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Cash for access returns to haunt Cameron


Following the Tory cash for access scandal in 2012 which recorded this video undercover, we’ve seen various reports questioning Cameron’s appointment of Lord Gold to open an inquiry – since Lord Gold also has links to the Tory treasurer who hired Peter Cruddas in the first place.

Now though with so much time past we would have expected to see a hint of information from Lord Gold’s report on the cash for access affair.  Recently an FoI request was entered to obtain a copy of the report.   In the meantime we can only speculate the contents.  It could well be a very short report with the words “Nothing dodgy going on”.  It’s worth remembering that Ed Miliband called for a full independent investigation instead of an internal “sweep it under the carpet” type of investigation which is what we ended up with.   Cameron does charge a minimum annual fee of £50,000 for people to attend his exclusive dinners – there is no secret in that – but as you know those people would expect something in return for their money (besides food & drink).

Tory cash for access

Tory cash for access



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