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No second referendum says Cameron


Good news for those who want to move on from the EU referendum – there will not be a second one says Cameron.  These are ‘referendums’ not ‘neverendums’ he said.

So for those who voted out and since had a change of heart it’s a case of ‘diddums’ to put it bluntly.  You probably will never see another EU referendum in your lifetime.  We are EU neutral but we have no sympathy for those with regrets who didn’t research this.  The information was there.

People hoped they would get another chance after the launch of a petition calling for a second EU referendum on the basis that turnout was below 75% and the majority was below 60%.  The petition will be discussed but David Cameron is adamant that the first voting decision is final.

Here are a few Tweets dubbed #regrexit





More bizarre news is that although Cornwall receives some type of EU fund the majority chose to leave the EU anyway.  The best part is that they have a cheek to demand our Government makes up for the funding shortfall.  The same applies for Yorkshire.

The sad part is the decision to leave will affect the youngest most yet the majority of young voters chose to remain in the EU.

vote by age

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