited
£2,000.00 Joannou & Parakevaides UK Ltd
£2,000.00 John Dickinson Transport Limited
£2,000.00 Karajan Limited
£2,000.00 Kirk Hills Chartered Accountants
£2,000.00 Lady Mary Fuller
£2,000.00 Lamberhurst Holdings Ltd
£2,000.00 Leicester Conservative Supper Club
£2,000.00 Loades Plc
£2,000.00 London Maternity and Birth Services Limited
£2,000.00 London Square Developments Ltd
£2,000.00 Loose End Fabrics Ltd
£2,000.00 Lord John D Taylor
£2,000.00 Lord na Daresbury
£2,000.00 Lord na Rotherwick
£2,000.00 Machine Link Ltd
£2,000.00 Marchmont Farms Limited
£2,000.00 Maritime Orient & Nearest Agency Ltd
£2,000.00 MDB (Holdings) Plc
£2,000.00 Mems Power Generation Limited
£2,000.00 Mersey Luncheon Club
£2,000.00 Mid Sussex Cons Assoc
£2,000.00 Mid Sussex Conservative Club Ltd
£2,000.00 Middleton Enterprises Ltd
£2,000.00 Midland Computer Services
£2,000.00 Miren Ltd
£2,000.00 Mogford Ltd
£2,000.00 Morgan Howard
£2,000.00 Mowbray Indigo Ltd
£2,000.00 Mr Adrian Swire
£2,000.00 Mr Al Mihailovits-Hayes
£2,000.00 Mr Alan B Rhead
£2,000.00 Mr Alan Gibbs
£2,000.00 Mr Albert Allen
£2,000.00 Mr Alexander Howard
£2,000.00 Mr Alistair MacKechnie
£2,000.00 Mr Alok Oberoi
£2,000.00 Mr Andrew T Morris
£2,000.00 Mr Andrew D Cole
£2,000.00 Mr Andrew J Green
£2,000.00 Mr Andrew J Wealls
£2,000.00 Mr Anthony A Davis
£2,000.00 Mr Anthony D Swallow
£2,000.00 Mr Anthony GF Fuller
£2,000.00 Mr Anthony Jolliffe
£2,000.00 Mr Arnold J Burton
£2,000.00 Mr Bachittar S Hothi
£2,000.00 Mr Barnaby Swire
£2,000.00 Mr Barry Field
£2,000.00 Mr Benjamin J Smith
£2,000.00 Mr Bernard Kantor
£2,000.00 Mr Borghild M Allan
£2,000.00 Mr Brian A F Smith
£2,000.00 Mr Brian Griffiths
£2,000.00 Mr Brian W Churchill
£2,000.00 Mr Carlos Brebbia
£2,000.00 Mr Charles Chadwyck-Healey
£2,000.00 Mr Charles G Cox
£2,000.00 Mr Charles L Stone
£2,000.00 Mr Charles Moran
£2,000.00 Mr Christopher G Sneath
£2,000.00 Mr Christopher J Courage
£2,000.00 Mr Christopher Moore
£2,000.00 Mr Christopher N Weatherby
£2,000.00 Mr Christopher Read
£2,000.00 Mr Clement Wheeler
£2,000.00 Mr Colin C Draycott
£2,000.00 Mr Colin Chisholm
£2,000.00 Mr Colin J Shenton
£2,000.00 Mr Colin Southgate
£2,000.00 Mr Colin V Graeff
£2,000.00 Mr Cynthia E Brook
£2,000.00 Mr Dale Purcocks
£2,000.00 Mr Damian Aspinall
£2,000.00 Mr Daniel A Cohen
£2,000.00 Mr David Chaplin
£2,000.00 Mr David A Hicks
£2,000.00 Mr David B Frere-Cook
£2,000.00 Mr David D Sieff
£2,000.00 Mr David Dangoor
£2,000.00 Mr David Dorrien Sieff
£2,000.00 Mr David FitzHerbert
£2,000.00 Mr David G Messer
£2,000.00 Mr David H Thomas
£2,000.00 Mr David J Adams
£2,000.00 Mr Denis M Mountain
£2,000.00 Mr Donald A Wight
£2,000.00 Mr Edmond C Mahony
£2,000.00 Mr Edward H Garnier
£2,000.00 Mr Edward Speed
£2,000.00 Mr Eric J Allen
£2,000.00 Mr Fabian F Richter
£2,000.00 Mr Fash Ghiaci
£2,000.00 Mr Francis T Viveash
£2,000.00 Mr Frank Burke
£2,000.00 Mr Frank Cheesmur
£2,000.00 Mr Frank T Bowater
£2,000.00 Mr Freddy David
£2,000.00 Mr Gareth R Whiley
£2,000.00 Mr Gary Middlebrook
£2,000.00 Mr Geoffrey N De Bois
£2,000.00 Mr Gerald E Hawkins
£2,000.00 Mr Graham A Fitch
£2,000.00 Mr Graham Kirkham
£2,000.00 Mr Graham M Todd
£2,000.00 Mr Guy Avshalom
£2,000.00 Mr Harry Beckhough
£2,000.00 Mr Hugo Swire
£2,000.00 Mr Ian Fiddes
£2,000.00 Mr Ian Thomas
£2,000.00 Mr J Reid
£2,000.00 Mr James C Wallace
£2,000.00 Mr James H Fuller
£2,000.00 Mr James Phipps
£2,000.00 Mr James R Boughey
£2,000.00 Mr Jeffrey Bonser
£2,000.00 Mr John A Guthrie
£2,000.00 Mr John A Kerr
£2,000.00 Mr John A Stephenson
£2,000.00 Mr John A. Swire
£2,000.00 Mr John B Zochonis
£2,000.00 Mr John Baker
£2,000.00 Mr John Brimacombe
£2,000.00 Mr John Burton
£2,000.00 Mr John C Riddell
£2,000.00 Mr John Collard
£2,000.00 Mr John Czarnota
£2,000.00 Mr John D Aspinall
£2,000.00 Mr John D Mitchell
£2,000.00 Mr John Dorrien Caudwell
£2,000.00 Mr John G Moncrieff
£2,000.00 Mr John Garner
£2,000.00 Mr John Guthrie
£2,000.00 Mr John J Faherty
£2,000.00 Mr John Kinder
£2,000.00 Mr John M Opperman
£2,000.00 Mr John M Tilney
£2,000.00 Mr John Major
£2,000.00 Mr John May
£2,000.00 Mr John Meikle
£2,000.00 Mr John P Dunford
£2,000.00 Mr John P Hurst
£2,000.00 Mr John P Milne
£2,000.00 Mr John R Wilkinson
£2,000.00 Mr John S Downs
£2,000.00 Mr Jonathan M Bearman
£2,000.00 Mr Jonathan O Meller
£2,000.00 Mr Joseph Batty-Peirson
£2,000.00 Mr Joseph M Jaffe
£2,000.00 Mr Julian P Leach
£2,000.00 Mr Kambiz Jaberi
£2,000.00 Mr Kenneth G Allen
£2,000.00 Mr Kenneth Ryan
£2,000.00 Mr Lawrence A Barratt
£2,000.00 Mr Lee F Menzies
£2,000.00 Mr Leonard Harvey
£2,000.00 Mr Mahboob Chaudhary
£2,000.00 Mr Malcolm Brown
£2,000.00 Mr Malcolm C Rae
£2,000.00 Mr Manjit S Litt
£2,000.00 Mr Marie F Hett
£2,000.00 Mr Mark D Wellings
£2,000.00 Mr Mark E Dubbery
£2,000.00 Mr Mark Futter
£2,000.00 Mr Mark W Turschitz
£2,000.00 Mr Martin Lloyd
£2,000.00 Mr Michael Dalgleish
£2,000.00 Mr Michael Hollingbery
£2,000.00 Mr Michael Jeffries
£2,000.00 Mr Michael L Hobbs
£2,000.00 Mr Michael M Gray
£2,000.00 Mr Michael Pawsey
£2,000.00 Mr Michael R McCalmont
£2,000.00 Mr Mike Holland
£2,000.00 Mr Mohammed Ali
£2,000.00 Mr Mohammed Iqbal
£2,000.00 Mr Muhammad S Anjum
£2,000.00 Mr Nicholas Forman Hardy
£2,000.00 Mr Nicholas G Holmes
£2,000.00 Mr Nicholas J Addyman
£2,000.00 Mr Nicholas J Forman Hardy
£2,000.00 Mr Nicholas T Allan
£2,000.00 Mr Nigel R Shepherd
£2,000.00 Mr Patricia S Lees
£2,000.00 Mr Patrick Gallagher
£2,000.00 Mr Patrick J Scott-Plummer
£2,000.00 Mr Patrick M Shepherd
£2,000.00 Mr Paul J Feeney
£2,000.00 Mr Paul Shea
£2,000.00 Mr Peter I Berry
£2,000.00 Mr Peter I Walters
£2,000.00 Mr Peter J Martin
£2,000.00 Mr Peter L Jamieson
£2,000.00 Mr Peter L Webb
£2,000.00 Mr Peter Leach
£2,000.00 Mr Peter Lumley
£2,000.00 Mr Phillip J. Brown
£2,000.00 Mr Raphael Jago
£2,000.00 Mr Richard A Perkins
£2,000.00 Mr Richard Frampton
£2,000.00 Mr Richard Gillham
£2,000.00 Mr Richard H Hunting
£2,000.00 Mr Richard J Gray
£2,000.00 Mr Rigel Mowatt
£2,000.00 Mr Robert E Iggulden
£2,000.00 Mr Robert H Elliott
£2,000.00 Mr Robert JG Shields
£2,000.00 Mr Robert Laurence
£2,000.00 Mr Robert Sears
£2,000.00 Mr Robert T MacKay
£2,000.00 Mr Robin Garratt
£2,000.00 Mr Roger Frayne
£2,000.00 Mr Roger Hirst
£2,000.00 Mr Roger Holland
£2,000.00 Mr Roger M King
£2,000.00 Mr Roland De Hauke Peeters
£2,000.00 Mr Rudolph RIJ Agnew
£2,000.00 Mr Scott Murray
£2,000.00 Mr Sean Nutley
£2,000.00 Mr Selwyn B Goldsmith
£2,000.00 Mr Shaun A Ince
£2,000.00 Mr Shayban Al-Ibrahim
£2,000.00 Mr Simon J Lancaster
£2,000.00 Mr Simon R Arnold
£2,000.00 Mr Stephen Rubin
£2,000.00 Mr Stephen B Cohen
£2,000.00 Mr Stephen Norman
£2,000.00 Mr Stephen P Weston
£2,000.00 Mr Steven A Bell
£2,000.00 Mr Steven J Schrier
£2,000.00 Mr Sydney Chapman
£2,000.00 Mr Terence E Burlin
£2,000.00 Mr Theodoros Paphitis
£2,000.00 Mr Thomas L Hanslip
£2,000.00 Mr Timothy G Lord
£2,000.00 Mr Timothy Watts
£2,000.00 Mr Tom Cutler
£2,000.00 Mr Trevor Pears
£2,000.00 Mr William A Kendall
£2,000.00 Mr William Boggia
£2,000.00 Mr William Bullingham
£2,000.00 Mr William Eyre
£2,000.00 Mr William G Wright
£2,000.00 Mr William Johns-Powell
£2,000.00 Mr William O Clarke
£2,000.00 Mr William R Woodward-Fisher
£2,000.00 Mr William Salomon
£2,000.00 Mr William Van Dedem
£2,000.00 Mr Yunus Patel
£2,000.00 Mrs Anne Lawley
£2,000.00 Mrs Carol W Prentice
£2,000.00 Mrs MA Martinez Mata
£2,000.00 Ms Andrea J Leadsom
£2,000.00 Ms Christine Goodman
£2,000.00 Ms Christine Ingram
£2,000.00 Ms Corin V Graeff
£2,000.00 Ms Eileen Smith
£2,000.00 Ms Elise Saunders
£2,000.00 Ms Elizabeth A Benyon
£2,000.00 Ms Elizabeth M Pennington
£2,000.00 Ms Elizabeth Smith
£2,000.00 Ms Elsa Nelson
£2,000.00 Ms Esther M Tager
£2,000.00 Ms Ewa Stahel
£2,000.00 Ms Fiona M Brannon
£2,000.00 Ms Georgina M Swire
£2,000.00 Ms Heather Harper
£2,000.00 Ms Heather J Craven
£2,000.00 Ms Helen M Swales
£2,000.00 Ms Helen Polito
£2,000.00 Ms Hilda F Graham
£2,000.00 Ms Irene Souliotis
£2,000.00 Ms Janey G Bryce
£2,000.00 Ms Jill F Bristow
£2,000.00 Ms Julia A Unwin
£2,000.00 Ms Kay Loch
£2,000.00 Ms Laila Joarder
£2,000.00 Ms Louise Berggren
£2,000.00 Ms Marjorie H. Williams
£2,000.00 Ms Marjorie Osband
£2,000.00 Ms Marjorie W. Mullen
£2,000.00 Ms Moira J Butt
£2,000.00 Ms Norma Stephenson
£2,000.00 Ms Pamela Wilkie
£2,000.00 Ms Patricia Healey
£2,000.00 Ms Patricia M Frost
£2,000.00 Ms Patricia M Moynihan
£2,000.00 Ms Rosanna Bulmer
£2,000.00 Ms Rosslyn F Cowen
£2,000.00 Ms Sally F Patterson
£2,000.00 Ms Sara Clark
£2,000.00 Ms Sarah Davidson
£2,000.00 Ms Sheila J Haes
£2,000.00 Ms Shirley Peacock
£2,000.00 Ms Sybil E Kretzmer
£2,000.00 Ms Val Marriner
£2,000.00 Ms Vanessa Johns-Powell
£2,000.00 Ms Winifred Bastow
£2,000.00 New Architecture Group Ltd
£2,000.00 North Lambert Conservative Group
£2,000.00 North Staffordshire Conservative Women’s Luncheon
£2,000.00 North Tyneside Conservative Group
£2,000.00 Northminster Holdings Ltd
£2,000.00 Norton Energy Solutions Ltd
£2,000.00 Obviam Ltd
£2,000.00 ODL Securities Ltd
£2,000.00 Online Clinic (UK) Ltd
£2,000.00 Panther 1919 Limited
£2,000.00 Paul Shea
£2,000.00 Pemican Ltd
£2,000.00 Peter Ward Homes Limited
£2,000.00 Pinnacle Investment Management
£2,000.00 Poeton Industries Limited
£2,000.00 Portland Harbour Authority Ltd
£2,000.00 Premier Wealth Mgt
£2,000.00 Prospect Investment Management
£2,000.00 Putterill’s of Hertfordshire (Welwyn Garden City)
£2,000.00 Qualitair Holdings Ltd
£2,000.00 Radnor Hills Mineral Water Co Ltd
£2,000.00 Ransonmoor Farm Ltd
£2,000.00 Rapid Support Services Ltd
£2,000.00 Reel Cinemas Ltd
£2,000.00 Retail Visual Merchandising Ltd
£2,000.00 Rhodepark Limited
£2,000.00 Richard Johnston Ltd
£2,000.00 Richmond Conservative Club
£2,000.00 S A Capital Ltd
£2,000.00 Safety Management Consultants (UK) Ltd
£2,000.00 Saracens Limited
£2,000.00 Savills (L&P) Ltd
£2,000.00 Selkirk Women’s Unionists Association
£2,000.00 Sherburn Stone Co Ltd
£2,000.00 Sir David WN Landale
£2,000.00 Sir John S G Blair
£2,000.00 Smith Bradbeer & Co. Ltd
£2,000.00 Smiths Construction Plc
£2,000.00 Snowshill Allied Holdings Ltd
£2,000.00 Spiders Club
£2,000.00 Springfield Park Properties Limited
£2,000.00 Stamford Property Company Ltd
£2,000.00 Stanley Conservative Club
£2,000.00 Stercap Limited
£2,000.00 Stern Advisory Company Ltd
£2,000.00 Stonegrave Properties Ltd
£2,000.00 Strand Harbour Securities Ltd
£2,000.00 Sunrise Radio Ltd
£2,000.00 Swansea Industrial Components Ltd
£2,000.00 T Hammond & Sons
£2,000.00 T Kidd & Son Ltd
£2,000.00 Teignbridge Conservative Councillors Group
£2,000.00 The Biz Club
£2,000.00 The Ealing and Acton Patrons’ Club
£2,000.00 The London Furnishing Company
£2,000.00 The Winston Churchill Dining Club
£2,000.00 Time 24 Limited
£2,000.00 Tooles Transport Limited
£2,000.00 Torbay Conservative Councillor Group
£2,000.00 Truro Conservative Club
£2,000.00 Tyler Holdings Ltd
£2,000.00 Umberslade Corporate Management
£2,000.00 Vale of Mowbray Limited
£2,000.00 Velcourt Group PLC
£2,000.00 Vida Healthcare Ltd
£2,000.00 W. Wing Yip (London) Limited
£2,000.00 Weldon Plant Limited
£2,000.00 West Wycombe Estate
£2,000.00 Western Air ( Thruxton) Ltd
£2,000.00 Westminster Sociey
£2,000.00 Wilke Property Holdings plc
£2,000.00 William S Graham Ltd
£2,000.00 Wilshire Conservative Councillors
£2,000.00 Woodlands School Ltd
£2,000.00 Yeovil, Somerton and Frome Ladies Luncheon Club
£2,000.00 York Patrons Club
£2,000.00 Zoe Ashton Ltd
£2,000.00 Zoe Wigan Ltd
£1,999.00 Thurle F Vaughan
£1,999.00 Kingsley Developers Ltd
£1,996.00 Chorley Council Conservative Group
£1,994.50 Cavendish Corporate Finance
£1,985.00 Mr Lionel H Tollemache
£1,985.00 Springfast Ltd
£1,980.00 David C Marwood
£1,980.00 Walter S Tomlin
£1,979.58 Mr Jack Breckell
£1,975.00 Simon P Tindall
£1,971.62 John Samiotis
£1,956.00 Kiimbolton Fireworks Retail Ltd
£1,950.00 James Gaggero
£1,950.00 Broxtowe Conservative Councillors Group
£1,950.00 Mr Adam M Duguid
£1,950.00 Mr Jeffrey Whaller
£1,950.00 Mr Peter Nagel
£1,950.00 The Albert Buildings Ltd
£1,947.28 Mr Ian McReadie
£1,940.00 Dhillon Hotels Ltd
£1,928.00 Elizabeth M Johnson
£1,920.00 Ms Georgina M David
£1,916.00 Ms Hazel L Arnott
£1,900.00 Kate Semmens
£1,900.00 Melvyn J Stride
£1,900.00 Michael T Darlison
£1,900.00 Richard H Briance
£1,900.00 Assetgrove Lettings Ltd
£1,900.00 Hammersmith and Fulham Councillors Association
£1,900.00 Huntleigh Healthcare Ltd
£1,900.00 Mr Anthony J Bennewith
£1,900.00 Mr David J Wraith
£1,900.00 Mr John W Phillips
£1,900.00 Mr Natalie Chester
£1,900.00 Mr Philip M Dunne
£1,900.00 Mr Tony A Shields
£1,900.00 Ms Clare E Hambro
£1,900.00 Picadilly Greetings Group Ltd
£1,900.00 Rag Collections Ltd
£1,900.00 Slater Investments Limited
£1,894.00 Tamworth Borough Conservative Councillors Group
£1,890.00 Peter S Rogers
£1,889.00 Tobias Ellwood
£1,880.00 Alan Newton
£1,876.00 Ms Dana A Doughramachi
£1,875.00 John H Williams
£1,875.00 Mr Abdool R Ebrahimkhan
£1,875.00 Mr John Madjeski
£1,875.00 Scarbourgh Constitutional Club
£1,875.00 Spring View Care Ltd.
£1,864.00 Devon County Council Conservative Club
£1,861.00 The County Conservative Club
£1,855.33 Mr Mark Andreae
£1,850.63 Wolfe Property Services Limited
£1,850.00 John O Nesbitt
£1,850.00 Margaret S Heriot
£1,850.00 Alfred Dunhill Ltd
£1,850.00 Mr Brian M Winterflood
£1,850.00 Mr Timothy E Crowley
£1,850.00 Penhurst Properties Ltd
£1,846.52 Mr Benedict B Adams
£1,843.00 Author Services Technical Ltd
£1,840.00 De Lane Lea (Post Production) Ltd
£1,831.00 South Herefordshire Conservative Cllr Group
£1,830.83 Herbert K Haydon
£1,828.00 ResourceBank Recruitment Ltd
£1,825.00 NGC Networks Limited
£1,823.69 Crescent Properties (Hamsptead) Ltd.
£1,812.40 Zeus Capital Ltd
£1,805.00 DCS Europe Ltd
£1,802.93 Philip Bushill-Matthews
£1,800.00 Christopher D Steward
£1,800.00 Faisal Kudsi
£1,800.00 Jennifer Millar-Smith
£1,800.00 Lydia Instance
£1,800.00 Marianne McMaster
£1,800.00 Stuart A Lever
£1,800.00 Terence W Birdseye
£1,800.00 William I Simpson
£1,800.00 Bell Pottinger Public Affairs
£1,800.00 Conservative Womens Committee
£1,800.00 Dunscar Conservative Club
£1,800.00 Interval International Ltd
£1,800.00 John E. Fells and Sons Ltd
£1,800.00 Mr Algernon Percy
£1,800.00 Mr James E Upton
£1,800.00 Mr James West
£1,800.00 Mr John O Nesbitt
£1,800.00 Mr Philip Day
£1,800.00 Mr Ronald J Langstaff
£1,800.00 Ms Barbara Stride
£1,800.00 Ms Loanna Morrison
£1,800.00 SRBC Conservative Councillors
£1,798.00 Mr James Thomas
£1,795.07 Ray Bloom
£1,785.00 Benedict Anderson
£1,785.00 Mr Peter J Holt
£1,780.00 Mr Simon RM Baynes
£1,777.39 Crescent Properties (Hampsted)
£1,763.00 Barnes & Co
£1,754.27 Mr Keith A Ferrin
£1,750.00 Andrew Giles
£1,750.00 Clifford Gundle
£1,750.00 Harriet Gundle
£1,750.00 Joan Spiers
£1,750.00 Joseph P Bullman
£1,750.00 Laetitia Cash
£1,750.00 Lisa Giles
£1,750.00 Neel Khiroya
£1,750.00 Paul Tory
£1,750.00 Business Phones and Networks Limited
£1,750.00 Hargreave Hale Ltd
£1,750.00 Hindmarch Properties Limited
