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UN finds UK in breach of human rights


Following its long inquiry in which we were notified here, the United Nations has found the UK to be in breach of human rights.  It is very interesting timing because here we are on our way out of the EU.  Why is that significant?  On its own it doesn’t raise many red flags.  However as we previously reported in 2014 Theresa May wanted to remain in the EU but she wanted to leave the ECHR.  It remains nigh on impossible to leave the ECHR whilst in the EU – but fast forward to today – we’re on our way out of the EU – as the majority of the UK voted for that.  With that being the case it’s so much easier to leave the ECHR.  Why should we be concerned about that?  The United Nations passes its findings onto the Strasbourg court to consider prosecution of individuals or groups clearly responsible for these breaches.  If we left the ECHR then the guilty party can breathe a sigh of relief as the Strasbourg court can no longer take action against them.  It’s then up to the United Nations to consider other options of punishment which target the UK as a whole such as trade sanctions.

United Nations finds UK in breach of International Human Rights



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