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Tory MP Jonathan Lord wants more cash for Surrey even at the cost of other councils!


Communications between Tory MP Jonathan Lord and Surrey Council leader reveal MP is happy for all other UK councils to lose out for his council to gain more cash.


lord woking

Here is a communication from the Woking Tory MP to David Hodge and other unspecified ‘MP colleagues’.

Date 9 Jan 2017, at 23:30. LORD, Jonathan <>

Dear David, (and MP colleagues)

I completely agree with what you say in both of those letters, David.

Colleagues – Sajid led me to understand before Christmas that he would be trying very hard indeed to find £30 or £40 million to help Surrey out with the worst of its (Government-dictated) financial dilemma. I am extremely unimpressed that he has not come up with the goods. If Saj was imprudent enough not to have £40m hidden under the Department sofa for just this sort of emergency/problem/’outlier’ emerging from his Department’s draft settlement, then I assume, if he is a man of his word, that he must have done his best to put a strong case to the Treasury…

If all his Local Govt. Settlement money is really allocated…if the Treasury really is refusing to help out…and if he can’t find a pot of money for the ‘missing’ Learning Disability grant…then Saj still has the option of adjusting all other Council settlements down very slightly in order to accommodate the £31m needed for Surrey – and I think he should be encouraged to do this. He needs to mitigate this dreadful overall settlement for Surrey – a real (and accepted) ‘outlier’ in the figures.

I’m keen to help in any way I can…do colleagues have very helpful thoughts/ideas/plans of attack?

Time is now very short indeed.

With best wishes.

Kind regards,

Jonathan Lord MP
Member of Parliament for Woking


Surrey MP Happy to lower all other council settlements to raise funds for Surrey Council

This comes after copies of the texts between David Hodge and Nick were made public

David Hodge texts



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