£1,750.00 LGBTorys
£1,750.00 Lord John De Clifford
£1,750.00 Lord Quentin Earl of Portsmouth Wallop
£1,750.00 Mr Jeffrey R Needham
£1,750.00 Mr Robert A Lo
£1,750.00 Mr Robert L Mortimer
£1,750.00 Mr Roger J Kendrick
£1,750.00 Mr Simon HL Porter
£1,750.00 Ms Elizabeth Carnegy of Lour
£1,750.00 Ms Jennifer S Nickels
£1,750.00 Retail Ventures Limited
£1,750.00 Teal Patents Ltd
£1,739.00 Colourflow Production Ltd
£1,737.50 Ms Marina Morrisson-Atwater
£1,736.00 Mr Graham D Vinter
£1,735.62 Merchant Services Ltd
£1,721.34 Mr Simon J King
£1,700.00 Rajan Russell
£1,700.00 Winifred M Formosa
£1,700.00 Clowes Developments (UK) Ltd
£1,700.00 Gwendolen House Nursery School Ltd
£1,700.00 Lord David Young of Graffham
£1,700.00 Michael R Dalby Ltd
£1,700.00 Midstocket Development Co Ltd
£1,700.00 Mr Ian I Ganney
£1,700.00 Mr John B Rutter
£1,700.00 Mr Nicholas A Bearstead
£1,700.00 Mr Simon Jacot De Boinod
£1,700.00 Ms Zoe Fisher
£1,689.06 Crescent Properties Hampstead Ltd
£1,687.00 Orient Express Ltd
£1,686.13 Mr George M Hollingberry
£1,680.00 Mr David R Kearns
£1,679.75 Hughes Safety Showers Limited
£1,670.00 Mr Christopher W McLaughlin
£1,666.00 Ms Margaret S Heriot
£1,660.50 The Enterprise Club
£1,652.62 Stephenson & Threader
£1,650.00 Grange (Birkenhead) Property Co.Ltd
£1,650.00 Mr Jonathan Green
£1,650.00 Ms Elaine Butterfield
£1,644.92 Mr John Wisbey
£1,643.24 Ellis Elias
£1,631.09 Graeme F Biggs
£1,629.00 Arlon Stationary (Printers) Ltd
£1,625.00 Fergusons Transport Limited
£1,625.00 Mr William F Barton
£1,622.50 Liberum Capital Limited
£1,622.50 Newriver Retail (UK) Ltd
£1,609.69 Marquerita Lewin
£1,605.40 ARQ International
£1,601.64 Richard Freeman
£1,601.00 Caron L Chancellor
£1,600.00 Alexander F Weir
£1,600.00 Alison L Stow
£1,600.00 Aniz Manji
£1,600.00 Derek R Finlay
£1,600.00 Elizabeth H Dawson
£1,600.00 Harbhajan S Girdar
£1,600.00 Henry Siggers
£1,600.00 Isla V Baring
£1,600.00 Magdy Ishak
£1,600.00 Michael J Hawker
£1,600.00 Peter J Wilson
£1,600.00 Benton Conservative Club, Political Committee
£1,600.00 CDCA Patrons Club
£1,600.00 Davidson Training UK Ltd
£1,600.00 Fielding & Nicholson Tailoring Limited
£1,600.00 Harlow Bros. Ltd
£1,600.00 Ignis Ltd
£1,600.00 Mr Andrew Spalding
£1,600.00 Mr Bruce Staley
£1,600.00 Mr Eric A Brook
£1,600.00 Mr Gerard B Strahan
£1,600.00 Mr Gregory F Hutchings
£1,600.00 Mr Hugh M Sanders
£1,600.00 Mr James E Younger
£1,600.00 Mr Jeremy Moulton
£1,600.00 Mr John Bell
£1,600.00 Mr Joseph P Bullman
£1,600.00 Mr Richard A Beastall
£1,600.00 Ms Ann Aylwin
£1,600.00 Ms Julia Stephenson
£1,600.00 Northhamptonshire European Committee
£1,600.00 The Abbey Manor Group
£1,600.00 The Boughton Estates Ltd
£1,586.75 John S Jackson
£1,580.00 BGC Brokers GP Limited
£1,580.00 Oxhey Conservative Club
£1,575.00 Jerroms Priddey Ltd.
£1,575.00 Mr Edward L Bentall
£1,572.24 Mr Paul Uppal
£1,570.00 Howells Associates Ltd
£1,567.00 The Mead Corporation
£1,565.00 Conservative Friends of Bangladesh
£1,562.14 David P Parry-Smith
£1,550.00 Margaret Thatcher
£1,550.00 Richard Patient
£1,550.00 Susan N Steele
£1,550.00 William Dorman
£1,550.00 Churchouse Financial Planning Ltd
£1,550.00 Mr Andrew Chard
£1,535.00 Mr Simon J Sacher
£1,530.00 Ms Elisabeth A Piper
£1,529.21 Mr Peter Gibbard
£1,528.66 Eville Jones Ltd
£1,525.00 Stockvale Limited
£1,524.66 Mr Gordan E MacLellan
£1,516.00 Christopher B Hunt
£1,513.00 Caernarfon Conservative Club
£1,511.00 Francis S. Phillimore
£1,505.00 Andrew Perryman
£1,502.00 Design & Construct (London) Ltd
£1,500.00 Adam D Cooke
£1,500.00 Alexander R Trotter
£1,500.00 Alistair Mackechnie
£1,500.00 Aly Aziz
£1,500.00 Andrea J Leadsom
£1,500.00 Andrew K Douglas
£1,500.00 Angus F MacDonald
£1,500.00 Ann Fraser
£1,500.00 Anthony A Feld
£1,500.00 Anthony H Westropp
£1,500.00 Anthony R Poeton
£1,500.00 Antony F Pemberton
£1,500.00 Barry G Bushell
£1,500.00 BH Leigh-Bramwell
£1,500.00 Carolyn Maxey
£1,500.00 Charles E Earl of Halifax
£1,500.00 Charlotte M Bosworth
£1,500.00 Christopher Russell
£1,500.00 Clive Emson
£1,500.00 Colin Bridgen
£1,500.00 Courtney W Collins
£1,500.00 Daphne White
£1,500.00 David A Acland
£1,500.00 David E Hughes
£1,500.00 David J Walter
£1,500.00 David J. Coldman
£1,500.00 David Meller
£1,500.00 David Stewart
£1,500.00 David Wynne Finch
£1,500.00 Derek Batty
£1,500.00 Derek S Ashburner
£1,500.00 Desmond Pitcher
£1,500.00 Dorothy B Hewson
£1,500.00 Edward Devereux
£1,500.00 Francis J Wilson
£1,500.00 Frank P. Wilson
£1,500.00 Gary D Bell
£1,500.00 Georg W Mallinckrodt
£1,500.00 Harry Owen
£1,500.00 Haydn J James
£1,500.00 Henry L Tee
£1,500.00 Henry R M Porter
£1,500.00 Hilary Lloyd
£1,500.00 James F Howes
£1,500.00 Jean Marwood
£1,500.00 John E Morrell
£1,500.00 John M Pickering
£1,500.00 John M Scott
£1,500.00 John MacDonald-Buchanan
£1,500.00 John P Moon
£1,500.00 John S Greig
£1,500.00 John S Wait
£1,500.00 Jonathan Walker
£1,500.00 Julia G Green
£1,500.00 Julia M Morrell
£1,500.00 Julian P Peach
£1,500.00 Julian Rogers-Coltman
£1,500.00 Kantilal S Patel
£1,500.00 Karen E Unwin
£1,500.00 Kate Braine
£1,500.00 Kenneth McAlpine
£1,500.00 Lucy S Payne
£1,500.00 Malcolm G Graham
£1,500.00 Mark Aaron
£1,500.00 Mark T Hindmarch
£1,500.00 Merlin S Unwin
£1,500.00 Michael Macgregor
£1,500.00 Nigel J Anderson
£1,500.00 Olivia H Hubbard
£1,500.00 Paul E Oldham
£1,500.00 Peter F. Mason
£1,500.00 Peter Hill-Wood
£1,500.00 Peter J Mason
£1,500.00 Peter N Tory
£1,500.00 Peter Ritchie
£1,500.00 Prudence M Watts
£1,500.00 Raminder S Ranger
£1,500.00 Richard Brunton
£1,500.00 Robert R Barratt
£1,500.00 Robin Walker
£1,500.00 Roger Holland
£1,500.00 Rupert C Soames
£1,500.00 Rustom S Cambata
£1,500.00 Savinderjit Kalsi
£1,500.00 Sheila M Schrier
£1,500.00 Stanley Nicolson
£1,500.00 Susan H Wood
£1,500.00 Susanne Furze
£1,500.00 Vernon J Davies
£1,500.00 ABM Holdings Limited
£1,500.00 Barry Simmonds
£1,500.00 Boston Potato Company Ltd
£1,500.00 Bridge Contract Services Ltd
£1,500.00 Bromley Conservative Group
£1,500.00 Chiltern Care Holdings Ltd.
£1,500.00 Clacton Conservative Club Ltd
£1,500.00 Clifton Rubber Company Limited
£1,500.00 Cllr Hugh Sloane
£1,500.00 Connaught Hotel Ltd
£1,500.00 Cygnet Group Limited
£1,500.00 Energy & Environment Business Services Ltd
£1,500.00 G&M Supplies (Cumbria) Limited
£1,500.00 Gravesham Enterprise Group
£1,500.00 Harbour Park Ltd
£1,500.00 Harvey Softeners Ltd
£1,500.00 Hi-Tec Finishers (Holdings) Limited
£1,500.00 Hi-Tech Finishers Ltd
£1,500.00 Hon G Philipps
£1,500.00 Huntingdon Life Sciences Ltd
£1,500.00 Knole Park Golf Club Ltd
£1,500.00 Lakeside Country Club
£1,500.00 LTC Investment Ltd
£1,500.00 Mark C Scott
£1,500.00 Melina Group Ltd
£1,500.00 Merebis Capital Management LLP
£1,500.00 Midland Software Holdings Ltd
£1,500.00 Mozafarian Jewellers Ltd
£1,500.00 Mr Alexander P Rogers
£1,500.00 Mr Alfred E Youell
£1,500.00 Mr Andrew J Bower
£1,500.00 Mr Anthony Mumford
£1,500.00 Mr Benedict R Moorhead
£1,500.00 Mr Benjamin Harnwell
£1,500.00 Mr Charles C Blakey
£1,500.00 Mr Charles F May
£1,500.00 Mr Charles Lansdowne
£1,500.00 Mr Christopher G Williams
£1,500.00 Mr Daniel Peltz
£1,500.00 Mr David A Lancaster
£1,500.00 Mr David BK Harrison
£1,500.00 Mr David C Austin
£1,500.00 Mr David Glass
£1,500.00 Mr David M Barker
£1,500.00 Mr David MacLean
£1,500.00 Mr David P J Ross
£1,500.00 Mr Dennis Stickley
£1,500.00 Mr Derek J Pitfield
£1,500.00 Mr Donald F. Massey
£1,500.00 Mr Douglass Wanstall
£1,500.00 Mr Edward Shaw
£1,500.00 Mr Eoghan Hynes
£1,500.00 Mr Francis J Kinch
£1,500.00 Mr Frank P Hodgson
£1,500.00 Mr Geoffrey Dobbs
£1,500.00 Mr Geoffrey G Boot
£1,500.00 Mr Harold Liebner
£1,500.00 Mr Herbert L Blackburn
£1,500.00 Mr Jane A Bennett
£1,500.00 Mr Jasper Singh
£1,500.00 Mr Jeremy P Middleton
£1,500.00 Mr John Caunce
£1,500.00 Mr John H Hayes
£1,500.00 Mr John Huxley
£1,500.00 Mr John M Jenkins
£1,500.00 Mr John McK Brownlie
£1,500.00 Mr John N Entwistle
£1,500.00 Mr John P Howitt
£1,500.00 Mr John W Rae
£1,500.00 Mr Jonathan M Winston
£1,500.00 Mr Kenneth McAlpine
£1,500.00 Mr Kenneth W Bushell
£1,500.00 Mr Michael Heenan
£1,500.00 Mr Michael L Ginn
£1,500.00 Mr Michael Macgregor
£1,500.00 Mr Naseer Shams-ud-Doha
£1,500.00 Mr Neeraj Makol
£1,500.00 Mr Neville I Simms
£1,500.00 Mr Nicholas J Flower
£1,500.00 Mr Nicholas J Kaye
£1,500.00 Mr Pantelis J Beaghton
£1,500.00 Mr Paul Caplan
£1,500.00 Mr Paul Tory
£1,500.00 Mr Peter C Michael
£1,500.00 Mr Peter G Pusinelli
£1,500.00 Mr Peter Tory
£1,500.00 Mr Philip G Verdin
£1,500.00 Mr Preston M Rabl
£1,500.00 Mr Richard Newton
£1,500.00 Mr Robert R Potter
£1,500.00 Mr Robin Healey
£1,500.00 Mr Rupert C Soames
£1,500.00 Mr Simon Marcus
£1,500.00 Mr Simon T Maxey
£1,500.00 Mrs Audrey J Bermingham
£1,500.00 Mrs Hillary Rollason
£1,500.00 Mrs Li Fang-Leggett
£1,500.00 Ms Ann McAllister
£1,500.00 Ms Elizabeth Culshaw
£1,500.00 Ms Hilary Rollason
£1,500.00 Ms Katharine J Potts
£1,500.00 Ms Marjorie H. Mickel
£1,500.00 Ms Nancy Hurst
£1,500.00 Ms Sarah G Cloherty
£1,500.00 Nicholson Estates Plc
£1,500.00 Northwood Mutual Aid Fund
£1,500.00 Oakley Court Hotel Ltd
£1,500.00 Poeton Industries Ltd
£1,500.00 Ranees Ltd
£1,500.00 Red Fig Group Ltd
£1,500.00 S Ross & Co Ltd
£1,500.00 Scalini Ltd
£1,500.00 Sir Stanley W Clarke
£1,500.00 Sonya Knezovich
£1,500.00 St Marychurch Conservative Club
£1,500.00 Sudfeld Ltd
£1,500.00 The Conservative Club
£1,500.00 The Marketing Society Ltd
£1,500.00 The Remuneration Partnership Ltd
£1,500.00 Titan Properties Ltd
£1,500.00 Tulseglen Ltd
£1,500.00 Unidentifiable Donor
£1,500.00 Walton Strada Ltd
£1,500.00 Weston Homes Group Limited
£1,500.00 Whitworths Holdings Ltd
£1,500.00 Witham Constitutional Club
£1,498.00 Alan B Rhead
£1,495.00 Neil R Hunt
£1,495.00 Assoc of Conservative Clubs Ltd
£1,490.00 Christopher P Sweetland
£1,490.00 Clive Garston
£1,490.00 Jonathan Mortimer
£1,490.00 Mr Christopher Sweetland
£1,485.00 Justin A Roberts
£1,480.00 Lady Mary K Fuller
£1,476.78 Mr Richard Blunt
£1,475.00 Gillian A Chan
£1,475.00 Mr Robin O Graham
£1,470.00 Aubrery Allen Ltd
£1,468.75 Lifestyle Executive Vehicles Ltd
£1,467.40 Mr David J Jones
£1,459.25 Mr Clive T Richardson
£1,450.00 Irina Savelieva
£1,450.00 John L Lowther
£1,450.00 Mark D Wiggin
£1,450.00 Lord Patrick Gillford
£1,450.00 Ms Caroline J Bearsted
£1,450.00 Ms Prudence Watts
£1,447.68 Ronald A Moss
£1,445.20 Tyne Tees Television
£1,445.00 Ms Susan V Lockhart
£1,440.00 Elena Peck
£1,440.00 Dorchester Hotel Ltd.
£1,436.15 Sutton Business Forum
£1,425.25 Apollo Marquees Ltd
£1,420.00 Alain Charles Publishing Ltd
£1,420.00 J A Pye (Oxford) Ltd
£1,420.00 Mr John Wreford
£1,413.90 Mr Jason S Luty
£1,410.00 Mr Stephen J Knight
£1,405.00 Ronald J Langstaff
£1,404.00 Arju M O’ Hara
£1,400.00 Alan C Pond
£1,400.00 Bernard Matthews
£1,400.00 Christopher J Kelly
£1,400.00 Demetrios G Demetriou
£1,400.00 Frank A Riley-Smith
£1,400.00 Peter G Murray
£1,400.00 Sandeep Jaitly
£1,400.00 Steve Gelsthorpe
£1,400.00 Susan Geddes
£1,400.00 W A Ellis
£1,400.00 Exclusive Hotels (London) Ltd
£1,400.00 Lewes Conservative Councillors Group
£1,400.00 Mr Brian Durcow
£1,400.00 Mr Cedric D Ford
£1,400.00 Mr Michael L Williams
£1,400.00 Mr Richard A Lewis
£1,400.00 Mr Robert A Brown
£1,400.00 Mrs Claire Ainsworth
£1,400.00 Oakgate Group PLC
£1,400.00 Square Mile Insurance Services
£1,400.00 Stonegrave Properties Limited
£1,400.00 Strategic Dimensions LLP
£1,395.00 William T Pipe
£1,391.70 Winchester Conservative Club
£1,390.00 Martin Phelps
£1,385.00 Whiting & Partners
£1,375.00 Mr Graham K Harris
£1,370.00 John J Faherty
£1,370.00 Mr Ernst R Travis
£1,365.00 Keith Brown
£1,358.72 Christina M Philbrick
£1,350.00 Clive F Harrison
£1,350.00 Cynthia M Howes
£1,350.00 James M Prior
£1,350.00 John B McGrath
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£1,342.72 Mr Constantinos Ioannou
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£1,322.00 Wooldridge Contractors Ltd.
£1,310.00 Ms Janice V Leigh
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£1,200.00 Ms Joan Harper
£1,200.00 Ms Lucy E Allan
£1,200.00 Ms Vivian S Orton
£1,200.00 Somerset County Council
£1,200.00 The Banbury House Hotel
£1,191.16 Mr Rula Al-Adasani
£1,190.00 John E Besley
£1,190.00 Mr Jozef Przybylski
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£1,150.00 Alec L Smith
£1,150.00 Alexander P Vracas
£1,150.00 Dairin N Garnier
£1,150.00 Mark Westaby
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£1,150.00 Mr Neil T Hadfield
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£1,140.00 Peter Tobias
£1,136.00 John Findlay
£1,130.00 John P Axelrad
£1,130.00 Rodica Wheeler
£1,128.70 Fabian F Richter
£1,125.00 Geoffrey G Boot
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£1,122.50 Mr Ian M Potts
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£1,100.00 Grange (Birkenhead) Property Group
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£1,100.00 Mr Henry M Henderson
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£1,100.00 Mr Leonard A Clark
£1,100.00 Mr Martin G Phelps
£1,100.00 Mr Martin R Ager
£1,100.00 Mr Maurice A Heaster
£1,100.00 Mr Michael P Wiggin
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£1,000.00 Mr Trevor Burfield
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£1,000.00 The Scorpion Charitable Trust
£1,000.00 Unidentifiable Donor
£999.00 Mr Neil Bruce Copp
£900.00 Sarbjit S Jhooty
£850.00 Mr Josceline Percy
£825.00 Mr Irving S David
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£500.00 Hon Gwenllian Philipps
£500.00 Jayne Hufschmid
£500.00 Kevin P Hutchinson
£500.00 Mr James R Wilson
£500.00 Mr John A Scott
£500.00 Mr John A Swire
£500.00 Mr John F. Dyke
£500.00 Mr M R Barne
£500.00 Mr Mark D Peaker
£500.00 Mr Matthew Peck
£500.00 Mr Peter Middlebrook
£500.00 Mr Philip Tose
£500.00 Mr William L Guinness
£500.00 R W Courtenay
£500.00 W A Page
£500.00 William K Mendenhall
£490.00 Mary K Fuller
£487.50 Mr John RM Keatley
£470.00 Charlie Elphicke
£450.00 Eliza Harford
£416.00 Patrick Evershed
£409.00 Mr David Cullen-Crouch
£400.00 Nigel Vinson of Roddam Dene
£400.00 Rocco Forte
£375.00 Grange ( Birkenhead) Property Co. Ltd
£310.00 Mr John D Morley
£300.00 Derek W Vere
£300.00 Lord Thomas A Hesketh
£300.00 Mr Matthew Kimpton-Smith
£275.00 Mr Conor Burke
£275.00 Mr Hisham Alutaibi
£250.00 John P Howitt
£250.00 Andrew Coddington
£250.00 David Denning
£250.00 Gareth J Sutcliffe
£250.00 James Burdett
£250.00 John M Lecky
£250.00 Mr Alexander Orlowski
£250.00 Mr Andrew Aitken
£250.00 Mr Andrew M. Williams
£250.00 Mr Christopher Johnston
£250.00 Mr Henry Shelford
£250.00 Mr Miles Young
£250.00 Mr Neil Westberg
£250.00 Mr Quentin G.C. Portsmouth
£250.00 Mr Raymond Moss
£250.00 Mr Stephen Foti
£250.00 Ms Corin Graeff
£250.00 Ms Josceline Percy
£250.00 QC De Silva
£250.00 Richard Hay
£250.00 Tanya AA Phillips
£240.00 Cllr Anthony K Clarke
£225.00 Mr Mark Bodily
£210.00 Guy L Mitchinson
£210.00 John Nicholls (Trading) Ltd

