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Theresa May is a rude, arrogant MP says lifetime Tory voter


It seems Theresa May’s rudeness and arrogance extends to members of her own constituency.  This piece is about an encounter of a middle aged lifetime Tory voter with the nasty PM.  We appreciate you may not agree with the opinion of this Tory voter but it’s the rudeness and arrogance from Theresa May we wish to focus on.

“I am a middle-aged family woman and lifetime Conservative voter – I have no history of political activism or agitation. Although after our meeting, I suspect I may find myself on some kind of blacklist. What is for certain is that I will not be voting for Theresa May ever again.

Things all started when I sent an initial email to her constituency office, expressing my concerns about Brexit. I received a reply from her which said:  We’re going to bang the drum for Britain!

Yes, it really did say that. I wrote back to say that I considered this a somewhat unsatisfactory response. It was then that she invited me to meet her at her constituency surgery for a quarter of an hour, face-to-face meeting, during her constituency surgery. This is where it all kicked off.

Before our meeting, I did my research and gathered as much evidence as I could. After all, I was to have 15 minutes with the most powerful woman in Britain. For me, it was an excellent opportunity to put all my fears. I expected a strong debate. I thought I might get some answers, some clues as to what might happen next. I didn’t think she would be able to make me change my mind – as you can tell, I am pretty passionate on this subject. But I did expect her to try, and I did expect her to present some strong arguments that would counter my own.

I was shown into a room at her Maidenhead constituency office where she was already seated behind a small table. She did not smile or say “hello” – it felt like she was holding court. We did not even shake hands and the whole thing was a bit awkward.

I thanked her for seeing me and then asked if she had seen my email or whether she would like me to make my points again. She said she would like to hear what I had to say.

To make a point about how narrow the referendum question was I produced a copy of the ballot paper. “Where on here does it say we were voting to reduce the number of EU citizens in the UK?” I asked.

“Well it doesn’t,” she replied. “But the government has reports that the level of immigration is a concern.” I asked for proof which she couldn’t provide.

I swiftly moved on producing an info-graphic showing that EU workers added more to the economy than they cost. She didn’t like this and I could feel her start to get agitated. The mood changed quite quickly – there was an added aggression.

She emphasised, not just strongly but crossly, that “the British people have voted for Brexit and the government is committed to making it happen”. Then she started pointing at my face across the narrow desk.

I moved backwards slightly and to be honest, I was shocked. I had set out to tackle the Prime Minister but I hadn’t expected she would lose her temper and jab her finger at me.

Although taken aback I calmly asked her to stop pointing at my face because I considered it rude. I didn’t feel threatened. I was just astonished that she got so rattled, so quickly. She was very defensive.

I asked her again to stop and after that she put her hands beneath the desk – maybe to stop her from pointing again.

I was determined to carry on asking my questions and pressing her for answers so I showed her a pie chart with voting numbers showing that only 37% of the electorate voted for Brexit, which was not the majority of British people. She didn’t really have an answer for that in my opinion. She simply began to spout agreed media soundbites which say very little.

At one point I said “you’re not listening to me” and she replied: “I am listening, but I am just not saying what you want to hear.” It wasn’t long before she was looking over my shoulder and hoping for the next person I think.

We did then speak about my personal concerns around the vote to leave the EU. I emphasised my concerns about the increased costs of food and wine for my bistro following the fall in the value of the pound. She started talking about exports, but I replied that I couldn’t export our steak and frites. I needed assurances from the Prime Minister, “we will ensure a strong economy” was all she could say.

She did offer me some more spin though: “We’re going to get the best deal.” I replied: “That’s a hope, not an action.”

I gave the analogy that the Brexit “best deal” rhetoric was like me saying I want the “best holiday” without knowing where I was going, how much it would cost, how I’d get there or where I’d stay. Guess what? She replied that the government would not give details of their negotiations.

I reminded her that Donald Tusk, President of the EU Council, said there would be either “hard Brexit or no Brexit” and I was inclined to agree. Mrs May’s response: “I am sure I have more experience in negotiating in Europe than you do!” Mine: “I don’t think arrogance is helpful.”

By this point I knew we’d probably never be friends. I asked her that given Maidenhead had voted overwhelmingly for Remain, would she vote against Brexit should she lose in the Supreme Court case? She replied that she was a representative and not a “delegate” and was not obliged to be the voice of her constituents.

I told her the people of Maidenhead may find this interesting in the next election. She said anyone who didn’t understand this didn’t understand the role of an MP. I said I thought there were many who didn’t understand this.

Time was up. I finished by telling her there was a huge groundswell of opposition to Brexit. But I don’t think she’s listening.

The meeting did not leave me feeling any better about the process – in fact I am far more concerned now. If the Prime Minister is so easily angered how on earth is she going to be the best negotiator for Brexit? I fear she will lose her temper and start jabbing her finger at people.

She seemed petulant, defensive, tired and rattled.  

What is so frustrating is that she has so little to say in response.”

We should also point out that Theresa May did not appear to want to leave the EU.

