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Concerned about fracking but feel powerless? Send this to your MP

fracking problems

fracking problems

Are you concerned about fracking but feel powerless?  Below is a letter in a variety of formats for you to send to your MP.

The letter seeks to inform your MP about the dangers of fracking so they cannot say they didn’t know at a later point.  It doesn’t mean that you personally will be taking your MP to court, but it allows others to do so if anyone is harmed in your constituency by fracking.

Amendable doc format (for use in Microsoft Word, etc before printing)

PDF format (print and write your details in the grey areas)

If you are not sure who your MP is then click here and type your post code to find out

Letter content for copy/paste into a program of your choice

MP Name
House of Commons London SW1A 0AA

Dear MP Name


Your attention is drawn to the fully referenced document compiled by the professional group Concerned Health Professionals of New York, of which the introduction and executive summary are enclosed.  The document details the self evident risks and harms of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”), and contributed directly to the recent decision of New York State to ban the practice.

The full document can be viewed online at

The Infrastructure Act 2014/15 is highly likely to bring these risks and harms to the UK. You are hereby put on notice that you, along with other MPs supporting fracking, are potentially in breach of collective moral and legal duty to act in the interests  of the nation as a whole (as set out in The Code of Conduct for Members of Parliament). In this context, you have an obligation to prevent long-term significant harm.

Yours sincerely,

Your Name
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
Address Line 4



  1. The worst thing about fracking in the UK is that we are such a small island with such a high population and therefore each and every acre of land or source of underground water is more valuable to the nation as a whole than it would be in a country with a lot of space like America or Canada.

    If fracking in America is like pooping in the pool in Britain it is like going up into the loft and pooping into the water tank.


  2. Ryor says:

    Agree 100% with you PatrickNelson. Unfortunately each and every of the several emails I’ve sent to my (Tory) MP have met with the same reply from him – it’ll be so well regulated in the UK that it won’t be a problem. Yeah right, that’ll all be fine then – not. I think only peer-reviewed papers by scientists pointing out how it won’t be safe will be half listened to by MPs – but they are hell-bent on this and it won’t be enough. Am starting to think that only economics will prevent fracking in the UK (ie price of oil dropping to make it uneconomic. They’d certainly listen to that … )


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