We mark 4 years since the Tories put themselves above the law

On Tuesday 19th March 2013 the Tories voted to overturn a court judgement telling them they must pay back the money they stole from illegal sanctions.  Meanwhile the majority of Labour abstained from the vote.

it's a steal.png

It’s a steal – The Jobseekers (back to work schemes) bill

On Tuesday 19 March 2013 the Tory coalition retrospectively changed the law on Workfare preventing refund of illegally sanctioned Job Seekers Allowance.

The reasoning behind the law change is that “The Government cannot afford to pay back what it illegally sanctioned”.

It sent a message that if citizens defeat the Government in court, it can overturn that court ruling retrospectively with primary legislation – effectively making the Government above the law if it chose to do so.

It is akin to a council putting in a law change to prevent members of the public claiming damages for breaking their arm/leg falling down a pothole – only at the Government level.

It is akin to a court case of breach of health & safety of a company causing great loss to be thrown out on the basis that the company cannot afford to pay it – only at the Government level.

It is akin to a thief stealing your money and the Government ruling it is perfectly legal thing to do.

As for the claim that the Government cannot afford it – David Cameron said in February 2014 “Money is no object”.

It was ridiculous to claim the Government could not afford it as it already was the job seekers money to begin with. It’s also like saying the job seeker was sanctioned because the Government couldn’t afford to pay them.

Not sure who your MP is? Find out here then see whether they voted to keep money illegally stolen from jobseekers below

Something to remember on polling days-

The 57 MPs against keeping money illegally stolen from jobseekers were:

Anderson, Mr David
Brown, rh Mr Nicholas
Burden, Richard
Campbell, Mr Gregory
Connarty, Michael
Corbyn, Jeremy
Crausby, Mr David
Davidson, Mr Ian
Dobbin, Jim
Dodds, rh Mr Nigel
Donaldson, rh Mr Jeffrey M.
Durkan, Mark
Edwards, Jonathan
Esterson, Bill
Flynn, Paul
Glindon, Mrs Mary
Godsiff, Mr Roger
Goggins, rh Paul
Havard, Mr Dai
Healey, rh John
Hoey, Kate
Hopkins, Kelvin
Hosie, Stewart
Howarth, rh Mr George
Lavery, Ian
Lazarowicz, Mark
Leech, Mr John
Llwyd, rh Mr Elfyn
Long, Naomi
Lucas, Caroline
MacNeil, Mr Angus Brendan
Mactaggart, Fiona
McCrea, Dr William
McDonnell, John
McGovern, Jim
Meacher, rh Mr Michael
Mearns, Ian
Mitchell, Austin
Moon, Mrs Madeleine
Morris, Grahame M.
Osborne, Sandra
Pearce, Teresa
Riordan, Mrs Linda
Ritchie, Ms Margaret
Robertson, Angus
Rotheram, Steve
Shannon, Jim
Sheridan, Jim
Skinner, Mr Dennis
Sutcliffe, Mr Gerry
Twigg, Derek
Walley, Joan
Weir, Mr Mike
Whiteford, Dr Eilidh
Williams, Hywel
Winnick, Mr David
Wood, Mike

Something to beware of on polling days-

The 277 MPs in favour of keeping money illegally stolen from jobseekers were (and they weren’t all Tory):

Adams, Nigel
Aldous, Peter
Alexander, rh Danny
Andrew, Stuart
Arbuthnot, rh Mr James
Bacon, Mr Richard
Baker, Norman
Baker, Steve
Baldry, Sir Tony
Baldwin, Harriett
Barclay, Stephen
Barker, rh Gregory
Baron, Mr John
Barwell, Gavin
Bebb, Guto
Beith, rh Sir Alan
Beresford, Sir Paul
Berry, Jake
Birtwistle, Gordon
Blackman, Bob
Blackwood, Nicola
Boles, Nick
Bone, Mr Peter
Bottomley, Sir Peter
Bradley, Karen
Brady, Mr Graham
Brake, rh Tom
Bray, Angie
Brazier, Mr Julian
Brine, Steve
Brooke, Annette
Bruce, Fiona
Bruce, rh Sir Malcolm
Buckland, Mr Robert
Burley, Mr Aidan
Burns, Conor
Burns, rh Mr Simon
Burrowes, Mr David
Burstow, rh Paul
Burt, Lorely
Cairns, Alun
Campbell, rh Sir Menzies
Carmichael, rh Mr Alistair
Carmichael, Neil
Cash, Mr William
Chishti, Rehman
Clappison, Mr James
Clark, rh Greg
Clegg, rh Mr Nick
Clifton-Brown, Geoffrey
Coffey, Dr Thérèse
Collins, Damian
Colvile, Oliver
Cox, Mr Geoffrey
Crabb, Stephen
Crouch, Tracey
Davey, rh Mr Edward
Davies, David T. C.
Davies, Glyn
Davies, Philip
de Bois, Nick
Djanogly, Mr Jonathan
Doyle-Price, Jackie
Drax, Richard
Duddridge, James
Duncan, rh Mr Alan
Duncan Smith, rh Mr Iain
Dunne, Mr Philip
Ellis, Michael
Ellison, Jane
Ellwood, Mr Tobias
Elphicke, Charlie
Eustice, George
Evans, Graham
Evennett, Mr David
Fabricant, Michael
Field, Mark
Fox, rh Dr Liam
Francois, rh Mr Mark
Freeman, George
Freer, Mike
Fuller, Richard
Garnier, Mark
Gauke, Mr David
George, Andrew
Gibb, Mr Nick
Gilbert, Stephen
Glen, John
Goodwill, Mr Robert
Graham, Richard
Grant, Mrs Helen
Gray, Mr James
Grayling, rh Chris
Green, rh Damian
Greening, rh Justine
Grieve, rh Mr Dominic
Griffiths, Andrew
Gummer, Ben
Gyimah, Mr Sam
Hague, rh Mr William
Halfon, Robert
Hames, Duncan
Hammond, Stephen
Hands, Greg
Harper, Mr Mark
Hart, Simon
Harvey, Sir Nick
Heald, Oliver
Heath, Mr David
Heaton-Harris, Chris
Hemming, John
Henderson, Gordon
Hendry, Charles
Herbert, rh Nick
Hinds, Damian
Hoban, Mr Mark
Hollingbery, George
Hollobone, Mr Philip
Holloway, Mr Adam
Hopkins, Kris
Horwood, Martin
Howarth, Sir Gerald
Howell, John
Hunt, rh Mr Jeremy
Huppert, Dr Julian
Hurd, Mr Nick
Jackson, Mr Stewart
James, Margot
Javid, Sajid
Jenkin, Mr Bernard
Johnson, Gareth
Jones, Andrew
Kawczynski, Daniel
Kelly, Chris
Kirby, Simon
Knight, rh Mr Greg
Kwarteng, Kwasi
Laing, Mrs Eleanor
Lamb, Norman
Lancaster, Mark
Lansley, rh Mr Andrew
Latham, Pauline
Laws, rh Mr David
Leadsom, Andrea
Lee, Jessica
Lefroy, Jeremy
Leslie, Charlotte
Lewis, Brandon
Lewis, Dr Julian
Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian
Lilley, rh Mr Peter
Lloyd, Stephen
Loughton, Tim
Luff, Peter
Lumley, Karen
Macleod, Mary
Main, Mrs Anne
May, rh Mrs Theresa
Maynard, Paul
McCartney, Jason
McCartney, Karl
McIntosh, Miss Anne
McLoughlin, rh Mr Patrick
McPartland, Stephen
McVey, Esther
Menzies, Mark
Mercer, Patrick
Metcalfe, Stephen
Miller, rh Maria
Mills, Nigel
Milton, Anne
Moore, rh Michael
Morgan, Nicky
Morris, Anne Marie
Morris, David
Morris, James
Mosley, Stephen
Mowat, David
Mulholland, Greg
Mundell, rh David
Munt, Tessa
Murray, Sheryll
Newmark, Mr Brooks
Newton, Sarah
Nokes, Caroline
Norman, Jesse
Nuttall, Mr David
Offord, Dr Matthew
Ollerenshaw, Eric
Opperman, Guy
Ottaway, Richard
Parish, Neil
Patel, Priti
Pawsey, Mark
Penning, Mike
Penrose, John
Percy, Andrew
Phillips, Stephen
Pickles, rh Mr Eric
Pincher, Christopher
Prisk, Mr Mark
Pugh, John
Raab, Mr Dominic
Randall, rh Mr John
Reckless, Mark
Redwood, rh Mr John
Rees-Mogg, Jacob
Reevell, Simon
Reid, Mr Alan
Rifkind, rh Sir Malcolm
Robathan, rh Mr Andrew
Robertson, rh Hugh
Robertson, Mr Laurence
Rogerson, Dan
Rosindell, Andrew
Rudd, Amber
Ruffley, Mr David
Rutley, David
Sandys, Laura
Scott, Mr Lee
Selous, Andrew
Sharma, Alok
Shelbrooke, Alec
Shepherd, Sir Richard
Simpson, Mr Keith
Skidmore, Chris
Smith, Miss Chloe
Smith, Julian
Soames, rh Nicholas
Soubry, Anna
Spelman, rh Mrs Caroline
Spencer, Mr Mark
Stanley, rh Sir John
Stephenson, Andrew
Stewart, Bob
Stewart, Iain
Streeter, Mr Gary
Stunell, rh Andrew
Sturdy, Julian
Swales, Ian
Swayne, rh Mr Desmond
Swinson, Jo
Syms, Mr Robert
Tapsell, rh Sir Peter
Teather, Sarah
Thornton, Mike
Thurso, John
Timpson, Mr Edward
Tomlinson, Justin
Tredinnick, David
Truss, Elizabeth
Turner, Mr Andrew
Tyrie, Mr Andrew
Uppal, Paul
Vara, Mr Shailesh
Vickers, Martin
Walker, Mr Charles
Wallace, Mr Ben
Ward, Mr David
Watkinson, Dame Angela
Webb, Steve
Wharton, James
Wheeler, Heather
White, Chris
Whittaker, Craig
Whittingdale, Mr John
Wiggin, Bill
Willetts, rh Mr David
Williams, Mr Mark
Williams, Roger
Williams, Stephen
Williamson, Gavin
Wilson, Mr Rob
Wollaston, Dr Sarah
Wright, Jeremy
Young, rh Sir George
Zahawi, Nadhim





DWP forced to reveal list of firms using benefit claimants for unpaid work after 4-year legal fight

The Tory government spent four years wasting taxpayers’ money trying to stop you knowing firms it linked to Mandatory Work Activity.

They had been forced to reveal a vast list of firms that hoovered up free labour from benefit claimants after spending four years trying to keep it a secret.

