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Anyone could be considered fanatical


As you will have seen here MP Lindsay Hoyle wrote an article which would be of potential concern to political bloggers, admins of political groups  and your right to voice your opinion of any MP.  It was Lindsay’s word ‘fanatics’ which we found ambiguous and on one extreme could be interpreted as an intention to muzzle anyone who voiced opposition to any MP.  Lindsay would like to clarify his position in the statement below:

My aim is to ensure that Members of Parliament, our staff and other public figures who attract public attention and criticism are safe and sound, of course dialogue and vocal criticism is part and parcel of political discourse but last week’s events were a terrible reminder of what happens when this line is crossed.

We asked Lindsay if he could be more specific on where the line is between ‘typical political discourse’ and ‘fanatical’.  If someone states something which could be considered a threat to life on social media then a line has been crossed in our view.  However if there is no threat to life then we could consider any attempt by the Government to interfere with comments constitutes muzzling the public.

“This is a very important issue and I appreciate your interest it is still a very sad time for all involved, however, I have addressed your comments quite specifically and honestly – I will not be making a further comment.”

Are you satisfied by Lindsay’s response on this matter?

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