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Coroners versus DWP

A number of coroners have come out and stated the DWP played a role in the death of their clients. The DWP have the cheek to say the coroners are wrong – who are you more likely to believe – the professionals whose job it is to investigate deaths or a Government department with its own agenda?

Coroner Michael Oakley said the DWP benefits assessment was key to the death of Nick Barker.  Coroner Andrew Haigh concluded the death of Tim Salter was mostly caused by the DWP who drastically reduced his benefit.  Coroner Mary Hassell found that the trigger for Michael O’Sullivan‘s suicide was his recent assessment by a DWP doctor as being fit for work.

Meanwhile these people died under questionable circumstances with the DWP.  Cecilia Burns had cancer.  The DWP declared her fit for work.  She appealed the decision but died shortly after winning her appeal.  Chris Cann was housebound after losing both legs and a finger.  The DWP insisted he exited his home to attend a fit for work assessment.  This shook Chris up badly and he died of a suspected heart attack.  Leanne Chambers had depression for years.  The DWP sent her a letter to attend a fit to work assessment.  She left the house that night and her lifeless body was later found in the River Wear.  David Clapson died after because he couldn’t power his fridge to keep his insulin cool after the DWP removed his benefits.  DWP responded saying they were following procedure.  David Groves stopped work after a string of strokes and a heart attack.  DWP told Atos to call him in for a fit to work assessment.  He died the night before.  His widow said he was in a terrible state and the stress killed him.  Stephen Hill suffered heart problems and was waiting for major heart surgery.  DWP declared him fit to work following a ten minute Atos check.  He died of a heart attack.  Edward Jaqcues fatally overdosed because he was not given a correct assessment by the DWP an inquest heard.  Brian McArdle was paralysed down one side and couldn’t speak.  He died the day after being found fit for work by DWP.   Mark Mullins & Helen Mullins died in an apparent suicide pact after not having the correct access to benefits.  There are many more people like this. 




  1. Chop Ale says:

    It is;.. but the people who are letting this go on! A minority of M.P.S. are forcing this ideology “why” in the name of “Austerity”.. Mugs who read the right wing Media and press of the owners who don’t even live here. Stop your greed and help the need… Stop following the carrot like the pied piper… Wake up an realize the “TRUTH”. They are ” FIBBING” Open your eyes and hearts to the start of something like a fart! It Stinks.

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  2. paul8ar says:

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  3. […] Source: Coroners versus DWP […]


  4. The DWP want to push vulnerable people off benefits and into mortuaries—moreover, the DWP can conveniently blame the underlying medical conditions of sick and disabled claimants for their deaths.

    A few brave coroners have rightly pointed the finger of blame at the DWP—they’ve concluded that the department is making brutal cuts to the welfare budget, with wanton disregard for the human consequences.

    See also: The increasing death toll due to the loss of benefits | Telling it as it is; which updates my list, posted two years ago:

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  5. nld01 says:

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  6. Karen O'Callaghan says:

    I feel so terribly sorry for the families of these poor people, however I’m not surprised that the DWP deny responsibility and won’t accept a coroners findings. The DWP won’t accept doctors and specialist reports of claimants either.


    • Liz Gardner says:

      The DWP are also over-turning the findings of their own doctors. I’ve got RA, SS and CS. Saw a DWP several years ago and he put me in the support group and told me to ‘pace my life or I could end up in a wheelchair’. Couple of years later saw an ATOS specialist nurse she also put me in the support group. Interviewed again, last month, seen by a clerk from Afghanistan, who has decided that I should go in the WRAG. I’ve written to my MP as I feel that if this is the way they are going to treat the sick and disabled they should phase in some kind of ‘voluntary euthanasia’ for those of us who would prefer the option – can’t deal with it any more and don’t want to go on – I’m 62 in constant low grade pain and just too old for all this.


