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MP calls for clock-in cards to prove peers are putting in ‘full shift’


If the procedure above was in place before the 2010 general election we wouldn’t have had Tory Lord Hanningfield obtaining so much taxpayers’ money for doing so little in return.  His story is a terrific one with an ending that sums up the state of Parliament today.

In 2011 Hanningfield was sentenced to nine months in prison after being found guilty of nearly £14,000 worth of expenses fraud. He served a quarter of the sentence in jail.

In 2014 after being let out of jail he returned to his Lord position and was caught out again after his peerage attendance was monitored by reporters in July 2014.

July 1st – Arrives: 14:26 Leaves: 14:54 = 28 minutes earning him £300.
July 3rd – Arrives: 15:21 Leaves: 15:59 = 38 minutes for another £300.
July 4th – Arrives: 11:57 Leaves: 12:33 = 36 minutes for another £300.
July 8th – Arrives: 14:35 Leaves: 15:09 = 34 minutes for another £300.

We wouldn’t blame you if you thought this was fiction.  Sadly this is what happened – and it continued throughout July of 2014.  Every penny of this is taxpayers’ money.

July 9th – Arrives: 14:35 Leaves: 15:02 = 27 minutes for £300.
July 10th – Arrives: 15:31 Leaves: 15:58 = 27 minutes for £300.
July 16th – Arrives: 14:37 Leaves: 15:01 = 24 minutes for £300.
July 18th – Arrives: 12:17 Leaves: 12:43 = 26 minutes for £300.
July 22nd – Arrives: 14:26 Leaves: 15:00 = 34 minutes for £300.
July 23rd – Arrives: 15:06 Leaves: 15:27 = 21 minutes for £300.
July 24th – Arrives: 14:54 Leaves: 15:47 = 53 minutes for £300.
July 29th – Arrives: 14:27 Leaves: 15:00 = 33 minutes for £300.
July 30th: Lord Hanningfield claimed £5,700 for all that ‘work’.

In 2016 Lord Hanningfield was acquitted of submitting false expenses claims after Parliament exercised its right to decide that the main issue in the case does not fall under the jurisdiction of the criminal courts.  No further action was taken.

To this day any peer is free to do exactly the same as Tory Lord Hanningfield, claiming £300 per day merely for turning up and leaving shortly afterwards.  You will therefore see the advantage of a clock-in card system.

We have asked the House of Lords to provide documents showing the duties of an elected peer.

Source:         Hanningfield

Source:         Clock-in system            Backup in pdf

MP calls for clock-in cards to prove peers are putting in full shift.png



  1. Dave Bell says:

    If he was on the dole he would be branded a “thief and fiddler” instead he is a lord of the realm and free to do as he wills. Fucking the peasant’s is his favorite sport or so it would seem.


  2. Dave Bell says:

    A real piece of scum and capitalist exploiter.Tory elitist through and through


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