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Why Iain Duncan Smith really resigned


If we are to believe his resignation letter he resigned because he was put in a corner by George Osborne and David Cameron into making cuts which he really did not want to make.  We have covered many news items on Duncan-Smith since 2010 and it is no wonder that David Cameron says he’s puzzled by reasons stated in the letter.

As Cameron knows, IDS has never opposed welfare cuts before. He even begged Nadine Dorries to vote in favour of the welfare cuts. Inside sources say at no time did he object to the cuts before they were made public. Thus an alternate view is that his true reason for leaving is his anti-EU stance.

This is a man who has seen first hand the devastation his previous cuts have caused yet repeatedly turned a blind eye to them. Cameron asked him to move from being Work and Pensions minister and take the minister of justice role a few years ago but IDS stated at that time he wanted to stay and finish the job. Thus Chris Grayling was given the position instead.

IDS has consistently lied and mislead the public as our reports show. It would come as no surprise to us if he has lied in his resignation letter too. Perhaps he thinks he can fool the public into believing he has developed a moral compass after six years. He doesn’t fool us.

why duncan smith resigned

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  1. Hugorelly says:

    ‘misled’ – yes!


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