Poundstretcher, Tesco, Asda and Morrisons are among more than 500 companies, charities and councils named as having used Mandatory Work Activity.

Others on the list from 2011 included payday loans firm Cash Converters, chicken diner Nando’s, WH Smith, Superdrug and DHL.

More than 100,000 jobseekers were put on the hated ‘workfare’ scheme, which forced them to work 30-hour weeks unpaid for a month each or have their benefits docked.

Yet the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) mounted an astonishing and costly legal battle to keep the firms’ names a secret.

Officials claimed revealing those involved would hurt their “commercial interests” because protesters would boycott them.

The DWP stood its ground for nearly four years despite being overruled by the Information Commissioner (ICO) watchdog in August 2012.

The saga finally ended at the Court of Appeal on Wednesday – where a trio of top judges threw out the DWP’s argument by a 2-1 vote.

Campaigners and Labour condemned the vast cost of the cover-up – in which taxpayers had to fund lawyers for both the DWP and ICO.

Court fees the DWP racked up in previous cases suggest the bill could run into tens of thousands of pounds – this is taxpayers’ money.

Debbie Abrahams, who took over his job as Labour welfare chief, said: “This scheme truly reflects the Tories’ skewed view of the world.

“First they thought it was acceptable to force people into unpaid, poor quality work and couldn’t see why there was an outcry against the scheme.

“To then use public money to try and keep the list of companies taking advantage of this a secret is beyond the pale.”

Anti-workfare activist Frank Zola, who made the original Freedom of Information request, said: “These workfare schemes cost the public billions.

All 534 organisations on the list were named as “placement providers” for Mandatory Work Activity in a narrow six-month period between July 2011 and January 2012.

The list also featured well-known charities and councils including Scarborough, Essex, Hartlepool, Fenland, Leicester, Rochford and Thurrock.

Many of those named on the list left the scheme long before it closed down.  The scheme is to be replaced by the Work and Health Programme.

A tide of charities – including Cancer Research, Scope, Age UK, the British Heart Foundation, the Red Cross, PDSA and Sue Ryder – pulled out of the scheme after protests against it grew.

All 534 organisations on the DWP’s list

PLEASE NOTE: These are firms, charities, religious groups and any others which the DWP says were “placement providers for Mandatory Work Activity” between July 2011 and January 2012. NONE are current providers of Mandatory Work Activity because the scheme ended in April this year. Many of them stopped before that date. Some of these are Tory donors.

Source: DWP file released through

1. African Childrens Fund

2. Abacus Children’s Wear


4. Ability

5. Ace of Clubs Charity Shop

6. Acorns

7. Action for Disability

8. Action Housing

9. Active Community Team

10. Advocacy Support

11. Afro Caribbean Centre

12. Age Concern

13. Age UK

14. Agnew Community Centre

15. Air Ambulance

16. Aire Valley Recycling Ltd

17. Airedale Computers

18. Al-Khair Foundation

19. All Aboard

20. Allied Healthcare

21. Almadene Care Home

22. AMF Torquay Bowling Alley

23. Amicus Horizon Housing Association

24. Animal Krackers

25. ARAS German Shepherd Inn

26. ARC

27. Archer Project

28. Arthritis Research UK

29. Arthur Rank

30. Arts Factory

31. ASAN

32. Asda (Tory donor here)

33. Asha Charity Shop

34. Ashgate Hospice

35. Aspire Community Enterprise Ltd

36. Auchinleck Talbot F.C.

37. Autism Plus

38. Aylestone Park Boys Football Club

39. Babygear

40. Back2Earth

41. Bangladesh People

42. Bangladeshi ass sangag centre

43. Barnardos

44. Basic Life Charity

45. B’Dwe

46. Beaumaris Hostel

47. Bedfordshire Education Academy

48. Belgrave Hall Museum

49. Bernicia Group (Social housing provider)

50. BHF

51. Blaby & Whetstone Boys Club

52. Blue Cross

53. Bluebell Wood

54. Bookers

55. Boots

56. Botanical Gardens

57. Bottle Rescue Aireworth Mill

58. BR Environmental

59. Bradford Autism Centre

60. Bradford Community repaint

61. Breaking Free

62. Brian Jackson House

63. Briardale Community Centre

64. Bright House

65. Brighton and hove wood recycling

66. Britannia College

67. British Heart Foundation

68. British Red Cross

69. British Waterways

70. Brockhurst Community Centre

71. Bryncynon Strategy

72. Bryncynon Strategy (possible duplicate)

73. Butterwick Hospice

74. Cancer Research

75. Cancer Uk

76. Capability Scotland

77. Care & Repair

78. Carers Centre

79. Caribbean Centre

80. Caribbean Restaurant (Streatham)

81. Carlisle Park

82. Carr Vale Allotments

83. Cash Convertors

84. Castle Gresley Community Centre

85. Cat Haven

86. Cats Protection League

87. Cauwood day services

88. CCA Furniture Outlet

89. Cerebal Palsey Care

90. Changing Lives in Clevedon

91. chapletown youth community centre

92. Chesterfield FC Community Trust

93. Chestnut Tree House Shop

94. Children in Distress

95. Children Scrapstore Reuse Centre

96. Children Trust

97. Childrens Society

98. Chopsticks North Yorkshire

99. Circulate

100. Citizen Advice Bureau

101. Claire House

102. Clic Sargent

103. Comfort Kids

104. Community Association – Trefechan

105. Community Re-Paint

106. Community Resource Centre

107. Community Voice

108. Complete Professional Care

109. Compton Hospice

110. Congburn Nurseries

111. Cooke Computers

112. Cooke E – Learning Foundation

113. Co-op

114. Corby Boating Lake

115. Cornerstone

116. Cornwall Hospice Care

117. County Durham Furniture Help Scheme

118. Croydon animal samaritans

119. CSV Media

120. Cusworth Hall

121. CVS Furniture

122. Dan’s Den Colwyn Bay

123. Dapp UK

124. DC Cleaning

125. Deans

126. Debra

127. Demzela

128. Derbyshire Timber Scheme

129. DHL

130. Dial Intake

131. Didcot Railyway Museum

132. Disabled Childrens Services

133. Discovery Community Cafe

134. Dogs Trust Glasgow

135. Dogsthorpe Recycling Centre

136. Doncaster College

137. Doncaster Community Centre

138. Dorothy House Hospice

139. Dorset Reclaim

140. Dovehouse Hospice Shop

141. Dragon Bands

142. Durham Wildlife Trust

143. E Waste Solutions

144. Earl Mountbatten Hospice

145. East Anglia Childrens Hospice Shop

146. East Cleveland Wildlife Trust

147. East Durham Partnership

148. East Midlands Islamic Relief Project

149. East West Community Project

150. Ecclesbourne Valley Railway

151. eco Innovation Centre

152. Elleanor Lion Hospice

153. ELVON

154. Encephalitis society

155. English Landscapes

156. Enhanced Care Training

157. Enterprise UK

158. Environmental Resource Centre

159. Essex County Council

160. Extra care Charitable Trust

161. Fable

162. Family Support

163. Fara

164. Fare share Malmo Food Park

165. Featherstone Rovers

166. Fenland District Council

167. First Fruits

168. FN! Eastbourne

169. Foal Farm

170. Food Cycle

171. Fops Shop

172. forget me not childrens hospice

173. Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy

174. Fountain Abbey

175. Fox Rush Farm

176. FRADE

177. Frame


179. Fresh water christian charity

180. Friends of St Nicholas Fields

181. Furnish

182. Furniture for You

183. Furniture Project

184. FurnitureLink

185. Gateway funiture

186. Genesis Trust

187. George Thomas Hospice – Barry

188. Geranium Shop For The Blind

189. Glasgow Furniture Initative

190. Glen Street Play Provision

191. Goodwin Development Trust

192. Govanhill Baths Community Trust

193. Greenacres Animal Rescue Shop

194. Greenfingers

195. Greenscape

196. Greenstreams Huddersfield/ environmental alliance

197. Grimsby District Health care charity

198. Ground Work

199. Hadston House

200. Happy Staffie

201. Harlington Hospice

202. Hart Wildlife Rescue

203. Hartlepool Council

204. Hartlepool Hospice

205. Hartlepool Prop (Mental Health)

206. Hartlepool Trust Opening Doors

207. Hastings & Bexhill Wood Recycling Project

208. Havens Childrens Hospice Shop

209. Havering Country Park

210. headway

211. Healthy Living Centre

212. Hebburn Community Centre

213. Help the Aged

214. helping hands

215. High Beech Care Home

216. High Wycombe Central Aid

217. Hillam Nurseries

218. Hinsley Hall Headingley

219. Hobbit Hotel

220. Holmescarr Community Centre

221. Home Start

222. Homemakers

223. Hope central

224. Hospice of hope

225. Hounslow Community Transport Furniture Project

226. Hull Animal Welfare Trust Hull

227. Humanity at Heart

228. I Trust

229. Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organisation (IRMO)

230. Intraining Employers

231. Ipswich Furniture Project

232. Iranian Association

233. Islamic Relief

234. Jacabs Well Care Center

235. Jesus Army Centre

236. JHP

237. Julian House Charity Shop

238. K.T. Performing Arts

239. Kagyu Samye Dzong London

240. Keech Hospice Care Shop

241. Keighley & District Disabled

242. Kier Services – Corby

243. Kilbryde Hospice

244. Killie Can Cycle

245. Kingston Community Furniture Project

246. Kiveton Park & Wales Community Development Trust

247. LAMH

248. Leeds & Moortown Furniture Store

249. Leicester City Council

250. Leicester Riders

251. Leicester Shopmobility

252. Leicestershire Aids Support Services

253. Leicestershire Cares

254. Lifework

255. Lighthouse

256. Linacre Reservoir

257. London Borough of Havering

258. London College of Engineering & Management Woolwich

259. Longley Organised Community Association

260. Lyme Trust

261. Lynemouth Resource Centre

262. Mackworth Comm. Charity Shop

263. Making a Difference

264. Marie Curie

265. Mark2 (marc)

266. Martin House Hospice

267. Mary Stevens Hospice

268. Matalan (Founder of Matalan is a Tory donor here)

269. Matchbox

270. Matthew25 Mission

271. Mayflower Sanctuary

272. MDJ Lightbrothers

273. Meadow Well Connected

274. MEC

275. Mental Health Support

276. Midland Railway Trust

277. MIND

278. Miners Welfare community centre

279. Mistley Place Park

280. Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal Regeneration Partnership Scheme

281. Moore Cleaning

282. Morrisons

283. Muslim Aid

284. Myton Hospice

285. Nandos

286. Naomi Hospice

287. National Railway Museum

288. National Trust

289. NDDT

290. Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council

291. Necessary Furniture

292. Neighbourhood funiture

293. Neterlands Dog Rescue

294. New Life Church

295. Newham Volenteers Group

296. Newport City Council

297. Nightingale House

298. NOAH enterprise

299. North East Lincs Motor Project

300. North London Hospice Shop

301. North Ormesby Community Shop

302. Northumberland County Council

303. Norwood

304. Old Nick Theatre

305. One 0 One

306. Open Secret

307. Overgate Hospice

308. Oxfam (Tory donor here)

309. Papworth Trust

310. Partner Shop

311. Paul Sartori Warehouse

312. Paws Animal Welfare Shop


314. Pegswood Community Centre

315. Pennywell Community Association

316. Peterborough Streets

317. Pheonix Community Furniture

318. Pilgrim Hospice

319. Placement Furniture Project

320. Platform 51 Doncaster Womens Centre

321. Playworks

322. Plymouth Food Bank

323. Plymouth Play Association

324. Plymouth Volunteer Centre

325. Pound stretcher

326. POW Shop

327. Powys Animal Welfare Shop

328. PPE Paving

329. Preen Community Interest Company

330. Primrose


332. Prince of Wales Sherburn in elmet

333. Princess Trust

334. Queen Elizabeth Foundation

335. Queens Walk Community

336. Queensland Multi-Media Arts Centre

337. Rainbow Centre

338. Rainbows End Burngreave

339. Real Time Music

340. Recycling unlimited

341. Red Cross

342. Refurnish

343. Regenerate Community Enterprise

344. Remploy

345. Restore

346. Rhyl Adventure Playground Association

347. Right Time Foundation

348. RNID

349. Rochford Council

350. Rosalie Ryrie Foundation

351. Rosliston Foresty

352. Royal Society for Blind.

353. Royal Wotton Bassett Town Council

354. RSPB

355. RSPCA

356. Rudenotto

357. Rudyard Lake

358. S & S Services

359. Saffcare

360. Sainsburys

361. Salvation Army

362. Santosh Community Centre

363. Sara

364. Save the children (Tory donor here and here)

365. Savera Resource Centre

366. Scallywags

367. Scarborough Council

368. SCD Fabrications

369. School of English Studies

370. Scope

371. Scottish Cancer Support

372. Scottish International Relief

373. Scunthorpe Central Community Centre

374. Seagull Recycling

375. Seahouses Development Trust

376. Second Chance

377. Second Opportunities

378. Sedgemoor Furniture Store

379. Sense

380. Sesku Acadamy Centre

381. Shaw Trust

382. Sheffield Reclamation Ltd – Reclaim

383. Shelter

384. Shooting Stars

385. Shopmobility & Community Transport – Access

386. Slough Furniture Project

387. Smythe

388. Sneyd Green

389. Somali Community Parents Association

390. Somerfields

391. Somerset Wood Re-Cycling

392. South Ayrshire Council

393. South Bucks Hospice Warehouse

394. South Wales Boarders Museum

395. Southend United Football Club

396. Spaghetti House

397. Spitafields Crypt Trust

398. Splash fit

399. St Barnabas

400. St Catherines Hospice Trading

401. St Chads Community Centre

402. St Clare’s Hospice

403. St Davids Foundation

404. St Elizabeth Hospice Charity Shop

405. St Francis Hospice Shops Ltd

406. St Gemma’s Hospice

407. St Georges Crypt

408. St Giles

409. St Helens House

410. St Hughs Community Centre

411. St Lukes Hospice

412. St Margarets Hospice Scotland

413. St Oswald’s Hospice

414. St Peters Church

415. St Peters Hospice

416. St Raphaels hospice

417. St Vincents

418. St. Catherines Hospice

419. St.Theresa’s Charity Shop

420. Stages Café

421. Stannah Stair Lifts

422. Stef’s Farm (Education Farm)

423. Step Forward

424. Stocking Farm Healthy Living Centre ( Sure Start)

425. Stockton Council

426. Stone Pillow


428. Strood Community Project

429. Strut Lincoln

430. Sudbury Town Council

431. Sue Ryder

432. Sunderland Community Furniture

433. Sunderland North Community Business Centre

434. Superdrug

435. Swindon 105.5

436. Sycamore Lodge

437. sydney bridge furniture shop

438. Sypha

439. T&M Kiddy’s Kingdom

440. Tara Handicrafts

441. Teamwork

442. Teesside Hospice

443. Tendring Furniture Scheme

444. Tendring Reuse & Employment Enterprise

445. Tenovus

446. Tesco (Tory donor here)

447. Thames Hospicecare

448. Thames Valley Hospice

449. Thanet District Council

450. The Ark Shop

451. The Art Organisation

452. The Charity Shop

453. The Childrens Society

454. The Childrens trust

455. The Crossing

456. The Good Neighbour Project

457. The Greenhouse

458. The Harrow Club

459. The Hinge Centre Ltd

460. The Isabella Community Centre

461. The Island Partnership

462. The Kiln Cafe

463. The learning community

464. The Linskill Centre

465. The Listening Company

466. The Octagon Centre Hull

467. The Old Manor House Riding Stables

468. The Princess Alice Hospice

469. The Range

470. The Reuse Centre

471. The Rising Sun Art Centre

472. The Rock Foundation Ice House

473. The Shores Centre

474. The Spurriergate Centre

475. The Undercliffe cemetary charity

476. The Vine Project

477. The Welcoming Project

478. The Woodworks (Genesis Trust)

479. Think 3E,

480. Thirsk Clock

481. Thurrock Council

482. Thurrock Reuse Partnership (TRUP)

483. TLC (founded by Lord Popat)

484. TooGoodtoWaste

485. Top Draw

486. Traid

487. Trinity Furniture Store

488. Troed Y Rhiw Day Project

489. True Volunteer Foundation

490. Tukes

491. Twice as Nice Furniture Project

492. Twirls and Curls

493. Ty Hafan

494. Tylorstown Communities First

495. United Churches Healing Ministry

496. United Play Day Centre

497. Unity in the Community

498. UNMAH

499. Untapped Resource

500. Urban Recycling

501. Vale of Aylesbury Vineyard Church Project

502. Vista Blind

503. Walpole Water Gardens

504. Walsall Hospice

505. Wandsworth Oasis trading Company Limited

506. Wat Tyler Centre

507. WEC

508. Weldmar

509. Well Cafe

510. Wellgate Community Farm

511. Wellingborough District Hindu Centre

512. Western Mill Cemetary

513. WH Smith

514. Wheelbase

515. Whitby Council

516. Wildlife Trust

517. Wilkinsons

518. Willen Care Furniture Shop

519. Willington Community Resource Centre

520. Windhill Furniture Store Shipley

521. Woking Community Furniture Project

522. Womens Aid

523. Womens Centre

524. Woodlands Camp

525. Worsbrough Mill & County Park

526. Xgames

527. YMCA

528. York Archaeological Trust

529. York Bike Rescue

530. York Carers centre

531. Yorkshire Trust

532. Yozz Yard

533. Zest

534. Zues Gym

Tory Donors the full list February 2014

Tory Donors the full list

Tory Donors the full list

In name order (6 field version):

Largest donor descending order (6 field version):

You will notice the highest amount comes from the House of Commons Fees Office.  This money is known as ‘short money’ and is paid to the opposition parties for the purposes of research during their parliamentary business.  More details about ‘short money’ here:

Largest donor descending order (3 field version):

