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Revealed: the link between life peerages and party donations


Revealed: the link between life peerages and party donations

The link between life peerages and party donations


  1. Chris says:

    The originator of the people’s parliament, where the people could rule government, Cromwell abolished the House of Lords.

    Cromwell did this on 16 March 1649 after winning the English Civil War.

    …Over three and a half centuries ago the House of Commons under Cromwell passed an act declaring the House of Lords ‘useless and dangerous to the English people’. In many ways this was one of the most revolutionary acts of the republican government under Cromwell.

    The upper house of the English parliament facilitated the most reactionary element of the political establishment – the aristocracy. It embodied the thoroughly undemocratic and elitist system; land owning peers inherited their positions and held power only second to the King, the abolition of this historic institution signified that class forces in England had changed.

    The landed gentry, although maintaining much power through their land, were no longer the ruling political class, it was the emerging bourgeoisie or ‘middling sorts’ who now held parliamentary power, capital was gaining prominence over land as the mainstay of wealth and power.

    For the first time the bourgeoisie had political power and a republic had been established. …

    – See more at:

    Blair tried to get rid of the House of Lords and failed, after so many Labour governments in the 20th century did not do manage to rid the nation of an upper house of parliament.

    Labour founded in 1900. First Labour government 1924.

    We are coming close to 100 years of Labour governments come and gone.

    And yet the House of Lords remain.


    Nothing would be more popular than around 900 less politicians on expenses, on a champagne budget.

    Then we go further and abolish all ceremonial mayors in councils and Lord Mayors, that do no real councillor work but get even more expenses.

    And make all councils in England unitary, so less councillors on expenses.

    Suggestions might more likely pay off national debt than leaving the poor to starve and save not one penny off benefits bill, but just load it onto the NHS by huge rise in malnutrition hospital admissions, Rickets in kids to GP NHS budtgets and more starvation to come from Universal Credit’s permanent sanctons from Hardship Payments (difficult to access as it is) becoming recoverable loans.


  2. sdbast says:

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