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Why was IDS so disliked?


The fastest way to answer this question is to refer you to all our coverage of Iain Duncan Smith since he was put in charge of Work and Pensions.  Of course he has only resigned from the cabinet – not as an MP.    His resignation is unexpected however.  We understand it was because of the overwhelming public response in opposition to the planned cuts for disabled people.  He thinks taking money away from the disabled to fund tax cuts for the extremely wealthy is right and the public simply disagree with that.  Specifically this is money to provide help for disabled people to get washed, dressed and go to the toilet.  It’s the kind of thing most people take for granted.  Iain Duncan Smith is opposed to the reversal of this plan – which gives you an idea of what he is really like.

In order for you to see further why he was so disliked you will need to be a member of Facebook as that is where our coverage is held.  Be warned that some of these items will come as a shock to you, particularly if you thought he was helping people into work.

Iain Duncan Smith news and portfolio

DWP-related deaths

Dodgy DWP schemes

DWP Exposed

United Nations Inquiry into UK government abuse of sick and disabled

There is a fundraiser to establish if David Clapson was sanctioned to death



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