Tory Donor Total donated Source
House of Commons Fees Office £22,479,448.82
National Conservative Draws Society £5,129,905.43
Bearwood Corporate Services Ltd £5,100,115.86
Michael Farmer £4,586,258.42
David Rowland £4,275,486.52
IPGL Ltd £3,811,817.89
Lord Irvine Laidlaw £3,008,582.20
International Motors Ltd £2,626,901.04
The Electoral Commission £2,609,757.99
Stanley Fink £2,476,507.26
House of Lords Fees Office £2,341,928.37
JCB Research £2,200,386.26
Scottish Business Groups Focus on Scotland £2,036,000.00
Mark J C Bamford £2,004,999.00
Leonard Steinberg £1,462,335.47
David Whelan £1,400,000.00
Michael Hintze £1,329,150.00
Department of Finance and Administration £1,280,228.08
Lord John Sainsbury £1,256,500.00
Midlands Industrial Council £1,202,260.87
IM Properties PLC £1,154,824.08
House of Commons £1,153,980.56
Abbey Business Centres Ltd £1,140,387.10
Flowidea Ltd £1,115,314.39
Harris Ventures Ltd £1,102,698.62
Michael Bishop £1,040,000.00
Peter A Cruddas £1,022,795.66
Malcolm Scott £903,465.80
George M Magan £811,217.64
Corporate Policy Unit £784,016.60
Rosa Haden £711,435.28
Thomas R Scott £708,320.00
Alexander A Fraser £667,888.80
Roger Gabb £651,850.00
John S Wheeler £629,800.00
Peter R Harrison £628,745.20
Rainham Steel Co Ltd £601,200.00
Paul Ruddock £600,098.42
Direct Instructions £596,573.75
IIR Ltd £594,220.89
Paul A Beecroft £593,076.00
Jonathan Wood £585,000.00
May Makhzoumi £558,000.00
Tom Cowie £553,500.00
William Cook Ltd £553,379.73
Ian R Taylor £551,325.00
Maurice Bennett £550,100.00
FIL Investment Management Limited £548,200.00
PwC LLP £545,697.68
Ann R Said £540,950.00
Philip Wilson (Grain) Ltd £539,300.00
Diana Van Neivelt Price £537,000.00
Queen’s Counsel £536,477.50
Lycamobile UK Ltd £536,292.00
Euro RSCG London Ltd £534,892.27
MMC Group £525,978.31
Michael Freeman £525,400.00
Peter J Hall £515,540.00
David Ord Ltd £513,320.00
KPMG £512,027.25
Hugh Sloane £508,500.00
Mr David J Rowland £506,448.00
John Cook £506,307.06
James Lyle £500,000.00
Mr Alexander A Fraser £500,000.00
Anthony N Bickford £488,770.00
Lord Philip Harris £488,409.04
Hans Rausing £487,500.00
The Association of Conservative Clubs Ltd £475,470.15
Susan Anstey £474,830.00
Kenneth W Richards £452,512.70
Ruth Beardmore £441,419.88
Andrew E Law £440,250.00
Hani Farsi £437,244.96
United and Cecil Club £435,160.00
Cringle Corporation Ltd £433,866.04
James R Lupton £423,599.00
John L Beckwith £420,996.45
Joan L B Edwards £420,576.00
Simon Robertson £420,000.00
Helen L Muir £414,566.09
Evercore Pan‐Asset Capital Management Ltd £413,738.28
Jeffrey Whalley £409,750.00
Jeremy J Hosking £409,100.00
William Cook Holdings Ltd £401,669.43
Christopher Rokos £400,850.00
Fidelity Investment Management £395,000.00
Mark C Samworth £395,000.00
Gloucester Research Ltd £391,249.00
Simon Wolfson £383,350.00
Barbara Yerolemou £382,000.00
Martyn Arbib £380,831.88
George E Robinson £379,000.00
Jersey House Developments Ltd £378,305.42
David J Coldman £378,250.00
Anthony H Reeves £377,012.00
Shore Capital Group Plc £376,760.10
Investors in Private Capital Ltd £374,900.00
Alan J Lewis £374,106.20
Zac Goldsmith £373,778.14
The Winter Ball £365,271.00
Broadland Properties Ltd £365,000.00
Jean I Parmer £357,951.33
Intercapital Private Group Ltd £350,000.00
Carlton Club Political Committee £345,635.00
Neil Record £344,050.00
Andrew Brannon £335,500.00
Somerset Capital Management LLP £333,718.50
Deloitte LLP £329,145.18
Bestway Cash and Carry Ltd £325,801.55
The Spring Lunch £319,800.00
Mr Michael S Farmer £318,468.42
Abduladem El Mayet £318,000.00
Philip K Gibbs £313,360.00
Michael E Slade £312,004.50
Michael Davis £311,000.00
Richard S Sharp £310,590.00
Ramez F Sousou £304,200.00
Phoenix Life Holdings Limited and Pearl Group Holdings (No.2) Limited £304,173.00
Terence Cole £301,482.21
Roderick Fleming £299,000.00
Mr Christopher Rokos £297,000.00
David Harding £293,764.98
Henry Keswick £292,000.00
Kenneth J Costa £291,495.00
Leonard J Nike £285,922.50
James Stewart £285,805.00
Ivor Braka Ltd £285,000.00
Thomas F Harrison £281,917.52
Janes Solicitors £281,681.73
Jonathan P Moulton £278,600.00
A.B. Produce PLC £275,426.96
Dolar Popat £274,400.00
Raymond L Kent £273,596.37
David Ross £273,298.48
Wates Group Services Ltd £265,000.00
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP £264,340.00
John A Frieda £262,012.00
Allen Jackson £261,550.00
Robert Fleming £261,500.00
Addison Lee Plc £254,045.58
Alexander Knaster £250,000.00
David Allen £250,000.00
Gallagher UK Ltd £250,000.00
MECM Ltd £250,000.00
Mr James R Lupton £250,000.00
Tiziana Cantoni £250,000.00
Jeremy M Isaacs £248,000.00
Nike Land Securities Ltd £247,000.00
Mr Stanley Fink £243,600.00
Aegis Tax LLP £243,500.00
Marit M Rausing £243,500.00
Vivian Imerman £241,730.00
Fares Fares £239,000.00
Roderick H Brooks £237,811.00
Mr Andrew Law £237,030.00
Mahomed A Galadari £236,440.00
Tory Donor Total donated Source
Carl Pickford Advertising Ltd £236,400.00
CC Property Company Ltd £233,500.00
Christofferson, Robb & Company (UK) LLP £229,917.79
Michael Spencer £227,580.59
John Hall £226,335.70
Alexander Hesketh £225,429.17
Roger Nagioff £225,000.00
Ayman Asfari £224,950.00
David Instance £222,644.20
Reed Smith LLP £222,423.58
Robin C Odey £222,000.00
Holly Bellingham £221,200.00
Ryan J Robson £220,969.73
Gary Lydiate £219,270.00
Michael J Peagram £219,180.00
Michael J Stone £218,000.00
J&H Sales (International) Limited £217,920.00
Christopher J Rea £212,000.00
Mr Paul A Beecroft £209,800.00
Patrick Nahon‐Fauchier £207,500.00
Richard Boggis‐Rolfe £207,500.00
Carlton Political Dinners £206,000.00
Jonathan P Marland £202,745.00
Neil M Ostrer £200,000.00
David C Ord £197,314.00
Prestonpans Trading Ltd £196,680.00
Tompkins UK Ltd £196,400.00
George M Hollingbery £195,901.94
Andrew Scott £194,345.00
Bloomberg Tradebook Europe Ltd £193,350.00
James Tyler £192,059.13
David St George £190,403.00
Serena Rothschild £190,000.00
Timpson Ltd £186,339.69
Simmons & Simmons LLP £184,418.75
John B Singer £184,303.38
Thelma EM Ashby £181,342.19
Geoffrey C Lawson £180,000.00
East Peckham Partnership £176,544.76
Mr Ayman Asfari £175,850.00
Oceanic Jewellers Ltd £175,555.00
Mark Tyndall £175,000.00
Norbrook Laboratories GB Ltd £175,000.00
Richard Harpin £175,000.00
Christopher Ingram £174,050.00
BSN Capital Partners Ltd £172,000.00
Tamares Real Estate Investments (UK) Ltd £171,805.00
Intrepid Capital Partners £169,986.00
Edward Atkin £169,600.00
Richard Caring £168,993.82
Offshore Group Newcastle Limited £168,420.00
Julian D Schild £168,384.32
Christopher C Harborne £166,400.00
Abdul‐Majid Jafar £165,000.00
Andrew H Scott £164,332.00
Elizabeth Jackson £162,500.00
Zaiwalla & Co £162,200.00
GR Software and Research Ltd £161,856.32
Jeremy B Asher £160,800.00
Robert J Madejski £160,125.00
Carolyn Ward £159,492.38
Edwin D Healey £159,200.00
James D Thomas £158,600.00
Britt A Shaw £158,550.00
William H Salomon £157,282.00
James S Thomas £155,145.00
David L Mayhew £155,000.00
CQS Management Ltd £154,685.67
Edmund G Truell £154,000.00
William D Lyons £153,000.00
David Mowat £152,962.29
Crombie Concessions Ltd £152,736.84
Molyneux Management Services Ltd £152,500.00
Fred A R Packard £151,200.00
Matthew R Ferrey £151,000.00
Unknown ‐ Barrister £150,718.50
Edwina A Herrmann £150,450.00
Catharine Lagrange £150,000.00
Flexible Securities Ltd £150,000.00
Frederick W Catlin £150,000.00
Harilela Hotels (UK) Ltd £150,000.00
Juniper Property Finance Company Ltd £150,000.00
Lizon Properties Ltd £150,000.00
Mr Edwin D Healey £150,000.00
Oliver Wyman Limited £150,000.00
Richard Macaire £150,000.00
David B Monaghan £148,000.00
Caroline Nash £147,500.00
AEGIS Defence Services Ltd £145,461.49
Multitone Electronics Plc £145,000.00
Patrick R Evershed £143,831.20
Xuelin Black £141,812.00
Residential Land Holdings Ltd £139,500.00
Caledonia Investments PLC £138,000.00
Edward A Sells £137,500.00
Michael Batt £137,500.00
William Ainscough £137,450.00
Dominic Shorthouse £137,000.00
Michael Alen‐Buckley £137,000.00
Garstangs £135,991.00
Kenneth M Sisley £135,000.00
Theodore Agnew £134,000.00
Panther Securities PLC £133,500.00
Donald J Lewin £132,500.00
Sussex Research Ltd £132,500.00
Sun Mark Ltd £132,325.78
Sun Mark Ltd £132,325.78
Realreed Limited £130,227.01
The Funding Corporation Group Ltd £130,000.00
William P Richards £130,000.00
Boston Consultancy Group Ltd £129,411.12
Chaim P Zabludowicz £129,300.00
Albert Buildings Ltd, Central Chambers £128,624.82
Stephen P Morant £128,000.00
The Cayzer Trust Company Ltd £127,500.00
George R Pinto £127,202.43
Nicholas D Jenkins £127,000.00
CVS Management £126,500.00
Ronald Dennis £126,200.00
Richard Q Hoare £126,000.00
Aggregate Industries UK Ltd £125,000.00
David Cameron Campaign Centre £125,000.00
Naguib Kheraj £124,500.00
Mr Georg Von Opel £123,180.00
Rich Investments Ltd £123,130.23
The Peters Fraser and Dunlop Group Limited £121,118.80
Ranbir S Suri £120,180.00
Jitesh Gadhia £120,000.00
Mr David J Coldman £120,000.00
Woburn Energy Plc £119,989.32
Arbuthnot Banking Group Plc £119,903.00
Michael P Aiken £119,750.00
United & Cecil Club £119,061.26
Jonathan C Chenevix‐Trench £118,500.00
AEGIS Defence Services Limited £117,666.63
Mr Alexander Temerko £117,500.00
Charles F Wigoder £116,900.00
Robert D Calrow £116,090.75
Investcorp International £114,742.00
Lisbet Rausing £113,500.00
Michael J Hollingbery £113,000.00
Conservative Councillors Association £112,750.19
Nicholas A Clarke £112,600.00
Mark Foster‐Brown £112,500.00
Charles Caminada £112,064.00
June M West £111,753.12
Emanuel W Davidson £111,750.00
Mary Cross £111,599.34
Barbara Clark £110,533.02
Norman Freed £110,500.00
David J Royds £110,000.00
Dennis Keech £110,000.00
Hugo Robin Rittson Thomas £110,000.00
Philip H Gwyn £110,000.00
Gordon Phillips £109,700.00
Edward Wray £109,600.00
Mr Andrew Brannon £109,236.08
Tory Donor Total donated Source
Michael S Bradfield £109,000.00
Mark Weinberg £108,750.00
Camberford Law Plc £108,240.00
Christopher G French £108,000.00
Christopher R Brooke £108,000.00
GFI Holdings Ltd £108,000.00
Jane G Hetherington £108,000.00
Jonathan Goodwin £108,000.00
Christopher Gent £107,500.00
Anna C Hobhouse £107,400.00
Ernest R. Travis £106,945.88
Henfield Lodge Aviation Ltd £106,922.11
Emma Pilkington £106,366.66
Herbert D Ellis £106,000.00
TMO Renewables Limited £105,087.30
TMO Renewables Limited £105,087.30
Trenchant Ltd £105,060.00
James Hay £105,000.00
Michael Clare £105,000.00
Selfridges Retail Ltd £105,000.00
Tattersalls Ltd £104,950.00
Western United Investments Co Ltd £104,717.10
Ernest Neathercott £104,568.39
Motion Picture Licensing Co Ltd £103,988.46
Adrian M Pitts £103,418.00
Magna Carta Club £102,500.00
Vincos Limited £102,321.92
SThree £102,083.45
SThree £102,083.45
Jacksons Bournemouth Ltd £102,000.00
Lucy C Cady £102,000.00
Babyway International Limited £101,600.00
Westfield Shoppingtowns Ltd £101,270.00
Fresh Start £100,606.68
World Economic Forum £100,396.72
Killik & Co LLP £100,120.63
Adam Fleming £100,000.00
Andrew M Stewart £100,000.00
CMC Markets UK Plc £100,000.00
Clerville Investment Management LLP £100,000.00
Delancey Real Estate Asset Management Ltd £100,000.00
Drillgreat Ltd £100,000.00
EFP Capital LLP £100,000.00
Elizabeth Tchenguiz £100,000.00
Future Pipe Ltd £100,000.00
John D Spurling £100,000.00
John E Dodd £100,000.00
Julian Richer £100,000.00
Leon Litchfield £100,000.00
Lewis Chester £100,000.00
Malcolm Offord £100,000.00
Markland Holdings Ltd £100,000.00
Mr Alexander Knaster £100,000.00
Mr David W Harding £100,000.00
Mr John Hall £100,000.00
Mr Peter Wood £100,000.00
Ms Lesley Jackson £100,000.00
Peter M Steward £100,000.00
Philip Fleming £100,000.00
Reginald A Miller £100,000.00
Rory David Fleming £100,000.00
Rupert Oliver Rittson Thomas £100,000.00
Sir Martyn Arbib £100,000.00
Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd £100,000.00
Venson Automotive Solutions Ltd £100,000.00
Walter L Hannay £100,000.00
Whittington Investments Ltd £100,000.00
Deloitte & Touche LLP £99,102.64
Windsor Partners Ltd £99,000.00
Stalbury Trustees £98,978.82
AFC Energy PLC £98,470.00
The Halcyon Gallery £98,000.00
North West Norfolk Patrons Club £97,211.79
The Earlswood Conservative Hall Trustees £97,035.78
Andrew Cook £96,100.00
Microsoft Ltd, Microsoft Campus £95,544.26
Nigel G McNair‐Scott £95,285.45
Graham Clempson £95,000.00
Europe Arab Bank £94,863.48
Mr Alan J Lewis £94,568.50
Hugh Osmond £94,000.00
SJ Berwin LLP £93,411.00
LBI Ltd £93,001.00
Keith Bradshaw £93,000.00
Gerard Griffin £92,976.00
Andrew C Green £92,000.00
Conservative Friends of Israel £91,892.19
Conservative Friends of Israel £91,892.19
New Century Media Ltd £91,800.00
Jayroma (London) Ltd £91,650.00
Mark J Page £91,500.00
Chester and County Unionist Buildings Ltd £91,000.00
Cains Advocates Limited £90,000.00
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation £90,000.00
Steven J Williams £90,000.00
Swanston Holdings Plc £90,000.00
Richard Oldfield £89,750.00
Lousada Plc £88,500.00
Hill Dickinson LLP £88,250.00
Pierre Rolin £88,050.00
Circle Healthcare £87,500.00
Hotcourses Ltd £87,132.81
Groupe Eurotunnel SA £87,098.57
Groupe Eurotunnel SA £87,098.57
Cavendish Corporate Finance £86,794.50
Andreas Heeschen £86,643.68
John D Guest £86,300.00
Noble Foods Ltd £85,876.72
AB produce PLC £85,503.00
Dunalastair Estates £85,422.00
Concentric plc £85,403.24
Scottish Conservative Prize Draw £85,316.25
Metropolitan International School Ltd £85,000.00
The Khan Partnership £85,000.00
Roger Carlsson £84,500.00
Harris and Sheldon Group Ltd £83,500.00
Alan E Howard £83,000.00
Alchemist Estates Ltd £81,500.00
Anthony Bamford £81,249.00
Sunley Holdings Plc £81,002.00
London Diversified Fund Mangement (UK) Ltd £80,500.00
New Law Centre £80,000.00
Robert Lloyd George £80,000.00
Robert Shetler‐Jones £80,000.00
St Piran’s School £80,000.00
Stuart Mitchell £80,000.00
Universal Music Operations Ltd £80,000.00
Iain Hutchinson £79,600.00
Randox Laboratories Ltd £79,600.00
