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Imagine if you didn’t vote

Imagine if you didn't vote

Imagine if you didn’t vote

Imagine if that meant David Cameron became Prime Minister AGAIN

Imagine if that meant David Cameron became Prime Minister AGAIN

Scary isn't it?

Scary isn’t it?

So make sure you’re registered to vote because the General Election is on 7th May 2015.  Then make sure you vote.  If you don’t know who to vote for then do some research and vote for the party you dislike the least.  It may not be a perfect party but at least you have a chance of being represented in Parliament.  Then contact your MP if there are any issues you need sorting out in Parliament.  If your MP doesn’t listen you can report them.



  1. beastrabban says:

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  2. Chris says:

    There is a way that the poor showing of Labour just neck and neck with the Tories,
    in this lowest voter turnout predicted general election, can be sorted.

    There are other parties that would bring the poor out to vote if only they had the coverage:

    The Left Unity Party

    TUSC – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition – running 100 candidates in general election – 1000 candidates in the 6000 council elections

    Socialist party of Great Britain (Socialist GB)
    Although Greens will keep 1 MP Brighton central of Ms Caroline Lucas

    Brighton Kempton has a Socialist GB candidate

    especially in London
    but throughout UK even sunny Lichfield in the fields of Staffordshire
    with the great
    skull and crossbones logo

    Vote SNP in Scotland,
    as they will be the kingmakers in Westminster parliament
    not in a straight Coaliton with Labour, but in supply and confidence so will have better power

    Vote Plaid Cymru in Wales
    (Living Wage for the Welsh)
    Other kingmakers in a supply and confidence support to Labour.

    And then you get a huge majority alliance that shuts the Tories and UKIP out of the government and into a lesser opposition.

    See how at:


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