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Theresa May would authorise mass loss of life with nuclear strike


Asked in Trident debate if she would approve attack that could kill 100,000 people, PM answers with a decisive ‘yes’

As Trident renewal has been voted in we’ll show you this heavily edited video depicting the reality of a nuclear attack.

We’ve found a disturbing lack of understanding on social media about nuclear weapons. People seem to think it’s merely a fancy term for a very powerful bomb.  We cannot show photos of how nuclear weapons affect humans because they’re far too gruesome. Additionally we cannot show photos showing birth defects as a result of exposure to radiation from nuclear weapons.

When I was at school the nuclear threat was not only real, it was almost imminent and people were terrified of it. We knew there were no winners in the event of World War III and that it would be the shortest war of all.  The end of humanity on earth.

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  1. This unelected Tory retard, has no authority to threaten the whole world with statements like this, this is the remarks of someone seriously mentally ill, she thinks that she can kill thousands of people with impunity, the last person who thought that was adolf hitler, this person must be stopped now, before she does something like tony Blair did only with higher consequences, she is insane, Scotland must leave England now as she will start ww111, she and her americann loonies like trump will not be happy till there is another war which they of course will risk nothing by starting it


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