Michael J Hutchinson £78,700.00
Alan J Eisner £78,600.00
Julian Smith £77,300.00
East Surrey Business Club £77,000.00
Raymond J Franklin £77,000.00
Benjamin Goldsmith £76,500.00
Berkeley Burke (Holdings) Ltd £75,000.00
Countywide Developments Ltd £75,000.00
Cristina A Taylor £75,000.00
EIM (United Kingdom) Ltd £75,000.00
Headstock Distribution Ltd £75,000.00
Michael E Platt £75,000.00
Oliver A Hemsley £75,000.00
Simon L Keswick £75,000.00
The A & S Leisure Group Ltd £75,000.00
William Lamb Footwear Ltd £75,000.00
Tethys Petroleum £74,500.00
Fiona Bruce & Co LLP £74,132.93
Mr Charles F Wigoder £74,000.00
Candy & Candy Ltd £73,706.00
Eastern Atlantic Helicopters Ltd £73,520.87
Star Reefers UK Ltd £73,500.00
Watford Business Club £72,600.00
Clerewell Ltd £72,500.00
Scottish Parliament £72,339.19
Aggregated Micro Power Limited £72,300.00
Nicholas Finegold £72,100.00
The European Azerbaijan Society £71,740.00
Tory Donor Total donated Source
Peter Wood £71,300.00
Ivor Braka £70,968.62
Aitken Alexander Associates Limited £70,618.36
Costas Kaplanis £70,000.00
Dukehill Services Limited £70,000.00
Growth Financial Services Ltd £70,000.00
John Cotton Group Ltd £70,000.00
John T McAlpine £70,000.00
Mr John B Singer £70,000.00
The Primrose League £69,700.00
Adam Afriyie £69,398.89
Romie Tager £69,045.00
Anglo Scottish Properties £69,000.00
Johan Christofferson £68,750.00
Neville A Baxter £68,732.56
Howard D Leigh £68,602.79
Edulink Consultants £67,970.00
Edulink Consultants £67,970.00
Nicholas C Trimmatis £67,950.00
JC Bamford Excavators Ltd £67,005.32
Majlis As Shura £66,644.33
Olympic (South) Ltd £66,600.00
John T Kennedy £66,550.00
Celerant Consulting Ltd £66,500.00
Ecofin Ltd £66,500.00
Hugh Y Scott‐Barrett £66,500.00
Lord Ballyedmond £66,500.00
Charles M Rotman £66,250.00
Ayr Group Ltd £66,000.00
Mohamed I Sheikh £65,600.00
Scottish Parliament, Corporate Policy Unit £65,344.71
Philip Brown £65,191.09
Government of Mauritius (State Law Office) £65,000.00
Michael G Clare £65,000.00
Mr Edward M Lee £65,000.00
Andrew Law £64,850.00
Martyn Rose Ltd £64,816.45
M & C Saatchi PLC £64,563.50
Women2Win £64,500.00
Motcomb Estates Ltd £64,390.00
Debbie S Fiorentino £64,329.25
Aidan Heavey £64,000.00
Forewind Ltd £64,000.00
Ministry of External Affairs, India £64,000.00
Norbrook Laboratories Ltd £64,000.00
Ernst & Young LLP £63,989.08
Edmund Lazarus £63,500.00
Keltbray Ltd £63,500.00
Peter Dubens £63,500.00
John L Whiter £63,400.00
Hartley Property Trust Ltd £63,375.00
James Gaggero £63,000.00
John Robinson £63,000.00
Messrs. Aegis Tax LLP £63,000.00
Mr Matthew R Ferrey £62,900.00
Scythian Ltd £62,580.40
Keltruck Limited £62,501.20
Environmental Recycling Techologies PLC £62,500.00
Ian C Carter £62,500.00
Phillip Brown £62,491.09
Annabel’s (Berkeley Square) Ltd £62,000.00
Jeremy J Oates £62,000.00
John Ross £62,000.00
Stanley Kalms £62,000.00
Institute for Government £61,702.03
Grahame N Elliott £61,300.00
Lord Peter Chadlington £61,023.91
RLM Finsbury £61,000.00
Redhill Constitutional Club Ltd £60,783.06
Mr Gary Lydiate £60,600.63
More Fisher Brown LLP £60,500.00
Lionel Caplan £60,360.00
Jonathan Boyer £60,250.00
Bland Group Resources Ltd £60,000.00
Confederation of Passenger Transport UK £60,000.00
Dev G Dadral £60,000.00
IC Technology UK Ltd £60,000.00
Lord Peter Palumbo £60,000.00
Martin Ainscough £60,000.00
Mr Henry W Davis £60,000.00
Rajasundram Seinthan £60,000.00
Robert Brock £60,000.00
Robinbest Limited £60,000.00
Stephen L Massey £60,000.00
Terence G Bramall £60,000.00
Waterford Finance & Investment (UK) Ltd £60,000.00
Peter Shalson £59,900.00
Croydon Council Conservative Group £59,664.75
R20 Ltd £59,620.05
Mr Ian R Taylor £59,350.00
Sir Timothy Sainsbury £59,156.00
David Craigen £59,000.00
Ronald F Hobson £59,000.00
Roy Peires £59,000.00
Tethys Petroleum Limited £58,750.00
London & Regional Properties Ltd £58,000.00
William A Hobhouse £58,000.00
Malden Mitcham Properties Limited £57,936.18
Legal Aid £57,090.58
James Reuben £57,000.00
Robert Edmiston £56,217.00
Lord Peter Daresbury £56,000.00
Lesley Jackson £55,600.00
Orange Aero Ltd £55,200.00
Grand Central Railway Company Ltd £55,186.00
Carol Lazarus £55,100.00
Anthony Buckingham £55,000.00
First Corporate Consultants Ltd £55,000.00
Wellgold LLP £55,000.00
Windsor Services ltd £55,000.00
Hampden Insurance Holdings £54,600.00
IDOX plc £54,463.62
Andrew Reid £54,225.00
London Secure Services Ltd £54,158.00
Mr Neville A Baxter £53,500.00
Brian Kingham £53,050.00
Descent International Ltd £52,800.00
Government of the United Arab Emirates £52,500.00
Toby O Baxendale £52,290.00
Moorlake Properties Ltd £52,063.01
John Tilney £52,000.00
Mr Lev V Mikheev £52,000.00
Tullett Prebon Plc £51,752.71
Calum Melville £51,700.00
John Harris £51,500.00
Timothy W Sanderson £51,500.00
Ada R Cook £51,449.98
Elizabeth S Fiszman £51,000.00
Nigel Alliance £51,000.00
Scarborough Constitutional Club Co Ltd £50,500.00
Angela L James £50,000.00
Ann J Brunton £50,000.00
Anthony R Ward £50,000.00
B&S Properties (London) Ltd £50,000.00
Barnford Industries Limited £50,000.00
Barry D Diggle £50,000.00
Buckley Jewellery Ltd £50,000.00
Busyglen Ltd £50,000.00
Catherine C Baxendale £50,000.00
Classic Lodges Ltd £50,000.00
Conrad A Croal £50,000.00
Crown Leisure Ltd £50,000.00
Darren Baker Fine Arts Ltd £50,000.00
David J Lyons £50,000.00
Deans Food Group Ltd £50,000.00
Donald Gosling £50,000.00
Evans Randall Ltd £50,000.00
Exotix Ltd £50,000.00
FIL Holdings Ltd £50,000.00
Finemere Ltd £50,000.00
Geoffrey Foster‐Taylor £50,000.00
George Simon £50,000.00
Gerard Whitten‐Brown £50,000.00
Graeme Hossie £50,000.00
Graham A Leslie £50,000.00
Guy Readman £50,000.00
H M Frost £50,000.00
Tory Donor Total donated Source
Hamptonline Ltd £50,000.00
Huseyin Gun £50,000.00
Intuition Publishing Ltd £50,000.00
Jacqueline Ann Beecroft £50,000.00
James Aitken £50,000.00
James D Hanson £50,000.00
Jeremy Knight‐Adams £50,000.00
Jon Thorn £50,000.00
Julian Sinclair £50,000.00
Lev V Mikheev £50,000.00
Lewis Trust Group Ltd £50,000.00
London and Regional Properties Ltd £50,000.00
Marjorie Holt £50,000.00
Martin N Calderbank £50,000.00
Michael R Lynch £50,000.00
Moore Europe Capital Management Ltd £50,000.00
Mr Anthony Reeves £50,000.00
Mr David C Jackson £50,000.00
Mr Jeremy Isaacs £50,000.00
Mr Kevin Lomax £50,000.00
Mr Nicholas D Jenkins £50,000.00
Mr Oluwole Kolade £50,000.00
Mr Paul M Ruddock £50,000.00
Mr Ravinder S Gidar £50,000.00
Mr Yan Huo £50,000.00
Natalie Chester £50,000.00
Neil D Eckert £50,000.00
Nisham S Sidhu‐Brar £50,000.00
Northern Trust Company Ltd £50,000.00
OCI UK Ltd £50,000.00
Peter Vardy £50,000.00
R.A.G Associates Ltd £50,000.00
RAB Capital Plc £50,000.00
Rebecca Dearden £50,000.00
Richard George £50,000.00
Richard M Harris £50,000.00
Robert B Nagioff £50,000.00
Robert J Champion de Crespigny £50,000.00
Silver Cross (UK) Ltd £50,000.00
Sleepwell Hotels UK Ltd £50,000.00
Stephen J Catlin £50,000.00
Stephen M Peel £50,000.00
Tracy A Levett £50,000.00
Trust Inns ltd £50,000.00
Victoria de Rothschild £50,000.00
Weardale Estates Ltd £50,000.00
William E Allsebrook £50,000.00
William Winters £50,000.00
Nadey Hakim £49,786.88
McPartland Consulting Ltd. £49,750.00
Hilda D Harcourt £48,875.53
RTA Properties Ltd £48,700.00
ComRes £48,695.00
ComRes £48,695.00
Selina Burdell £48,500.00
The Soufan Group £47,433.50
Andrew G White £47,312.00
Ashport Ltd £47,200.00
Andrew S Perloff £47,000.00
Derek Sayer £47,000.00
Jamie Borwick £47,000.00
Wheatcroft Land Ltd £47,000.00
Gregory F Hutchings £46,600.00
House of Lords £46,527.06
Quinlan Private Capital UK £46,500.00
Gilbert T Willett £46,247.34
Crown Prosecution Service £46,065.69
Peter Rich £45,774.00
Huntsworth Plc £45,600.00
GP Surgery, Farnham Road £45,471.50
Stephen Curran £45,250.00
Nicholas Roach £45,050.00
Carole Lawson £45,000.00
Gabriella F Gadelius £45,000.00
Stephen C Knight £45,000.00
Timothy Jones £45,000.00
Conservative Middle East Council £44,898.00
Bain & Company Holdings Ltd £44,330.80
Altitude Broadcasting and Corporate Studios Ltd £44,249.00
Robin Houldsworth £44,150.00
Mr Kenneth J Costa £44,000.00
Robert Walters £43,750.00
Dow Investments Ltd £43,500.00
Eco City Vehicles £43,333.29
Eco City Vehicles £43,333.29
Project Associates Ltd £43,045.90
Exeter Constitutional Trust £43,000.00
Peter Kane £43,000.00
Alan R Reece £42,975.00
Thomas Boyd Whyte Solicitors £42,800.00
John Cotton £42,750.00
Jon P Moynihan £42,500.00
Jonathan Green £42,450.00
Thomas Cooper £42,300.00
Grant’s Solicitors LLP £42,223.67
Beresford Dental Practice Limited £42,000.00
Stewart W Newton £42,000.00
Sixty‐Six Club £41,985.70
Colin Grassie £41,500.00
Fort Vale Engineering Ltd £41,500.00
Bloomberg LP £41,304.00
Strangers Gallery £41,160.00
Quentin GC Portsmouth £40,807.40
Mr Mark J Page £40,720.00
Majlis As Shura ‐ Shura Council of Kingdom Saudi Arabia £40,674.19
Flying Lion Ltd £40,212.98
Bernard Lewis £40,000.00
Caprice Holdings Ltd £40,000.00
Castle Rising Holdings Ltd £40,000.00
Coral Samuel £40,000.00
David B Pearl £40,000.00
Douglas C Bramall £40,000.00
Eco City Vehicles plc £40,000.00
HCFI Limited £40,000.00
Joint London Holdings Ltd £40,000.00
Julian Kitchener‐Fellowes £40,000.00
Kazakhstan Kagazy plc £40,000.00
Kirkglade Ltd £40,000.00
Michael J Samuel £40,000.00
Mr Anthony Buckingham £40,000.00
Philip Mould Ltd £40,000.00
Resilient Networks Plc £40,000.00
Scottish Prize Draw £40,000.00
Venture Marketing Group Ltd £40,000.00
Alison Frost £39,801.90
Hanover Communications International Ltd £39,150.00
John R Maxted £38,000.00
Microsoft Limited £37,922.40
Mr William H Salomon £37,500.00
Professional Contractors Group £37,500.00
AC Properties (Acton) Ltd £37,000.00
KGL (Estates) Ltd £37,000.00
Montrose Associates £37,000.00
Sapinda UK Ltd £36,900.00
Citura Ltd £36,895.00
International Management Partners Ltd £36,666.63
Heather Frankham £36,400.00
WIN £36,309.17
William F Condon £36,250.00
Stanley Bird £36,201.19
Frederick Forsyth £36,000.00
Response Eco Ltd £36,000.00
North Enfield Conservative Club £35,838.00
Palmer Capital Partners Ltd £35,666.54
Smithfield Consultants Ltd £35,200.00
Britania Ltd £35,166.44
Andreas Evans £35,000.00
Aspinalls Club Ltd £35,000.00
Barnford Industries Limited £35,000.00
Career Development Finance Ltd £35,000.00
David EM Mond £35,000.00
Edward Eisler £35,000.00
James Woolf £35,000.00
Kenneth Brook‐Chrispin £35,000.00
Nicholas Allen £35,000.00
Nicholas Miles £35,000.00
RJJ Management Ltd £35,000.00
Tory Donor Total donated Source
Robin Fleming £35,000.00
Roderick M Evans £35,000.00
Scottish Conservative Prize Draw Society £35,000.00
Alan W Morgan £34,800.00
Sheena A Evershed £34,660.00
Scottish Parliament Corporate Body £34,655.86
Edward J Roberts £34,591.19
Estates UK Ltd £34,280.00
Faulkner Daniel & Cruttwell £34,071.07
The Tandridge Club £34,033.82
Business Fore £34,000.00
Emerson Developments (Holdings) Limited £34,000.00
Stuart Le Gassick £33,800.00
Richard Harrington £33,649.42
Barry Howard Homes Ltd £33,500.00
Eden Financial Limited £33,247.64
Cubitt Consulting Ltd £33,122.00
Global Strategy Ltd £33,004.35
Oaklawn Ltd £33,000.00
Tigris Financial (UK) LLP £33,000.00
Elsoms Seeds £32,978.57
London School of Commerce £32,751.00
Robert Kirkland £32,641.65
Barry F Ratcliffe £32,640.00
Somerset Capital Management Singapore PTE Ltd £32,622.16
Janet Grant £32,500.00
Amjad Chowdhary £32,400.00
Folkes Holdings Ltd £32,400.00
Ministry of External Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan) £32,400.00
BCC Marketing Services Ltd £32,000.00
Lady Victoria Borwick £32,000.00
Red Sky Vision Ltd £32,000.00
The Portcullis Club £31,750.00
The 33 Group ltd £31,655.00
Joan M Broadley £31,541.02
Christian Meissner £31,500.00
David Peacock £31,500.00
Richard E Smith £31,500.00
Jeremy Lee Associates £31,450.00
OpSec Security Group plc £31,232.00
Michael Dudley £31,200.00
Mr John T Kennedy £31,200.00
Ilchester Estates £31,000.00
Charles D Pugh £30,950.00
Christopher Moran & Co Ltd £30,860.00
Telegraph Media Group Limited £30,775.80
Lionel A Edwards £30,723.50
Simon G Kirby £30,625.55
Anne Lawley £30,500.00
Audrey Meissner £30,500.00
Mint Partners Ltd £30,500.00
The Buccleuch Estates £30,500.00
Simon A Aldridge £30,420.00
John W Leavesley £30,407.75
Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc. £30,330.72
3DM Research Ltd £30,000.00
AGCP LTD £30,000.00
Barrie O Pettman £30,000.00
Brian Reid £30,000.00
Canary Wharf PLC £30,000.00
Charles Egerton £30,000.00
Christopher J Moran £30,000.00
Edward M McCullagh £30,000.00
Ellwood and Atfield £30,000.00
Garvan O’Doherty £30,000.00
International adviser to the Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation (Japan) £30,000.00
James K Howard £30,000.00
James Townshend £30,000.00
John D Lovering £30,000.00
John R Rank £30,000.00
Knightsbridge Consulting Ltd £30,000.00
Matthew Peacock £30,000.00
Messrs. Janes, solicitors £30,000.00
Rawdon and Guiseley Conservative Club Ltd £30,000.00
Stephen L Ellis £30,000.00
Tessa Keswick £30,000.00
Trant Construction Ltd £30,000.00
William Cash & Co £30,000.00
Scottish Unionist Association Trust £29,894.22
MFB £29,825.00
Stringfellow Restaurants £29,800.00
Japan Tobacco International £29,745.70
Japan Tobacco International £29,745.70
PlayUp £29,686.20
Marina Ritossa £29,600.00
Mr Ramez Sousou £29,400.00
Alok Oberoi £29,000.00
Mr Paul J Flynn £28,845.94
Squire, Sanders & Dempsey (UK) LLP £28,750.00
Virgin Atlantic Airway Ltd £28,552.97
Mr Constantine Logothetis £28,500.00
Mark Florman £28,410.00
Robin M Birley £28,350.00
Bansols Beta Ltd £28,200.00
Sarah K Davidson £28,100.00
John Hoerner £28,048.00
Mr Robert Kilgour £28,000.00
UBS AG £28,000.00
Gatley Farms £27,960.00
Barclay Bros CS Ltd £27,894.84
Mortlock Simmonds Brown Ltd £27,800.00
Sir Richard Sutton’s Settled Estates £27,750.00
Medical Solutions Ltd £27,615.50
Attendo AB £27,605.97
Duke Andrew of Bedford £27,300.00
Chippendale Keswick £27,250.00
Nicholas Munday £27,250.00
Ms Britt A Shaw £27,200.00
Rich Estates Limited £27,200.00
