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Please help Ben because the Tories refuse


Please help Ben Baddeley

My name is Amy & I am trying everything that I can to get my disabled son’s medical treatment for Cerebral palsy.

The vital treatment that Ben needs following major spinal surgery is no longer funded on the NHS due to government funding cuts. Ben was already undergoing treatment with the NHS prior to the funding cuts and so Ben was left without the vital treatment that he was only just beginning following his surgery.

This situation has now left us with medical bills of just under 2k every month to provide our little boy with the treatment he needs.

Without the treatment Ben’s muscles are unable to develop correctly as he grows leaving him suffering pain on a daily basis.

This is Ben’s facebook page & Go Fund Me. I’d be extremely grateful if you could click “like” on his page for him or share the links to help me raise awareness.

I’m not asking for anything from you except for a click of a button & I would be forever grateful to you. It would be a huge help in highlights Ben’s situation.

I’ve added some of Ben’s media coverage links that explains Ben’s story further.

Any fundraising advice would be hugely appreciated, were just an average family & had this dumped on us. I’m willing to do & work at anything to get my little boy the treatment to keep him pain free.

Ben’s Mum Amy – #TeamBen”

Mirror Article

ITV News

SKY News

Victoria Derbyshire show


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