      • Margaret manning says:

        I’m the same as Liz 61 had severe kidney pain nerve damage guys put me on pain regime as wudnt remove kidney as want me keep that one long as possible but past five yrs had stroke got post op complications to gallbladder op so got have treatment try help that got broken ribs. Two hernias. Osteoarthritis sev place kneecaps lock so can’t us stairs now had two operations numerous procedures. Scans biopsies brain scan etc yet after been left ten yrs support. Sudden put WRAG I cannot work I’m in pain 24/7 19yrs on 20tabs day and two different types morphine as pain totally unpredictable this what happening hounding people that chronically ill. Many have died or taken their lives due to this government pushing us to limit wca are waste time and esa50 asks stupid questions that have no bearing on my many illnesses so won’t get any points from that. Costing fortune to put us all in WRAG. Why we cannot work and doctor have done this as get huge bonuses to do it disgusting

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  7. Maria Morrison says:

    Atos nurses overruling own GP is a joke….


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  10. mili68 says:

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  11. […] Source: Coroners versus DWP […]


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  14. sean roman says:

    John David Barrow died from hep c,because his benefits’ were cut and he could not afford to eat properly while being treated,making the cost of treatment a complete waste of time and of the most important parts of fighting any illness is diet . State sponsored murder


  15. Margaret manning says:

    Long overdue that dwp atos all assessors that have lied wca reports shud be investigated by separate board medical experts as dwp will make any excuse so they get away again with this dreadful treatment of chronically ill claimants


    • Hello Margaret. Just read your response to my original comment. I appealed against the decision and won (2 months ago) and hey guess what the DWP is refusing to honour the court’s decision they have even tweaked their computerised phone system so that no-one answers my calls. I have noticed something sinister in my journey and am starting to believe that we “us of a certain demographic” have been selected to be pushed to self-destruct. I’m quite a ballsy female but all this is becoming too much for me I just do not have the ‘spiritual energy’ for it 😦


  16. Jean Bradford says:

    I think its really discussing & up setting what I have read why have they even got the heart to do thing like it to people they have practicly killed people who wasent even fit for work they should have the decency to look in to peoples health probly be fore saying they fit for work they practictly just trying to cut down on giving people benefits which I think is discustung xx


  17. Nick says:

    All deaths of the sick and disabled with regards the DWP playing some sort of part in the death can be found here


    • I can tell you Nick that there is something extremely ‘sinister’ going on and things are far worse then the population at large is prepared to believe. I truly believe that the the UKGov/DWP are recruiting people from a particular demographic to push a ‘selected demographic’ to self destruct.


      • Nick says:

        The DWP are certainly a law unto themselves and always have been. The bottom line is if they don’t like you they’ll persecute to your death and that having dealt with them for over 40 years has always been my sincere belief

        The death rates of the sick and disabled are vast and nothing whatsoever what the goverment says they are


  18. Catherine Davidson says:

    I.D.S. is a heartless person but he was quick enough to take all the benefits from E. U. And live of his wife’s family’s wealth.


  19. Elizabeth Lally says:

    I’m in exactly this situation now. Further compounded by the fact I’ve realised 10 days before my tribunal that the dwp did not request a medical report. My gp surgery won’t do anything unless the dwp pay at approx £100 per report. I’m considering looking at the legal aspect in terms of discrimination, and dirty underhand tactics, especially when they know the person is very vulnerable. I’m suicidal and it feels hopeless 😒


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  22. Manny Zorgan says:

    I remember some of these tragedies reported in the news and personally know (knew) a couple of friends who topped themselves after being bullied by the bastard legalised murderers!!!


  23. David Horton says:

    //David Clapson died after because he couldn’t power his fridge to keep his insulin cool after the DWP removed his benefits. DWP responded saying they were following procedure. //

    A defence not recognised since Nuremburg.


  24. Rosemary Robinson says:

    The deaths of these sick & disabled people is entirely due to gvmt “ideology”. They are playing with innocent people’s lives. 10,600 human beings died 2010 -2011, surely that was enough, but no this evil gvmt carried on attacking the sick, vulnerable & disabled. This is absolutely abhorrent & would never happen under any other gvmt but nasty tories. The Coroners are undeniably correct, the tories just want to kill more people! Wake up England, what are they doing to “our” people? You wouldn’t treat a dog like this!! Atos wca should be banned immediately!! 48,500 human beings have had their cars removed from them leaving them prisoners in their own homes! This gvmt have admitted that they are losing £135million of tax payers money to pay for Atos wca pip etc. They are hell bent on killing human beings, what sort of gvmt behaves like this to its people?


  25. […] This is of little consolation to the families of the now dead vulnerable people under this Government as it continues to flout the United Nations damning verdict and ignore the coroners. […]


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