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  1. Rod Davies says:

    Dear Fellow Citizen, what did you expect?
    Theresa May is the product of a well-oiled party machine that has been honed over decades to gain power. Voters like yourself, who have trooped into the polling stations faithfully election after election, are taken for granted so long as you toe the party line. As soon as you stop accepting what you are told and thus challenge the claims put out by the party machine, you cease to be of interest to them. To convince you to accept the party line takes too much resource, and that resource is better applied to gathering in those voters who faithfully vote en masse for the party.
    The Conservative Party is a machine constructed around UK’s First Past the Post (FPTP) electoral system with the object of gaining unchallengeable power and that requires a large party able to fund raise to deploy massive resources at election times. FPTP favours big parties. So the Conservative Party has evolved as this massive coalition from the Centre Right to the Neo-Fascist. To hold this “Coalition of Chaos” together requires a powerful part ethos where MP’s and their supporters unquestioningly follow the Great Leader and the Party Line. If it didn’t require this it would rapidly fracture and disintegrate into several parties.
    In the Conservative “Coalition of Chaos” the Leader is always hostage to the extremists, who exploit the fear of disunity and thus potential loss of power by continually threatening to leave the party. As a consequence the Extremist Tail wags the Majority Dog.The whole Brexit Referendum farce is evidence of this, in which a small group of extremists and opportunists have hijacked the entire nation, and now having won (& intoxicated by their success and power) are lording over half of the nation demanding absolute obedience.
    If you don’t like this, then vote for another party; vote for a party that wants to change the system; vote a party that enjoys and welcomes debate. Just don’t vote for the kind of pseudo-dictatorship that Empress Theresa aspires to.

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  2. Rob Parrish says:

    Just like this on PMQ,s. A disgrace and not emotionally suited to run the country

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  3. Graham Marsden says:

    The best way to vote in this election is ABC – Anyone But Conservative!

    Theresa May wants an elected dictatorship, so the best thing to do is to vote tactically for whichever candidate has the best chance of beating the local Tory.

    See for more details and make sure that there are sufficient MPs in Parliament to keep holding the Tories to account before we get more cuts to the NHS, more Austerity, more disabled people losing the money they need to live on, more nurses and others being forced to visit food banks and, of course, more tax cuts for the rich and for big businesses!

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  4. John Ironmonger says:

    Sounds like our Tory mp “Lucy Allan” hopefully she will be losing her seat

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    • Pat Sheerin says:

      Lucy Allen was a Councillor where I live. She was utterly useless and very arrogant. I couldn’t believe she had been elected as an MP.


  5. Jacqui says:

    She acts like Trump. Everything is stage managed. No proper debate. I’m beginning to think she us a sociopath..

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  6. Paul says:

    May has all the signs of a sociopath. Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse. Their brains simply lack the circuitry to process such emotions. This allows them to betray people, threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. They pursue any action that serves their own self interest even if it seriously harms others. This is why you will find many very “successful” sociopaths in high levels of government, in any nation.

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  7. Tim says:

    Whilst I would never vote Conservative, May is RIGHT to take us out of Europe. She was a ‘remainer’ but the country voted to leave!!! Maybe only 37% of the electorate did vote to leave, but even less voted to remain so that’s totally irrelevant as those who didn’t bother to vote chose not to voice their opinion!!! You cannot hold a referendum to ask what the people want and then ignore it, or decide that actually because it didn’t turn out the way you want, you’ll have a second vote!!!

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    • The article was about Theresa May’s rudeness rather than the views of her constituent

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    • Thomas James says:

      A referendum is no more than an opinion poll. It is not a mandatory instruction and it does not absolve the government from acting in the national interest.
      All the statistics, evidence and consequences that have happened since the referendum clearly show that leaving the EU and the single market is and will continue to harm the interests of the UK.
      You cannot claim that a non vote gives a mandate in support of a minority decision. Far too many people were deliberately excluded from voting to give your assertion any legitimacy. It is also the case that the referendum vote did not state what sort of Brexit and that therefore there is no mandate for ‘hard Brexit’. The only democratic thing to do is to hold a further referendum on whether or not we should continue with Brexit once the terms have been agreed. It will be up to the people to then decide if the real costs of leaving the EU are worth the price.


    • Graham Marsden says:

      Remind us: Who said that if the result was 48-52 this would be “unfinished business” and if it turned out that way, he would “fight for a second referendum”? Oh yes, it was Nigel Farage.

      Odd how, when it goes Leave’s way suddenly it’s all “No, that’s it, it’s all over, you can’t object any more and we have to give Theresa May and the Tory elite carte blanche to do whatever they like”.

      Whatever your feelings, there is *NO* excuse for Theresa May to threaten a “nuclear Brexit” with her flouncing away from the table if she doesn’t get her way.

      And saying “Oh, we’ll just use the WTO rules” misses the point that they are *not* simple to implement:


  8. crazytrucker1951 says:

    Why am I not in the least surprised? You only have to witness how she behaves every Wednesday dinnertime when JC rattles her cage and shreds her mercilessly, if she hasn’t a script like most of the Nazi Party she resorts to name calling, spiteful and in poor taste jokes and finally personal insults, it’s bred into them, they believe they are chosen by God to grind us into the dirt hence the inbuilt arrogance!

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  9. joe cartwright says:

    Theresa May like all Tory MPs only think of themselves. if they cannot make millions by actually helping the country they do not want to know. to the Tory party there are 2 places to be in this country and if you are not 1 of US then you are 1 OF THEM.


  10. Liz kemp says:

    She is the robotic puppet of the Right Wing press consequently she gets no adverse headlines and remains popular with the masses who believe the papers and never analyse the facts. Like Trump she is delusional and dislikes criticicism. Highly dangerous leader of our country

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  11. Jeff Spencer says:

    Only 37% of electorate voted for Brexit……yes and only 34.6 voted to remain . We live in a democracy . Your point is what ?


  12. George Stanford says:

    I am amazed that the Prime Minister gave you 15 minutes. I can’t even get that with my doctor.


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