Berkeley Burke and Co Ltd £27,000.00
British Institute of Technology and E‐Commerce Ltd £27,000.00
Dominic Slade £27,000.00
Jonny Elichaoff £27,000.00
Maureen P Franklin £27,000.00
Tribune Business Systems Ltd £27,000.00
Lord Robert P Iliffe £26,838.00
Holman Fenwick Willan LLP £26,775.00
China Tang London Ltd £26,600.00
Jamaica Tourist Board £26,550.00
Desmond Pitcher £26,500.00
William Purves £26,459.00
Euro RSCG Apex Communications Ltd £26,140.00
MPW Parisienne Restaurants Ltd £26,100.00
John Craven £26,084.93
Elizabeth Kaye £26,000.00
Jeffrey Management Ltd £26,000.00
Lifetime Training Group Ltd £26,000.00
The Foundation £26,000.00
Excelsior Properties £25,950.00
Ms Hilda R Worth £25,950.00
Ms Xuelin Black £25,860.00
Eggborough Power Limited £25,734.00
Steep Investments Ltd £25,416.75
Wandsworth Conservative Councillors £25,259.80
Hong Kong Government £25,075.14
Aidan CB Clegg £25,000.00
Brett Burkhart £25,000.00
Burney Realty Ltd £25,000.00
Canaccord Adams Ltd £25,000.00
Carol A Healey £25,000.00
Charles Davis £25,000.00
Countrywide Developments Ltd £25,000.00
Criterion Asset Management Ltd £25,000.00
David Hempleman‐Adams £25,000.00
Diamond Film Partnership £25,000.00
Double Eight Ltd £25,000.00
Ennismore Fund Management Ltd £25,000.00
Eric Flack £25,000.00
Esther E Lewis £25,000.00
Ewan Kirk £25,000.00
Franck R Petitgas £25,000.00
GA Pindar & Son Ltd £25,000.00
George Downing Construction Ltd £25,000.00
Gerald A Kaye £25,000.00
Guy H Weston £25,000.00
Huw Phillips £25,000.00
Ian Currie £25,000.00
Tory Donor Total donated Source
James E Gibson £25,000.00
Jeremy Drax £25,000.00
John H Ward £25,000.00
Kasim Kutay £25,000.00
Katherine Harpin £25,000.00
LEK Advisory Board. Consulting LLP £25,000.00
Mae Hall £25,000.00
Mark Williams £25,000.00
Marwyn Capital LLP £25,000.00
Mastcraft Ltd £25,000.00
Matthew Orr £25,000.00
Maureen A Zakaria £25,000.00
Michael Stubbs £25,000.00
Mr Abdul‐Majid Jafar £25,000.00
Mr James E Diner £25,000.00
Mr Michael J Wade £25,000.00
Nicholas Allan £25,000.00
Nicholas Oppenheimer £25,000.00
Oluwole Kolade £25,000.00
Paul McKenna £25,000.00
Peter Hambro Ltd £25,000.00
Qais E Zakaria £25,000.00
S Wernick & Sons (Holdings) Ltd £25,000.00
Simon Crane £25,000.00
Simon J Thomas £25,000.00
Thomas Hall £25,000.00
Tim Hoare £25,000.00
Topland Group Plc £25,000.00
Vera Weisfeld £25,000.00
W.H.Smith and Sons (Tools) Ltd £25,000.00
Walsham Brothers & Co £25,000.00
Warburtons Ltd £25,000.00
Wellesley Capital Investment Ltd £25,000.00
Wellington Pub Company £25,000.00
Winton Capital Management Ltd £25,000.00
Basil Shiblaq £24,910.00
Andrew Bridgen £24,850.00
David C Samworth £24,850.00
Guy Monson £24,800.00
Legislative Leadership Institute £24,760.55
Ebullio Capital Management LLP £24,700.00
Mr John Harris £24,700.00
Keith Brown £24,595.00
Paul Martin & Co £24,541.58
Simon Turner £24,500.00
Ipsos MORI £24,350.00
Ipsos MORI £24,350.00
Headline Publishing £24,300.00
Edward M Lee £24,200.00
The Triarius Foundation £24,170.00
Association of Welding Distribution £24,000.00
Fox Pitt Kelton Ltd £24,000.00
Ms Anna C Hobhouse £24,000.00
Patricia M Hobson £24,000.00
Mr Robert J Madejski £23,750.00
Rathbone Brothers Plc £23,750.00
Lord Brecon Bequest Fund £23,695.42
Sita Holdings UK Ltd £23,650.00
Leon Schaller £23,529.00
Emmanuel Roman £23,500.00
Holding and Barnes plc £23,500.00
Piccadilly Greetings Cards £23,350.00
South Derbyshire Conservative Councillors Group £23,200.00
Audrey M Wilson £23,000.00
Charlotte Townshend £23,000.00
GCH Capital Ltd £23,000.00
Giles Pritchard‐Gordon £23,000.00
Kerr Mcgee Oil UK Plc £23,000.00
Midland Chilled Foods Ltd £23,000.00
Terence C Mordaunt £23,000.00
Toyota GB plc £23,000.00
Senior Adviser, MMC Group £22,991.91
Janet R Skinner £22,956.30
DCD Properties Ltd £22,500.00
Eviivo Ltd £22,500.00
Graham Smith £22,500.00
InterMarine Offshore Services £22,500.00
William R Moores £22,500.00
Financial Times £22,438.48
CARE £22,250.00
Bell Pottinger Communications Ltd £22,100.00
Ms Sheena A Evershed £22,090.00
Allen J Sheppard £22,000.00
Audio Network plc £22,000.00
Audio Network plc £22,000.00
Ian Wood £22,000.00
Mr Joshua Critchley £22,000.00
Sandhya Popat £22,000.00
MSG Commercial Ltd £21,989.00
Kinmont Ltd £21,800.00
Paul O’Grady £21,800.00
William J Ives £21,775.00
Charles G Leach £21,500.00
Techtest Ltd £21,500.00
Vincent Tchenguiz £21,500.00
Janet G McCurrie £21,225.00
Horsham Parliamentary Dining Club £21,163.50
Kenneth A Carter £21,046.29
Gerald H Wakefield £21,000.00
Government of the UAE £21,000.00
Jeremy Hanley £21,000.00
Lisa Valk £21,000.00
London and Bath Estates Group Ltd £21,000.00
Maurice Saatchi £21,000.00
McDowell’s Development Company Limited £21,000.00
McDowell’s Development Company Limited £21,000.00
Paul Judge £21,000.00
David Reid Scott £20,995.63
Ranjit S Baxi £20,800.00
Hugh E Osmond £20,700.00
Associated Newspapers Limited £20,680.00
James M Shepherd‐Cross £20,600.00
Jeremy J Lefroy £20,586.50
James Sharp & Co £20,500.00
Prima Hotels Ltd £20,500.00
Stephen A Rumsey £20,500.00
Stephen Holland £20,500.00
Ministry of Justice £20,459.23
Woodlands Schools £20,424.97
Selim E Shah £20,383.00
Kenneth G Melling £20,350.00
Stephen Howard £20,320.00
Christo E Cleanthi £20,220.00
Mr Stephen Howard £20,160.00
Mail on Sunday £20,150.00
Mail on Sunday £20,150.00
Nicholas Howard £20,038.00
Amanda Pullinger £20,000.00
Anthony Endfield £20,000.00
Anthony Gallagher £20,000.00
Anthony P Schlesinger £20,000.00
Bernard J Taylor £20,000.00
Bolton Aerospace Ltd £20,000.00
Brian A Ashby £20,000.00
Caroline M Joy £20,000.00
Christopher Sharples £20,000.00
Dashwood Finance Co Ltd £20,000.00
First Belgravia Properties Ltd £20,000.00
George E Cockram £20,000.00
JCB Research Ltd £20,000.00
James A Robson £20,000.00
James D Slater £20,000.00
John W Newman £20,000.00
Jonathan E Lyons £20,000.00
Keltbray Group (Holdings) Ltd £20,000.00
Lavinia N Wallop £20,000.00
Leslie Lavy £20,000.00
Libra Textiles Limited £20,000.00
Lord Blyth of Rowington £20,000.00
Lord Geoffrey Borwick £20,000.00
Maher Ltd £20,000.00
Michael Lewis £20,000.00
Mr Guy Monson £20,000.00
Mr John L Whiter £20,000.00
Mr Michael J Hutchinson £20,000.00
Mr Neville S Baker £20,000.00
Tory Donor Total donated Source
Mr Richard J Cripps £20,000.00
Mr Richard J Oldfield £20,000.00
Mr Robert D Calrow £20,000.00
Ms Coral Samuel £20,000.00
Neil L Grant £20,000.00
Newship Ltd £20,000.00
No1 Currency Ltd £20,000.00
Odey Asset Management Group Limited £20,000.00
Panagiotis Lemos £20,000.00
Patrick J Kennedy £20,000.00
Patron Capital Ltd £20,000.00
Philip H Scott £20,000.00
Private World Ltd £20,000.00
RAB Capital Limited £20,000.00
Richard L Matthewman £20,000.00
Skipton Properties Ltd £20,000.00
Stuart Lipton £20,000.00
Team Origin LLP £20,000.00
Tennants of Yorkshire Antique & Fine Art Auctioneers Ltd £20,000.00
The Harrodian School Ltd £20,000.00
Treasury Holdings (UK) Ltd £20,000.00
Unex Construction Ltd £20,000.00
James Blyth £19,950.00
Jenny Ellis £19,900.00
EUK Consulting Ltd £19,850.00
Eden Research PLC £19,834.00
FIL Investment Management Ltd £19,800.00
The Oak Ball £19,775.00
Arnold Estates Ltd £19,709.95
Project Associates UK Ltd £19,637.70
David Peake £19,600.00
Mr Edward Atkin £19,600.00
Middlesex University Business School £19,573.12
William J Edwards £19,300.00
Seamark PLC £19,250.00
Travers Smith LLP £19,250.00
The CCA £19,200.00
Michael Jackson £19,100.00
Kettering Conservative Club £19,075.00
Brian AF Smith £19,050.00
Alan Bekhor £19,000.00
English Welsh & Scottish Railways Ltd £19,000.00
Matthew Allen £19,000.00
The Winston Churchill Dining Club £19,000.00
Valma Grady £19,000.00
Drones Ltd £18,900.00
Mr Howard Leigh £18,800.00
Kurdistan Regional Parliament of Iraq £18,795.00
Kurdistan Regional Parliament of Iraq £18,795.00
United Jewish Appeal, Ottawa & Toronto £18,763.99
Frank E Gilman £18,750.00
Isle of Wight Conservative Cllr Group £18,693.00
Richard Fuller £18,669.56
Conservative Group Dacorum Borough Council £18,624.00
David Tang £18,612.00
Susanna Peake £18,600.00
Social Investment Business £18,591.00
Access Industries (UK) Ltd £18,500.00
Arunasalam Yogeswaran £18,481.70
Chairman of the UK subsidiary companies of Phoenix Life Holdings Limited and Pearl Grou £18,334.00
Pheonix Life Holdings Limited £18,334.00
Lynn A Wilson £18,250.00
Peter D Nagle £18,250.00
Henry C Lawson £18,123.10
Pietas Ltd £18,082.50
Caravan Club £18,000.00
Carling Associates Ltd £18,000.00
Jan J Stanek £18,000.00
Michael A Hockin £18,000.00
Mohammed A Pervez £18,000.00
Nigel Blackwell £18,000.00
Olive Group £18,000.00
Randalls of Uxbridge £18,000.00
Richard Broyd £18,000.00
Sach Solicitors £18,000.00
Torex Retail Plc £18,000.00
Vistajet International Ltd £18,000.00
Peter W Harris £17,918.75
Mrs Tessa Hartmann £17,900.00
Bendles Solicitors £17,890.00
Chelmsford Conservative Councillor Group £17,800.00
Vladimijr Attard £17,786.38
Jonathan Pegg Literary Agency £17,775.58
Maritime Orient and Neareast Agency Ltd £17,762.57
Clare E Freeman £17,500.00
Lars Windhorst £17,500.00
McPartland Consulting Ltd £17,500.00
Mutchmeats Limited £17,500.00
Peter J Perowne £17,500.00
The 1900 Club £17,500.00
Charlie CB Elphicke £17,472.85
Marginal Magic Club £17,405.20
McGrigors £17,362.50
Daily Mail £17,350.00
Mr Arthur C Tomkins £17,200.00
Mr George E Robinson £17,200.00
Mr Peter Kane £17,200.00
Ms Rowena Mary Vrijland £17,200.00
Alexander Inglis and Son Ltd £17,000.00
Christopher J Saunders £17,000.00
General Commercial Agencies Ltd £17,000.00
HCA International Ltd £17,000.00
Jewelite Trading Ltd £17,000.00
John R Wilkinson £17,000.00
Morgan Brookes Plc £17,000.00
Pearse Mee £17,000.00
Phillips de Pury and Company Ltd £17,000.00
Susan Geddes £17,000.00
Printhouse Corporation £16,950.00
Grant Shapps £16,930.00
Emma Enderby £16,900.00
IVS Group LTD £16,800.00
Biggleswade Conservative Club £16,637.60
Falkland Islands Government £16,632.14
Bloomsbury KG Limited and Bloomsbury Home Care Limited £16,611.48
Marjorie G Knights £16,576.99
BG Partners £16,500.00
Sofra International Limited £16,480.00
Quercus Editions Limited £16,400.00
Mr Cornelius Medvei £16,233.16
Great Britain China Centre £16,120.00
Ivan D Ould £16,051.00
CH2M Hill Services Ltd £16,000.00
Christopher P Baldwin £16,000.00
Edmund Vestey £16,000.00
Joyce E Davey £16,000.00
Kensington Development £16,000.00
Paul G Killik £16,000.00
Moundsley Hall Nursing Home Ltd £15,975.00
Tim Oliver £15,940.00
Dolphin Head Group Holdings Plc £15,776.75
G E Sturdy & Son £15,772.35
Chelwood Club £15,750.00
Richard M Wingfield £15,750.00
Advisor to Technology Investments Group of Investcorp International. Address £15,625.00
Jan Telensky £15,625.00
Technology Group of Investcorp International £15,625.00
Technology Investments Group of Investcorp International £15,625.00
Olive Binning £15,600.00
Simon RM Baynes £15,535.00
MediaCorps Canada £15,532.77
Annabel Goldsmith £15,500.00
David E Johnson £15,500.00
Esther M Tager £15,500.00
George F Burne £15,500.00
Ian Armitage £15,500.00
Trudie Styler £15,500.00
Grahame Berkeley £15,338.28
Peter G Bedson £15,332.78
Neil Osborn £15,250.00
Petra Horvat £15,250.00
Ferro Alloys Corporation Limited £15,234.00
Matt Roberts Ltd £15,225.00
Kettering Borough Council £15,224.12
Carlton Club £15,180.00
Abdool R Ebrahimkhan £15,125.00
Solictors: Direct Instructions £15,081.25
Tory Donor Total donated Source
Classwatch Limited £15,001.00
AMG Production Ltd £15,000.00
Alice Findlay £15,000.00
Anthony Gartland £15,000.00
Chrysalis Courses Ltd £15,000.00
Clive Boultbee‐Brooks £15,000.00
David Banks £15,000.00
David Macmillan £15,000.00
Democracy Forum Ltd £15,000.00
Edward Earl Derby £15,000.00
Fiona E Thomas £15,000.00
Furniture Village Ltd £15,000.00
George R Anson £15,000.00
GovNet £15,000.00
Grant Thornton £15,000.00
Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation £15,000.00
IPGL Limited £15,000.00
Ivy M Tomlinson £15,000.00
J C B Research £15,000.00
Jan Scott £15,000.00
John Chatfeild‐Roberts £15,000.00
John M Elliott £15,000.00
Kenneth Wills £15,000.00
Kerry London LTD £15,000.00
Lord Graham Kirkham £15,000.00
Lowe and Fletcher Ltd £15,000.00
Michael Adam £15,000.00
Mr Peter Beak £15,000.00
Mr Tony Billingham £15,000.00
Nigel Lindsay‐Fynn £15,000.00
Number Eleven Ltd £15,000.00
Peter Scott £15,000.00
Private Investor Capital Ltd £15,000.00
RH Group Ltd £15,000.00
Ransome’s Dock Ltd £15,000.00
Regenesis Ltd £15,000.00
Regenesis Ltd £15,000.00
Royds LLP £15,000.00
Sir John Hall £15,000.00
Stephen Pattrick £15,000.00
Teltscher Enterprises Ltd £15,000.00
The Canary Wharf Group PLC £15,000.00
Timothy Oakley £15,000.00
United Utilities Plc £15,000.00
Wharf Land Investments Ltd £15,000.00
Whistle Blower Ltd £15,000.00
Teltscher Industrial Ltd £14,992.00
Peter Hambro £14,975.00
Peter D Warner £14,950.00
Yvonne Wrinch £14,950.00
na Ranbir S Suri £14,920.00
Mr James S Thomas £14,900.00
Harwinna E Hayter £14,894.26
Kambiz Jaberi £14,850.00
Rothera Dowson Solicitors £14,700.31
News International £14,700.00
News International £14,700.00
PR Week £14,700.00
Hilda J Clarke £14,699.00
Somerset Conservative County Councillors £14,687.80
John Scurr £14,672.01
Ronald P Wrinch £14,550.00
Grants Solicitors LLP £14,530.66
Brook Martin and Co £14,500.00
Bury and District Industrial Society £14,500.00
Jacal Cyf £14,400.00
Mr Mick Davis £14,400.00
Google Inc £14,390.00
Denys R M England £14,375.00
Cayman Islands Government £14,345.00
Unilever plc £14,332.00
Stephen Charge £14,200.00
Katsouris Brothers Ltd £14,197.03
Peninsula Business Services Ltd £14,040.00
Chester & County Unionist Buildings Ltd £14,000.00
Clearwater Projects £14,000.00
Consumer Credit Association £14,000.00
Eva McCorkindale £14,000.00
Francis Brooke £14,000.00
Harvey Water Softeners Ltd £14,000.00
Marco P White £14,000.00
Midland Food Group Ltd £14,000.00
Ms Barbara Yerolemou £14,000.00
Rodney M Tennant £14,000.00
Scottish Power UK Plc £14,000.00
South Derbyshire Clay Co Ltd £14,000.00
James Miller £13,992.00
Flint Bishop LLP £13,917.00
