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Tory NHS patient data selloff being sneaked through before the election

Video about the selloff

Are you worried that your sensitive health records will be shared with private companies under the “” scheme? Your date of birth, postcode and NHS number will be linked to your medical records then shared despite the public outcry. The program is being sneaked through before the general election. You can still opt out but there’s not much time left. According to GP magazine Pulse up to one third of GPs are prepared to take their patients names off the register even if that means breaking the law. It’s common knowledge the the scheme isn’t safe and even Tim Kelsey admitted it can never be 100% secure. Is there someone going to be overseeing this mess? Sadly, the Independent Advisory group which was intended to keep tabs on the scheme is going to be scrapped at the end of June thanks again to the Tories. have even produced a price list for companies wanting to buy your data

Tory NHS patient file selloff

Tory NHS patient file selloff



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