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How long will Cameron ignore Ben Baddeley?


Meet Ben Baddeley.

Ben has spastic diplegia cerebral palsy & needed spinal surgery to cure his pain caused by the spasticity. One week prior to his operation, the TORY government pulled thousands of pounds out of the NHS – which had a counter effect on Ben & his life changing surgery was canceled along with all of his treatment.

Ben’s family set up a donations website to help fund Ben’s much needed operation and aftercare.

Recently Ben wrote a letter to David Cameron asking for help.  Ben reads out the reply to his letter here.

The Prime minister hasn’t answered ANY of Ben’s questions & not offered any way to resolve Ben’s situation.

Basically Ben is still in the same situation & the only difference now is that the Prime Minister knows about it & chooses to do nothing about it.

Ben has now written a reply to the Prime Minister & is hoping to hand deliver it to No10 himself shortly.  Ben knows Mr Cameron’s late son also had CP and doesn’t understand why he refuses to help him.

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How long will David Cameron ignore Ben Baddeley


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