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Tories refuse to rule out pensions raid


People are less likely to support the Tories following Mrs May’s refusal to rule out tax rises or back the triple-lock on pensions.

The PM has done just one press event and no proper TV interviews since announcing the election last Tuesday.   She has refused to answer questions put to her by the public.

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  1. Nick says:

    indeed, they have and the further privatisation of the NHS. This country is heading for a disaster if the conservatives win a landslide majority. The hundreds of deaths of the sick and disabled in going through welfare reform is still ongoing and now also added a lack of care for the elderly in the community leading to their premature deaths

    you also have sky high rents along with extreme high coasts of buying a property leading to thousands of people now coming forward with mental health issues because of ongoing debt

    My own view as a retired diplomat is this country is finished for the majority should the conservatives stay in power and with the public in complete disarray with their overall thinking it’s certain that may will still be prime minster come June 9th

    I could go on but at my age what’s the point ?


  2. hugosmum70 says:

    is she loosing it? sounds like it to me.


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