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Absolute power corrupts absolutely


The Hillsborough verdict: “Unlawful killing”  This is the verdict the families and friends of the victims had waited to hear since that fateful day in 1989.  Giving a speech on the verdict the present UK Home Secretary Theresa May congratulated those who fought long and hard for the correct outcome.  Which law made this outcome possible after so many previous cover-ups?  It was the Human Rights Act.  What Theresa May neglected to mention in her Hillsborough speech is that she has been trying for years to abolish the Human Rights Act.

These are the people who were “Unlawfully killed” at Hillsborough.  If you disagree that the Human Rights Act which made this verdict possible should be abolished then tell that to Theresa May and David Cameron.

This inquest would not have been possible without the ECHR and the Human Rights Act. The right to life enshrined in Article 2 of the Convention was the basis on which a jury was able to decide this important case. This inquest prove how crucial such legislation is to righting wrongs and enforcing people’s rights.Mark George QC speaking to David Allen Green (page 2).

Hillsborough Victims.jpg

Remember Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

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