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BBC banned from filming during disability protest in Houses of Parliament


BBC banned from filming during disability protest in Houses of Parliament (click to see)

The BBC’s Norman Smith was told live on air that he had to stop filming while a noisy protest unfolded behind him.

Parliament stops BBC filming this


The BBC were banned from filming inside the Houses of Parliament lobby today, during a protest by disabled people.

BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith told viewers there had been “a protest by a number of disability protesters inside Central Lobby because of their anger…” before he was interrupted by a parliamentary official.

During the live broadcast, robed member of Parliamentary staff tapped him on the shoulder and ordered him to stop filming while the protest took place.

“Sorry, you’re going to have to stop. You can’t film with this going on in the background,” she said, appearing in-shot.

“It’s part of the rules and conditions of you using this area and you’re not allow to film.”

It came as furious disability campaigners today staged a noisy protest inside Parliament as David Cameron refused to apologise for trying to slash their benefits.

A line of police blocked the entrance to the House of Commons chamber as around 20 protesters held up banners in Central Lobby and chanted ‘no more death from benefit cuts’.

The protesters were from the Disabled People Against the Cuts as well as others.

The Government has U-turned on planned cuts to PIP but also already passed cuts to the Employment and Support Allowance benefit. The so-called Bedroom Tax also disproportionate affected disabled people, according to official figures.

Broadcasters were ordered to stop filming the protests by the House authorities in a move branded “outrageous” by Opposition MPs.

As we’ve previously reported there have been a number of deaths and suicides as a result of benefit cuts, sanctions and fit for work assessments.

Jobcentre staff have come forward admitting they’ve been pressured to sanction the vulnerable.

It remains no surprise that the UK Government is under investigation by the United Nations over its mistreatment of sick and disabled people.


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