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David Cameron’s shameful voting record


Cameron voted for:
Raising VAT on working families
Raising tuition fees to £9,000
Opening the NHS to more privatisation
A tax break for millionaires

Cameron didn’t vote for:
An £8 minimum wage
A ban on MPs’ second jobs
An energy price freeze
Protecting Sure Start
Guaranteeing GP appointments within 48 hours

David Cameron's shameful voting record

David Cameron’s shameful voting record

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  1. Martyn Sinclair says:

    Surely The Voter Can See That David Cameron & His Disciples Are Not For The Middle/Working Class. He Says 2 Million More Jobs If He Gets In Again. HOW! 1.5 Million On Zero Contracts Just So He Can Manipulate The Stats I Suppose..


  2. sdbast says:

    Reblogged this on sdbast.


  3. Chris says:

    The rich are the minority of tax avoidance that could more than pay for the NHS and to feed the starving.

    The working poor are within a far bigger tax avoidance by firms that deny billions each year in tax, by firms avoiding paying National Insurance and PAYE tax for each employee.

    Various schemes can drag a worker’s pay to below the Lower Earnings Level which means they do not get automatic NI credits.

    The worker falls out of the welfare state and will never get a state pension, and the firm does not pay the taxes on their employment.

    No, not an April Fool. Just Look up government website on NI CREDITS

    The flat rate state pension will not pay any state pension for life
    for less than 10 years National Insurance credit or contribution history.

    So the LEL and the opt out from SERPs (since 6 April 1978) means people with no other pension provision face working til they day.

    See end of my petition in my WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT section, at:


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