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Tories in court apparently claiming disabled people have no human rights


If you are a disabled Tory voter who thinks you still have human rights you’ll be shocked to learn the Tory Government apparently thinks you have none. In fact, they are in court right now apparently arguing you should have no human rights.

This comes at the end of the landmark ruling by the Supreme Court that the Bedroom Tax in the case of one couple – the Carmichaels – breaches their human rights. The Tory Government ran out of appeal options, which already cost the taxpayer thousands of pounds.

Having lost that case the Tory Government is back in court spending more taxpayers money arguing no other disabled person in the UK has those same human rights.

Should the government win this case, it would severely curtail the powers of the social security tribunal,” said Lucy Cadd of Leigh Day solicitors, who is acting for Charlotte and Jayson Carmichael.

This ruling will ultimately affect every disabled person in the UK – regardless of who you vote for. 

Read the source or our backup for more details

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  1. I hate these scumbags

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  2. sdbast says:

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  3. We had better get use to this as once we leave the EU we will not be able to go to the European court of human rights and yes I can here some saying that we will then be able to make our own laws and yes we will and no doubt this government have their very own idea on what those laws will be like as they are demonstrating right now.

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    • Yes you will the European Court of Human rights is not an EU court The court of the Eu is the Court of Justice .But as is required by law now as per 1989 Human rights Act -it is required to look and the HRs aspect of the case as most people cannot afford the cost of going to EHR.So it will be more expensive when the tories get the Bill of rights that they want and when eventually the precedents are made -if so -against 1898 Act . However on the HR Act 1998 there is so much case law that it will be extremely difficult Hope this helps with your -knowledge!!

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      • Tony Bernardo says:

        Too much room for manoeuvre there, and the Tories can pay the best lawyers to shaft the poor. Hope that helps with YOUR knowledge !

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  4. leepowell says:

    Do some people really vote Tory believing everyone should be denied on the basis that some people play the system?

    Obviously if people play the system they need to be caught. What we have here however is a case where it has been established that the system is not being played yet the Tories were STILL using taxpayers money to vindictively fight against it right up until they could fight no more after losing in the Supreme court.

    I find the Tories vile for doing this where the cases have already proven to be genuine. You cannot trust the Tories with genuine cases.

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    • Gabriela Casey says:

      Unfortunately Britons have NOT citizen status – they are the “Royal SUBJECTS”. This is about the same legally as the rights of the Jews in Hitler’s Germany when they were stripped of German citizenship (reserved for the “Aryans”) and listed as the STATE SUBJECTS. Your Royals still own you, my suicidal fools! Btw. Sweden is a monarchy, but Swedish citizenship exist.

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  5. Yvette Holden says:

    Tories are stamping all over the weakest and the Tory media suppressed everything! This vile government as made life harder for the disabled taking all health and social care away and hitting them with vile tax like bedroom tax, all these court cases have cost a fortune far more than allowing the disabled to have a spare room , it’s all about killing the sick! Tories have been killing the sick for the past 10 years but no outrage , wicked world we live in!

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  6. Hugh Taylor says:

    This is going down the same road as The Third Reich,


  7. chriscaff says:

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    They’ve wrecked too many lives already. Karma to them.


  8. Declan Holden says:

    They are are all the same they don’t
    Care as long as they get thousands of pounds
    Stashed away. They are all useless
    Up to now. I can’t see it changing, can you ?????????


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