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DWP CAUGHT hounding people with questionnaires OVER A YEAR TOO EARLY!


Here is yet another story of the DWP continuing to hound vulnerable people in a twisted belief that they have been miraculously cured.

We were contacted by a family who wish to remain anonymous regarding their Autistic son who it has already been established would be a danger to himself and others if he was found fit to work.

The son, we’ll call him Brian is in receipt of Employment and Support Allowance and is in the Support Group intended for the most vulnerable people in society.

Brian was given a document called ‘ESA72’ in the middle of June 2016.  ‘ESA72’ is a document intended for pharmacy staff in order to show a person is exempt from prescription charges (amongst other things).  The second page of the ESA72 reveals when it is due for renewal.

Brian’s ESA72 – page one

Here you can see the issue date of 17th June 2016 (last year)



Brian’s ESA72 – page two

As you can see from this page Brian is in the ESA Support Group and the DWP have indicated it will be looked at again around August 2018.  Brian was ok with this.  As with many people with Autism he can cope a bit better with things if he is given advance notice of what to expect and when to expect it.


Therefore imagine the terror Brian felt when he received this letter dated 16th January 2017 telling him he must do certain things within the next four weeks or face his benefit being stopped completely!  The DWP contacted him SEVENTEEN MONTHS TOO SOON!


It’s completely unacceptable for the DWP to say they will leave him alone but then change their minds and suddenly contact him seventeen months earlier than he expected with a letter full of demands and perceived threats.  This is harassment.

We invited the DWP to comment on this.  Stuart Woledge from the DWP ‘Professional Communications Directorate’ was initially interested and asked for a chat about it.  In response we provided him with the documents you see above.  Stuart Woledge didn’t wish to pass any further comment after that point, despite us affording him plenty of time to do so.  


  1. Reblogged this on 61chrissterry and commented:
    Is there anything that the DWP will not stoop to, for we are well in the Trump era, for does the D in DWP stand for Donald. Should it be Donald Will Provide.

    DWP will not rest until all on ESA will either be in work or will not have survived.


    • Moira says:

      Yes they want the sick and disabled all on the lowest jobseekers rate and if they can’t handle demands,which most can’t,they want famile not the state to look after the person.


    • Victoria Teasdale says:

      I have been ill since being a teenager and they started sending me both the PIP and the ESA 17months too early having said it’d be the year after,I nearly commited suicide as they have made me fill in this paperwork every year for five years running and for 15 years I just asked for basic minimum benefit as I kept thinking I shouldn’t be asking for help even though I worked from the age of 13 to 35 and then I was too traumatized by stigma,bullying a violent ex and four treatment failures and getting incredibly ill and weak. I will never be o but they make me feel like a lying ,criminal everytime I ask for help,I have been alone with two children and spent years being bullied because of my illness. This government just doesn;t care if you are disabled we are now no use and even having paid my taxes for many years We are not worthy for help and have to beg everytime ,we are suplus to requirements.You wouldn’t believe the hell me and my children have been through. If it weren’t for them I’d have killed myself after the second year of begging for help,even though I have 30 years of hospital records stating how ill I am and my Doctor says that I’m too disabled to work. I now have no confidence and am totally isolated and live in fear of another assessment or two,years too early.They have proved that not many of us have a chance of getting employment but they want us to get less money,I can;’t afford hobbies ,clothes,any holidays at all for 17 years,I barely ate for years,which made me even iller. If we are disabled we have no rights we are back to 25 years ago. I get the feeling we should just go away and stop asking for help.We feel totally powerless stripped of any dignity and live in shame constantly.


  2. Brian says:

    You may notice the first date (14.08.2018) is written in pencil. This would indicate this was a temporary cross reference by the administrator processing the document and not meant to be communicated to the recipient (Brian). This seems evidence of double dealing within the DWP, where existing timetables for reassessment are being zealously preempted by new targets.

    This tells us two things, there is an underlying dishonesty in the public to private face of the DWP, but we already know that, this just proves it, but secondly, it also indicates that the administrative process of reassessments are ahead of schedule, hence drawing forward the process. This tactic is well known in commercial circles to both boost profit and turnover. So we can therefore assume that the next published figures for JSA etc will show an artificial reduction when these cases are brought forward and included, thus perpetuating the perceived success, and therefore continuation of the process.

    If this is the case, we can also assume the DWP has a problem, that of diminishing numbers, i.e. targets. This maybe a signal that the DWP’s reassessment process is running out off steam as the claimant figure dwindles, that while in it’s death throws is grasping at previously elusive targets. We can expect two things from this, many more injustices against the remaining claimants, followed by a scaling down of the infrastructure designed to remove claimants from the register. Other independent examples of ‘Brian’s’ type of circumstance will undoubtedly come to light that may well back this up.

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    • For reference the date was written in ink. We have been informed Brian’s family insisted on a date being included so that Brian knew what to expect in advance rather than be harassed with any unexpected letters making his condition worse. Of course since the DWP contacted him seventeen months too soon his condition has worsened as a direct result.


      • Brian says:

        That information does of course change the context, and I withdraw the assumption of paragraph one, but stand by 2 & 3 unless data to the contrary emerges.


  3. hugosmum70 says:

    there is only so much relatives can do to help with the shortfall in these cases……. dont forget, things like council tax… initially supposed to be 20quid a month/ went up to 21 last year and no doubt will go up again in april. this has to be paid out of their measly benefits no matter which they are on. that in itself cripples most people.(i know people who pay this for their sons/daughters. some of whom are on pensions and feeling the squeeze more and more with each tear. gas/electricity costs a fortune, as do fares. not everyone is capable of walking even short distances let alone miles to a job centre.if ill /disabled they have to pay to get to their drs surgery, or hospital visits. one woman i know gets income support , is a carer, but her carers allowance is taken off the income support minus the small amount she is allowed to earn from part time work,she finds it hard to makes ends meet at times and i know her mum is paying off at least 2 of the girls debts from her pension plus the girls share of council tax..i could go on. when these pensioners depart this world, whats going to happen to those grown up kids she has been helping to keep their heads above water to diminish their suffering in some small way? will her fight for them have been in vain once she has gone?

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