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Flood defence spending ‘favours wealthy areas’


Flood defence spending is branded “a postcode lottery”, prompting calls for a fairer system to prevent the poor being worst hit.

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Torys for the wealthy.png

Here’s the ‘Tory flooding crisis’ history

In 2010, coalition removed almost £1billion from flood defence fund

In 2014 houses are evacuated as floods hit Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Lincolnshire.  Surely Cameron has learned ‘the lessons’ by now?

Tory flooding crisis.png

More wet weather… and still no sign of leadership as “significant risk to life” warning issued

A record of Cameron’s response to flooding…


Source: Tom Pride

‘Money no object’ says Cameron as panic sets in yet mysteriously when it comes to helping homeless people get back on their feet the Tories don’t care.  In fact the Tories even turned down an EU fund dedicated to helping homeless people replying “We don’t need any lectures from the EU on how to manage our welfare system”.  We digress but you get the point.

A desperate Cameron tried to blame Labour for the flooding crisis but he wasn’t prepared for this graph produced be DEFRA showing a clear cut in funding by the Tories.

Coalition cuts.png

Cameron says ‘very sorry’ for the suffering (we think he was talking about his voters).

Poll shows 23% reckon Government is getting problem under control as Cameron spotted looking at the water

looking at the water.png

Angry Surrey residents vent their anger about Cameron on Twitter – this should bother Cameron since many of his voters live there

Cameron ‘to learn lessons of the floods’ (he’s a slow learner)

water puzzlement.jpg

‘Forget foreign aid Cameron & help our own people’ say the people of Essex

This was around the time Eric Pickles came up with a cunning plan to spend more money on foreign aid in some bizarre scheme to sort out the flooding crisis here.  You could sit upstairs in a flooded house rest assured that if a dingy came by asking you for foreign aid to help the flooding crisis that you are in safe hands with the Tories.  Don’t bank on being rescued though as that would be silly.

Voters of Newark – they vote for MPs who do nothing to help them.  Newark houses were flooded in 2013 and they were left up the creek for weeks while the Tories did nothing.  In return Newark voted for a Tory MP in a by-election.

Why is the UK taxpayer picking up the tab when there’s an EU fund for this purpose

Flood defences on hold by Tory cuts

Experts say flood damage could have been prevented if Government acted sooner

Tory council charges £7.50 per sandbag & MP refuses to meet flood-hit residents!

Flood defence lies have put lives at risk

Well, the above sums it up we think!





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