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Osborne resigns as Tory MP


George Osborne has announced his resignation as MP inside the paper of which he is now an editor. He was only paid £74,962 for being an MP but as you can see his other jobs are more lucrative:

Editor, London Evening Standard: Paid £200,000, according to reports
Adviser, BlackRock Investment Institute: Paid £650,000 a year
Kissinger Fellow at the McCain Institute: £120,212
Washington Speaker’s Bureau: Paid nearly £800,000 for engagements since July 2016

Source  Backup

In 2009, he received criticism for the way he had handled his expenses, after he was found to have “flipped” his second home, changing which property he designated as his second home in order to pay less capital gains tax. The Lib Dems estimated he owed £55,000 to the public purse as a result of this. He had previously paid back £1,193 on ‘overpayments’ on his mortgage and chauffeur fares after a complaint from a Labour activist, and it also emerged that he had claimed £47 for two copies of a DVD of his own speech on “value for taxpayers’ money”. Parliament’s standards commissioner’s report found that although Mr Osborne had breached the rules the offence was “unintended” so they would let him off. 

In 2012 he was caught on a train sitting in first class with only a standard ticket

In 2013 his Land Rover was caught parked in a disabled parking bay

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