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DWP finds people fit to work despite having proof the decision may kill them


DWP admit in 2016 they still find people fit to work even when holding evidence such a decision may kill the claimant, FoIA request reveals.

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DWP confirms it finds people fit to work when holding evidence the decision may kill them

Prior to this FoIA request being submitted we already held documented evidence of the DWP upholding their own decisions even when being notified those decisions caused suicide attempts by vulnerable claimants.



  1. Joyce Cox says:

    I would like somebody to point me in the direction of a DWP employee who gets 600 pounds for three and a half days work


  2. Kenneth Lowry says:

    They contacted my Doctor and Psychiatrist (without my permission) and asked them if they would reconsider their diagnosis !!!!!!!!!!!!! After 10 months of appeal, they offer me Std rate PIP, then tribunal decides Enhanced, DWP KNEW all along what my condition was, I am on a Wad Disablement Pension at 43, ESA Support fro the last 3 years, but the DWP (pip) decided I was capable, the decided to Question a doctor and a consultant psychiatrist after their 26 yr old mental health adviser did a 25 min assessment on me, spending 20 mins with her head in her laptop, Bear in mind, i have had over 4 years of Doctor care, Local mental health care, and 2 x 1 hours Psychiatrist assessments, but hey ho, their adviser can dismiss my claim in 25 mins, A FKN JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. Sydella Stagl-Franses says:

    That is deplorable and so disheartening – I am so very glad you managed to win your appeal at the tribunal , it’s just terrible that you had to go through all that rubbish . I wish you the very best .


    • mogsya says:

      I also was a civil servant. My last job being for local council and thereby slightly lower rate than central govt office.bthis sort of decision would be done by a senior admin officer which I was. I earned around 25K annual. That was back in 2008. So currently I would guess the senior admin staff are on between 22K and 28K plus London rating if applicable. Having said that a senior admin in DWP rated my mum at home in 2002 and awarded benefits appropriate. She couldn’t walk to end of the street but didn’t qualify for additional benefits because she could dress herself. When she died they claimed over 2000 pounds to be paid back. After an appeal we got this reduce to just over 1000. Her benefits were based on them helping her fill in their forms. Typical! They should sack a few of those at the top end and save a bob or two.

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  4. I wonder if their families are proud of them and that their children find them good role models. And how good do they feel about themselves, because i believe you can’t do bad and feel good unless you are a sociopath. Then i believe they need assessing for their ability to make sound judgements.


    • Sydella Stagl-Franses says:

      Absoflippinlutely – we will rise above this and we will prevail over this administration – if we can all stay strong in out numbers .


      • Hoq says:

        We won’t!! It doesn’t matter how bad these guys are, come election time, the trashy tabloids who’s owners are ‘buddies’ with the government will say to vote for them and the majority of these mindless sheep’s will do so and put them back in power. These politicians claim more in benefits each year then entire neighbourhoods, but the toilet paper tabloids say it’s the immigrants and most of these idiots believe it!


      • Sydella Stagl-Franses says:

        You are right – as a child of two immigrants , they worked all their lives and I have worked for 40 years , so we , like the vast majority of immigrants have contributed massively and these twatheads of MP’s are draining the country dry and the poor , sick and disabled are bearing the brunt 😈

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      • I told them at DWP 5 years ago when i was 6st on one meal a week off food bank and not enough strenght to fight them i was fight a much bigger thing than them that if i beat the brain AVM i promise Ill be back to beat them,kick a girl while shes down they thought i was just saying it coz i couldnt do nothing about it but i always keep my word and ive bide my time and kept every single letter etc they sent me all this time.but they dint know me so more fool them.xx


  5. hallanos says:

    Reblogged this on Alan J Mason and commented:
    Accusations of “conscious cruelty” levelled at those running the DWP are certainly not exaggerated and are, in fact becoming more apparent by the day. Human Rights are disappearing in Britain at an alarming rate. Soon there will be no mechanism for redress available for the most vulnerable and less well off. An absolute disgrace!

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  6. Sioux Blair-Jordan says:

    T4 Action by the Tories


  7. […] via DWP finds people fit to work despite having proof the decision may kill them […]


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