Peter Baker £13,875.00
Daventry District Council Conservative Group £13,820.00
Francis H Lee £13,750.00
Michael D Campbell £13,700.00
Rhoderick M Swire £13,625.00
Shoosmiths £13,550.08
Frederick T Skipper £13,549.66
Northern Rail £13,547.00
Nominet UK £13,500.00
Peter M Beckwith £13,500.00
Red Fig Group Ltd £13,500.00
John Shonfield £13,425.00
Mr Michael Slade £13,293.68
Clean Energy Council of Australia £13,262.61
Esher and Walton Connect £13,223.63
Christopher Gate £13,200.00
East Berkshire Portcullis Club £13,200.00
GLOBE International £13,168.90
Martin Allmand Smith £13,153.00
UK‐ASEAN Business Council £13,107.80
The Blue Ball 2004 £13,100.00
TWG Services Limited £13,080.00
Merton Conservative Councillors Association £13,030.00
ASDA Stores Limited £13,000.00
Adrian Swire £13,000.00
Avtar Lit £13,000.00
Boehringer Ingelheim Ltd £13,000.00
Mr James Chestnut £13,000.00
Mr Stephen O Brook £13,000.00
Timothy M B Rice £13,000.00
MSG Sandhurst Ltd £12,959.25
Halifax International Security Forum £12,932.51
Gerald Davidson £12,911.86
Continental Farmers Group plc £12,910.00
Dukehill Services Ltd £12,800.00
Moonpal S Grewal £12,729.71
Glentree Estates Limited £12,650.00
CCC Group £12,523.33
City and West End Services £12,500.14
Belle Robinson £12,500.00
Filmgrain Ltd £12,500.00
Geoff Wilding £12,500.00
Lloyds £12,500.00
Martin‐Baker Aircraft Company Limited £12,500.00
Oakley Capital Limited £12,500.00
Rosemary A Iliffe £12,500.00
Thomas J Black £12,500.00
Dinesh Dhamija £12,495.00
Mr David Meller £12,475.00
Richmond Conservative Councillors Group £12,400.00
Colin Maitland £12,333.55
Margot C James £12,296.50
Country House Weddings Ltd £12,275.00
Mint Equities Ltd £12,250.00
Edward A Timpany £12,200.00
Sri Lankan High Commission £12,200.00
Barclays Plc £12,193.80
Prudential Plc £12,193.28
Kennedys £12,150.00
Timothy Ingram Hill £12,130.00
ITI Energy Limited £12,030.00
Alistair M McMillan £12,000.00
Clicknow Ltd £12,000.00
Derek E Luckhurst £12,000.00
East Riding of Yorkshire Portcullis Club £12,000.00
Elizabeth Gooch MBE £12,000.00
Faithful Group Ltd £12,000.00
Graham H Silk £12,000.00
Hall Hunter Partnership (FARMING) LTD £12,000.00
Tory Donor Total donated Source
John Fingleton £12,000.00
Kentaro Ltd £12,000.00
Messrs. Janes, solicitors £12,000.00
Neil C Clifford £12,000.00
Nine Asset Management Limited £12,000.00
Non‐executive director for Response Eco Ltd £12,000.00
North British Securities Ltd £12,000.00
Pepper Media Ltd £12,000.00
Philip G Hooker £12,000.00
Piers J Pottinger £12,000.00
Richard Griffiths £12,000.00
Sarah H Kowitz £12,000.00
The Times £12,000.00
The Times £12,000.00
Tony Buckingham £12,000.00
Ulric D Barnett £12,000.00
Southend West House of Commons Business Dining Club £11,944.63
Concept Business Group Ltd £11,912.00
UK‐Korea Forum for the Future £11,900.00
UK‐Korea Forum for the Future £11,900.00
Kurdistan Democratic Party £11,760.00
Francis Brake £11,750.00
JT Leavesley £11,750.00
Romford Conservative Support Club £11,714.63
Susan G Alexander £11,700.00
SCM Private LLP £11,680.08
Philip H Lenon £11,670.00
Deloitte MCS Ltd £11,666.00
Bruno Schroeder £11,652.07
Dacorum Conservative Group £11,640.00
Mark T Hindmarch £11,500.00
Parliamentarians for Global Action £11,500.00
Patrick Snowball £11,500.00
William Fall £11,500.00
John Winter £11,450.00
Bloomberg UK £11,420.00
Mohammed B Qadir £11,417.50
Regenesis Developments Ltd £11,358.70
Anthony Tresigne £11,340.00
Basil Feldman £11,300.00
Cygnet Group Ltd £11,250.00
Ethical Medicines Industry Group £11,250.00
Mr James J Berry £11,250.00
Stephen O Brook £11,250.00
Thomas Entwistle £11,250.00
Taipei Representative Office £11,215.00
Robert Tchenguiz £11,200.00
Matthew Freud £11,064.67
Knight Security Ltd £11,041.90
Alastair Salvesen £11,000.00
B S Eaton Ltd £11,000.00
Densmore R Dover £11,000.00
Donald Robinson £11,000.00
James Henderson £11,000.00
John Hungerford £11,000.00
Richard C N Davidson £11,000.00
Richard Perkins £11,000.00
Rupert P Fordham £11,000.00
Sovereign Strategy Ltd £11,000.00
Butterfield Signs Ltd £10,860.00
Eurotunnel plc £10,854.71
Flambards Ltd £10,825.00
Clifford J Smith £10,787.34
Eric Hobbs £10,750.00
Unilever £10,718.00
Stephen T O’Brien £10,695.00
Fiona Cruddas £10,653.00
Ms Alison Frost £10,650.00
Quentin Earl of Portsmouth £10,650.00
Patricia M Frost £10,577.24
UK‐China Forum Ltd £10,550.00
American Enterprise Institute £10,503.48
William G Madewell £10,500.04
Ambriel Consulting £10,500.00
Charles J Cazalet £10,500.00
David A Grenier £10,500.00
E. Hobbs (Farms) Ltd £10,500.00
Elias Fattal £10,500.00
First Corporate Shipping Ltd £10,500.00
Government of Oman £10,500.00
Philip Shelley £10,500.00
William SM Robinson £10,500.00
Carl Hughes £10,490.00
Albert E Whittamore £10,421.40
Gary S Mond £10,250.00
The Roll Back Malaria Partnership £10,215.36
Albert Buildings Ltd £10,200.00
George Chigladze £10,100.00
Suzanne Nike £10,087.50
Louise Galvin Ltd £10,080.00
Cannock Unionist Club Ltd £10,040.00
William Reeve £10,040.00
Thomazina E Jones £10,037.55
Advisor to Cains Advocates Limited £10,000.00
Alan Miller £10,000.00
Alan O’Leary £10,000.00
Alexander Temerko £10,000.00
Alexandre Germanovitch £10,000.00
Ali Khalatbari £10,000.00
Allan Cockell £10,000.00
Andrew E Lawson £10,000.00
Anthony Enfield £10,000.00
Anthony M Bolt £10,000.00
Antonios P Yerolemou £10,000.00
Attinger Jack Advertising Ltd £10,000.00
Audrey Richards £10,000.00
Bedfordshire Portcullis Club £10,000.00
Berkeley Burke (Remuneration Consultants) Ltd £10,000.00
Bestway Northern Ltd £10,000.00
Biznet UK £10,000.00
Braveshire Ltd £10,000.00
Brendan Clouston £10,000.00
Brevan Howard Services Ltd £10,000.00
Brookstream Properties Limited £10,000.00
Catherine Ward £10,000.00
Charles G Earles £10,000.00
Charles L Berman £10,000.00
Charles Masefield £10,000.00
Charles McVeigh £10,000.00
Charles Pearson £10,000.00
Cheveley Park Stud Ltd £10,000.00
Chris Hudson £10,000.00
Christopher Giles £10,000.00
Clifford A Ingram £10,000.00
Conservative Properties (Wavertree) Ltd £10,000.00
Control Energy Costs Ltd £10,000.00
Couture Developments £10,000.00
Cyril Gasztowtt £10,000.00
DCT Developments Ltd £10,000.00
Davide Serra £10,000.00
Derek Thompson £10,000.00
Designers Guild Ltd £10,000.00
Detta O’Cathain £10,000.00
Diana Irving £10,000.00
Dodson and Horrell Limted £10,000.00
Donald Moore £10,000.00
Doris Flack £10,000.00
Dorothy Jerome £10,000.00
Dr Anwar Ali £10,000.00
Duke John of Marlborough £10,000.00
Duncan H Davidson £10,000.00
Edna Davies £10,000.00
Edwin P Foden £10,000.00
Euro Foods Group Ltd £10,000.00
Francis L Topley £10,000.00
Frederick G Clift £10,000.00
Galaxy Asset Management Ltd £10,000.00
Galaxy Sports Management Ltd £10,000.00
Garry Watts £10,000.00
Gary Watts £10,000.00
George Piskov £10,000.00
Gerald Steinberg £10,000.00
Global Energy Private Limited £10,000.00
Glyn FA Craig £10,000.00
Gordon B Hawkins £10,000.00
Grahame Berkeley £10,000.00
Grant Gibson £10,000.00
Tory Donor Total donated Source
Greg Knight £10,000.00
Hakkasan Ltd £10,000.00
Hallmark Developments (NW) Ltd £10,000.00
Harold Gould £10,000.00
Henry Lumley £10,000.00
Hot Group Plc £10,000.00
Hugh J Harper £10,000.00
Iain Evans £10,000.00
Ingrid Kelvedon £10,000.00
Investors & Private Capital £10,000.00
JCB Research Limited £10,000.00
James A McAlpine £10,000.00
James McAlpine £10,000.00
James Reidhaven £10,000.00
Jane C Keen £10,000.00
Janet L Simmonds £10,000.00
Jeffrey Rosenbaum £10,000.00
John F Jarvis £10,000.00
John Fenty £10,000.00
John Harvie £10,000.00
John L Duffield £10,000.00
John L Nunn £10,000.00
John Lovering £10,000.00
John M Edelson £10,000.00
John Nash £10,000.00
John S Carson £10,000.00
Jonathan M Faiman £10,000.00
Karen J Hollingbery £10,000.00
Kelso Place Asset Management Ltd £10,000.00
Khaled R Said £10,000.00
Kim Bailey Racing Ltd £10,000.00
Knole Club £10,000.00
LHR Airports Ltd £10,000.00
Lauren J Rea £10,000.00
Le Gavroche Limited £10,000.00
Lily M Westlake £10,000.00
Liskeard Club £10,000.00
Lucy Lefroy £10,000.00
Maher A Matin £10,000.00
Majormark Ltd £10,000.00
Malcolm J Isaac £10,000.00
Manro Haydan Trading £10,000.00
Martin Finegold £10,000.00
Martyn Rose £10,000.00
Mary E Burgess £10,000.00
Max Studio (UK) Ltd £10,000.00
McDowell’s Development Company Ltd £10,000.00
Michael Cannon £10,000.00
Michael Cowan £10,000.00
Mr Ali Mosawi £10,000.00
Mr Andrew J Cook £10,000.00
Mr Andrew P Harrington £10,000.00
Mr Arunasalam Yogeswaran £10,000.00
Mr Christopher Sharples £10,000.00
Mr Dorothy D Catlow £10,000.00
Mr John L Duffield £10,000.00
Mr John P Reece £10,000.00
Mr John Reece £10,000.00
Mr Malcolm Walker £10,000.00
Mr Michael G Clare £10,000.00
Mr Paul D Orchard‐Lisle £10,000.00
Mr Peter R Harrison £10,000.00
Mr Philip Hulme £10,000.00
Mr Robert C Walters £10,000.00
Mr Robert J Montague £10,000.00
Mr Simon Keswick £10,000.00
NMB Holdings Ltd £10,000.00
Nicholas DA Levene £10,000.00
Nicholas Leslau £10,000.00
Nigel F Althaus £10,000.00
Noreen V Southby £10,000.00
Odey Asset Management £10,000.00
Otterston Properties Ltd £10,000.00
Patrick Gillford £10,000.00
Paul S Walsh £10,000.00
Pelham Public Relations Ltd £10,000.00
Peter G C Mallinson £10,000.00
Peter L Murphy £10,000.00
Philip Burley £10,000.00
Philip Hulme £10,000.00
Quantum Securities Ltd £10,000.00
RH Development (Property) Ltd £10,000.00
Rhona C Hartley £10,000.00
Robert Gillam £10,000.00
Robert Glendyne £10,000.00
Robert Holt £10,000.00
Robert J Markwick £10,000.00
Robert T Smith £10,000.00
Roderick A Selkirk £10,000.00
Rodney L Leach £10,000.00
Roger M Formby £10,000.00
Ronald McLetchie £10,000.00
Rupert Lywood £10,000.00
Sanjive Sharma £10,000.00
Selwyn M Goldsmith £10,000.00
Simon G Oliphant‐Hope £10,000.00
Simon L Bishop £10,000.00
Simon Robertson Associates LLP £10,000.00
Simon W Clarke £10,000.00
Sir Cameron Mackintosh £10,000.00
Sir Doug Ellis £10,000.00
Sir Jack Harvie £10,000.00
Sir Rocco Forte Ltd £10,000.00
Splendid Hotel Group £10,000.00
Stanhill Farms Ltd £10,000.00
Stephen Barry £10,000.00
Stephen Martin £10,000.00
Stockford Ltd £10,000.00
Tattersall Ltd £10,000.00
Tesco PLC £10,000.00
The Imperial Hotel £10,000.00
The Trichological Clinic Limited £10,000.00
Theo Paphitis £10,000.00
Thomas Estates Ltd £10,000.00
Timothy C Parker £10,000.00
Tom Martin £10,000.00
Tweedale Advisors Ltd £10,000.00
Universal Products (Lytham) Manufacturing Ltd £10,000.00
Vahid Alaghband £10,000.00
Vaughan Consulting Ltd £10,000.00
Venice Simplon‐Orient‐Express Ltd £10,000.00
Victoria S Schild £10,000.00
W & H Elliotts £10,000.00
White Star Line Management Company Ltd £10,000.00
Wilbraham Securities LLP £10,000.00
Wilfred St John White £10,000.00
Winston Churchill £10,000.00
Xcite Energy Resources Ltd £10,000.00
Xenon Capital Partners Ltd £10,000.00
Alan Yau £9,999.98
Norman Springford £9,999.96
Robert N Wilson £9,999.00
South Fulham Constitutional Club Company Ltd £9,999.00
De Putron Fund Management Ltd £9,998.00
J. T Leavesley Ltd £9,998.00
Beachley Property Ltd £9,990.00
International Policy Division £9,939.39
DPK Contractors Limited £9,900.00
Mr Jonathan G C Lord £9,900.00
Reel Cinemas (UK) Limited £9,866.97
All Party Parliamentary China Group £9,765.93
Charles G Cadogan £9,750.00
Sladmore Gallery £9,750.00
Dennis A Stickley £9,683.77
J R Rix and Sons Ltd £9,666.60
Industrial Chemicals Limited £9,650.00
Bertrand Coste £9,600.00
Lord Stanley Fink £9,600.00
Messions Axiom Stone £9,600.00
British Ukrainian Society £9,540.00
Mr Benjamin J Lefroy £9,534.00
Michael Reid £9,500.00
Michele Ross £9,500.00
Ms Paul J Greenslade £9,500.00
Shamil Chandaria £9,500.00
Tory Donor Total donated Source
De Grisogono Ltd £9,400.00
Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs £9,399.00
Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs £9,399.00
Six Senses London Ltd £9,395.00
European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development £9,384.84
CTF Partners Ltd £9,348.00
BBC £9,324.95
BBC £9,324.95
Immedia Broadcast Ltd £9,314.55
Churchill Retirement (Group) Ltd £9,250.00
Hong Kong Gsovernment £9,250.00
Barclays’ Asia‐Pacific Advisory Committee £9,230.23
Apex Fund Services Holdings £9,213.91
Government of Australia £9,200.00
Mr George P Apter £9,200.00
Joan Speirs £9,172.00
The Electrum Group (UK) LLP £9,127.77
Edward Dashwood £9,100.00
Brendan Doyle £9,000.00
Bromfield Sand and Gravel Co Ltd £9,000.00
Crispin Odey £9,000.00
Frederic Robinson Ltd £9,000.00
Hilary J Phillips £9,000.00
Jennifer M Wilby £9,000.00
Louise Halbert £9,000.00
Martin D Lewis £9,000.00
Michael De Picciotto £9,000.00
Mr Adrian Bott £9,000.00
Paul D Orchard‐Lisle £9,000.00
Professional Contractors Group Ltd . £9,000.00
Robert I Mackay £9,000.00
Southend United Football Club Ltd £9,000.00
Steven A Bell £9,000.00
United and Cecil £9,000.00
Villagate Properties Ltd £9,000.00
Howard P Shore £8,940.00
Carolyn A Townsend £8,921.75
Christopher Meade £8,901.86
Aberdeen Asset Management plc £8,894.39
Strategic adviser to Circle Healthcare £8,890.00
John D Taylor £8,864.38
Alison Rankin Frost £8,852.00
BAA Airports Ltd £8,850.00
Friends of the Vale Conservatives £8,796.00
David Flux £8,750.00
Lisa J Flux £8,750.00
Westland Helicopters £8,725.00
Skidmore Medical Ltd £8,719.25
Astrium £8,690.88
Charles Oulton £8,670.00
Sallie Hendry £8,640.00
Assetz for Investors Ltd £8,600.00
Bernard H Reader £8,600.00
C2HM Hill Services Ltd £8,600.00
MHP Communications Ltd £8,600.00
Manrows Ltd £8,600.00
Mrs Cristina Quazzo £8,600.00
Peter E Jones £8,600.00
Raymond A Bloom £8,590.14
David N James £8,550.00
Andrea Leadsom £8,500.00
Bisichi Mining Plc £8,500.00
Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd £8,500.00
Christopher Saunders £8,500.00
Consolidated Contractors International Ltd £8,500.00
Enquest Dons Ltd £8,500.00
Hilary A Williams £8,500.00
ICAP Management Services Ltd £8,500.00
In2matrix UK Ltd £8,500.00
John C Peake £8,500.00
Julian RJ Lloyd £8,500.00
Keith J Rawlings £8,500.00
Mr Ramez F Sousou £8,500.00
Mrs Louise Bracken £8,500.00
Royston Conservative Club £8,500.00 http://