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Another Tory email begging for votes & cash


tory begging header

Dear Voter,

We please ourselves in Government but contact you when we need you to vote for us.

In just a few weeks’ time we face some tight elections right across the UK. In each of these elections the choice could not be clearer: a selfish, Conservative team who is under investigation by the United Nations for mistreating disabled people or Jeremy Corbyn and his hand-picked candidates.

If we succeed and take the fight to Corbyn’s Labour Party, the next four years will bring misery to families across Britain.

This is what Friday 6th May could look like if you vote for us:

Mugs for mugs: Want the chance to win a mug signed by Dave? Donate £50 or more and we’ll enter your name into a draw.

As you know the standard Tory begging emails never contain links to back up their claims.  We have therefore amended this one to show links which back up the facts.


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