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Ben Baddeley pens another letter to Jeremy Hunt


Ben, 13, has Cerebral Palsy and requires money to pay for his treatment but so far the Tories have ignored his pleas for help.  This has forced Ben to rely on public donations.

He has again written to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt hoping this time he will act.

Ben hopes to deliver his letter directly to Jeremy Hunt.

Ben Baddeley and Jeremy Hunt

Ben has again written to Jeremy Hunt asking for help

Ben writes

Dear Mr Hunt

My name is Ben Baddeley and I’ve written to you before and so has my Mum.

I have Cerebral Palsy and the physio treatment that is helping me to get better isn’t paid by the NHS so my Mum and Dad have to find the money to get me my treatment.

My Mum and Dad are trying to get the CCG to help with paying for it but no-one is paying attention.   It is really difficult for my Mum and Dad to find the money because it’s really expensive and nearly two thousand pounds a month.  My Dad is always working overtime and my Mum has to fund raise.

My Mum has written to the health department and they say there is nothing they can do to help me.  When me and Mum wrote to you we got a reply from someone at the health department saying that you can’t help me either.

But I’m confused because you are the health secretary so why can’t you help me…

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Any member of the public no matter where they live in the world can help Ben right now by giving a donation to help his treatment.  If Ben does not receive this treatment he will need a wheelchair as his condition worsens.  All Ben wants is to live a normal life.


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