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Your chance to make things fair for sick people


Please help Damian Green by responding to his consultation paper on planned changes to Employment and Support Allowance.

Please read it and respond as fully as possible.

Mr Green wants the views of:

  • people with health conditions and disabled people
  • both large and small employers
  • employability professionals
  • health and care professionals
  • families, friends, teachers and carers
  • local leaders and commissioners in health, social care and local authorities
  • voluntary and community organisations

That seems to encompass most people, so please pass the link on to everybody you know and ask them to provide their critical opinions as well.

help make things fair.png


  1. marina tomlin says:

    My husband has had kidney disease since 9 years old.Despite this he worked from leaving school until he got so ill he could not work anymore.He had to go on dialysis which basically is keeping him alive.He also has copd,osteoarthritis and other ailments,I had to give up work to look after him.He was on high rate dla and motability,After this degrading pip assessment they have ruled he is only entitled to standard and standard.This means the loss of his car and Independence. They may as well have cut off his legs.This is because he said he can stand and move unaided 20 metres but no more than 50m.Yes he can but not without being in extreme pain and breathlessness not to mention being continually fatigued with renal anaemia. He said to the assessor that he thought he had overestimated the distance but it made no difference
    my husband has been rushed into hospital with breathing difficulties due to all the stress.
    It is absolutely heartbreaking what is happening.We tried to lead a some type of normal life but this has been taken away.
    Is the government hoping all the disabled and sick just curl up and die because they are burdens to society?
    oh well I forgot my husband can just jump up and get a job


  2. Chris Emmins says:

    so this is compassion? Tory style is sickening


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